1/29 WWE ROYAL RUMBLE RESULTS: Keller’s report on Lesnar vs. Lashley, Reigns vs. Rollins, Lynch vs Doudrop, Miz & Maryse vs. Edge & Beth Phoenix, Rumbles

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor



JANUARY 29, 2022

Smackdown Commentators: Michael Cole, Pat McAfee

Raw Commentators: Pat McAfee, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton

-An introductory video aired previewing the Rumble.

-They went to Cole and McAfee at ringside. McAfee was excited to be at his first Rumble. The camera panned the arena, which looked great, packed with fans from every camera angle they showed along with augmented reality special effects.

(1) ROMAN REIGNS vs. SETH ROLLINS – Universal Title match

Reigns made his entrance first, even though he’s champion. Once he got to the ring, Seth began his entrance, but he came out through the crowd, wearing his Shield gear, and to the Shield entrance music. When the first notes of the Shield theme played, Reigns did a double-take. Seth cackled on his way to the ring. Cole talked about Seth hitting Reigns with a chair to break up The Shield. Reigns powerbombed Seth for a near fall. He had some intense words for Seth and said he’d make him pay for mocking him. He punched away at him on the mat, but Seth caught him with a figure-four around Reigns’s head. Reigns lifted Seth and powerbombed himself free.

Reigns threw Seth shoulder-first into the ringpost. Seth dropped to the floor. Reigns threw Seth into the time keeper’s area, and then into the ringside steps, then back into the ring. Reigns had a red welt on the side of his face. Reigns then hit Seth with a Superman Punch for a dramatic near fall. Seth rolled to the floor. Reigns had a few nasty words for a fan at ringside, then speared Seth at ringside and then tossed him back into the ring again. Reigns entered the ring and played to the crowd. He was met with boos. He let out his big yell and went for a spear, but Seth leaped and landed a Pedigree as a counter. Seth covered Reigns for a dramatic near fall. Cole said it was almost “a big upset.”

Seth began front kicking Reigns in the head as he held onto his hair. Reigns punched back and speared Seth. Reigns crawled over to Seth, but Seth laughed and offered a fist bump while mockingly saying he always loved him. Cole said the fist bump “was made famous by the Shield.” (Facts!) Reigns looked disgusted and stood, seething with anger. Reigns then put Seth in a guillotine. Cole said that defeated so many of his opponents. Seth struggled his way to the bottom rope and grabbed it. The ref ordered Reigns to break the hold. Reigns didn’t let go after the ref counted to five. The ref, Charles Robinson, DQ’d Reigns. Reigns yelled, “He deserves this!” Fans booed the weak conclusion. Some fans chanted “Roman sucks!”

After the match, Reigns bashed Seth with a chair from behind. He hit him around ten times. Fans continued to boo. Reigns hit Seth with the chair roughly another ten times.

WINNER: Rollins in 15:00 via DQ so Reigns retained the Universal Title. (***1/2)

(Keller’s Analysis: Fans spent weeks speculating whether Reigns’s Universal Title reign would continue because of victory or end with Seth scoring a big upset win and taking the belt back to Raw. It was a credit to WWE’s major event booking that few seemed to consider a lame copout DQ finish, but that’s what WWE delivered. I know they “have their reasons” and it’s part of a storyline that will likely set the course for both Reigns and Seth, but it’s still a big letdown and it cheapens something that they’re in total control of – which is building faith among their fans that they deliver satisfying, conclusive outcomes in big matches on the big shows. It makes sense they started with this match if that was the finish. The match was very good and dramatic throughout, but the weak finish brings the star rating down a notch. Seth was so obnoxious, it’s hard to imagine fans enthusiastically getting behind that character without major changes, but Reigns was more the heel here by far the way he was booked. But I could imagine some viewers thinking Seth is so annoying, he had something coming, even if Reigns took it too far. He certainly wasn’t getting a huge ovation throughout the match from the majority of fans, although the crowd was more on his side and seemed to be reverting to their dislike of the old babyface Reigns. I wonder if this is going to be the impetus for a Seth reboot, or if he ultimately goes back to Raw as a heel and this really was all about Reigns sort of losing his mind? Will they do a rematch in Saudi Arabia or perhaps on Smackdown to try to deliver a big rating.)

-Commercials aired. [c]

-They went to ringside where the Raw announce team was standing over the collapsed announce desk. (Hopefully they set it up again because it’s helpful for announcers to have access to the monitors and notes, plus fans behind them can’t see if they keep standing!)


Sasha Banks entered first. Second out was Melina. Paparazzi rolled out red carpet for her. Melina and Sasha met mid-ring and exchanged some words. Sasha kicked Melina, then dumped her over the top rope easily (1). Sasha did the splits and then looked to the stage for the next entrance.

Tamina came out third. Sasha met her at ringside with a kick and a meteora off the ring apron. Tamina got in some offense. Kelly Kelly entered next. She sent Tamina into the corner turnbuckle awkwardly. Tamina came back and knocked her down. Sasha then went after Tamina. Kelly tried to head scissors Kelly over the top rope, but Sasha blocked her and then kicked her to the floor to eliminate Kelly (2). Aliyah entered next followed by Liv Morgan. All four fought in the corner. Sasha pulled Aliyah out of the corner into three unreleased suplexes. Queen Zelina then made her entrance. Sasha tried to dump her over, but Tamina broke it up and lifted Sasha onto the ring apron. Then she kicked Sasha to the floor to eliminate her (3). The crowd groaned and gasped.

Next out was Bianca Belair followed by Dana Brooke, who was accompanied by Reggie. Saxton said she could be the sleeper pick who shocks the world. Michelle McCool came out next. he knocked Dana off the ring apron, but right into the arms of Reggie, who saved her and put her back on the ring apron. McCool gave Vega a Styles Clash. Dana leaped off the top rope toward her, but McCool kicked her out of mid-air and then backdropped her over the top rope to eliminate her (4).

Sonya Deville entered next. Saxton took issue with her abusing her power and entering the Rumble. Sonya decided not to take off her jacket and join the announcers at ringside. She confirmed she is an official entrant, but said she’ll enter when she feels like it. Tamina tried to eliminate Belair, but Natalya dumped both. Tamina landed on the floor (5) but Belair pulled herself back in. Out next was Cameron, one of Brodus Clay’s Funadelic dancers. “This one we didn’t expect,” said Smith. Graves said she used to team with Naomi. Deville asked if Naomi might be upset if something happened to her. Sonya took off her jacket and actually entered the ring. She charged at Cameron and quickly eliminated her (6).

Naomi came out next. Sonya looked concerned, but held her ground in the ring and waved Naomi in. They brawled in the ring, drawing a bit of a rise out of the crowd. Naomi threw Sonya onto the ring apron, then kicked her to the floor to eliminate her (7). Out next was Carmella. Graves said she’s the odds on favorite. Saxton disagreed. Carmella took her time to enter the ring. Next out was Rhea Ripley. Saxton excitedly said she is what you call an odds on favorite. Ripley threw Carmella into the ring. Smith said she wasn’t going to enter until the entrant before her actually got into the ring. Carmella and Zelina tried to eliminate Ripley, but she blocked it, dumped them over the top to the ring apron, then kicked them to the floor to eliminate them both (8, 9).

Charlotte aggressively dumped Aliyah (10). She threw Liv across the ring, then kipped up. Charlotte chopped Naomi, which was followed by some (obligatory) awkward timing. Charlotte threw Naomi over the top rope, but Naomi landed on her hands to avoid elimination. Deville yanked her out to officially eliminate her (11). Belair, McCool, and Liv tried to dump Charlotte over the top rope as Ivory made her entrance. Ivory held a wireless mic and said it’s been a long time, but she can see nothing has changed. She said it’s hard to look at “these wayward, lost little girls.” Ripley picked her up and dumped over the top rope onto the ring apron. Ivory kept talking and told Ripley not to touch her. Ripley shoved her to the floor to eliminate her (12). Ivory held onto the mic and said, “How dare you?”

Next out was Brie Bella. The fans were into her. She led them in a big “Yes!” chant. She tried to eliminate Natalya, but Natalya fought back. Saxton said she’s been the Iron Woman of the match. Natalya tried to dump Brie, but Brie held onto the ropes. Mickie James was out next to “Hardcore Country.” She tried to enter the ring, but McCool kicked her to the floor. They fought in the ring, where Mickie battled several women before McCool went back after her. Mickie took McCool over the top with a huracanrana all the way to the floor to eliminate her (13).

Alicia Fox came out next. Saxton called her a little awkward and erratic. Nikki A.S.H. came out next, but she snuck up behind a waiting Ripley and tried to dump her over the top. Ripley resisted and then went after Nikki. Nikki rolled under the bottom rope. Charlotte hit Ripley from behind. Summer Rae came out next and went right after Natalya. They stood and exchanged slaps. Charlotte then took Rae down as she was celebrating. Natalya eliminated Rae (14). Natalya and Charlotte then battled as Nikki Bella then made her entrance. Brie knocked Fox off the ring apron to eliminate her with help from Nikki (15). The Bellas tried to dump Morgan over the top rope. Sarah Logan made her entrance. She headbutted Brie. Liv was emotional as she saw her former partner share the ring with her. The Bellas knocked her down and eliminated Logan (16). Liv leaped at the Bellas, but they caught her and eliminated her (17). Fans booed the Bellas as they gloated.

Out next was Lita. She got a big pop. Graves said the roof just came off the arena. Lita eliminated Mickie after a DDT (18). Molly Holly came out next. Nikki blind-sided her at ringside and threw her into the ringside steps. She threw her into the ring and yanked on her ears and yelled at her, then ripped off Molly’s cape and threw it out of the ring before dumping her to the floor to eliminate her (19).

Ronda Rousey made her entrance. She went after Nikki with a guillotine and then a kick. Rousey then was going to knock Nikki off the ring apron, but when Brie went for the save, she bumped into Nikki. Brie then eliminated Nikki (20). Rousey then beat up Brie in the corner with a barrage of strikes. Ripley punched Ripley. Shotzi then made her entrance. She tried to eliminate Lita, but Lita held on. Ronda then tossed Brie out of the ring (21). Rousey worked over Belair in the corner. Ripley went after Rousey. Meanwhile, Natalya landed a sitout powerbomb on Charlotte.

The final entrant was Shayna Baszler. Baszler gave Shotzi a back suplex. Then she gave one to Belair. She gave Lita a gut-wrench twisting slam. Natalya went after Baszler as Graves said she’s the freshest of all the final women in the match. She turned and looked at Rousey, which got a rise out of the crowd. Charlotte intervened. Rousey dumped Natalya over the top onto the ring apron to the floor (23). Rousey eliminated Shotzi (24). Rousey put Belair in a sleeper. Natalya went after Rousey, but the announcers said she was already eliminated. Either way, Rousey dumped her out.

It was down to Lita, Rousey, Charlotte, Baszler, Belair. Lita stood on the top rope, but Ripley knocked her down and then Charlotte knocked her to the floor to eliminate her (25). Rousey locked Ripley in a triangle in the ropes. Charlotte dumped Ripley over the top rope, but Ripley remained on the apron. Ripley shoved Rousey into the ringpost, but Charlotte knocked Ripley to the floor to eliminate her (26).

Belair and Baszler battled next. Baszler applied a Kirafuda Clutch. Belair escaped and set up a K.O.D. Charlotte broke it up and eliminated both Baszler (27) and Belair (28).

It came down to Charlotte and Rousey. They circled each other. Charlotte went after Rousey, but Rousey avoided her running big boot and then dumped over the top to eliminate her (29). The crowd cheered.

WINNER: Rousey in 59:00 to earn a title match at WrestleMania.


(1) Sasha Banks
(2) Melina
(3) Tamina
(4) Kelly Kelly
(5) Aliyah
(6) Liv Morgan
(7) Queen Zelina
(8) Bianca Belair
(9) Dana Brooke
(10) Michelle McCool

(11) Sonya Deville
(12) Natalya
(13) Cameron
(14) Naomi
(15) Carmella
(16) Rhea Ripley
(17) Charlotte Flair
(18) Ivory
(19) Brie Bella
(20) Mickie James

(21) Alicia Fox
(22) Nikki A.S.H.
(23) Summer Rae
(24) Nikki Bella
(25) Sarah Logan
(26) Liv Morgan
(27) Lita
(28) Ronda Rousey
(29) Shotzi
(30) Shayna Baszler


-Kelly Kelly
-Sasha Banks
-Dana Brooke

-Sonya Deville
-Zelina Vega

-Michelle McCool
-Summer Rae
-Alicia Fox

-Sarah Logan
-Liv Morgan
-Mickie James
-Molly Holly
-Brie Bella

-Nikki A.S.H.
-Nikki Bella


(Keller’s Analysis: They told lots of fun small stories in the match. The biggest story is it came down to a dramatic final few with a finish that sets up Ronda Rousey challenging Charlotte at WrestleMania. Sasha was eliminated early, probably to avoid it being deflating if she was eliminated late. Sasha has a following and, if they wanted Rousey cheered, it was best to have Sasha be a more distant memory. Belair came close and was a focus.)

(3) BECKY LYNCH vs. DOUDROP – Raw Title match

Doudrop was booed during ring introductions. Becky was mildly cheered. Doudrop took control early. She charged at ringside and went for a cannonball against the steps, but Becky moved, and Doudrop hit the steps and landed on the back of her head and neck. Becky then took over and settled into a chinlock in the ring. The WrestleMania sign caught fire at this point, and fans began chanting “It’s on fire!” The cleared a section of the stadium and the sign was lowered and a worker sprayed out the fire with an extinguisher. Fans applauded. Becky put Doudrop in a sleeper. It seemed she was checking on the status of the WrestleMania sign fire and slowing the match until it was taken care of, perhaps.

Becky landed the top rope Molly-Go-Round for a near fall. She beat up Doudrop in the ropes, while the ref warned her to stop before the five count. She broke. Doudrop headbutted Becky to take over. Becky snapped Doudrop’s neck over the top rope. Becky eventually hit the Manhandle Slam for the win.

WINNER: Lynch in 13:00 to retain the Raw Title. (**1/2)

(Keller’s Analysis: This was okay, but at times sluggish. Maybe it was designed to bring the crown “down” emotionally from the Women’s Rumble. If so, it worked. This didn’t raise Doudrop’s stock, but she was in a losing situation as a heel battling a heel champion in a match that fans weren’t entirely engaged in because of that heel-heel dynamic and resulting restricted match construction, plus a fire in the arena on the WrestleMania sign didn’t help.)

-The ring announcer Mike Rome said 44,390 were in attendance. (The independent specialist is tracking actual tickets distributed, WrestleTix, has the actual count at 39,417.)

(4) BROCK LESNAR (w/Paul Heyman) vs. BOBBY LASHLEY (w/MVP) – WWE Title

Lashley came out first. Lesnar came out second. After Mike Rome introduced Lashley. As he began to introduce Lesnar, Heyman yanked the mic away and introduced him. Another match without a definitive loud babyface pop during ring introductions, as fans still have mixed feelings about Lesnar & Heyman together. The fans did enthusiastically say Lesnar’s introduction along with Heyman. There just wasn’t an explosion of cheers afterward.

They faced off center-ring, with Lesnar looking a size bigger than Lashley in height and thickness. They locked up mid-ring with a collar and elbow hook-up in a stalemate and then broke clean. Lesnar then back suplexed Lashley. Lashley stood back up. Lesnar smiled. They circled each other. Lashley then suplexed Lesnar onto the back of his head. Lesnar popped up and then smiled and indicated he was impressed. Lesnar gave Lashley two German suplexes. Lashley got back up. Saxton: “Lashley just looked irritated more than anything.” Lesnar lifted Lashley for an F5, but Lashley slipped out and speared Lesnar. He speared him a second time. Lesnar rolled to ringside where he sold the impact. Lashley charged at ringside, but Lesnar moved. Lashley plowed through the time keeper’s area. Lesnar lifted Lashley onto his shoulders, but Lashley slipped free and shoved Lesnar into the ringpost. Lashley threw Lesnar back into the ring.

Lashley charged at Lesnar in the corner, but Lesnar moved, so Lashley went shoulder-first into the corner. Lesnar German suplexed Lashley three more times. Lashley was turning sideways to land on one shoulder rather than both. He set up an F5, but Lashley slipped out and applied a sudden Hurt Lock. Lesnar began to fade after 20 seconds. Heyman was worried. MVP was excited. Lesnar backed into the corner, crushing Lashley against the referee. Lashley then went for another Hurt Lock. Lesnar lifted Lashley into an F5, but took the ref down in the process. Lesnar covered Lashley. Fans counted well past five. Lesnar sat up, frustrated.

Reigns charged into the ring and speared Lesnar. Reigns looked down at Heyman. Heyman looked up at Reigns, who was clutching the WWE Title. Heyman looked up, nervous. Reigns extended his hand. Heyman handed him the WWE Title belt. Fans roared. “What in the hell?” said Graves. Smith asked, “What did I just see?” Reigns then looked at the belt, then looked at Lesnar. He charged and hit Lesnar with the belt. Then he threw the belt aside and left with Heyman. Lashley covered Lesnar as a replacement ref ran out and counted to three. Graves said Heyman has a lot of explaining to do. Saxton said Lesnar won’t be in a good mood when he comes to and realizes what happened.

WINNER: Lashley in 10:00 to capture the WWE Title. (***1/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: A good match that was more of an extended teaser of what can be an eventual epic rematch. The reuniting of Heyman and Reigns is, if nothing else, refreshing because it puts the pieces in proper place with Reigns and Heyman as clear heels, and without Heyman dragging down Lesnar’s popularity. The happy go lucky jovial Lesnar should replaced by an enraged and vengeful version. They tried to protect Lesnar by having him cover Lashley for nearly ten seconds, but I argue that if Lashley heard a ref counting, he might have kicked out before three, but had no motivation to do so, so it’s not a sure thing that Lesnar would have won if the ref had been able to count.)

-Commercials aired.

-The announcers talked about Rousey’s win and said she’d appear on Raw on Monday night.


Maryse started in the ring, but when the bell rang, she rolled out of the ring. Phoenix chased her into the ring. Miz tried to pull Maryse to safety. He did, but Maryse landed on Miz at ringside. A few minutes in, after Beth knocked around Maryse, Miz confronted her and trash-talked her. Phoenix lifted Miz and kicked away at him in the corner. Maryse then hit Phoenix from behind with her purse with the brick inside. The ref didn’t see it. Maryse covered Phoenix, but Phoenix powered out. Maryse smiled and stomped away at Phoenix. Maryse looked worried she broke a nail. She then put Phoenix in a camel clutch and slapped away at her from behind. Edge looked on with concern. Fans at ringside chanted, “Let’s Go Beth!” Phoenix lifted Maryse onto her shoulders and set up a move, but Maryse escaped. They clotheslined each other, so both were down and slow to get up.

Miz and Edge both got tagged in within a second of each other. Edge got the better of Miz and scored a quick two count. Smith said there is fire in the eyes of Miz. Maryse tried to interfere. Phoenix cut her off and then powerbombed Miz off of Edge. Edge then landed a flying elbowdrop for a near fall. Smith characterized it as a “desperation kick-out.” (How is that different from a standard kick-out? Doesn’t every kick-out stop a wrestler from losing?) Edge set up a spear, but Miz leapfrogged him. Miz indicated he hurt his knee. The ref checked on Miz. Maryse, meanwhile, leaped off the top rope and gave Edge a huracanrana. When Phoenix entered, Maryse gave her a face plant. Miz then gave a Skull Crushing Finale for a believable near fall. Miz and Maryse set up a double Skull Crushing Finale on Edge, but Phoenix broke it up. Phoenix and Edge then double-speared Miz. They then delivered Glam Slams in stereo side-by-side, with Edge getting the three count on Miz.

WINNERS: Edge & Phoenix in 12:00. (**1/2)

(Keller’s Analysis: This was acceptable, and about what you’d expect if you had, well, realistic expectations. The crowd seemed pleased enough.)

-Commercials aired.

-A video announced the Elimination Chamber on Feb. 19. They went to Cole and McAfee at ringside who said it’s the last stop before WrestleMania. The graphic noted it’s in Saudi Arabia. No time was noted.

-A video aired on Capt. (Ret.) Florent Grobert, a Medal of Honor recipient.


The ring announcer detailed the rules of the match, and might have used the word “Superstars” more times in a single minute than in all of WWE history. The crowd popped for Styles. When Nakamura came out, McAfee stood on the table and cheered. He said there’s already been one thing on fire, and Nakamura is the second. Theory entered third and tried to dump Nakamura over the top rope. Styles joined in and tried to dump Theory from behind. No one ended up hitting the floor. Robert Roode entered. They battled until Ridge Holland joined the match as the fifth entrant. Styles eliminated Roode first (1). Styles and Nakamura battled on the ring apron. Styles kicked Nakamura off the ring apron to make him the second eliminated (2).

Montez Ford was the sixth entrant. Damian Priest entered seventh. Everyone fought somewhat listlessly until Sami Zayn entered eighth. Fans were singing Sami’s “Olé” song. Cole noted that the ring was filling up. Of course Knoxville was next. Knoxville wore a white shirt and tights with red shoes, knee pads, elbow pads, and shorts. He tackled Sami and dropped an elbow. Sami rolled to the edge of the ring. Styles told Knoxville to give him his best shot. Knoxville forearmed Styles in the chest. Styles nailed him with a series of strikes and dropping him with a clothesline. Ford then climbed to the top rope and landed a frog splash. Holland then lifted Knoxville and Sami knocked him to the floor with a Helluva kick (3).

Omas entered 11th. “A giant has entered the Royal Rumble,” said McAfee. “Who is going to be able to get his gigantic ass up and over the top rope.” Omos stood mid-ring and knocked off various wrestlers charging at him. He tossed Dawkins over the top (4). Ford stood on the top rope, but Omos caught him and tossed him over the top too (5). He turned to Styles and threw him hard into the corner. Omos gave Holland an uppercut, which largely missed. Ricochet came out 12th and immediately swatted away Ricochet’s offense. “There are bodies strewn everywhere,” said Cole. Chad Gable entered 13th. He tried to rally the wrestlers in the ring to listen to his plan. He told Priest to go after him first because he’s the biggest. Priest did. He rocked Omos, but then Omos knocked him down with a hard clothesline. Everyone stood and watched for some reason. Omos shoved Priest over the top rope (7). The rest charged at Omos and tried to dump him at the same time, but then Dominik Mysterio’s ring entrance took place. He joined the crowd trying to eliminate Omos. Styles charged from behind and knocked Omos over the top to the floor to eliminate him (8).

Happy Corbin entered 15th. Cole said this is Corbin’s fifth Rumble. He chokkeslammed Theory mid-ring. Cole wondered how obnoxious Corbin would be if he won. McAfee said he’d be insufferable. Ricochet flipped at Corbin, but Corbin knocked him out of mid-air to eliminate him (9). The pace slowed as the remaining six paired off – Dominik-Cable, Theory-Holland, and Styles-Corbin. Dolph Ziggler entered next. Cole said this is his 15th Rumble, second of all time to only Kane. Cole said Mr. McMahon must be proud of Theory lasting over 20 minutes so far. Corbin tossed out Dominik (10). Wait, that means no Rey-Dominik elimination sequence they teased for weeks. Styles then tossed out Theory (11).

Sheamus entered next. Styles eliminated Holland just as Sheamus arrived at ringside (12). Sheamus then went after Styles in the ring. He tossed Styles onto the ring apron, but Styles held on. Rick Boogs then ran out to his theme. McAfee said he didn’t even know that was his song. He was in a plain red singlet. Boogs pressed Gable over his head and pressed him twice and tossed him to the floor to eliminate him (13). The director cut away for some reason right before he tossed him. They replayed it seconds later. Madcap Moss entered next. Corbin was thrilled. They went right after Sheamus in the corner. Boogs pressed Ziggler over his head and pressed him four times before trying to dump him over the top rope. Ziggler held onto the ropes. Corbin caught Styles mid-air and gave him a backbreaker, then Moss tossed Styles over the top rope (14).

Riddle entered the ring next. Corbin and Moss attacked him. Boogs pulled them off of Riddle. Corbin eliminated Boogs when he knocked him off the ring apron (15). Drew McIntyre then made his entrance. Boogs said he’s back early and ready for the Rumble. Drew stood mid-ring and fended off one attacked after another until Corbin and Moss double-teamedhim. Drew clotheslined Moss over the top rope to eliminate him (16) and then he did the same to Moss (17). Yea, the feud is over! (Right?) McIntyre went after Moss at ringside and overhead tossed him. He then lifted the steps and bashed Corbin with them. He turned and hit Moss with them. The ref ordered him to stop. He slammed Moss onto the steps.

Kevin Owens came out next. Drew met him and they fought at ringside. Drew threw KO into the ring, but KO took over and landed a Pop-up Powerbomb on Drew. KO yelled, “This is my show!” He went after Sheamus next, but Riddle broke that up. Kofi Kingston entered. When he was going to springboard in, KO shoved him. Kingston landed on the ring barricade and his feet hit the floor. It wasn’t clear if that was planned or not, but it took the wind out of the sails of the crowd. Kofi looked crestfallen. If Kingston had planned exciting, memorable spots to avoid the floor, that’s a real bummer.

Otis came out next. McAfee talked about the low center of gravity being an advantage for him. Big E came out next. He gave Riddle an overhead suplex. Bad Bunny entered no. 27, a big surprise. He didn’t get a big reaction, though. He blocked a KO Stunner and then head scissored him to the mat. Cole said Bunny loves WWE so much, he wants to be a part of it any way he can. He delivered a Canadian Destroyer to Riddle after Riddle fist bumped him for what he did to KO. Sheamus went for a Brogue Kick against Bunny, but Bunny ducked. Sheamus flew over the top rope to the floor, so he was eliminated. Sheamus was enraged, but referees ordered him to the back.

Rey gave Ziggler a 619, set up by Bunny. Bunny the eliminated Ziggler. Rey smiled at Bunny and shook his hand, but Bunny yanked him over the top rope. Rey held onto the ropes. KO gave Bunny a Stunner. Shane McMahon then entered at no. 28. As the director showed Shane’s entrance, Cole said Rey was eliminated by Otis. They replayed it. Shane entered and went on a barrage of offense against Otis, and then Riddle. KO superkicked him twice and tried to toss him out. Shane reversed him and tossed him over the top to the floor to eliminate him. Shane was sweating more than anyone else in the ring after one minute.

Randy Orton came out at no. 29. Cole said he is “St. Louis’s own!” The crowd popped. Cole said it’s his 14th Rumble. Orton gave Big E an RKO. He tossed Big E out to eliminate him. Then he gave Otis an RKO. Riddle gave Drew an RKO. Riddle and Orton played to the crowd. Orton and Riddle then teamed up to toss Otis over the top to eliminate him.

Brock Lesnar’s music played to signify him as the final entrant. The crowd popped. Orton and Riddle backed into the corner. Cole said Lesnar was upset with what happened earlier. Cole said Lesnar won his first Rumble 19 years ago. He started with Shane and tossed Orton and Riddle around. Lesnar clotheslined Orton out of the ring to eliminate him. Fans booed. Lesnar then lifted Bunny and gave him an F5. “Bunnies can fly!” said Cole. He then tossed Bunny over the top to eliminate him. Next he suplexed Shane. He caught Riddle mid-air and eliminated him. He turned and suplexed Shane again. Then he clotheslined Shane to eliminate him.

It was down to Lesnar and Drew. Cole said it’s a rematch of Drew and Lesnar two years ago in the 2020 Rumble. They stared at each other mid-ring and Drew talked. Lesnar lifted Drew and drove him into the corner. He lifted Drew for an F5, but Drew countered with a Glasgow Kiss. Lesnar swatted Drew away and lifted and tossed him out to win.

WINNER: Lesnar in 51:00 to earn a title match of his choosing.


(1) A.J. Styles
(2) Shinsuke Nakamura
(3) Austin Theory
(4) Robert Roode
(5) Ridge Holland
(6) Montez Ford
(7) Damian Priest
(8) Sami Zayn
(9) Johnny Knoxville
(10) Angelo Dawkins

(11) Omos
(12) Ricochet
(13) Chad Gable
(14) Dominik Mysterio
(15) Happy Corbin
(16) Dolph Ziggler
(17) Sheamus
(18) Rick Boogs
(19) Madcap Moss
(20) Riddle

(21) Drew McIntyre
(22) Kevin Owens
(23) Rey Mysterio
(24) Kofi Kingston
(25) Otis
(26) Big E
(27) Bad Bunny
(28) Shane McMahon
(29) Randy Orton
(30) Brock Lesnar


-Robert Roode (via Styles)
-Shinsuke Nakamura (via Styles)
-Johnny Knoxville (via Sami)
-Sami Zayn (via Styles)
-Angelo Dawkins (via Omos)

-Montez Ford (via Omos)
-Damian Priest (via Omos)
-Omos (via Styles)
-Ricochet (via Corbin)
-Dominik Mysterio (via Corbin)

-Austin Theory (via Styles)
-Ridge Holland (via Styles)
-Chad Gable (via Boogs)
-A.J. Styles (via Moss)
-Rick Boogs (via Moss)

-Happy Corbin (via Drew)
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6 Comments on 1/29 WWE ROYAL RUMBLE RESULTS: Keller’s report on Lesnar vs. Lashley, Reigns vs. Rollins, Lynch vs Doudrop, Miz & Maryse vs. Edge & Beth Phoenix, Rumbles

  1. The reason the crowd wasn’t into Becky Lynch vs Piper Niven was because the Wrestlemania sign caught fire from Rhonda’s pyro, and the crowd had to be evacuated under it. The sign was lowered and removed.

  2. I don’t think they’ve set up Rousey vs Charlotte for Mania. With Becky’s tweet even before the match started, they’re clearly sending Rousey after Becky so those two can have the singles match we were promised previously. Then Rhonda will take the belt to Smackdown.

    I think Charlotte’s gonna get a singles match with Lita at Mania.

  3. I liked the show but then I even like the bad Rumbles…. what I didn’t like is FOX. Complete total a$$hats posted HEADLINES about Rousey and Brock within minutes of their wins. Now I know enough to avoid wrestling sites, podcasts and such when I tape delay a big show but one would think the guys carrying smackdown would know enough to put an innocuous headline up which we wouldn’t click if we were not finished watching.

    And yes, I don’t take enough cr4p in the world being a wrestling fan and a WWE fan, I was a former Fox News fan too. lol

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