3/17 MLW FUSION TV REPORT (#137): Miranda Gordy vs. Rok-C, Buddy Matthews vs. TJP

By Marcus Arias, PWTorch contributor

Full results and analysis of this week's MLW Fusion



Commentators: Rich Bocchini, Joe Dombrowski

-A video package aired that recapped last week’s SuperFight.

-Richard Holliday cut a promo in an empty arena, following up on the events from SuperFight in Charlotte, NC, and talked about the wrestling history in Charlotte. He mentioned names like Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes. He brings up his contribution to history as the camera panned down to the floor, stained with Alexander Hammerstone’s blood. Holliday said that he did what he felt was best, ruining a good suit in the process. Richard closed the segment with a smile as he said that Hammerstone’s blood will forever be a part of Charlotte.

-Rich and Joe previewed tonight’s card.

-An unknown limousine was shown pulling up to the venue.


After a few quick lock-ups, Gordy used her strength to her advantage, wrestling Rok-C to the mat with an armbar. Rok-C tried to transition to a side headlock but Gordy tossed Rok-C into the corner. Rok-C was able to duck an attack from Gordy and try for a German suplex. Miranda simply muscled her way free. Rok-C tried for a series of arm-drags but Gordy didn’t move an inch. After a headlock takeover, Rok-C finally got Gordy off of her feet. This moment didn’t last long as Miranda quickly broke free of a submission attempt. Gordy tried for one of her own but Rok-C escaped with a very clever transition from a handstand into a bridge. Rok-C played to the crowd a bit and extended her hand to Gordy. Miranda slapped the hand away and got her opponent into a powerbomb position. Rok-C did manage to counter with a hurricanrana. The Prodigy followed up with a head-scissors takeover and tried to submit Gordy with a crossface. Gordy broke free after raking Rok-C’s eyes.

Gordy regained momentum, throwing Rok-C back into the corner. A chop battle broke out until Miranda was able to get the better of the exchange. Gordy shot Rok-C into the ropes and got a two-count after a powerslam. The crowd started to chant for Rok-C which did fire her up some until Gordy planted Rok-C with a big slam and elbow drop for another two-count. Miranda went for the slam again but this time, Rok-C was able to escape. Gordy charged into the corner but Rok-C dodged the attack, causing Gordy to hit her shoulder on the ring post. Rok-C followed up with a Thesz press and a series of punches to Gordy’s head. Rok-C sent Gordy into the ropes but Gordy turned it around. Rok-C did manage to counter with a very clunky pinning combination for an awkward two-count. Rok-C moved into another crossface but Miranda overpowered her way through the hold, getting Rok-C into a crucifix position. Rok-C was able to counter into a sunset flip for a two-count. Gordy immediately went for a powerbomb but Rok-C counted this as well, getting another two-count after a jackknife. Gordy followed up with the Bam-Bam-Slam, getting the win.

WINNER: Gordy at 7:37.

-After the match, Rich Bocchini congratulated Gordy on her win. Gordy cut Rich off and let him know that she plans on destroying the other women in the division.

(Marcus’s Analysis: I was up and down on this one. On one hand, both women played their roles well in this David and Goliath style matchup. On the other, there were a few spots that just seemed cumbersome. I’m not sure if their timing was off but something did not click. Gordy did a good job of separating herself from the rest of the division and I’d like to see what’s next for her.)

-A quick recap of Microman and Gino Medina is shown.

-The Contra emblem appeared on the screen and Mads Krugger is shown in a shed, surrounded by various tools of destruction. Holding a club, Krugger said that this was the only weapon worthy of Jacob Fatu. Mads challenged Fatu to a Stairway to Hell match next week.

-Cesar Duran was shown speaking with one of his masked henchmen.

-A video package is shown, showcasing the return of MLW Azteca on April 1st.

-Another Gangrel vignette was shown. It was announced that Gangrel will make his MLW debut next week.

-The limousine from earlier was shown again. Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout were revealed to be inside.

-Dr. Julius Smokes recapped the recent attacks from 5150 on the Von Erichs and EJ Nduka. He said that 5150 is a revolution.

-A video package of Alexander Hammerstone is shown. He talked about his life before wrestling, what got him interested in the sport, and some of the hardships he faced when he was breaking into the business.

-A Killer Kross vignette was shown. Killer Kross will be making his debut next week as well.

-We got a medical update on the Von Erichs after last week’s attack by 5150. Marshall Von Erich will be out for three to four weeks with a fractured ankle. Ross will be reviewed day-to-day after a concussion.

-Emilio Sparks caught up with EJ Nduka for an update on the Judge’s health. Nduka said he’s going to make 5150 pay for what they did.


TJP walked to the ring with a mic in his hand and cut a promo bashing the crowd and the” Forbidden Door”. Matthews played to the crowd as he made his entrance. Buddy grabbed the mic and said he wasn’t just knocking on the forbidden door, he was kicking it open.

As soon as the bell rang, Matthews went straight for TJP’s arm, maintaining an armbar for some time before TJP was able to turn it around with his technical prowess. TJP and Matthews traded off moves in an impressive chain-wrestling sequence. Matthews tried for a back-suplex but TJP flipped through. The larger Matthews flattened TJP with a shoulder tackle. Matthews tried to take TJP back down to the mat with a headlock takeover but TJP turned it into an octopus hold. Buddy fought through the hold and went right back to TJP’s arm. TJP rushed Buddy in the corner. As Matthews lept over TJP, Buddy seemed to tweak his left leg, causing the former “Best Kept Secret” to roll to the outside.

TJP followed Matthews to the outside and Buddy tossed him straight into the guardrail. TJP rushed Matthews again and once again, got tossed into the guardrail. Matthews took some time to recover. TJP tried to use this as a chance to sneak up behind Buddy but Matthews caught TJP and dropped him onto the edge of the ring apron. As Matthews rolled TJP back into the ring, Buddy’s leg gave out long enough for TJP to slingshot around the turnbuckle and land a dropkick square onto Buddy’s bad leg. TJP taunted Buddy as Matthews was laid out on the floor. The ref started the twenty-count, as Matthews continued to sell the leg, wincing in pain.

Buddy did manage to get back into the ring but TJP went straight to Buddy’s leg. TJP went for a slingshot shoulder tackle and didn’t even get a one-count. A frustrated TJP continued to attack Buddy’s leg. Matthews was barely able to stand as the two men exchanged strikes. Buddy shot TJP into the ropes but collapsed, allowing TJP to wrench Buddy’s leg. TJP went for a cover and got a two-count. TJP applied a kneebar. Matthews was able to fight through it for a moment before TJP locked in a figure-four. Buddy rolled through and reversed the pressure. TJP made it to the bottom rope and the hold was broken. TJP went right back to the injured knee as the crowd cheered for Buddy. Matthews was able to use his good leg to push TJP outside of the ring and onto the floor.

After a quick rest, TJP ran back into the ring. TJP tried for a slingshot maneuver but got caught by Buddy, and got spiked with a DDT. Buddy and TJP exchanged some stiff strikes. Buddy finally got an advantage after a front suplex and a PK kick with the good leg. Matthews connected with a modified brainbuster and got a two-count. Buddy went for Murphy’s Law but TJP rolled through for a quick two-count. TJP regained the momentum, forcing Buddy into the corner. TJP went for a big kick but Buddy caught the leg. Buddy went to the top rope but got cut off by TJP, allowing TJP to try for a superplex. Buddy fought through the attempt and tried to turn it into a sunset flip-bomb. Matthews’ leg gave out. TJP celebrated briefly before Buddy answered back with a kick to TJP’s face.

Matthews managed to get TJP for a Liger bomb for a near fall. Buddy tried to follow up with a curb-stomp but TJP turned it into a roll-up, grabbing Buddy’s tights. Matthews did kick out but TJP quickly transitioned into a figure-four death-lock. Matthews tried to reach the bottom rope but TJP trapped the arm. TJP briefly dropped the hold and Buddy went for a small package for a near fall. TJP went right for the detonation kick. Matthews countered and hit the curb stomp…with the bad leg. Buddy took too long to make the cover and TJP kicked out at two. Both men were absolutely spent. As they fought in the corner, TJP was able to distract the ref just long enough to sweep out Buddy’s leg. TJP landed the Mamba splash from the top rope right onto Buddy’s leg. TJP did get a near fall and went right to the kneebar, forcing Buddy to tap out.

WINNER: TJP in 21:00

(Marcus’s Analysis: I thought this was a heck of a match. It was interesting to see both men work a slower and more deliberate style. I expected a high-octane spot-fest and got a story-driven match with good in-ring psychology. Buddy’s selling of the leg for almost the entirety of the match was great. I liked that Buddy was able to finally hit the curb-stomp but since he did it on the bad leg, the delay may have cost him the match. As for TJP, if he is going to be the gatekeeper of the forbidden door, I am curious to see who he faces, the next time it opens.

-Cesar Duran was shown in his office. Duran said that nothing is more important to him than the well-being of his fighters. He said that he has made multiple attempts to check on Alexander Hammerstone but has not had any answer so far. Cesar stated that if Hammerstone does not appear in person for next week’s show then, the MLW heavyweight championship will be vacated. Duran laughed maniacally as the show went off the air.

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