4/28 MLW FUSION INTIMIDATION GAMES REPORT: Fatu vs. Krugger vs. Hammerstone, closing angle, more


Full results and analysis of this week's MLW Fusion



MLW Commentators: Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski

-Rich and Joe went through tonight’s card but they were interrupted by Alex Kane. Kane said that the Bomaye Fight Club does what it wants. Rich chastised Kane for his actions against Calvin Tankman last week. Kane said that none of that mattered because he was still the champ. Kane concluded the segment by making a challenge to EJ Nduka and Tankman for the MLW tag team titles


Gino Medina and Aramis started the match. Gino quickly ducked to the outside as Aramis gave chase. Aramis was almost cut off by Abismo as he tried to get back into the ring. As Aramis got in, Medina went straight to the outside again, playing games with Aramis. Tags were made and Arez and Navarro squared off. The pace picked up as KC and Arez took turns with dueling counters and quick pin attempts. Fans cheered as both men got back to their feet. Arez and Navarro exchanged a fist bump before Medina tagged himself in. KC made the tag to Aramis. Once again, Medina wanted nothing to do with Aramis. Gino insisted that Abismo get involved as Aramis tagged in Microman. Abismo immediately kicked Microman in the face and began to stomp away at the microsized luchador. Abismo whipped Microman into the rope and picked him up for a slam but Microman countered and sent Abismo to the ropes instead. Microman blocked a kick and followed up with a running dropkick to Abismo’s knee, dropping Abismo to the mat. Microman went for another running dropkick, this time hitting Abismo square in the face. This sent Abismo to the outside as Microman played to the crowd. Gino Medina made himself the legal man, wanting to get his hands on Microman. As Medina was about to lay into Microman, Aramis made the save. Aramis connected with a flying head scissors, sending Medina to the mat. Medina rolled to the outside again but Aramis landed a suicide dive.

Aramis and Medina brawled on the outside until Abismo got involved and attacked Aramis. Arez and KC Navarro became the legal men for their teams and Arez took out Navarro with a big clothesline. Arez shifted his attention to Microman, kicking him into the turnbuckle. Abismo and Arez dropped Aramis with a double suplex. Arez made a very laxed cover on Aramis for a one-count. Abismo and Medina double-teamed Microman with an assisted gut buster. Medina joined in on the attack and the heel team went for a three-on-one assault on Microman. Arez held onto Microman as Abismo went in for a kick. Microman was able to move out of the way, causing Abismo to hit Arez instead. Gino charged into Microman but Microman avoid this as well as Gino crashed into his partners. Gino managed to catch Microman though, threatening to throw him into the crowd. Aramis and KC tripped Medina, causing Microman to fall onto him, getting a one count. KC drilled Gino with an enzuiguri, which was followed by a head-scissors takeover by Aramis, sending Gino to the outside. Aramis and KC positioned Microman on the top turnbuckle and the mini-star landed a flying crossbody onto Abismo. KC and Aramis took out Gino and Arez with double topes as the crowd cheered approvingly.

KC got Abismo back into the ring and the two exchanged forearm shots. Abismo came out ahead and put Navarro down with a butterfly suplex, which was followed up by a second rope moonsault. Abismo got a two count after Microman came in and made the save. Microman took Abismo down with a series of arm drags. Abismo put Microman onto the second turnbuckle and chopped away. Microman connected with a headbutt, sending Abismo to the mat. This was followed up by a rolling senton from Microman. Microman hooked Abismo with an inside cradle but the count was broken by Arez. Arez took Microman out with a lumbar check. Microman rolled out as Aramis became the legal man. Aramis sent Arez to the floor after a double-stomp to the back. Medina came in as Arez rolled to the outside. Medina caught Aramis with a spinout-sidewalk slam for a two-count as Navarro made the save. KC did hit Gino with the Halo DDT but Medina rolled out. Abismo became the legal man and blasted KC with a running single-leg dropkick. Aramis became legal and was immediately double-teamed by Arez and Medina. They tried for a double superplex but were interrupted by Microman. Microman grabbed Median and Arez by their ankles and sent them crashing with a powerbomb. Microman took out Arez and Abismo on the outside as Gino and Aramis battled in the ring. Medina managed to twist Aramis’ mask around, which allowed him to get the win for his team after a big slam.

WINNER: GINO MEDINA, Arez, and Mini Abismo Negro in 12:12

-After the match, Medina took Aramis’ mask as the rudo team celebrated.

(Analysis: This was absolute chaos. There were times when it was genuinely hard to keep track of who was legal in this one. This was one of those times where commentary needs to help to establish the rules. There was little explanation other than that this match had “Lucha rules”. There was no further elaboration. I know what these rules entail but for someone that isn’t as familiar with Lucha Libre, this could have created even more confusion. I know more than one of the Microman spots is probably going to raise some eyebrows as far as believability is concerned. I get it. I will say though that MLW has embraced some of the more surreal aspects of Lucha so it’s best to try and roll with it.)

-Dave Marquez was backstage to speak with Alexander Hammerstone. Marquez asked Hammerstone what he thought about having to defend the MLW title against two of Hammerstone’s greatest rivals. Hammerstone said that Jacob Fatu and Mads Krugger were his toughest opponents but he hasn’t had the chance to defend the title against them yet. When the title is on the line, Hammerstone says he competes at a higher level.

-It was announced that MLW will be coming to the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA on May 13th.

– June 2022 will mark the 20th anniversary of MLW’s first event. It was announced that members of the original roster will be making their returns. The first names returning are Los Maximos.

-A Contra video played showing Mads Krugger speaking about how he destroyed his opponents in his previous encounters. He said that his mission is almost complete. The MLW title is the last piece he needs to finish it.

-A recap of Myron Reed getting attacked by a masked assailant last week aired. Reed responded by saying that he was robbed of the chance to be a double champion. More importantly, though, he wants to find out who attacked him. He challenged the masked man to match next week.

-Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas were walking around the arena, interrupting EJ Nduka and Calvin Tankman as they were speaking with a fan. Kane and Thomas made it clear that they want a shot at the tag team titles. Tankman and Nduka seemed more than happy to have the match.

-Rivera and Hernandez were shown playing pool. Julius Smokes entered the room holding the WCWA tag team titles. Smokes said that he had taken them from the university museum recently. Rivera suggested that they pawn the titles. Smokes had a better idea and suggested that 5150 take a road trip.

-Before the main event, Richard Holliday came out to join the commentary team.


As Hammerstone made his entrance, he immediately took out Holliday. As they were separated by security, Mads Krugger took a cheap shot on Alexander. Fatu joined after a suicide dive leveled his opponents. Fatu brought Krugger back into the ring but missed a splash in the corner. Kruger followed up with a corner splash of his own and a big boot to Fatu. Hammerstone tried to get in the ring but was cut off by Krugger, who sent Hammerstone back to the outside. Fatu charged into Krugger but Mads caught Jacob with a pop-up spine buster. Krugger picked up the Contra flag and began to choke Fatu with it. Jacob broke free and double-teamed Mads with the help of Hammerstone, sending Krugger to the floor. Hammerstone went for the Nightmare Pendulum early but Fatu fought through it. Fatu then tried for his pop-up Samoan drop. Hammerstone fought through this as well. After a sidewalk slam, Fatu landed the handspring moonsault for a two count.

Krugger got back into the ring and got Hammerstone and Fatu up for a double chokeslam. As Hammerstone and Fatu both rolled out to the floor, Krugger took to the air and took them both out with a suicide dive. Mads targeted Hammerstone, and caught Alexander with a reverse chokeslam, resulting in a very close near fall. Krugger followed up with a modified falcon arrow, this time only getting a one count as Hammerstone began to fire up. Hammerstone fought through another chokeslam attempt and power slammed Krugger down hard. Fatu brought a chair into the ring but got caught with a power slam as well. Hammerstone went up to the top turnbuckle but was met by Krugger. Krugger tossed Hammerstone across the ring with a second rope fall-away-slam. Fatu used this as an opportunity to land a senton onto Krugger, getting a near fall. Fatu and Krugger rose to their feet and exchanged strikes. Krugger tried to chokeslam Fatu but Hammerstone interrupted by hitting his opponents with a double dropkick. Hammerstone dropped Fatu with a TKO, getting a near fall. Fatu blocked another Nightmare Pendulum attempt, connecting with the Samoan Drop. Fatu draped a chair across Hammerstone and climbed to the top rope with chair in hand. Fatu landed a chair-assisted coast-to-coast dropkick, getting another near fall. Hammerstone low-blowed Krugger and followed up with a pump kick to Krugger’s head. Alexander found a ring board on the outside and brought it in, setting it up in the corner. Hammerstone tried to send Krugger into the board but Mads turned things around and got a two count after a choke-breaker. Krugger shoved the referee away and walked right into a belly-to-belly suplex from Hammerstone. Hammerstone made the cover and got the visual pin but the ref was still unconscious.

Richard Holliday jumped into the ring and took Hammerstone out with the 2008. Fatu landed the top rope moonsault and got the visual pin on Hammerstone. Fatu revived the ref and got a near fall on the champ. Fatu speared Krugger through the ring board. Hammerstone saw an opportunity to drill Krugger with the Nightmare Pendulum, getting the win.

WINNER: Alexander Hammerstone in 13:41

(Analysis: There was nothing scientific in this one. This was three big dudes beating the heck out of each other. Nothing more. Nothing less. Sometimes, that’s all you need. The match did feel like the blowoff for these three as it seems that Hammerstone will move onto Richard Holliday and Fatu will be starting a program with Bestia 666. I do wonder where Krugger will land next as he has been tied so closely to Hammerstone and Fatu since he arrived in MLW. )

-It was announced that Richard Holliday will take on Davey Richards next week.

– A camera crew ran out to the parking lot and found Fatu on the ground. Cesar Duran came out of the shadows, accompanied by Bestia 666. They stepped over the body of Fatu as the show went off the air.

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