3/24 MLW FUSION TV REPORT: Mads Krugger vs. Jacob Fatu, Killer Kross vs. Budd Heavy, more


Full results and analysis of this week's MLW Fusion



MLW Commentators: Rich Bocchini, Joe Dombrowski

-A video package of Mads Krugger and Jacob Fatu aired. Mads said that a new era for Contra was about to begin. Fatu responded by saying that he is the real black hand of Contra.

-A recap of last week’s ultimatum from Cesar Duran for Alexander Hammerstone was shown.


Once the bell rang, Kross put his arms behind his back and told Heavy that he has “three strikes and he’s out.” Budd used his first chance to hit Kross with a straight right hand. Kross barely moved. Budd landed a discus punch for his second chance. Kross simply laughed as Budd backed away, looking horrified. Heavy went for his third shot but Kross nailed him with a big boot. Heavy tried to rest in the corner but Kross rushed in and landed a clothesline and series of elbow strikes. Kross followed up with another big boot. Kross dropped Heavy with a Saito suplex that got the crowd fired up. As Heavy started to rise to his feet, Kross called his shot and connected with an elbow shot to the back of Budd’s head that Joe called “The Quickening”. Kross rained down a series of elbows to Budd’s head until the ref called for the bell.

After the match, the crowd chanted for “one more suplex” and Kross was happy to oblige and hit Heavy with another Saito suplex.

WINNER: Kross in 2:20

(Analysis: This was a great way to reintroduce Killer Kross to MLW Fusion. Budd Heavy is a sort of cult icon to the MLW audience and having him get annihilated by Kross in such a definitive fashion established Kross as a new dominant force in the company. Kross did his usual schtick here of strikes and Saito suplexes and the crowd ate it up.)

-The Von Erichs were shown talking with Ricky Morton and his son. Marshall explained the situation between the Von Erichs and 5150. Ricky talked about how important Charlotte, NC is to wrestling history.

– It was announced that MLW will crown the first Women’s Featherweight champion later this summer.

-Commentary announced that Richard Holliday will be joining Cesar Duran for a joint statement about Hammerstone. Holliday was greeted by Mr. Saint Laurent as MSL tried to partner up with Richard on some business opportunities. Holliday walked on by and found one of Duran’s masked henchmen.

– Holliday made his entrance but was jumped from behind by Alexander Hammerstone. Hammerstone and Holliday brawled backstage until the camera cut back to the ring.


Garvin cut a quick promo before the match where he proclaimed himself to be the best fighter from the south. He said that he hasn’t had a real challenge yet in MLW and is looking for a fight.

Gangrel answered the challenge. The bell rang and the match began. After a quick lock-up, both men traded shots in the corner until Gangrel started to bite Garvin’s forehead. After another exchange, Gangrel rolled to the outside after a right-hand shot from Garvin. Gnarls followed Gangrel outside and the two brawled around the ring. Gangrel regained momentum after Gnarls missed a chop and made contact with the ring post. This didn’t last long as Garvin stopped Gangrel from smashing him into the ring apron.

As Gnarls finally got Gangrel back into the ring, he was cut off by the Vampire Warrior and Gangrel repeatedly kicked the bottom rope into Garvin. Gangrel followed up with an elbow drop. Gangrel signaled for the Impaler DDT but Gnarls out-muscled Gangrel and turned it into an atomic drop. Garvin landed a big dropkick that stunned Gangrel…and the commentary team. Gangrel went to the outside again. Garvin soon followed but was taken out with a low blow from Gangrel. Gangrel grabbed a sickle that he had brought with him earlier and took it to Garvin’s forehead, splitting him open. As Gangrel continued to work the cut, Gnarls is gushing.

Back in the ring, Garvin tried to fight back but Gangrel was able to have an answer for everything Gnarls tried. Gangrel shot Garvin into the ropes and went for a back body drop but Garvin telegraphed it and landed a knee-lift. Gnarls followed up with a series of clotheslines and an old-school body slam. Gangrel took a moment to catch his breath and rested on the bottom rope. Garvin took this opportunity to land a crossbody but Gangrel ducked and Garvin crashed down to the floor. Gangrel followed and the two brawled again.

Gnarls brought Gangrel back inside and climbed to the top rope but was quickly cut off by Gangrel. Gangrel went to the second rope and started biting the forehead again. Gnarls was able to knock Gangrel away with a lariat, which sent him to the mat. Garvin tried for a top rope diving headbutt but Gangrel rolled away. Gangrel quickly followed up with the Impaler for the win.


(Analysis: This was a textbook MLW walk-and-brawl. I knew going into this, that this one wasn’t going to be a technical masterpiece but this was pretty bad, even by my standards. I want to think that they went this route as a throwback to Charlotte wrestling history but I think it was more playing towards Gangrel’s limitations in the ring. There was a lot of blood. I’m ok with blood in my wrestling, as long as it serves a purpose. This was blood for the sake of having blood.)

-Cesar Duran was in his office and was talking on his phone until he was interrupted by TJP. TJP went to great lengths to annoy Duran as much as possible. TJP said that he was tired of beating indie darlings and that it was time for a title shot. Duran granted the request but was interrupted again, this time by EJ Nduka. The Judge said that nobody should get a title shot until he does and talked about getting back at 5150 for their recent attacks. Duran asked Nduka who his partner would be. EJ said that he didn’t need one. Cesar weighed the options but one of the masked henchmen came into the office and handed Duran a note. Duran read it and quickly left the office in a panic.

-Richard Holliday was running down a flight of stairs but got his path blocked by Mr. Saint Laurent who was following up on another business opportunity. Alexander Hammerstone soon followed and grabbed Holliday from behind. Holliday wiggled free and used Saint Laurent as a human shield as Richard ran away again.

-It was announced that LA Park and Jacob Fatu will fight at the upcoming Azteca Underground show in an Azteca Apocalypto match. Also, Aramis will take on Gino Medina in a Mexican Lumberjack match. Finally, Mini Abismo, Arez, and a mystery partner will have a trios match with El Dragon, Aerostar, and Microman.

-5150 will defend the MLW Tag Team Championships against EJ Nduka and a partner of his choice.

-The masked henchmen left Duran’s office as Savio Vega looked on. Vega snuck into the office and took a stack of money. He unzipped a suitcase which revealed…Microman. The two conversed in Spanish and left together as commentary wondered how long Microman was in there.

(3) JACOB FATU vs. MADS KRUGGER -Stairway to Hell Match

As soon as Fatu tried to enter the ring, Krugger landed a big boot, which sent Fatu to the floor. Krugger went for a suicide-dive but got caught with a punch straight to the throat from Fatu. Jacob grabbed a ladder early on and tried to bring it into the ring. Krugger went for the dive again and connected this time, sending the ladder right into Fatu. Mads got to his feet first and was able to bring a ladder inside. Mads climbed the ladder and was able to grab his weapon of choice; a South African club. Fatu got back into the ring and shoved the ladder away, forcing Mads to crash into ropes. As Mads staggered towards Fatu, Jacob hit the pop-up Samoan drop. Fatu tossed Krugger into the ring post and grabbed the ladder. The former MLW champion draped the ladder over Krugger and connected with a handspring-moonsault. Both men writhed in pain. Fatu grabbed the ladder again and tried to grab his weapon. Mads caught Fatu’s leg and yanked him off the ladder, drilling him with a powerbomb. Fatu rolled to the outside. Krugger followed and found a steel chair, nailing Fatu in the back with a few shots.

Krugger dumped Fatu back into the ring and tossed a chair in for good measure. Mads set up another ladder in the corner and tried to whip Fatu into it. Fatu countered and sent Krugger flying into the ladder. Jacob set up the ladder in the middle of the ring again and attempted to climb it. Mads met Fatu at the top and tried for a chokeslam. Fatu fought back with a series of headbutts, which sent Krugger tumbling down. Fatu was able to get his weapon; a razor-wire kendo stick and used it to take out Krugger with some well-placed shots.

After a quick break, Krugger was huddled in the corner, and Fatu connected with a running hip attack. Fatu placed a chair on Krugger’s face and landed a coast-to-coast dropkick onto Krugger, splitting Mads’ head open. Fatu went for a cover and got a near fall. Fatu got a hold of the kendo stick again and drilled Mads in the head again. The crowd started a “we want tables” chant. Fatu was happy to oblige. Fatu set up the table. Krugger finally recovered and tried for another chokeslam. Fatu fought through it and super kicked Krugger onto the table. Fatu climbed to the top of a ladder but Mads met him up top. The two traded shots until Mads got Fatu up for a super-plex off the ladder and through the table. Both men were slow to their feet but Fatu was able to get Krugger up for a spinning-uranage. Ikuro Kwon ran to ring and tossed the club to Krugger. Mads used it to bash Fatu’s head and hit the full-nelson face-buster slam for the win.

After the match, Krugger grabbed a mic and announced that Contra was reborn. Fatu came back into the ring and took out Kwon and Krugger with a chair. Eventually, security came and separated everyone.

Winner: MADS KRUGGER in 14:50

(Analysis: I would have cut a few minutes (or a lot more) from the match before to add some time to this as I thought five more minutes would have done a lot here. As it was, it felt a little rushed. The violence here made sense. This feud necessitated blood and plunder and this was a case of using violence to progress the story. I do wonder what Krugger’s vision of Contra will end up being but I am intrigued to see what’s next for Jacob Fatu

-Hammerstone caught up with Holliday and beat him up in the parking garage, ripping away Richard’s clothes. Holliday slinked away and ran towards a waiting limousine. The limo sped away as the show went off the air.

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