Anthony Bowens talks chemistry with Max Caster, developing The Acclaimed


The Acclaimed talk scissor me origins
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Anthony Bowens says developing The Acclaimed with Max Caster was a long and interesting process, but that it all worked in the end. In an interview with Phil Strum on the Under the Ring podcast, Bowens talked in detail about his chemistry with Caster and what the duo did to make The Acclaimed the team it is today.

“Max Caster and I were not a tag team before AEW,” Bowens said of his relationship with Caster prior to AEW. “We were both singles competitors on the independents and we were both fielding contract offers from the other company. Tony Khan found out about it and brought us together. We had a meeting with him and he had this idea that he wanted to call this team The Acclaimed and he wanted to bestow that on Max and I. Then it was up to us to figure it out and it was a long and interesting process, but it worked.

“Max and I have incredible chemistry and it kind of came from just — I think it’s just a natural chemistry. We bounce off each other perfectly. I kind of read what he’s doing and he reads what I’m doing. It just works. We talk pretty much every single day. We try to figure out what it is and who we are as The Acclaimed. What is the Acclaimed? What is our move set? What do we look like? How do we walk? We worked on all those things together and all that time bonding outside of the natural chemistry really bonded us together.”

Bowens and Caster debuted as The Acclaimed on the October 27 edition of AEW Dark in 2020. In November of that year, The Acclaimed signed a five year contract with AEW.

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