6/1 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on CM Punk & FTR teaming in a match, MJF Speaks, more.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


JUNE 1, 2022

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur


Dax Harwood and Austin Gunn started the match, a collar and elbow tie up ended up in a corner and was broken up by the ref. Dax then ran the ropes and hit s chop and tagged in Cash Wheeler. Austin fought back and tagged in Colton Gunn, he and Cash battled until Cash took advantage. Max Caster was then tagged in, he and both Gunn brothers stared down Cash, until the Gunn boys retreated. CM Punk was tagged in and he was thrown into the low turnbuckle after he paused the crowds cheers. Punk fought back and hit a cross body off the middle rope, Cash and Dax then teamed up on a power slam to Caster.

Austin Gunn was tagged in and squared off against the legal man Dax Harwood, who was in the wrong corner and the heel team took advantage and both Gunn boys teamed up on Dax. Caster was tagged in he held Harwood on the bottom rope, here Billy Gunn laid in a big punch. Dax Countered and tried to get the hot tag, but Punk and Wheeler were pulled off the apron. [c]

Caster was in control of Harwood as the show returned to full screen, Harwood finally got the hat tag to Punk. He then took out Austin and Colton Gunn. Punk then hit the Macho Man elbow, as Billy Gunn got on the apron. Austin Gunn tried a distraction roll up. Punk then hit a bad power bomb, a GTS then FTR hit Big Rig for the pinfall win on Austin.


(Sage’s Analysis: A fun opener that went exactly as it should have. I cannot wait for the babyface run by Caster and Bowens. The crowd as always was really excited to see Punk. The post match promo was ok, but straight forward. I like Tana taking on Punk, but Kenta was the match to make in my opinion.)

-Post Match Punk and FTR stayed in the ring. Punk said that he doesn’t do Drugs, but this is what they must feel like. He said he has lots of roads to travel, and that he will continue to get better. He said that he has made many more mistakes than good choices, but you have to call him champ. Dax Harwood said he has done those drugs, and they rule. Harwood said that being ROH Tag Champions mean almost everything to them. He said that if you are from AEW or another company come for it.

Punk called out the New Japan roster and asked who he was facing at Forbidden Door and Hiroshi Tanahashi emerged from the back and waved at the crowd.

-MJF’s music hit and he came out to the stage area, and walked to the ring. He said that he was in a lot of pain and the crowd cheered. He said Max was talking and that it would be real bad if he embarrassed him in front of the execs. He said that everyone was handed a sweetheart deal when AEW started, but him. He said he has created moment after moment and has gotten no respect. He said that he hits grand slams every time he is out there. He said that he is the only one who can carry the company on his back, like he has for months.

MJF said that he heard claps and asked where they were this weekend. MJF said the boys want his spot and they can have it cause he doesn’t want to be in AEW. He said that fan opinions are bad, and he gave examples of fans switching opinions left and right. MJF then said that he is the best in the world and he doesn’t need to do a bunch of bullshit to get there. He said that the fans don’t appreciate him, like Tony Khan. He said he is the second biggest draw and he won’t pay him. He said that money is going to ex-WWE guys. He said that he wants Tony Khan to fire him and he was bleeped out and his mic was cut as the house lights went out and [c]

-Miro had a video package and he started in on his warrior of God gimmick. He ripped off his ring on a necklace and said the redeemer is back.


Johnny Elite went for a low kick, that had no effect. Miro grabbed the next kick and took out Johnny with a lariat. Miro then stomped Johnny until the ref pulled him off. Miro then hit a side suplex and looked over a downed elite as the show went to break. [c]

Miro was in control and went for a kick, Johnny dodged and hit a roundhouse kick and hit a spinning kick for a one count. Johnny went to the top and had a miscommunication with Miro, but Miro got up and kicked Johnny. Miro locked in the Game Over and won via submission.


(Sage’s Analysis: A fine match, but man what a time to re-premier. Anything after that insane MJF promo was not gonna be put in the best position.)

-The Jericho Appreciation Society came out to the arena. Angelo said that the JAS dominated the match at Double or Nothing, he demanded that they be appreciated. Magic Daddy asked if people watched the PPV, he said they were the princes of pain. Jericho got on the mic and said that the crowd didn’t deserve to sing his song. They deserved to cheer for him and the JAS. He said that he had his hair pulled out (lol) and talked about how crazy Eddie Kingston was to try and burn him. He then talked about Danielson and how they choked him out.

He said that Daniel Garcia would do the same thing to Jon Moxley in the main event. He said that sports entertainers always win. Eddie Kingston’s music hit and he walked out with William Regal. Kingston said he wanted to fight all of the JAS, Regal said that they would fight at Blood & Guts. Jericho said that they wouldn’t get a Blood & Guts match. Ortiz then hit Jericho with a tennis ball in a sock and cut some of his hair off. Jericho called Ortiz a stupid son of a bitch and said that they had their Blood & Guts match. He said to get the match they needed to do a hair vs hair match Jericho vs. Ortiz. [c]

-Samoa Joe was backstage talking about his injured shoulder and was attacked by Jay Lethal and company


Jungle Boy and Kyle O’Reilly started the match and traded fast paced offense. Bobby Fish was tagged in as was Christian Cage, Jungle Boy and Cage teamed up to get the upper hand. Matt Hardy was tagged in and he and Cage looked at each other and then teamed up on Bobby Fish. Fish tagged in Matt Jackson as Cage entered and hit ten punches on Jackson, followed by a DDT for a two count.

Cage went to the top rope and three other members of the teams did moves on teh apron as Cage jumped down onto Matt. Darby and then Jungle Boy did dives to the outside. The Bucks then hit super kicks on Cage and the Bucks did dives tot he outside as the break started. [c]

Luchasaurus was taking out The Young Bucks as the show returned, Nick Jackson countered a choke slam. Luchasaurus then hit an amazing poisonrana and then Jungle Boy did a destroyer off the back of LS. Hikuleo then entered and went one0on0one with LS. Darby was then in the ring with Fish and O’Reilly and he took them on in opposite corners and hit a stunner on O;Reilly and then sent Hikuleo to the outside and tried a coffin drop and was caught and taken out by Hikuleo and reDRagon. Matt Hardy did delete head slams on everyone but Hikuleo, but Hardy hit a Twist of Fate and teamed up with Cage to take hime out.

The Bucks then took out Hardy and battled with Jurassic Express. Hardy and Jungle Boy teamed up but The Young Bucks hit a Meltzer Driver on Jungle Boy for the pinfall win.

WINNER: The Elite & Hikuleo

(Sage’s Analysis: An insanely paced match that was a ton of fun to watch, with no psychology. Also, Cole was not good on commentary in my opinion. Just a lot of yelling about getting an opportunity in the match.)

-Swerve and Keith Lee were backstage, Swerve introduced his friends and talked about the history of The Forum.

-Tony introduced Athena, she thanked the crowd and said she was all elite. She said that the top tier of the woman’s division is intense and she then called out Jade Cargill. She said all streaks were meant to be broken and she would break hers. Jade came out with the baddies and Hathaway. Stokely said that Jade is a Queen and that Athena would get no match today. It was then the said six women at the end of the match at Double or Nothing on the stage area. [c]


JD Drake started by chopping Wardlow, who responded with a lunging lariat on Drake. Wardlow then picked up Drake and slammed him to the mat. Wardlow then hit some power bombs and pinned Drake.

WINNER: Wardlow

(Sage’s Analysis: Can Wardlow do squash matches his entire career? Is this a social experiment?)

-Tony came into the ring and said Wardlow was all elite. Mark Sterling then came out and served Wardlow a civil lawsuit for beating up security. Wardlow power bombed the security guard and ripped up the paper.

-Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page and Dan Lambert were backstage and they talked about the TNT title match on Friday against Dante Martin. Dante emerged and said that he is better than Sky and would prove it.


Toni Storm and Britt Baker started the match, with Baker attacking with punches. Storm countered with kicks in the corner and then threw Britt out of the ring, Baker then showed off her Owen belt and reentered the ring. Toni worked over Britt and tagged in Ruby, Baker then tagged din Hayter. Baker immediately tagged back in and the two teamed up on Ruby. [c]

Baker was in control in the ring as the show returned, Soho tried for the tag to Storm. But, Hayter took out storm as Baker continued the beatdown. Storm was finally tagged in and hit a running hip attack in the corner, Hayter followed that with a DDT on the outside, Soho then hit a crossbody and Baker hit a sling blade. Hayter then tried for a pin on Storm in the ring, which resulted in a two count. Soho was in and then Hayter hit a pretty stiff back breaker. Baker was then tagged in and hit a suplex on Soho and then a pump kick attempt, but Ruby did a roll up. Ruby hit No Future for a near fall, but Britt countered with a mandible claw attempt. Storm took out Hayter, then Ruby hit a Destination Unknown for the pinfall win. [c]

WINNER: Ruby Soho & Toni Storm

(Sage’s Analysis: A really good match after the break and a much needed win for Ruby. Also, Britt was ranked #2 so she needed a loss to drop her down.)


Daniel Garcia charged Moxley to start, but Moxley fought back and then chopped Garcia over and over again. Garcia fought back and the men traded chops until the men stared each other down. Moxley took down Garcia a number of times and Moxley covered for a two count. The two then had a knuckle lock and traded head strikes. Garcia then pushed both men to the outside that opened up the stitches on Moxley’s forehead. Garcia slammed Moxley into the stairs and beat him down as the final break started.

Moxley was bleeding really bad and he was under attack until he suplexed Garcia on the edge of the steel steps. In the ring, Moxley hit a front chancery into a suplex and then elbowed Garcia. Daniel Garcia countered and hit the same elbows on Moxley. Moxley then tried to lock in an arm bar submission, Garcia countered and locked in a submission that Moxley had to break with the ropes.

The two men traded chops, Garcia hit a suplex and then a piledriver for a near fall. The two traded near falls and counters until both men were knocked down. On the outside, Moxley slammed Garcia on a table. Jericho ran down and distracted, but Moxley still hit the DDT and the bulldog choke for the submission win.

WINNER: Jon Moxley

(Sage’s Analysis: A hard hitting, great and brutal match that you would expect, it also is a nice preview of a Blood & Guts match between the two men and their teams.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was really an insane show when you step back and look at it. If I was a Warner/Discovery executive and this is the first time I am watching this show, I am not sure I would understand it or want to promote it like crazy. At least that is what I assume a non-wrestling fan would think. But, the main and really only story is the MJF work/shoot promo. For me personally that was easily the most exhilarating and intense segment in AEW history. It is also for me, a few minutes after the show ends one of the most impactful segments in the last decade in all of wresting. It is not an original take, but I felt the same rush of joy and confusion that felt when watching the CM Punk pipe bomb promo over 10 years ago. So, there will be people that say this is too much (ie 2000’s WCW) but if it is executed it can be the biggest story in wrestling by a mile.

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