6/5 WWE HELL IN A CELL: Cody vs. Seth in the Cell, Belair vs. Asuka vs. Lynch for Raw Title, Moss vs. Corbin, Omos & MVP vs. Lashley

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


JUNE 5, 2022

Raw Commentators: Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves

Smackdown Commentators: Michael Cole, Pat McAfee

Tonight after the PPV, join PWTorch columnist Greg Parks live reviewing the event with live callers and emails.

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-A video package introduced the show.

-The announcers introduced the show and acknowledged Cody Rhodes suffered an injury but will still compete tonight in the Hell in a Cell match against Seth Rollins.

(1) BIANCA BELAIR vs. BECKY LYNCH vs. ASUKA – Raw Women’s Title match

Just rapid-fire action from the start without anything sustained, but one big spot or sequence after another with near falls. Belair jogged in place while having Becky up for a suplex, which was impressive, before suplexing her. Asuka intervened, so Belair turned to her and punched her in the corner as fans chanted along. Belair hit a standing moonsault onto both Asuka and Becky who were on their backs side by side mid-ring. Asuka interrupted a superplex attempt by Belair on Becky. It nearly turned into a triple power spot, but Belair kicked Asuka away. Asuka caught Belair with a double knee facebuster. She did the same to Becky seconds later. Asuka then set up a running hip attack on both opponents at once. She covered Becky and scored a two count. Asuka moved to Belair and scored a two count. She went for an anklelock on Becky mid-ring, but Belair kicked at her. Asuka caught her boot and applied anklelocks to both.

Becky landed a Manhandle Slam on Belair a couple minutes later, but Asuka broke up the cover. Asuka battled Becky mid-ring as Belair rolled to ringside. Belair re-entered and set up a move on Becky, but Asuka kicked her in the head. Becky then covered Belair, but Asuka broke up the cover. (To Belair’s credit, Asuka was a little late for breaking up the pin and Belair raised her shoulder in time so the ref wasn’t put in an awkward position.) Fans chanted, “This is awesome!” Asuka gave Becky a snap German suplex next and charged at her, but Becky avoided the hip attack. Belair intervened and lifted Becky for her finisher, but Asuka broke that up. Becky then small packaged Asuka, but Asuka reversed it for a two count. Becky rolled up Asuka, but Asuka switched to an Asuka lock mid-ring. Belair tried to break it up, but overshot them as they rolled out of the way. It was strange, but no big deal. Belair caught an Asuka hip attack and then gave her a K.O.D. into the middle turnbuckle. Becky threw Belair out of the ring and then gave Asuka a Manhandle Slam. Belair threw Becky off of Asuka and scored the three count.

They cut to a wide-eyed with shock and dismay Becky at ringside. Graves said Belair beat Becky at Becky’s own game. Smith called her opportunistic. Saxton said the match could have gone either way.

WINNER: Belair in 19:00 to retain the Raw Title. (***3/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: That was just really good start to finish. The match was ambitious and effectively executed.) [c]


MVP started against Lashley. Saxton said he was surprised. MVP circled Lashley, but then tagged right out to Omos. Fans booed. Graves said he was trying to get in the head of Lashley. Lashley and Omos set up a test of strength mid-ring, but Lashley instead went to punch him. Omos took over with sustained offense, including charging at Lashley at ringside and driving him through the barricade. A chant of “Bobby! Bobby!” rang out as he just beat the countout. MVP tagged in and worked over a vulnerable Lashley. Graves said MVP is just prolonging the inevitable.

Lashley counter4ed MVP and knocked Omos off the ring apron. He quickly speared MVP, but Omos ran in and broke up Lashley’s cover. Omos grabbed Lashley’s face and set up his head vice slam, but Cedric leaped off the top rope. Omos tossed him over the top rope. Lashley then speared Omos. Fans stood and cheered. Omos rolled out of the ring. Lashley avoided a running boot from MVP and then applied the Hurt Lock.

Lashley celebrated by signalling he wants a belt. He then saw a fan in the front row with a replica WWE Title belt and held it in the air. Smith said that was Lashley saying he will be champion again.

WINNER: Lashley in 9:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: This went pretty much as expected. Omos doesn’t do a lot, but he’s trusted to do more than he was six months ago. Lashley got the win over MVP as expected, and the odd Cedric interference helped “protect” Omos by giving him an excuse.) [c]

-They went to the announcers at ringside. Smith said Cody suffered a partial pectoral tear last week when brawling with Seth, and then when working out today, he tore the pectoral muscle off the bone. Graves said he will still step into the cage being the warrior that he is.


Owens called Ezekiel a liar before the match. Fans chanted “Zeke! Zeke!” KO charged at Ezekiel, but Ezekiel caught him with a knee to the jaw and then a top rope elbowdrop for an early near fall. KO took over when he reversed Ezekiel into the ringpost. Back in the ring Owens scored a near fall after a DDT. He complained to the ref that it was a three count. KO landed a nice sequence ending with a second rope moonsault for a near fall. He stood and pointed at Ezekiel and yelled, “That is Elias!” KO settled into a chinlock and kept yelling that he’s Elias. When KO went for a top rope flip senton, Ezekiel raised his knees. Ezekiel splashed KO in the corner twice, but on a third try, KO moved. Ezekiel landed a spinebuster for a near fall. KO knocked Ezekiel off balance on the top rope and then landed a cannonball in the corner. KO superkicked Ezekiel, then landed a corner cannonball followed by a stunner for the clean win.

WINNER: Owens in 9:00. (**3/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: Good basic match. Nothing wrong with it, nothing great or memorable about it. Other than KO yelling about Ezekiel’s identity, they didn’t really work that into the match in any way. Owens winning sends a message where Ezekiel is slotted, and it’s reasonably as a mid-carder and not more.) [c]


The Judgment Day trio made their ring entrances first. Then Morgan followed by Balor and finally Styles. A six-way brawl broke out after ring introductions. Ripley and Morgan battled early. Priest took over against Balor. Edge knocked Balor down at ringside and threw him hard into the announce desk. He entered the ring and gloated as the crowd booed. Priest tagged back in and continued to beat on Balor. They built to a hot-tag to Styles. He went after Edge with rapid-fire strikes. He fended off an interfering Priest. He landed a Phenomenal Forearm on Edge and made the cover, but Priest yanked him out of the ring. Styles sold the harmless looking landing for quite a while. He crawled into the ring and tagged in Morgan.

Morgan and Ripley battled next. Morgan scored a two count by dropping down on Ripley’s shoulders. Liv scored another near fall seconds later. Ripley avoided a charging Morgan and then overhead suplexed her followed by a fisherman’s suplex for a near fall. Balor, Styles, and Morgan rallied during a six-way brawl, including hitting a series of dives to the floor. When Balor set up a Coup de Grace, Ripley knocked Balor off the top rope. Balor fended off a charging Edge with a boot, but then Priest hit him. Styles intervened. Edge then knocked Styles to the floor. Edge watched Balor as he began to stand. Balor turned a spear attempt into a cradle near fall. Balor popped up and hit a Sling Blade and then a dropkick followed by a Coup de Grace set-up. Ripley, though, stood between Balor and Priest. Morgan leaped onto Ripley’s shoulders and they tumbled to the floor. Balor then went for the top rope double stop, but Edge moved. Edge then caught Balor with a sudden spear for the win.

WINNERS: Edge & Priest & Ripley in 16:00. (***1/2)

(Keller’s Analysis: A really well executed six-person tag match. Everybody had a chance to shine. Ripley blocking Balor’s offense gave the babyfaces a suitable “out” for ultimately coming up short.)

-Backstage the camera was filming Bobby Lashley just as he happened to walk past Cedric. Lashley turned and asked him what that was about earlier. Cedric said he was tired of feeling like an unwanted toy. He said it wasn’t for Lashley, it was for himself. He said MVP and Omos got what they deserved. He said he’s going to stand on his own two feet instead of looking for somewhere to belong. Lashley said he’s proud of him, but he warned him to never mess in one of his matches again. Cedric agreed. They smiled and fist-bumped.



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(5) MADCAP MOSS vs. HAPPY CORBIN – No Holds Barred

They fought to ringside early. Corbin eventually got the better of Moss on the floor. Corbin went looking for something under the ring. Fans wanted a table, but Corbin teased pulling one out from under the ring before sliding it back under the ring. Corbin threw Moss into the ring and then mocked the fans int he front row. Cole said Corbin is “ruthless and as nasty as they come.” Corbin chokeslammed Moss, then dropped to the floor where he grabbed a chair from under the ring. Corbin bashed Moss with a chair. He jabbed him with the chair, then wedged the chair into the corner. Moss side-stepped a charging Corbin and knocked him into the chair. Moss used the chair against Corbin and let out a big yell. He then DDT’d Corbin on the chair for a two count. Moss speared Corbin in the corner twice, then knocked him to the floor. Corbin caught Moss with a chop block next. Cole said Corbin was once known as one of the nastiest players on the football field, and he showed it there.

Moss took over in the ring and fallaway slammed Corbin onto ringside steps Corbin had put in the corner. Graves called it freaky power. He then hit his Punchline finisher. Instead of going for the pin, Moss put Corbin’s head in a chair. He then grabbed the ringside steps and smashed it onto the chair and made the cover. Corbin clutched his throat and gasped as the ref counted his shoulders down for three. Cole called it a defining victory in his career.

Moss celebrated in the entry stage area as Corbin was stretchered from the ring.

WINNER: Moss in 12:00. (**3/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: Good match, on the higher end of what you’d anticipate with these two. I don’t know if Moss leaped off the screen as a future top tier star, but I think he passed this test by looking like he belonged in the ring with a solid WWE-style worker like Corbin.)

(6) THEORY vs. MUSTAFA ALI – U.S. Title match

Theory came out first. Before Ali’s entrance began, they cut to a really cool angle of the arena from the last row in the back of the arena. Ali came out wearing a “CHI ALI” t-shirt. It was tough to tell what kind of reaction he got, but it didn’t seem especially good or bad. A loud “Ali!” chant broke out after his music stopped, so that was a good sign. (Ali’s entrance music is as generic as it gets.) Nice back and forth action early. Graves talked about Mr. McMahon seeing Theory as the future and thus his investment in him.

Theory got cocky as he set up his finisher, but Ali countered into a submission hold mid-ring. Theory crawled over to the bottom rope and forced a break. Theory snapped Ali’s neck over the top rope. Ali fired back with a DDT and then climbed to the top rope. Fans stood and cheered as Ali leaped with a 450 splash. Theory moved, and Ali splatted hard. Theory then hit Ali with a chop block. Theory lifted Ali onto his shoulders and hit his finisher for the clean win.

WINNER: Theory in 10:00 to retain the U.S. Title. (**3/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: This lived up to expectations in the sense that was a really good match, with Theory winning, but Ali getting in enough offense that he seemed competitive and in Theory’s league. Given Theory’s push and trajectory, there’s no shame in that. Ali was over with the crowd, but the crowd wasn’t in a frenzy over him start to finish. Ali needed more of a push and a better push for fans to see this as a major opportunity for him with an actual chance to win.)

(7) SETH ROLLINS vs. CODY RHODES – Hell in a Cell match

Seth came out wearing a black t-shirt with yellow polka dots, just as Dusty Rhodes did during his WWE run, to antagonize Cody. Cody came out to his usual ring entrance. He walked out looking healthy and enthusiastic with his jacket on. Graves said no one would have blamed Cody for rescheduling, but that’s not the type of competitor Cody is. Mike Rome introduced Seth first. he was booed. When Cody took off his ring jacket, fans gasped because his left shoulder, arm, and pectoral area were deep red and purple. Graves said that’s as gruesome an injury as he’s seen from an active competitor. Cody used his good arm and legs and head as weapons to get in early offense. He hit a Disaster Kick and played to the crowd. Seth went for a suplex., hbut Cody landed a Cody Cutter. He landed on his left shoulder and then yelled out in pain. He set up Crossroads, but Seth blocked it. Cody then applied a figure-four leglock mid-ring. Seth reached for a tool box under the ring and then grabbed a kendo stick. Seth bashed Cody with the stick. Graves said there’s still a hush in the arena because of the visual of Cody’s injury. Seth continued to attack Cody with the kendo stick. He pushed the stick onto Cody’s injured pec as Cody cried out in pain.

Seth knocked Cody of the ring apron to the floor. He methodically beat on Cody for a few minutes. Graves talked about the risk of Cody fighting, but also the respect he’ll earn from fans for persevering. Seth put on Cody’s ring jacket and whipped him with his weight belt including on his injured pec. Seth covered Cody and scored a two count. Seth pulled a table out from under the ring. Graves said the maniacs in Chicago couldn’t be any happiest. Smith said they won’t like how it’s being used. Fans actually then began chanting “Thank you, Rollins!” (This makes the heel spot earlier when Corbin teased using it but then didn’t to spite the fans look bad in retrospect.) Seth set up the table and raked Cody’s eyes. Cody tried to power Seth off the ropes with a powerbomb through the table, but he couldn’t get him up. Graves said Cody’s shoulders is shot. Seth put Cody on the table seconds later, then leaped off the top rope. Cody moved, so Seth crashed through the table. Both were down and slow to get up.

Cody attached Seth to a bullrope. He yanked him over and then bashed him with the cowbell for a believable near fall. Seth took over again. He slid a table into the ring as Cody was down in the ring. He leaned the table in the corner and then set up a running powerbomb. Cody punched out of it and then hit a Crossroads for a near fall. Cody tried to throw Seth into the table, but Seth blocked him and then delivered the powerbomb into the corner successfully this time. He made the cover and scored a believable near fall. You could see Cody bracing for impact more than usual on that. Fans began chanting “This is awesome!” Seth picked up a sledgehammer at ringside. Graves said Cody can’t defend himself and Seth has a lethal weapon, so someone has to stop this. Cody knocked the sledgehammer out of Seth’s hands and then delivered a Pedigree for a believable near fall. Both were down and slow to get up.

Cody got up first and picked up the sledgehammer. Seth rolled to the floor. Cody chased him back into the ring. Seth then caught Cody with a stomp as he entered the ring for another believable near fall. “I cannot believe it!” said Saxton. A louder “This is awesome!” chant broke out. Seth went for another stomp, but Cody moved. He set up a Crossroads, but Seth gave Cody a Crossroads. Cody rolled out of another attempt and hit Crossroads himself. Both were down and slow to get up. (Not sure about Cody no-selliing Seth giving him his own finisher there by executing it himself a second later.) Both went for the sledgehammer. Cody tried to lift it, but his right arm gave out. Seth got it and ran at Cody, but Cody knocked it out of Seth’s arms and then executed two Crossroads. He went for a third, but instead stopped and grabbed the sledgehammer. Cody jabbed Seth in the head with the sledgehammer for the three count.

WINNER: Cody in 24:00. (****1/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: That is the type of performance from Cody that legends are made of. I think they went too far with the big moves and kickouts late, but I get that’s part of the modern era of “epic matches” on PPV. This had that feel, and considering the situation with Cody’s arm, they told one hell of a story and executed a lot of big spots.)

Tonight after the PPV, join PWTorch columnist Greg Parks live reviewing the event with live callers and emails.

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  1. Semi-Interesting PPV. Roman, Rousey, Charlotte, Heyman not on card sort of says where this ranks on the 12 or so PPV of the year but then someone had to be ranked #12. Nothing great, nothing awful… to me just a time filler.

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