4/19 NXT 2.0 REPORT: Hazelwood’s live alt-perspective on Hayes vs. Escobar, Natalya’s first NXT match in eight years vs. Paxley, Sarray vs. Stratton, more




APRIL 19, 2022

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): McKenzie Mitchell

Tonight after the show, join the PWT Talks NXT self-proclaimed “gang of idiots” to break down the show with calls and emails.

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(Well, this is now consecutive weeks where a high profile act from NXT is gone. Last week Nash Carter was released, leading to the gauntlet match that saw Pretty Deadly become the new NXT Tag Team Champion. Yesterday, Fightful reported that Kushida’s contract expired and he left the company. Good for him, bad for NXT, and worse that they could never find anything for literally the best junior heavyweight in the world when he came to NXT and yes, he’s still a high profile act even if misused in NXT. It looks like Von Wagner powerbombing him over some crates last week was Kushida’s ignominious end to his WWE career. Kushida back to New Japan seems like it has to happen.

By the way, Kelly Wells is experiencing technical difficulties so his report will not be up nor will he be on PWT Talks NXT following the show. You’re stuck with me, unfortunately.)


-The show began with a video recap of last week’s tag team gauntlet match that saw The Creed Brothers begin the match and make it until they fell to the final team and winners of the match, becoming the new NXT Tag Team Champion, Pretty Deadly. Suddenly, the video had a hacked image as Joe Gacy appeared, threatening Bron Breakker and holding up the ring he took from Rick Steiner. It went back to the gauntlet match video where Kit Wilson and Elton Prince became champions in their first NXT match.

-They cut to the crowd as Wade Barrett cutoff Vic Joseph to celebrate Pretty Deadly. Their music hit to really no reaction, then finally some boos. For Demon Slayer fans, I’m sure the Sound Hashira Uzui Tengen would appreciate the flashiness of these two. Prince (the blonde) said they made history as they won the NXT Tag Team Championship in their first match. Wilson sasid they’re used to having gold around their waist after dominating NXT UK, but it was too drab. Wilson did a bad (funny) Southern accent to mock people, then were interrupted by Grizzled Young Veterans, now just Gibson and Drake.

Gibson and Drake (yes, Drake spoke!) said they would have won the match if they were in it last week. Then Drake said the only reason Pretty Deadly had success in the UK is because GYV left, and Gibson added they’re only champion because GYV wasn’t involved and they’re sick of being at the back of the line. Legado del Fantasma’s music hit as Elektra Lopez said hold up. Then Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza attacked and they went at it with GYV.

Breakker jumped the barricade and then entered the ring with a mic (what a furious opening segment). He said Gacy wants to know what he’s willing to sacrifice, so he called out Gacy to show him what he’s willing to sacrifice. Gacy’s voice played over the speakers as his face appeared on the screens, then lights going everywhere like Gacy took control of production. His laugh replayed maniacally over and over as Breakker left the ring.

-Joseph and Barrett were at ringside as Joseph said he’s never seen a more chaotic start. They were discussing Breakker when Tiffany Stratton’s music hit. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Well, we did discuss last week what’s the plan for GYV, and now we know! They lost their first names and are firmly placing themselves into the tag title picture. It looks like either they will wrestle LDF for the #1 contender’s spot or a triple threat will be booked. Either way, I’m glad to see GYV back and guess what? Drake was actually good on the mic!)

-They returned with a “Digital Exclusive” where Santos Escobar was watching a Carmelo Hayes promo from what looked like his own villa or something. He said Hayes is the former A Champion with a lot of excuses. He said Hayes was never worthy of the North American Championship, but he, Santos Escobar, that’s another story. He then told him he’d show Hayes to the back of the line.

-Trick Williams said it seems like everybody is confused thinking they can hang with Hayes. Hayes said Escobar can hang, but Hayes is the line. Hayes said Escobar is the first casualty in the “Getting Back The Gold” tour.

-Sarray then made her entrance without the transformation bit.

(1) TIFFANY STRATTON vs. SARRAY – Singles grudge match

They got in each other’s faces, but Stratton nailed a kick to the gut and an arm wrench. Sarray countered out and hit a basement dropkick. She then hit a big forearm, but ran into a chop. Sarry hit a school girl, then immediately shifted into last chancery, but Stratton grabbed the rope. LDF vs. what is now just Drake & Gibson was made official as Sarray missed the dropkick to the lower rope as Stratton moved. Stratton hit a running hip attack to Sarray, whose throat was leaning against the ropes.

Stratton cinched in a modified seated cobra clutch as the fans chanted “Let’s go Sarray!” and “Let’s go Tiffany!” Stratton took Sarray down by the hair, then hit a nice move for a two-count. However, Sarray powered up and took it to Stratton, then hit a snap German suplex. Sarray hit the second rope and hit a double stomp. Stratton grabbed the boot so Sarray couldn’t go for her dropkick, but Sarray hit a big kick to the chest and then hit her dropkick, sending Stratton through the bottom rope to the outside. Back in the ring, Stratton held onto the ropes to prevent a suplex, then flung her head back and headbutted Sarray. Stratton then hit her 360 Vader Bomb to win the match.

WINNER: Tiffany Stratton at 4:31 (360 Vader Bomb)

-Drake & Gibson where in the back and Breakker walked through them to their chagrin. He told them to shut up as he heard his father calling, “Bronson!” He entered a side room with the cage his dad was in that had a voice recording of him congratulating Breakker for retaining the title against Gunther. It played the rest of the scene with Gacy as Breakker stood in the cage and threw down the iPad, storming off. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: The match was fine, but there were still spots where you can see Stratton working through a spot in her head or waiting for something. Still, she’s further along than her vignettes had us believing, and her character work is fantastic. She’s going to be fine, but my one critique would be to add some more oomph to her finisher. It looks majestic, but it looks too fluid to feel like it does any real damage. Just add some kind of snap to it and it’ll look more impactful.)

-They returned with Pretty Deadly walking through the hallway in the back and saw Persia Pirotta and Indi Hartwell. There was some flirting as the two kept saying their “Yes, boys” and “Yes, girls” line. Pirotta and Hartwell said they wanted a match, and the two men took it sexually. They said give them all they want, and the two women brought in Dexter Lumis and Duke Hudson. They backed away.

-McKenzie Mitchell asked Grayson Waller (in the back) why he fired Sanga last week. Waller said he was so committed to the plan to make him champion (the arm gimmick), but Sanga ruined it. Andre Chase and Bodhi Heyward approached as Chase said this was a teachable moment. Sanga appeared from behind a door and Waller ran off, throwing stuff at Sanga. Waller made his way to the ring as Sanga chased him.

(2) GRAYSON WALLER vs. SANGA – Singles match

Waller called for the bell, then hit Sanga, but Sanga just ate it and hit Waller to the ground. He then threw Waller across with a few biels, like, five or so, make that six, so we know he can throw fools across the ring. Waller grabbed the bottom rope, then hit a basement dropkick to the knee and kept attacking. Sanga threw him off of the ropes and Waller turned right into a shoulder tackle. Waller is flailing and bumping all over the place for Sanga.

Sanga whipped Waller into a corner, then lifted and slammed Waller with a sidewalk slam. He yelled “Namaste” before landing a standing elbow. The pin was broken up by Waller grabbing the rope. Sanga hit a bodyslam, then called for a chokeslam, but Waller rolled outside. He kicked Sanga into the announce table, then countered a chokeslam by shoving Sanga into the steel post. Waller then rolled him in and hit his leaping rolling stunner for the victory.

WINNER: Grayson Waller at 3:29 (leaping rolling stunner)

-They played a video with Cora Jade going over last week’s interaction with the returning Natalya, showing a picture from Jade meeting Natalya at the house show he mentioned, then her getting slapped and put in a sharpshooter by Natalya. Jade said Natalya is deadass wrong. She tore the picture of them in two.

-They showed Natalya getting ready in the locker room, tossing aside a hat that I think was either Tatum Paxley’s or Fallon Henley’s.

-LDF made their entrance for the tag team match; Escobar joined as well. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: You all already know my high opinion of Waller. Can Sanga do more than mostly biels? We’ll see.)

-They returned with a vignette of a little girl playing an old WWE 2K game where she said that was her game. She said she would get the game every year and get lost for hours, playing as herself. She said she knew that one day, the virtual world will become the real world. Roxanne Perez debuts next week.

-Mitchell was in the back with Perez. Perez said she’s nervous, but this is something she’s worked for her entire life. Toxic Attraction approached. Mandy Rose introduced themselves. Rose told Perez not to set the bar too high because she’ll never get there. Perez sarcastically said thanks. Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolan said they sensed attitude and challenged her to a match tonight. Perez said she’d figure something out and walked away. Cool?

-Gibson & Drake were ringside about to enter when LDF hit them with topes.

(3) LEGADO DEL FANTASMA (Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza w/Santos Escobar & Elektra Lopez) vs. DRAKE & GIBSON

Drake was double teamed into a pin by Wilde. Drake then countered and Gibson made a sneaky tag. However, Wilde maintained control by taking out both men solo. Drake tagged in and they hit some double teams to clear the ring. Pretty Deadly vs. Lumis & Hudson for the Tag Team Championship was made official. Gibson tagged in, but ate a sunset flip for a two-count. Wilde then hit a boot and a spinning flatliner, but Gibson grabbed the boot only to be kicked away. Both men made tags.

Mendoza came in with a frantic pace and took out Gibson, then took it to Drake. He went for a superplex, but Drake fought him off. Gibson made a sneak tag as Mendoza hit a top rope rana, then Gibson hit a double chop to the throat of Mendoza to slow it down. Drake tagged in and took out Wilde, but Wilde came in and took out Gibson as Mendoza hit a tornado DDT on Drake. Wilde slipped, but was still able to hit a tope to Gibson on the outside. They then hit their finisher (side Russian leg sweep-enziguri combo).

WINNER: Legado del Fantasma at 3:58 (side Russian leg sweep-enziguri combo)

-Escobar called out Escobar to keep the momentum going, then told Tony D’Angelo to watch as a true boss takes care of his business. [c]

-Mitchell was in the back with Wes Lee, asking what’s going through his mind. He said the past few weeks have been chaotic and rough, and he feels lost. Xyon Quinn showed up (interrupted). Quinn said Lee just wasn’t running straight. Lee said Quinn sounds cool saying that, but he doesn’t even know what that means. Lee added he doesn’t think this is the time that Quinn should be trying to give him a lesson. Quinn challenged him. Lee accepted and walked away.

-Hayes and Williams made their entrance. Hayes was wearing a shirt of Escobar with a gold X over Escobar. During the break, Henley attacked Lopez, and Joshua Briggs and Brooks Jensen took Wilde and Mendoza to the back.

(4) SANTOS ESCOBAR vs. CARMELO HAYES (w/Trick Williams) – Singles match

I don’t think they ever specified that this was for the #1 contender’s spot even if it was heavily implied. Ref D.A. Brewer drew the assignment for this high profile match. Escobar forced Hayes into the corner and then backed off, smiling. Escobar schooled Hayes again, who used the rope to breakup the hold. Hayes then took a front facelock into the ropes, which just caused Escobar to smile. Hayes intelligently broke the hold, but still kind of leaned against Escobar on the ropes. Escobar just kept smiling at Hayes after every move, clearly underestimating his foe, but he landed a thunderous (leg slapping) dropkick.

Escobar hit an enziguri from the apron, then a leaping attack from the top rope. Barrett mentioned both wearing gold as a symbol of their status. Williams grabbed the leg, didn’t get kicked out, and this allowed Hayes to hit a big springboard crossbody. Hayes then slipped on something, but worked his way into a nice, fluid one-handed neckbreaker as he flexed with his other arm. [c]

Hayes had a rear chinlock applied as the USA player returned, showing some of the split-screen for once! Escobar fought out, but Hayes rammed him into a corner, then another, shoulder-first. On the third, Escobar countered and sent Hayes into the post. Hayes went for another pump kick, but Escobar caught it and hit a pump knee, then a big back elbow, but Hayes landed a sloppy I think Spanish fly; Escobar just didn’t flip is what happened on replay. Hayes hit a throat shot, but Escobar then caught him into a Roderick Strong style backbreaker for a two-count.


Hayes then picked the left leg as a counter and went for the single leg, locking it in in the middle of the ring. Escobar slowly made his way and reached the ropes as Hayes held on for the full count, then seamlessly shifting to a front face lock. Escobar hit an inside cradle counter for a two-count, but Hayes maintained his face lock. Escobar then countered into a bridging suplex and hooking the leg fisherman’s style, but the shoulders weren’t down completely, so he lost precious seconds as Escobar kicked out.

Hayes then landed some kicks to the face before grabbing the face lock, but Escobar lifted Hayes into a delayed vertical for a good 20 seconds before dropping him. Both men laid in the ring to recover in a bit of a respite after the big move. They hit their knees and began trading slaps and forearms. They reached their feet and did the same, but Escobar shoved Hayes into the corner, then climbed. You could hear them talking to each other as Escobar jumped down and they switched corners to the hard cam. Escobar landed about seven punches before Hayes took his leg out, but Escobar landed a hot sequence of strikes before sending Hayes outside.

Escobar flew with a middle rope tope that hit Hayes by the entrance area. Escobar rolled Hayes back in as two dudes dressed like mafiosos appeared, one hitting Escobar in the knee with a crowbar as Brewer was distracted by Williams putting a char in the ring. Hayes then hit his top rope scissors kick for the victory.

WINNER: Carmelo Hayes at 13: 53 (top rope scissors kick)

-After the match, they took mics and said in two weeks, we’re going to see the two-time (so nice you gotta say it twice) North American Champion. Grimes’ music hit. He came out and said Hayes wasn’t confident enough last week to come out and tell him to his face that he wanted a shot at his title. He said that’s fine because at two weeks at (I think) Spring Break In, it’s on. Solo Sikoa then attacked Hayes and Williams and got in Grimes’ face. He said he got next. Grimes said OK. Sikoa walked away.

-They showed Breakker exiting an elevator as he continued his search. He came upon a door with lights like you might see in Ghostwire Tokyo, then opened it to see a bunch of long mirrors placed randomly along a wall or hanging, it was hard to tell. Breakker said, “What the hell is this?” as the camera kept close to his face. It showed Gacy in the reflection behind Breakker, but he turned and Gacy wasn’t there. Breakker then broke a mirror and yelled, “WHERE ARE YOUUUUUUUUU?” [c]

-They returned with Diamond Mine in the back, well, Malcolm Bivens and Strong. Bivens was talking to Ivy Nile on the phone, saying they need a global presence, which is why she is on UK. Strong told Bivens he’s the leader and even though it’s been a rough few months, he’s going to start making examples of people. Bivens look annoyed by Strong.

-Natalya made her entrance as Paxley was already in the ring. Natalya snapped at a White dude jawing at her (ha!).

(5) NATALYA vs. TATUM PAXLEY – Singles match

The crowd gave Natalya a babyface pop and chanted for her name. I think Natalya told them to shut up, but they just cheered and kept chanting. She pushed Paxley, then took her down with a side headlock takedown. She yelled shut up again, but the fans refused to play along. Paxley didn’t show any intimidation, going right after Natalya, but the veteran used her training and skills to counter everything.

Natalya then slapped Paxley and the two traded arm wrench counters with Natalya getting the better. She kept yelling for the crowd to shut up, but they got louder. Paxley sent Natalya outside, then kicked her away and followed. Natalya played some cat-and-mouse with Paxley, then hit Nat by Nature (discus clothesline) on the outside. She then hit a snap suplex before rolling Paxley back inside. Natalya then showed her veteran savvy with a surfboard stretch, then brought her down and just kicked Paxley’s face into the mat.

Paxley countered a corner attack, then landed a clothesline, back elbow, and after a slight bit of miscommunication, a vertical suplex. Paxley then hit a standing corkscrew moonsault I guess(?) for a two-count, but Natalya hit a corner attack and then locked in the sharpshooter, wrenching on it for the victory. She quickly left the ring and went back to the fan she jawed with earlier and pointed at him.

WINNER: Natalya at 4:53 (sharpshooter)

-D’Angelo was leaving the arena as an unseen person asked if D’Angelo had anything to do with the attack. D’Angelo was insulted and said maybe it was just a bit of “goombas” trying to make a name for themselves. He noticed LDF’s vehicle and walked away.

-Quinn made his entrance for his match with Lee. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Obviously, some of the inexperience of Paxley showed, particularly leading into her vertical suplex as you could see her telegraphing her next move far in advance and then pausing before going for the suplex. Still, I like that she didn’t show any intimidation to Natalya and she has the distinction of being Natalya’s first match on NXT in eight years. Natalya is going to do WONDERS for the lesser experienced wrestlers in NXT – man, woman, or anywhere along the gender spectrum.)

-They returned with another Nathan Frazer (Ben Carter) vignette.

-They showed Hartwell in the back asking Hudson his pant size so they could look like a team. Hudson said what matters is the game plan. He said they’ll take the fight to Pretty Deadly. Every time Hudson said something, Hartwell said if “Dexy” liked it or not. Hartwell told him to just try and speak his language. Hudson then just comically glared and made faces at Lumis. Hartwell said Hudson isn’t even saying anything. Hudson said this is stupid as Pirotta approached. Hudson stormed off.

-Lee made his solo entrance.

(6) XYON QUINN vs. WES LEE – Singles match

Lee rushed and hit a flipping kick to Quinn, then used his speed to land a dropkick that sent the big man outside only to get hit with a middle rope tope. Quinn forced Lee into the apron, then hit a belly-to-back drop (literally) onto the apron. Lee tried attacking the legs and the body, but Quinn just stood there as Lee ran into him, arms into an X so that he could pose after Lee hit the mat; cool.

Quinn worked Lee in the corner and I noted on my first night as alt-perspective reporter I believe that Quinn did way too much corner work in his match. Here, after the corner work, he lifted Lee for a Samoan drop, but Lee countered, finally after some sloppiness, into an inside cradle for two. Quinn then just launched Lee into the air. Quinn set for something, but ran into a superkick. Lee then chopped down Quinn with a leg kick and dropkick to the back of the head. Lee slipped off a springboard attempt, but landed on his feet and ran into a forearm. Quinn then hit his running forearm finisher he debuted last week to win.

WINNER: Xyon Quinn at 3:28 (running forearm)

-Natalya was walking through the back as Mitchell approached, asking about Jade. Natalya said Jade loves to play the victim, but last week wasn’t an attack, it was self-defense because every woman who blossoms in NXT goes to the main roster and finds her. Instead of Jade coming to find her and cutting out her legs, she came to find Jade. Nikkita Lyons approached, then cleared her throat before yelling that she’s putting Natalya “on notice” after she beats Lash Legend next week. Natalya said she’s going to put Lyons in the sharpshooter, and Lyons said don’t worry, she’s flexible.

-Jayne was warming up as they hit break. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Analysis: Lyons was very bad there, and her bar is already low. As for Quinn and Lee, this Quinn push came out of nowhere, and maybe they’re going to work the “Lee has to find himself as a singles wrestler” journey where he loses a lot before overcoming the hump.)

-They returned with a Make-A-Wish video, then asked for donations.

-Joseph and Barrett were ringside and cut back to last week’s Von Wagner interaction with Sofia Cromwell and throwing Ikemen Jiro into the crowd. Joseph said Jiro suffered internal injuries, out for a month, and Wagner was suspended and fined.

-Perez was making her entrance as they returned. Poor girl didn’t even get her music to drop and the full entrance. She did get a nice crowd reaction when she was introduced. If you didn’t know, she was ROK-C in Ring of Honor, becoming their Women’s Champion just before ROH shut down in 2021. She was the headline signing of one of the recent Performance Center classes. Toxic Attraction made their entrance. This might be the final match of the night with Breakker-Gacy ending the night with whatever Bruce Pritchard has planned.

(7) JACY JAYNE (w/Mandy Rose & Gigi Dolan) vs. ROXANNE PEREZ – Singles match

The crowd smartly chanted “Roxy” or “ROK-C,” depending on your fancy. Perez and Jayne traded a host of pinning combinations from rollups to inside cradles to victory rolls to others. Perez bridged out of a pin, but then ate a kick to the gut. Perez hit two arm drags, but missed the third as Jayne baited her. Jayne then landed a superkick to the jaw. Suddenly, Wendy Choo appeared on the Tron and said she remodeled the Toxic Lounge, which was just her trashing it. Perez then used the distraction to land a Code Red to win the match as Joseph said, “Achievement unlocked for Roxanne Perez!” Vic, she was clearly playing a PS4, so it’d be, “Trophy unlocked,” ya hack!

WINNER: Roxanne Perez at 2:18 (Code Red)

-LDF was walking outside to their car. It had a boot and a huge dead fish in a newspaper on the car. Escobar said it’s obvious who did this as he breathed in anger. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: The former ROK-C is going to wonders in a different way than Natalya, bringing in some more youth and energy, not to mention immense skill, to the women’s division. I don’t think it was that hard to see that she is by far the better wrestler between her and Jayne, and that will hold true against most everyone in the women’s division already at her young age. If you haven’t seen Perez before tonight, check her out on Level Up and her work in ROH and the indies. I believe she was trained by Booker T and his Reality of Wrestling promotion.)

-They returned with a triple threat match announced for Spring Breakin’ for the North American Championship: Grimes vs. Sikoa vs. Hayes.

-They showed Gacy watching Breakker from a room with cameras, then said it’s time he ends this.

(8) PRETTY DEADLY (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson) vs. DUKE HUDSON & DEXTER LUMIS (w/Persia Pirotta & Indi Hartwell) – NXT Tag Team Championship match

Yeah, I forgot about this match! Lumis and Prince began, but Prince looked spooked. Wilson tagged in took it to Lumis as Prince held Lumis’ foot. Pretty Deadly were dressed in gold and brown tonight, or maybe a bit of rose gold? Prince tagged in and they hit a double shoulder tackle, then a leg drop-splash combo. Lumis sat up to frighten Prince, then hit an atomic drop. Wilson helped Prince avoid a move and tagged in, but his top rope double axe handle just led into an atomic drop.

Hudson tagged in and worked hi in the corner, then tagged in Lumis. They went for a double suplex, but Prince came in and helped his partner. The two went out and put their arms around Pirotta and Hartwell, angering their foes, who brought them back in with hip tosses. Lumis hit a Thesz press to Wilson, then a falling forearm drop. He tagged in Hudson and this time, they hit a delayed double suplex. Lumis gave Hudson a thumbs up, and Hudson returned the thumbs up. Hudson started using strikes on Wilson to slow it down, then hit a big back elbow and a running clothesline. Lumis tagged in as they hit the break. [c]

They returned with Hudson and Lumis in control of Prince. Lumis put on a rear chinlock as Lumis clearly spoke to Prince about their next spot! He does talk! Lumis was countered as Wilson pulled Prince away, then they took over.


Wilson tagged in and hit a neckbreaker for a two-count. He then cinched in a modified choke rest hold. He then grabbed the foot to prevent a tag, but ate an enziguri. Prince cutoff the ring, but Lumis slid through his legs and tagged in Hudson. Hudson took it to Prince, then Wilson. He threw Wilson into Prince, basically a spear. Hudson took a long time to follow, then got taken off the second rope. Hudson tried for an inside cradle, but Prince kicked out. They then hit heads.

Hudson sidestepped Wilson and sent him outside, but Wilson pulled Wilson from the tag. Lumis threw Wilson into the steps, but then Prince took out Lumis. Hudson hit a spinning powerslam for a two-count. Hudson fought off Wilson, but then ate a running boot from Prince for the victory.

WINNER: Pretty Deadly at 11:48 to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship

-The lights went out after the match, then came on with a spotlight on Gacy it looked like on top of the overlook. Breakker’s music then hit as he entered. He climbed up to the concourse. Gacy said to take it easy and if Breakker wanted the ring back so bad, all he had to do was ask. He said he’ll return it under one condition: a title shot at Spring Breakin’. Breakker said, “You go it.” Gacy put the ring in Breakker’s vest pocket. Gacy said there’s one last thing Breakker needs to do: he needs to take a leap of faith. He pushed Breakker off of the concourse to the side. Three figures in hooded robes, like The Undertaker’s druids, stood by. Actually, that turned into about seven of them as they surrounded him. They went off the air with Gacy looking on and Breakker yelling.

(Hazelwood’s Take: The match was fine, even if the ending was rushed, because by the time the finish happened, there were less than three minutes left in the overrun. The sudden boot, especially on the biggest person in the match, to end it just looks odd, but they did what they had to do hit their mark. I don’t know what we’re supposed to take from this ending aside from Gacy has some new cronies, but where has Harland been the last two weeks?)

FINAL THOUGHTS: This show had a furious pace to it that could have been slowed or tweaked a bit. It’s evident of the chaotic nature of the show that the ending to the main event was so abrupt. On the bright side, we saw the debut of Roxanne Perez officially on 2.0 and Natalya’s return match, both boons for the women’s division. We now have definitive NXT Championship and North American Championship matches in two weeks. There’s some more development with Diamond Mine, specifically Strong, and possibly his exodus from the group (and company). I don’t like the constant need to brand every fourth show as something special. You could just book the matches as major matches without the need of some special to buttress them, but hey, that’s not how they do things over there. I guess for next week, hey, Natalya vs. Lyons(I’m being sarcastic)!

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