4/23 IMPACT WRESTLING REBELLION PPV REPORT: Josh Alexander vs. Moose for the world title, Ishii in action, more


New triple threat match added to Impact Rebellion
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APRIL 23, 2022

Rebellion Commentators: Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt

-On the pre-show, Eddie Edwards beat Chris Bey and the Influence beat the IInspiration.

-Video package to open the show.


Hannifan noted that Sabin has participated in the most triple threat matches of the three. Maclin came out in new ring gear and had his face painted. White jumped out of the ring, leading to Sabin and Maclin going at it. Sabin did dives from the apron on White and Maclin. Sabin got a two count after a crossbody block. Sabin caught White with a crossbody block.

Maclin and White mixed it up. Maclin caught Sabin with a dive to the outside. Maclin had the advantage on White. All three fought on the floor. Back in the ring, White had the upper hand. Sabin delivered a crossbody block to both. Sabin chopped Maclin and White. All three exchanged moves. Fans clapped as all three were down.

White gave Sabin the Blade Buster suplex and a uranage. White chopped Sabin. White and Sabin punched Maclin on the ropes. White raked Sabin’s eyes. Sabin gave Maclin a missile dropkick. Maclin speared White then missed Sabin and flew to the outside of the ring. Fans chanted “Holy Shit”. White suplexed Sabin.

White went for the Blade Runner but Sabin rolled him up for a two count. Sabin gave White the Cradle Shock, but Maclin snuck in and pinned Sabin.

WINNER: Steve Maclin in 12:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A great way to start the show. The match was action from beginning to end. A big victory for Maclin and the announcers played it up as the biggest win of his career.)

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt introduced the French announce team, who were at a table next to them. Hannifan and Rehwoldt ran down the card for tonight.

-Josh Alexander, his wife Jade, and their son were walking backstage. Jade said they would be fine and talked about Alexander’s road to the championship. She said he would be an amazing champion. Alexander said that Moose had made this personal and he will teach him a lesson.

Scott D’Amore showed up. He said that Moose knows that he is not better than Alexander, so he is trying to get in his head. He told Alexander to take what is most valuable to Moose and to not let his anger get in the way. Scott called him the best wrestler in the world. He told him to take what was his.

-Video package on the Deonna Purrazzo/Taya Valkyrie feud.

(2) DEONNA PURRAZZO (c) vs. TAYA VALKYRIE — AAA Reina de Reinas Title Match

Taya had the early advantage with a series of moves. Taya gave Deonna a snap suplex off the ropes then punched her on the apron. Deonna pulled Taya into the ring post. Deonna drove knees into Taya’s back. Deonna and Taya traded punches. Deonna put Taya in a submission but Taya got out. Taya kicked Deonna to the outside.

Deonna and Taya fought on the outside and Deonna gave Taya a Russian Leg Sweep into the side of the ring. Back in the ring, Taya fired up and they traded strikes. Taya kneed and clotheslined Deonna and got a two count. Deonna gave Taya a pump kick, followed by knees. Deonna put Taya in an armbar, but Taya reached the ropes to break it.

Taya kicked Deonna to the mat. They fought on the second rope. Taya powerbombed Deonna and got a two count. Taya put Deonna in a submission that was like an STF. Deonna reached the ropes to break the hold. Deonna put Taya in a leg lock. Deonna suplexed Taya and got a two count. Taya kicked Deonna, followed by the Road To Valhalla for the pin.

WINNER: Taya Valkyrie in 9:00 to win the AAA Reina de Reinas Title.

(D.L.’s Take: A solid match. I was surprised at Taya winning and the clean win. I felt this could have gone a little longer.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Tasha Steelz with Savannah Evans. Tasha had her face painted. She told Taya that she may have a title, but Tasha has THE title. Tasha said that Rosemary would take the loss tonight. She declared herself the greatest. She said she would drag Rosemary through Pettyville and retain the title.

-Video package on the Trey Miguel/Mike Bailey/Ace Austin feud.

(3) TREY MIGUEL (c) vs. ACE AUSTIN vs. “SPEEDBALL” MIKE BAILEY – Impact Wrestling X Division Title Match

Ace yelled at Trey and Bailey, so they attacked him. Trey and Bailey kicked Ace. Trey and Bailey traded pin attempts. Bailey dropkicked Ace. Trey threw Ace out of the ring. Ace pulled Bailey’s arms, but Ace got caught by a dive from Trey. Bailey did a flip from the ropes onto Trey and Ace on the floor. Fans chanted “Speedball”.

In the ring, Bailey kicked Trey. Trey suplexed Bailey. Ace suplexed Trey onto Bailey. Ace taunted Trey and kicked him. Ace suplexed Trey. Ace kicked Bailey. Bailey threw Ace out of the ring. Trey and Bailey traded punches. Trey hit a cutter on Ace on the outside. Ace threw Bailey out of the ring and got a two count on Trey.

Trey rolled up Ace for a two count. Bailey did a moonsault to the floor on Ace, followed by Trey doing a rana over the top rope to the floor on Bailey. It got a rise out of the crowd, who chanted “Holy Shit”. Back in the ring, Bailey gave Ace a German Suplex off of Trey. Bailey gave Ace the double knees from a moonsault. Fans chanted for Bailey.

Bailey hit the Ultimo Weapon on Ace, but Trey broke up the pin. Bailey kicked Ace. They traded pin attempts. Trey gave Bailey a brainbuster. Trey gave Bailey the meteora. Ace pulled the referee out to break the pin attempt. Ace knocked Bailey out of the ring, then hit The Fold on Trey to get the pin.

WINNER: Ace Austin in 11:00 to win the X Division Title.

(D.L.’s Take: An excellent fast paced match. Everyone had a chance to shine. Fans seemed to really love Bailey. It’s good to have Ace back in the spotlight and he will make a good X Division Champion again.)

-Honor No More promo. Eddie Edwards said that no one was going to stop them. He talked about his win over Chris Bey earlier. Matt Taven called Eddie a leader. He said tonight they would force Impact to give them a crown. Bennett said tonight they win the Tag Team Titles. Vincent ended by saying “Dig What I’m Sayin’, Man?”

-A retro style promo aired for someone with a hit list.


Ishii and Jonah traded punches and hard chops. Ishii couldn’t knock Jonah off his feet. Jonah shoulder-blocked Ishii to the mat. Jonah knocked Ishii to the mat again. Jonah gave Ishii headbutts and stomped him. Jonah threw Ishii into the corner and stomped on his arm. Jonah gave Ishii forearm shots. Jonah put Ishii in a chin lock.

Ishii tried to make a comeback, but Jonah knocked him to the mat. Fans booed. Jonah gave Ishii elbow drops, but Ishii fired up. Jonah punched Ishii. Jonah stomped Ishii. Ishii fought back with punches. Jonah slammed Ishii. Jonah missed an elbow drop and Ishii made a comeback. Ishii chopped Jonah. Jonah chopped Ishii. Ishii came back with chops.

Jonah rammed Ishii in the corner. Jonah gave Ishii a belly to belly suplex. Jonah kicked Ishii, but Ishii fired up and made a comeback. Ishii took out Jonah’s knee. Jonah threw Ishii to the mat, followed by a senton for a two count. Ishii gave Jonah a German Suplex and the fans popped and chanted his name.

Ishii clotheslined Jonah. Jonah clotheslined Ishii to the mat, but Ishii got right up. Ishii clotheslined Jonah to the mat. Ishii kicked Jonah in the head. Jonah knocked Ishii to the mat. They traded punches. Jonah powerbombed Ishii to the mat. Jonah clotheslined Ishii for a two count. Ishii gave Jonah a headbutt, but Jonah speared Ishii.

Jonah missed the splash from the top rope. Ishii gave Jonah the Basement Lariat but Jonah kicked out of the pin attempt. Ishii gave Jonah a brainbuster for a big pop and the win.

WINNER: Tomohiro Ishii in15:00.

(D.L.’s Take: This was slow paced and one-sided for most of the match. Things picked up towards the end. Jonah got so much offense, you could tell that Ishii was going to win.)

-Video package focusing on Violent By Design and Bullet Club.

(5) TAG TEAM GAUNTLET MATCH – Impact Wrestling Tag Team Title Match

The first two teams were the Major Players (with Chelsea Green) and Jordynne Grace & W. Morrissey. Grace took Myers to the mat and suplexed him. Morrissey dominated Cardona. Grace and Morrissey double teamed Cardona. Chelsea got into it with Morrissey on the outside. Cardona rolled up Grace for the pin.

Morrissey double choke slammed the Players and Grace dove on them. Chelsea hit Grace. Morrissey tried to chokeslam Cardona through a table, but Chelsea gave him a low blow. Morrissey revealed that he was wearing a cup. Chelsea kept slapping Morrissey. Grace threw Chelsea into Morrissey. Morrissey choke slammed Chelsea through a table to a huge pop.

The Good Brothers vs. Major Players was next. The Brothers went after The Players on the floor. Cardona begged for mercy, but the Brothers gave him the Magic Killer for the pin.

Good Brothers vs. Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice was next. Swinger was quickly knocked out of the ring. Dice accidentally hit Swinger. Anderson gave Dice a spinebuster. The Brothers hit the Magic Killer and Anderson pinned Dice.

Good Brothers vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack was next. Swann and Mack hit dives on the Good Brothers to the outside. Anderson chopped and punched Swann. Swann made a comeback. Doc and Swann went back and forth. Doc gave Swann a delayed suplex. Anderson put Swann in a chin lock. Doc landed elbows on Swann and put him in a chin lock. Mack got the hot tag and hit a series of moves on Anderson. Mack got a two count on Anderson. Doc knocked Mack off the top rope. Doc attacked Swann. The Good Brothers got the Magic Killer on Mack and Anderson got the pin.

Vincent and Kenny King with Maria walked to the ring next. Matt Taven and Mike Bennett attacked the Good Brothers from behind. The Good Brothers got the upper hand, but Taven snuck a pin on Anderson for the win. Taven got a dive on the pile. The Good Brothers gave Taven a Magic Killer on the floor.

Heath & Rhino were next. They brawled with Taven and Bennett. Heath and Rhino had the upper hand. Bennett made a comeback. Maria choked Heath from the outside. Bennett had Heath in a chin lock. Heath and Bennett collided. Rhino tagged in and ran wild on Taven. Taven kicked Rhino and got a two count. All four wrestlers fought in the ring. Rhino gave Taven the Gore for the pin.

The last team was Violent By Design. Rhino and Eric Young went at it. Joe Doering had the advantage over Rhino. Young knocked Rhino to the mat. Rhino made a comeback. Rhino and Young clotheslined each other to the mat. Heath ran wild on Young. Heath gave Young a Wake Up Call but Deaner put Young’s foot on the ropes. Doering gave Heath a lariat on the outside. Young got a two count on Heath. Heath slammed Young off the ropes. Doering threw Rhino into the post on the outside. Young gave Heath a piledriver for the win.

WINNERS: Violent By Design to retain the Tag Team Titles in 33:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Pretty standard tag team action. That was a long way to go just for Violent By Design to retain the belts.)

-Video package on the Tasha Steelz/Rosemary feud.

(6) TASHA STEELZ (w/Savannah Evans) (c) vs. ROSEMARY (w/Havok) – Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title Match

Hannifan said that Tasha’s face paint channeled Scar from the Lion King. Dave Penzer did the in-ring introductions. Rosemary attacked Tasha at the bell and threw her around. Rosemary put Tasha in a submission, but Tasha reached the ropes to break it. Tasha ran into Havok, then slapped her. Havok went to choke Tasha, so the referee made her leave ringside.

Tasha did a dive on Rosemary to the floor. Tasha ran Rosemary into the turnbuckles and attacked her at ringside. Back in the ring, Tasha punched Rosemary. Tasha kicked Rosemary and got a two count. Tasha put Rosemary in a submission on the mat. Tasha gave Rosemary the double knees to the face.

Tasha kicked Rosemary to the mat. Rosemary made a comeback and bit Tasha in the butt. They clotheslined each other to the mat. Rosemary gave Tasha a sling blade and a suplex. Rosemary gave Tasha a running forearm. Rosemary gave Tasha a reverse DDT. Tasha gave Rosemary a bulldog for a two count.

Evans got on the apron and argued with the referee. The referee stopped Tasha from using the title. Evans got in the ring and dropped Rosemary. Tasha gave Rosemary a crucifix bomb but Rosemary kicked out. Tasha missed a frog splash. Evans got on the apron, but Rosemary blew green mist into her face. Rosemary speared Tasha, but only got a two count.

Rosemary and Tasha traded punches. Tasha gave Rosemary a cutter from the second rope, leading to Tasha getting the pin.

WINNER: Tasha Steelz in 12:00 to retain the Knockouts Title.

Havok ran to ringside to protect Rosemary.

(D.L.’s Take: This was okay. Rosemary’s comeback was good and for a second I even thought she might win the title. Fans were into it.)

-Promo for Slammiversary in Nashville, TN and tickets going on sale next week.

-Video package on the Moose/Josh Alexander feud.

(7) MOOSE (c) vs. JOSH ALEXANDER – Impact Wrestling World Title Match

Alexander came to the ring with his son, who was dressed like him. Alexander put his son with his wife Jade, who was at ringside. Dave Penzer did the in-ring introductions again. Moose and Alexander went face to face. Alexander took Moose to the mat and hit him with strikes. Alexander went for the ankle lock, but Moose escaped to the outside.

After regrouping, Alexander and Moose had an exchange and Alexander sent Moose out of the ring. Moose argued with Jade. Alexander ran to ringside and Moose booted him. Moose threw Alexander into the ring post. Back in the ring, Moose threw Alexander into the corner and chopped him. Alexander and Moose traded the advantage. Moose dropped Alexander with a dropkick.

Moose backdropped Alexander. A dueling chant broke out in the crowd. Alexander rolled up Moose for a two count. The action went to the outside and Moose threw Alexander into the guard rails. In the ring, Moose put Alexander in an abdominal stretch. Alexander suplexed Moose. Alexander stomped Moose.

Alexander gave Moose a crossbody block to the floor. Another dueling chat broke out. In the ring, Alexander stomped Moose’s hand. Moose blocked the C-4 Spike. Alexander punched and kicked Alexander. Alexander German Suplexed Moose ten times. The fans gave an ovation. Moose dropkicked Alexander, who was sitting on the top rope.

Moose gave Alexander a Sky High for a two count. Moose missed a spear and got German Suplexed. Moose caught Alexander with a pump kick. Alexander put Moose in an ankle lock. Moose reached the ropes to break the hold. Moose and Alexander went nose to nose, then chopped each other. Moose slammed Alexander, but Alexander kicked out at one.

Alexander fired up and went after Moose. Alexander clotheslined Moose and gave him the C-4 Spike. Moose got his foot on the ropes though. Fans chanted “This Is Awesome”. Moose came back with punches. Moose bit Alexander in the head. Moose gave Alexander a superplex. Moose went for the spear, but Alexander turned it into a Styles Clash, then into an ankle lock.

The fans were on their feet. Moose made it to the corner and tore off the turnbuckle pad. While the referee was distracted, Moose kicked Alexander low. Moose threw Alexander into the turnbuckle and followed up with a spear. Alexander kicked out. Hannifan said that no one had ever kicked out of the spear.

Moose stomped Alexander. Moose tore off a top turnbuckle. Moose gave Alexander a buckle bomb. Alexander blocked a spear. He looked to his family. Alexander got the C-4 Spike on Moose and got the pin.

WINNER: Josh Alexander in 24:00 to win the Impact Wrestling World Title.

Alexander’s son and wife got in the ring and celebrated. Jade put the belt on Alexander.

(D.L.’s Take: An excellent match that built really well. The fans were super into the match. A satisfying ending to the storyline.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: There was some good action (Triple Threat match, X Division Title match), then the pace slowed for the Jonah vs. Ishii match and the tag team gauntlet. Things picked back up for the last two matches. The most newsworthy things were Maclin getting a big victory, Taya Valkyrie winning the AAA title, Ace Austin winning the X Division Title, and Josh Alexander winning the World Title.

CATCH-UP: Impact X-Division Championship changes hands at Rebellion

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