5/25 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Wardlow vs. Shawn Spears, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


MAY 25, 2022

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur


Before the match started, MJF acted like he couldn’t find the keys for the handcuffs that were in Wardlow. The bell rang as Spears and MJF beat up Wardlow as his hands were still restrained. Spears and MJF continued to team up and ran the ropes to slam Wardlow into the Cage, while on the apron. Wardlow made a comeback and shoulder tackled Spears, MJF offered his face to slap, Wardlow declined in order to not get disqualified.

Wardlow then ripped the chain on his hand cuffs and began to work over Shawn Spears. MJF did not do a count on Spears, MJF then hit a low blow on Wardlow as he set up the power bomb. Spears then hit a C4 for a near fall. Spears went outside the cage to grab some of his chairs. Spears hit MJF in the head, on accident as Wardlow dodged. Wardlow then hit three power bombs as a new ref entered the ring. Wardlow moved a chair to the middle and power bombed Spears onto the chair for the pinfall win. [c]

WINNER: Wardlow

(Sage’s Analysis: A really fun match, a lot of what you would think would happen in a match like this. I think this match will be more memorable in the history of AEW than it feels right now, if Wardlow becomes a top guy.)

-The Jericho Appreciation Society was walking backstage, and they confronted a worker in a Jon Moxley shirt and Jericho threw a fireball in his face.

-Tony Schiavone introduced CM Punk & Adam Page. Tony explained that each man has used the others finisher, he went to Punk first. Tony asked if he was ready to become AEW champion, Punk said that the biggest moment of his career happened in Las Vegas and that he will leave respectably the champion on Sunday. Page said what he will do to Punk, he said there is nothing that Punk can do to take the title away from him.

Punk said not to take it personally, he is the champion for a reason. Punk said it is only business. Page said that three weeks ago he said that he would destroy him and embarrass him, but not at Double or Nothing, but right now. Page then talked about all the fantasies he has had thinking of how to destroy Punk. Page said that now that they are here, he can’t do it. Not because he is afraid, but because it is exactly what Punk would do. He said that isn’t the right thing to do. He said he doesn’t hate Punk, he feels bad for him. He said a real champion is what you do when the red light is off. He said Punk talks about workers rights and he doesn’t see that in action.

Page said the he will not be defending his title, he will be defending the AEW championship from CM Punk. The response from Punk was that Page was taking it personally and that the road that Page walked was paved by Punk and the house that Punk built. Punk said he gave people like Page the blueprint, and he will shake his hand on Sunday and tonight. Punk pushed Hangman and Page pushed Punk to the ground.

(Sage’s Analysis: I liked this a lot, easily Page’s best promo ever. I want to see more of this Hangman, and this promo made me open to him winning. I wanted more of the fake/shoot stuff about what Page does backstage and protecting the title from Punk. Punk won the exchange by corrupting Page, so I am not sure who is good and evil, I think a chaotic neutral demeanor for both men is the story.)


Moxley and Kingston attacked Kassidy and Marc Quen as they walked down the ramp. Moxley and Quen were the legal men when the match proper started, Moxley dominated and tagged in Kingston as he continued the beat down. Quen hit a bicycle kick and tagged in Isiah Kassidy. Both members of Private Party hit moves and Moxley made a comeback as the commercial break started. [c]

Kassidy hit a tag and Marc Quen entered and hit a drop kick and then Private Party hit almost tandem dives out onto Moxley and Kingston. Marc Quen hit a shooting star press for a near fall on Moxley. Kingston and Moxley quickly hit elbows and then Moxley hit the DDT for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston

(Sage’s Analysis: A fun match that ended pretty abruptly, but that was ok for me based on how much is one this show.)

-Post match the JAS and the BCC and Kingston’s group all battled in a pull apart to end the segment. [c]

-A video that hyped the remaining matches in the Owen Hart Tournament.


Rocky Romero and Cash Wheeler started the match, with some leg kicks by Rocky. Cash faked a collar and elbow and grabbed the wrist of Rocky and the two traded grappling holds on their feet and on the mat. Rocky countered a move by Cash with a jumping arm grab into an arm breaker. Cash had to roll out of the ring to break the hold. Dax Harwood tagged in and worked over Rocky and then Trent as he was tagged in. Cash Wheeler entered once more and Rocky got a near fall on Cash as the commercial break started. [c]

Both Rocky and Cash were on the mat and going for tags, Rocky got the tag and Cash struggled and tagged in Dax finally and he hit a German on Trent and Rocky entered on the pinning attempt and jumping stomped on Dax. Trent and Ricky then teamed up and hit multiple moves on Dax that lead to a near fall. On the outside Cash took out Rocky as he was about to interfere again, Trent was distracted and Dax hit roll up for a near fall. Roppongi Vice hit their finisher and Jeff Cobb and Great O’Khan from New Japan entered and got the match DQ’d and attacked Rocky and Trent, and FTR.


(Sage’s Analysis: A fine match, it truly felt like a ROH tag match, not really super memorable but well worked. The DQ finish is cool with me because they never do it and the appearance by Cobb and O’Khan was super fun.)

-The Hardy’s had a video, they said that they and the Young Bucks had similar upbringings. But, they grew up in different wrestling environments. Hardy said that they are trying to be the best and that the Bucks are a stepping stone to being AEW champions. They said that they have and always will be better then them.


Ricky Starks rolled out of the ring to start, allowing Swerve and Jungle Boy to shake hands. Starks pushed Swerve into JB and tried a roll up. All three then traded early offense, including some athletic three man moves. Starks was sent out of the ring, JB was thrown out of the ring and then Starks and JB battled outside. Starks was in control of both men as the commercial break started. [c]

When the show returned Starks and Swerve were battling on the apron, leading to Jungle Boy taking out both his opponents and then hitting a running forearm and getting a cove that was broken up by Starks. Jungle Boy then covered Starks for a two count. Swerve tossed JB into the corner and then put him on the top rope, here JB hit a poisonrana off the top, but Were landed on his feet. Swerve had Jungle Boy in a vertical suplex, Starks hit a spear on Swerve. Starks then hit a driver, for a near fall. Starks then hit his finisher, he hit it but JB locked in the snare trap, but Starks got to the bottom rope. Jungle boy then locked it in again, but Swerve hit a kick to break the hold. Swerve hit the Swerve Stomp for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Swerve Strickland

(Sage’s Analysis: A really well worked match, all three guys were working really hard. I like that Swerve finally got a big win on TV. The post match stuff was fine.)

-All the members of the tag team match on Sunday were in the ring after the match as the large members of the teams battled.

-Dan Lambert and American Top Team were backstage. Lambert said Sky’s new belt will be reveled on Friday.

-Tony Schiavone introduced Thunder Rosa on the stage area. Rosa came out without faceprint so that Deeb could see her real face. She said that she is a champion and deeb is not, because she complains and points fingers. She said she used to look up to Deeb, but not anymore and on Sunday the war paint is coming on. [c]

-Red Velvet was backstage, she was upset about losing to Kris Statlander. Ruby Soho came out as she was named, Velvet gave Ruby a book with insider knowledge and Soho tossed it back.


Toni Storm got wrist control on Britt Baker as the match started, the two traded grappling control with Britt getting storm to the mat. Storm got up and did the same, Storm ended up locking in a leg lock on the head of Baker. The match moved to the outside while Storm was in control. While on the outside, Baker countered briefly, but Toni took control once more. That was until Baker hit Toni’s head on the steps right as the break started. [c]

Baker was in control throughout, both were trading forearms with Baker hitting a kick. But Storm countered that with a swinging DDT, then a hip attack on the seated Baker. Storm went for a storm zero, but Baker countered. Jamie Hayter walked down and accidentally distracted Baker. Storm rolled up Baker for a two count, then Baker hit a move for a near fall.

Storm then hit another swinging DDT from the apron to the floor. Storm knocked Hayter off the apron, baker then pinned Storm and used the ropes for leverage and got the pinfall on Storm.

WINNER: Britt Baker

(Sage’s Analysis: I didn’t like the finish in execution and booking, Storm has felt a cut above in the women’s division and a win here and in the tournament final could have made her a real contender to end Jade’s win streak. But, it looks like she will now feud with Hayter.)

-The announce team ran down the card for Double or Nothing [c]


Kyle O’Reilly went for a kick, Joe blocked them and hit a punch to knock back his opponent. Joe hit a big chop the cut down O’Reilly after a flurry of offense. Joe then hit another big chop in the corner, and a scoop body slam. Joe then laid in kicks on a seated O’Reilly. After a series of moves O’Reilly started work to get Joe off his feet. O’Reilly then started to work the injured shoulder of Joe. O’Reilly then hit a Dragon Screw on the apron through the ropes, O’Reilly then locked in an arm breaker as the last break started. [c]

O’Reilly dominated throughout picture and picture, once the show retuned to full screen both men traded chops, slaps and forearms. Joe used a leg sweep on O’Reilly to set up a series of Joe punches and a big boot, followed by a senton for a near fall. O’Reilly tried for a running attacked and Joe hit a standing lariat that took out O’Reilly. Joe then slapped the snot out of O’Reilly and tried for the Muscle Buster, O’Reilly countered and locked in the armbar, Joe was able to break the hold. Each man hit real kicks into each other. After a series of moves Joe countered with a rear naked choke and put O’Reilly to sleep.

WINNER: Samoa Joe

(Sage’s Analysis: A spectacular physical match. If you tend to not like goofy or fun wrestling this was a match for you. The pure ability and intensity by both men was something to see.)

-Adam Cole came out and stared down Joe to end the show.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A really strong show that helped to build up The main event for the AEW World Title, The Women’s Title, The Hardy’s and Bucks, MJF/Wardlow, as well as the men’s Owen Hart Final. The show did not help the women’s Owen final, the other matches were not helped or hurt. Overall I would call that a big win.


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