2/14 WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW RESULTS: Keller’s report on RK-Bro Broga Party, Brock and Lita appear, Styles challenges Damian Priest for U.S. Title

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Full analysis and results of this week's episode of WWE Raw


FEBRUARY 14, 2022
AIRED ON SYFY (not on USA Network due to Olympic coverage)

Commentators: Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves


-The WWE “Then, Now, Forever… Together” opening aired, this time with a narrator saying the words out loud, which was strange.

-They went to the arena bowl as the camera panned the audience. Jimmy Smith introduced the show.

-Bobby Lashley’s music played. He walked out with MVP. He wore a brown leather jacket, a red shirt, slacks, and sneakers – a bit of a different fashion statement for him. Corey Graves plugged the men’s Elimination Chamber match participants. Smith said, regarding Lashley, “That’s the walk of a man who feels no fear.” Lashley said before moving on to WrestleMania, he has to enter “one of the most brutal and gruesome matches in all of WWE.” He said it’s a match that’s been known to change lives and destroy careers. He said something else that has changed lives and destroyed careers is him. MVP said everyone should have a roughly 16 percent chance to win until you take into account the others in the match. He listed them. MVP said that means Lashley has a 100 percent chance to win.

Seth Rollins’ music interrupted them. Seth cackled his way to the ring and said he’s the next WWE Champion. He said he knows someone who can beat Lashley. He said he’s a revolutionary and a visionary. “His name is Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins!” Seth said. MVP said he also got a vision. “If you keep running your mouth like that in the ring with the All Mighty, you won’t make it to the Elimination Chamber.”

Riddle made his way to the ring on a scooter while wearing a toga. Riddle asked what the deal was with all the math since the Quiz Bowl was last week. Fans chanted “Toga! Toga!” He asked Seth if the Chamber is like one giant Quiz Bowl. Seth said, “I made no such reference.” Riddle said he’s never been in a Chamber, but the last time he was caught in a tight spot, it was a gas station bathroom and it smelled terrible, but the custodian let him out in the morning. He said when he saw the light, he realized he could do anything, including winning the Chamber match. He asked fans to imagine him becoming WWE Champion and then him and Randy Orton winning back the Raw Tag Team Titles, and he’d be a double champion. He invited them to his toga party. He excluded Seth, because he had to get ready to wrestle Orton. He said Lashley doesn’t have a match, so he could party with them. He said Lashley would look great in a toga.

Austin Theory’s music interrupted. He walked out and apologized for interrupting the party. Riddle said the party isn’t until later. Theory said Mr. McMahon has taught him many lessons, including to expect the unexpected “and that apologies are just weaknesses.” He said he’ll apply those lessons in the Chamber match. He said he can’t let McMahon down. “So I have to win the Elimination Chamber match,” he said.

A.J. Styles’s music interrupted. Styles said you can enter the Chamber one person and exit another, but that’s the price you play for building a legacy. He said no one will stop him from winning the Chamber and having a defining WrestleMania Moment. He told Riddle his toga is sweet. Riddle yelled, “Yeah!” Styles said being a double-champion is pretty cool, and he plans to beat Damian Priest tonight for the U.S. Title and then enter WrestleMania as the WWE Champion too. Riddle said it would be a phenomenal moment if he came to his RK-Broga party tonight.

Lashley interrupted and said this is ridiculous. He said he’s the only one who has won a Chamber match. He told Theory he’s too wet behind the ears and has to wait. He told each of the others they don’t measure up to him. He said wherever Brock Lesnar is, the Chamber is the closest he’ll ever get to the WWE Title again because he’ll beat him there. Lesnar’s music then played.

Lesnar walked out in jeans, a Western-style zip-up sweater, and a cowboy hat. He was all smiles as he headed to the ring. Lesnar put his cowboy hat on Theory. Fans laughed. He walked over to Lashley and jawed at him as Lashley stared him down. MVP stepped between them. Seth laughed. Theory leaped onto Lesnar’s back. Lesnar gave him two German suplexes. Everyone else leaped out of the ring. Smith said the one Alpha Male is in the ring standing. Lesnar picked up Theory and delivered an F5. Lesnar then opened Theory’s cell phone and took a selfie with him. He looked delighted. He then turned to stare down Lashley again from afar. Graves hyped the Elimination Chamber event as the segment ended.

(Keller’s Analysis: Paint by numbers WWE-style hype for a multi-person match. Everyone involved played their character well enough. Lesnar looked dominant and Theory looks like he’ll be taking some crazy bumps for Lesnar and others in that match.)

-Backstage The Street Profits talked about the Chamber. Montez Ford said anyone not named Brock Lesnar is going to have trouble in the Chamber. They went on to plug the Raw line-up.

(1) THE DIRTY DOGS (Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode) vs. THE STREET PROFITS (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins)

The bell rang about 22 minutes into the hour. The Profits came out first. Then the Dirty Dogs. They aired a clip from NXT of Dolph showing up and mouthing off to Tomasso Ciampa. Ciampa joined the announcers on commentary. Ciampa said if you come to his home and declare you want the NXT Title, you have to go through him. Byron Saxton asked how it feels that Ziggler thumbed his nose at him. Ciampa said there’s a misconception that he spent six years in some sort of minor league and what he’s done doesn’t count in this universe, but he’s been selling out arenas worldwide for the last seven years. He said Ziggler can’t just walk in and own his home. Roode, meanwhile, landed a spinebuster on Dawkins for a two count. Ciampa stood and taunted Ziggler, then threw water in his face from a red Solo cup. Dawkins gave a DISTRACTED Roode his Sky High, then hot-tagged in Ford who landed a quick top rope frog splash for the win. Ziggler superkicked Ciampa at ringside before retreating up the ramp with Roode.

WINNERS: Street Profits in under 3:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: It’s cool to see Ciampa on Raw. It’s smart for WWE to do more to cross-promote NXT and Raw on back to back nights on the same network. I’m not sure matching a mid-card tag wrestler in Ziggler with perennial top tier NXT singles star Ciampa is a big counter argument to NXT being the minor league of WWE, though.)

-Highlights aired of last week’s Quiz Bowl.

-Backstage, the Toga Party was in progress. Queen Zelina and Carmella were chatting with Riddle. Riddle tried to start a “Toga!” chant with others in attendance, including Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez.

-Kevin Patrick interviewed Orton backstage. He asked why he isn’t partying with his partner. Orton said toga parties aren’t really his thing, plus he has a match. He said since it’s Monday, Seth is going to get hit with the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment – R-K-O.

-Postcard shots aired of Indianapolis including scenes of their pro sports teams.

-They went to the three announcers on camera. They aired a tribute video on Rocky Johnson, the same one that aired on Smackdown last Friday with The Rock narrating.

-A.J. Styles made his ring entrance.

-Smith threw to a clip of Kevin Owens reacting last week to Sonya Deville saying he might not even make it to WrestleMania. The announcers revealed that 60 percent indicated in a poll that Owens is exaggerating his love for Texas. Owens then spoke about how he is a realist and he realizes he probably won’t be in the Chamber match and thus he probably won’t be on WrestleMania. “And that really bothers me,” he said. He said the one good thing is that means he won’t have to compete in Dallas, Texas. He said last week he had great things to say about Texas, but WWE ran a poll and the people of Texas began questioning his integrity and accusing him of lying. He said last week he was lying, but this week he is telling the truth. “Read my lips: I can’t stand Texans any more than I can stand anyone from Indianapolis.” He then touted being from Montreal, with informed, talented, sophisticated people. He said Texans are redneck morons with a Texas drawl. He said if North America was a human body, Texas would be its ass. He then laughed and winked. “Howdy partner,” he said, condescendingly.

-As Styles’s music continued to play in the background, Graves hyped the Chamber match that he’s in.

(2) DAMIAN PRIEST vs. A.J. STYLES – U.S. Title match

The bell rang about 38 minutes into the hour. Smith said Styles isn’t the biggest or strongest in the Chamber, but he’s the most experienced and is on the hottest streak. The announcers talked about Priest costing himself matches via DQ lately because of his temper. A few minutes in, Smith called Styles “an old dog learning new tricks.” (Not sure Styles will love that characterization. There’s no upside to calling any wrestler an “old dog” even in the context of an attempted compliment, especially someone who looks pretty ageless so far in Styles.) Styles set up a Phenomenal Forearm, but Priest roundkicked him in the face. Priest then avoided another Styles Clash attempt and rolled him up with a sunset flip for a three count. Afterward, Styles offered to shake Priest’s hand. Priest accepted.

WINNER: Priest in 5:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: He was called “an old dog” by Smith and then lost clean in five minutes to Priest, so not the best week for Styles on Raw. I think Priest would benefit more from having a really good long match with Styles rather than a quick roll-up win.)

-Another session aired with Alexa Bliss and her therapist. Her therapist said other than the grocery store incident, Bliss has had a good week not being aggressive. Bliss agreed. He asked if she had any angry thoughts. Bliss said for the first time in a long time, life is good and she’s happy. The therapist said she’s entitled to a gift. He asked what she’d ask for. Bliss said she’d ask for the music to stop. The therapist turned off the music in the background. He then presented her with stuffing from a doll and torn pieces of Lilly. Bliss’s expression changed to angry and hurt. Her chin quivered. He told her he was able to recover those remains of the real Lilly. He asked how it made her feel. He said it’s his gift to her so she can be at peace. She closed her eyes and took a deep, cleansing breath, then opened her eyes and smiled. The therapist then held up a replica Lilly doll. “I have an idea,” he told her.

-A commercial aired for the NXT Vengeance Day special on USA Network tomorrow night.

(3) OMOS vs. SHELTON BENJAMIN & CEDRIC ALEXANDER – Two-on-one handicapped match

Smith asked who has the handicap in this match. Graves said Shelton and Cedric are trying to right their ship, but they’re headed toward an iceberg. Cedric tried to go after Omos at the bell, but he brushed him off. Shelton got in some offense that knocked Omos into the corner. Cedric tried a move off the top rope, but Omos grabbed him and chokeslammed him. He then pinned him.

WINNER: Omos in under 1:30.

-Backstage, Dana Brooke thanked Reggie for everything he has done for her and always having her back and being such a nice guy. She said she’s a better champion because of him. She kissed him on the cheek. Reggie asked what all that means. She said it means they’re really good friends and she hopes it never changes. Reggie said, “It won’t.” Then he hugged her. They locked eyes, paused, and then looked away. Then they jumped to Dana and Reggie having dinner. Akira Tozawa and Tamina showed up incognito and spied over their menus at Dana and Reggie.

-A commercial segment aired for “Chucky” on Peacock.

-A commercial aired for the Roman Reigns-Goldberg face-to-face on Smackdown this Friday.

-Back to the toga party, Riddle told Patrick he looks amazing in the toga. The Street Profits joined the party. Dawkins threw a ping pong ball into a red Solo cup.

-Adam Pearce stood mid-ring in front of a table and chairs. He said it’s time to make the Raw Title match official for the Chamber. He introduced Lita first. A clip aired of the Lita-Becky Lynch exchange last week on Raw. Graves hyped the 12 ET/9 PT start time for the Elimination Chamber PLE on Saturday. Pearce then introduced Becky, who came out looking sullen and disheveled. They showed scenes of Jeddah’s skyline architecture and a billboard advertising Becky vs. Lita. “That’s not the future we’re looking at, that’s Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,” Smith said. Graves said WWE “continues to influence the world.”

Pearce told Lita and Becky to make it official and sign the contract. Becky told Lita not to do this. She said she hasn’t slept all week because her teenage idol is coming at her so close to WrestleMania and attacked her last week. She told Lita she’s had a great career and is one of the best. She said there’d be no Becky Lynch if not for her. She asked what she has left to prove. She told her to leave while her legacy is still in tact. She said the fans want to see them fight, but they don’t need to play their little game. “Don’t let them do that to us,” she said. “What do you think?” Lita asked the fans if she should rip up the contract and walk away, or sign it and shut up Becky Lynch for good. Becky fidgeted. Fans cheered option two.


Lita said she didn’t return because she only has one good match left in her. She said she has a good run left in her, “a championship run.” She said Becky doesn’t have to like it, but this match is happening because she showed her last week she can beat her. She told Lita she’s pushing it. She said she has studied her career and knows her weaknesses. She said she’ll go right for her neck and she’ll be the one who made her do it. She said fans remember her now with a smile on her face, but when she’s done with her, they’ll remember her with a tear in her eye. Lita said if she had a hand in creating her, it’s up to her to finish it. She said the only thing ending Saturday night is her 500 day title reign when she becomes the Raw Champion. Becky threw the contract folder at her and sulked. She stood and hung her head and left with her belt. Saxton wondered how far Becky is willing to go to retain her title.

(Keller’s Analysis: Again, Becky continues to be creative with her promos and her attempts to build her matches and gives fans a reason to boo her and cheer her opponents. The idea that she’s distraught because of what she’s likely being pushed into doing against her idol growing up is a good angle that adds a different psychological dimension to the match. Lita is doing the best mic work of her career, I think, in this feud.)

-Rhea Ripley made her ring entrance. The announcers talked about how in this gauntlet match, whoever wins gets to enter the Chamber last on Saturday, which is a big advantage. An inset soundbite promo aired with Ripley who said the match is full of brutality just like she likes it. She said she is focused and ready to rip through any woman who stands in her way on her path to WrestleMania.

Nikki A.S.H. made her entrance next. Boos rang out. An inset promo aired with Nikki who said she’s going to unmask the so-called good guys like Ripley and win the Chamber match to spite everyone who underestimates her and show she is the super hero they must admire. They cut to a split-screen break. [c/ss]

(4a) NIKKI A.S.H. vs. RHEA RIPLEY – Gauntlet Match

The match began during the break. Nikki took control after the break with an armbar. Graves said he used to think Nikki was the anchor weighing down the team with Ripley, but now he sees she just needed to step out of Ripley’s shadow. Nikki avoided a Rip Tide attempt and stayed on the attack. Ripley tried again seconds later and landed it for the pin.

ELIMINATED: Nikki in 8:00.

A soundbite aired with Liv Morgan as she made her entrance. She said she’s the only woman in the Gaunlet Match tonight who has ever stepped foot in the Chamber match before. She said her opponents will have to destroy her to stop her. “I’ll survive because I always do,” she said. “Watch me.” [c]

(4b) RHEA RIPLEY vs. LIV MORGAN – Gauntlet Match

The bell rang after the break. Liv got in most of the offense, but eventually Ripley superkicked Liv in the throat and then finished her with a Rip Tide. That kick to the throat looked nasty. They replayed the kick to the throat afterward.

ELIMINATED: Morgan in 4:00.

(4c) RHEA RIPLEY vs. DOUDROP – Gauntlet match

Saxton said Ripley’s body language suggests she’s feeling worn out and was trying to psych herself up. A couple minutes in, they headbutted each other. Doudrop got the better of it and landed a senton splash. Ripley attempted a German suplex a minute later, but Doudrop blocked it. Ripley caught a charging Doudrop with a roundkick to the head followed by a Riptide for the win. Ripley let out a huge yell while holding her arm in pain.

ELIMINATED: Doudrop in 5:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: I was curious what they’d do here, with Doudrop a clear heel and Belair up later as a clear babyface, with Ripley having an “out” if she lost because she had two other opponents first. They went with Ripley getting an impressive third win, which seems to indicate they are backing Ripley for a bigger push and still see Doudrop as a utility gatekeeper.)

A soundbite aired with Belair as she made her entrance. She said she doesn’t know if she’ll be facing Becky or Lita at WrestleMania, but she does know the spotlight will be back on her after the Elimination Chamber “where it belongs.” They cut to a split screen break. [c/ss]

(4d) RHEA RIPLEY vs. BIANCA BELAIR – Gauntlet match

The match began during the break. Ripley looked worn out at the start. Belair dominated early. She settled into an abdominal stretch. Ripley teased a comeback, but Belair avoided a dropkick and then landed a handspring moonsault for a two count. They collided mid-ring a minute later and both went down. Ripley rolled to the floor. Belair went after her. Ripley threw Belair into the ringside steps. They cut to a break. [c]

Back from the break, Belair was in control and scored a two count. She set up a K.O.D., but Ripley broke free. Belair caught a Ripley big boot attempt. Ripley climbed to the second rope, but Belair went after her. Ripley slapped her. Belair slapped her back. They exchanged rapid-fire slaps afterward. Belair went for a handspring moonsault, but Ripley raised her knees. Ripley landed a top rope dropkick seconds later for a dramatic near fall. Belair finally landed her K.O.D. for the win. After the match, Belair raised an exhausted Ripley’s arm. Ripley looked completely exhausted, so it was tough to tell how she felt about Belair raising her arm.

WINNER: Belair to earn the final entry spot in the Chamber in in 15:00 (44:00 total).

(Keller’s Analysis: Really good lengthy gauntlet match. Ripley shined throughout and this should re-elevate her in the women’s hierarchy.)

-Backstage, Riddle had a guitar and asked his toga partiers if they want to hear a song. He sang out of tune for a few seconds before Chad Gable and Otis attacked him. They destroyed the toga party area, knocking over the tables, then jabbing Riddle in the ribs. Riddle went down. Gable bent over and cradled Riddle’s head and said, “The party’s over, bro.” Saxton said that’s not cool.

-The ring entrance for Rey & Dominik Mysterio took place. [c]


-They showed Leonard Floyd celebrating the Super Bowl win with a replica WWE Title belt.

-R-Truth approached Dana and Reggie eating their dinner, disguised as a server. Reggie recognized him and told Dana to run. She did, but was intercepted by Tamina. Dana broke free and ran away through the restaurant. She hid, then located Reggie and thanked him for saving her. She kissed him on the lips. He said their friendship means the world to him, but maybe they can take it to the next level. Dana said she didn’t mean to lead her on, but he’ll make a woman very happy some day. Reggie then rolled up Dana to win the 24/7 Title. He kissed the belt and said friendship has its perks. Truth told Dana, “Happy Valentine’s Day. It looks like Cupid doesn’t like the friend zone.” Truth then led a pursuit of Reggie. The waiter asked Dana if she’d be paying with cash or card. She slammed the bill on the floor and yelled, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

-Gable and Otis made their entrance next. Gable said now that they’ve taken care of the “ridiculous toga party,” let’s get down to brass tacks. He said it’s time for some education. He said it’s his first ever public assembly. He said tonight’s topic is cheaters. He said everyone knows he’s never cheated at anything in his life. He said he didn’t need to cheat to make the Olympic team or to win the Raw Tag Team Titles or to earn a Master’s Degree with “an immaculate 4.0 GPA.” He said there is nothing he despises more than cheaters, and the worst of the worst is RK-Bro. He said there’s misinformation going around that “those morons” beat them fair and square. He said he couldn’t understand a word that Irishman host (Kevin Patrick) said. He said his accent was thicker than Otis’s neck. He said they were talking about turtles, which was ridiculous. He complained about the “morons of the WWE Universe” feeding answers to Riddle. He said the fans worship cheaters. They replayed Rey tripping Miz last week. Gable said that’s more evidence the fans worship cheaters. “Shame, shame, shame on Rey!” he said. “It’s disgusting. You worship cheaters. It’s gross.”

Miz and Maryse came out to Miz’s music. Graves said they’re joining them on commentary. They cut to a split-screen break as Miz and Maryse continued their entrance. [c/ss]


The match began during the break. Graves told Maryse she smells like happiness. The Mysterios knocked Gable and Otis to ringside, then took turns diving on each of them. Gable took quite a bump into the ringside barricade. They cut to a break at 7:00. [c]

The Mysterios hit stereo 619s on Gable. Miz got up to interfere right afterward when Dominik climbed to the top turnbuckle. Dominik kicked him down and Rey then dove onto him. Meanwhile, Gable recovered enough to roll through on Dominik’s bodypress, yank on his tights, and score a three count. Gable celebrated with Otis at ringside.

WINNERS: Alpha Academy in 13:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: All that talk of cheating, and Gable cheated to win.)

-Afterward, Maryse got in Rey’s face. Miz then came up behind Dominik and threw him over the top rope. He then gave Rey a Skull Crushing Finale. Miz and Maryse kissed as Miz’s music played again. Graves said it’s all about Valentine’s Day with the It Couple.

-The therapist said Bliss is cured, “well as cured as you’re going to be.” He said he’s going to send her on her way. He said she’ll be fine as long as she has Lilly by her side. Bliss said Lilly is gone. He said that’s true, but the stuffing of the original Lilly is inside the replica. He said he is sure she can live an extraordinary life with an extraordinary career as long as Lilly is by her side. “As long as she’s with you in close proximity, you’ll be cured and you can have a wonderful life,” he said. Bliss said matter of factly thank you. She said it’s been fun. She stood and shook his hand. She had him shake Replica Lilly’s hand. Before she left, she started the gravity ball thing on his counter and then told Lilly, “I guess I’m cured.” She then revealed she’s taking the final slot in the Chamber match.

-The announcers reacted to that news.

-Seth’s ring entrance took place. [c]

-A video package aired on last Friday’s Smackdown.

-The announcers hyped the Elimination Chamber full line-up.

-Orton made his ring entrance. They cut to a split-screen break. [c/ss]


The match began right before they came back from the break 43 minutes into the hour. They locked up as Smith said these are two of the most experienced veterans in WWE history. The action spilled to the floor. Seth dove through the ropes and knocked Orton into the announce desk at 6:00 as they cut to the final break. [c/ss]

Orton landed a superplex off the top rope after the break. Seth went for a Stomp a few minutes later, but Orton avoided it and turned Seth’s momentum into a snap powerslam for a near fall. Fans chanted “RKO! RKO!” Seth took control and hit a superkick to the side of Orton’s face a minute later for a near fall. Seth landed a rolling elbow and then elbowed the base of Orton’s skull from behind. He set up a Stomp again, but Orton avoided it again. Orton blocked a Pedigree and then delivered a draping DDT. Next he signaled for an RKO and hit it. Before he went for the pin, though, Alpha Academy ran out to the ring. Riddle jumped Gable from behind. Orton charged to Riddle’s aid on the ramp. Orton ran back into the ring to beat the countout, but Seth met him with a Stomp for the win.

WINNER: Seth in 15:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good match, as you’d expect with these two. The match gave Seth a tainted win, while forwarding the feud with Alpha Academy and RK-Bro, so you can see why WWE booked that match and that particular finish.)

-The announcers plugged the Chamber event one last time as the show ended.

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