6/14 NXT 2.0 REPORT: Hazelwood’s live report on The Creed Brothers vs. Enofe & Blade, six-woman tag match, Lee vs. Quinn, in-ring debut of The Dyad, more




JUNE 14, 2022

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): McKenzie Mitchell

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-The show began with some shots inside the arena as Vic Joseph welcomed viewers alongside Wade Barrett.

(1) THE CREED BROTHERS (c) (Brutus Creed & Julius Creed) vs. MALIK BLADE & EDRIS ENOFE – NXT Men’s Tag Team Championship match

Brutus Creed and Malik Blade began the match as Blade countered a single leg into a sunset flip for a two-count, then a schoolboy for another two-count. Brutus then took control with some chain mat wrestling, just manhandling Blade around the ring. Back on the feet, Blade was hit with a short pounce, then Brutus tagged in his brother. Blade leaped over Julius, but then ate a shoulder tackle. He recovered with a few arm drags and held onto the arm. Edris Enofe tagged in as they hit a double team that ended with Enofe hitting a Tiger Feint Kick around the bottom turnbuckle to Julius for a two-count. Enofe countered a sunset pin into a sub where he trapped the arms with his legs and wrenched on the neck.

Julius finally flipped out and tagged in his brother, gutwrenching him onto Enofe for a two-count. He cinched in a front face lock to Enofe, driving Enofe to one knee, and Enofe finally broke out with an inside cradle. However, neither’s shoulders were down and Brutus held onto the facelock. Brutus had the hold locked in for a minute before Enofe hit a Northern Lights for a two-count and tagged in Blade. Blade was immediately sent to the mat, then Julius tagged. They hit alternating knees before a two-count, then Brutus tagged in. They hit more alternating knees before another two-count. Julius tagged back in as Brutus tried judo throwing him onto Blade. Blade moved, but Julius’ feet caught him a bit. Blade forced Julius into their corner and tagged in Enofe. Julius took both o f them out initially with a double front chop block, but after a couple of rope runs, Enofe hit a dropkick. Blade tagged in, then both were sent outside. [c]

They returned at 10:15 into the match with Brutus holding a rear chin lock on Enofe. Enofe tried fighting out, and then hit a bottom rope-assisted leaping knee. Blade tagged in and they hit a quick double team combo of strikes for a two-count. Brutus blocked a belly-to-back for a moment, but was hit it with. Enofe tagged in and climbed to the top rope and hit a diving left elbow for a pin that was broken up. They showed Diamond Mine watching in the back (with Damon Kemp). Enofe beat on Brutus a bit with double axe handles to the back, but Brutus grabbed a leg, then hit a belly-to-back throw. Julius tagged in and sprinted into Enofe a few times before hitting a suplex and then an overhead belly-to-belly to Blade, who ran in to interfere. Julius then Enofe with a delayed butterfly suplex.

Blade made a sneaky tag as Enofe was hit with a German, taking it to Julius including a few dropkicks where his feet were directly in line with Julius’ face. He went for a top rope splash, but Julius caught him, Brutus tagged in, Julius dropped Blade, then lifted him again for his rolling suplex. Brutus hit the sliding clothesline to retain. They gave their foes a show of respect with daps and hugs after the match.

WINNER: The Creed Brothers at 14:02 (sliding lariat) to retain the NXT Tag Men’s Tag Team Championship

-They showed Cora Jade, Roxanne Perez, and Indi Hartwell in the locker room as they prepared for their match later. Jade and Perez were reminiscing, which caused Hartwell to say she wished she had a best friend. She called herself a wily veteran and for them to be careful. Jade said, “Indi, you’re 25, not 45.” Hartwell said she won the Tag Team Championship before Jade could legally drink and Perez could legally drive. The other two pumped her up to end the segment.

-Tiffany Stratton made her entrance. In the background, Wendy Choo bounced by on an exercise ball, maybe? They hyped her match with Fallon Henley. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: A good match and solid first defense for The Creed Brothers. I did want to see more offensive spots from Enofe, but most of those for their team seemed to go to Blade. I like both as a team, but I think Enofe has “it” and can go far in NXT. Just go look at his appearance on the pre-show for In Your House for example. I wonder if the added anxiety they showed with Ivy Nile during the match will lead to her siding with Roderick Strong. I think that’s the least likely of possibilities, but it’s now a possibility I’m considering. I still think the endgame is The Creed Bothers and Nile against Strong, Kemp, and maybe Tatum Paxley – she tried to join them months ago – in a loser leaves Diamond Mine match or something.)

-They returned with a vignette of Apollo Crews in a diner, drinking coffee. He was writing about life being about setbacks and whatnot, which he narrated over footage of his journey in NXT and WWE. He said last week, it was like time stood still when his music hit. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud, entitled White guy yelling at a server about his order taking too long. Crews approached him, then slammed his head into the table when the guy told him to get out of his face. It was a dream sequence. Back in the real vignette, Crews approached, the guy said the thing, then Crews rushed him, the screen going black.

-Henley made her entrance with Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen.

(2) TIFFANY STRATTON vs. FALLON HENLEY (w/Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen) – Singles match

Henley rushed Stratton, who retreated into the ropes, then reversed position on Henley, slapping her in the corner. Henley came back and slapped Stratton HARD across the chest. Henley then hit some furious offense, but as she went for the sliding punch, Stratton pulled up the apron covering to trap her and then took the advantage. Back in the ring, she hit a biel, then another. She then hit her rope-assisted forward senton for a two-count. She locked in a nice sub where she stepped over Henley, trapped her arms with her legs, and then bridged back. Henley turned it into a pin for a two-count, then took it to Stratton with strikes. Henley hit a running facebuster, then a short-arm clothesline.

Henley hit a splash in the corner, but Stratton hit a kitchen sink knee to the gut, then a running double stomp to a seated Henley for a two-count. Stratton dragged her over for her finisher, but Henley kicked Stratton. Stratton was able to get Henley on her shoulders, then hit a falling Samoan Drop. As Stratton turned around, Choo appeared bouncing on the ball, then shot confetti into Stratton to DISTRACT her. Henley hit an inside cradle for the victory.

WINNER: Fallon Henley at 3:07 (inside cradle)

-They showed Cameron Grimes walking in the back as some unnamed talent told him good job, but he said he wasn’t looking for sympathy. Bron Breakker tried, but Grimes said the same. Duke Hudson appeared, looking dapper, and reminded Breakker that he has a victory over him (Grimes walked off). Breakker asked how long Hudson is going to brag about a DQ win and he said for as long as he can because a win is a win. Breakker then challenged Hudson to a NXT Championship match. Hudson accepted.

-Wes Lee made his entrance for his match with Xyon Quinn. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: I haven’t been high on Henley, but she has improved. This might have been her best match as far as I can remember. Stratton had a nice rebound match after last week’s surprising clunker with Perez. They’re definitely going back to the Choo-Stratton rivalry from before the Breakout Tournament, though this shows the lack of depth they have right now that they’re revisiting a feud that just happened a few months ago. It will be entertaining I guess, but if I had one recommendation for the build, it would be to have the build through vignettes using the excellent character work each woman portrays even if we know the Choo character as is is not a top-of-the-line character. That being said, that kind of character always has space in Vince McMahon’s company.)

-They returned with a vignette on Lash Legend. She said she is done with Alba Fyre and her ancient history. They showed her attack from last week. Legend said she was ranked #2 in the 400 meter dash while dominating track & field. She also broke all basketball records at her high school, went to Texas A&M, and broke the single-game rebounding record with 27. She transferred to Mississippi State, dropping 30 points in the Elite 8. She was drafted to the WNBA by my former home state team Seattle Storm, but COVID shut things down. She said she’s going to put an end to Fyre last week.

-Qunin made his entrance.

(3) WES LEE vs. XYON QUINN – Singles grudge match

Lee hit a quick rollup for a two-count, then went with strikes. Quinn caught him, but Lee fought out. Lee tried a single-leg, but Quinn lifted him and dropped him on the top rope belly-first, then flung him back, but Lee landed on his feet easily. Lee did some Lio Rush-like running misdirection, but ran into Quinn, who had the haka pose with his arms over each other to drop him. The NXT Championship match was made official. Quinn stepped on Lee’s chest, then sort of deadlifted Lee by one arm into an arm drag toss. He ran his shoulder into Lee’s gut, then lifted and tossed him back (Lee bumps so well). Quinn rushed Lee in the corner, but Lee dodged. He then hit back handspring into a Pele kick. He climbed and hit a furiously twisting Spinal Tap for the victory. The crowd may have hated Lee in the past, but the popped for that.

WINNER: Wes Lee at 2:50 (Spinal Tap)

-Joe Gacy was in a darkened room with The Dyad. They made their way. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: First, I like that Legend video as it gave a rundown of why we should take her as such an athletic threat. Now it’s just a matter of turning that into a pro wrestling threat. I like how it was bookended with her focus on Fyre, so well done there. Lee vs. Quinn was a typical match, but they also gave Lee just enough offense and had the culmination of two impact moves before he landed his finisher, giving him that time. Good for Lee and let’s keep his push going.)

-They returned with a Nathan Frazer (with a z) vignette. He said he grew up in the original Jersey, a tiny island closer to France than England and that Jersey fits into Rhode Island 26 times. He said he grew up around the beach and always flipping into the sea. He loved futbol (soccer), and he had a gift for it, but he wanted to be a wrestler. He played wing on the pitch and feels like he could have made it to the EPL, but he wanted to make it to WWE. To be continued…

-Gacy was in the ring with The Dyad.

(4) THE DYAD (w/Joe Gacy) vs. DANTE CHEN & JAVEIER BERNAL – Tag team match

The crowd chanted “Take your hood off” as Javier Bernal anxiously paced. As he turned away, Dyad 1 rushed him. Bernal fought him off and into their corner. Dante Chen tagged in and they hit some double team moves for a two-count. Chen punched away, then sent Dyad 1 into the corner, but he exploded out and dropped Chen, then tagged in Dyad 2. Dyad 2 threw Chen face-first into the second turnbuckle as Barrett asked how you could see in those hoods, which the crowd obliged with a chant. Dyad 2 was more methodical in his pace than Dyad 1, hitting a short-arm clothesline and then a big forearm. I like Dyad 1 more already than Dyad 2. Dyad 1 tagged back in and is a lefty, hitting left hands to Chen. He then was kicked by Chen, but Dyad 2 tagged in before Bernal could tag, but Chen was able to make the tag.

Bernal went with quick strikes and a dropkick to Dyad 2, then a side Russian leg sweep and a sliding lariat (not like The Creed Brothers). Bernal went for a tornado DDT, but Dyad 2 blocked and laid him out with a lariat. Dyad 1 tagged in and suddenly rushed Chen, hitting him off. They hit what is basically MNM’s old Snapshot for the victory.

WINNER: The Dyad at 3:56 (Snapshot)

-Gacy took a mic and said The Dyad have taken their next steps in their progression. He said don’t judge them for wanting a sense of belonging. He said this society, this cesspool, “your” negativity has made these two men feel inferior when they both deserve to feel superior. He said he knows there are many people who feel the same way. He said there is a schism between the three of them and 2.0 and it will continue until it becomes a place of acceptance. He said thank you and smiled at the camera. Joseph said Gacy’s message is growing; how, Joseph?

-They showed Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz flirting with Sanga as Quinn walked by. Sanga mocked him, then Quinn tried intimidating him. Sanga stood up, Quinn walked away, and Sanga said he found his next opponent.

-Joseph hyped the promotion of Stacks and Two Dimes, which is weird since Troy Donovan (Two Dimes) was released. [c]

-They returned with a Nikkita Lyons vignette where she explained a partially torn MCL forced her out of the tournament. She said she’s training like an animal to return as quick as she can. Cool.

-Tony D’Angelo was being led out by his new stooges, Legado del Fantasma (Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, and Cruz del Toro).



D’Angelo had a mic and said let’s begin the business. He took Two Dimes and reminisced about the first time they met. He did the same to Stacks (Channing Lorenzo), saying they met when they were six-years-old. D’Angelo then said ever since he made the phone call for them to come down here, they’ve given everything to the family, sacrificing and stepping up big for the family. They showed footage from In Your House. He said he’s so proud of “yous two.” He said they’ve given everything and now, they’re getting promoted from associates to soldiers for the family. He walked with them to a small table in the ring, and revealed some gaudy watches for the two of them. For Donovan, he said get a steak dinner and something nice as he put an envelop in his pocket. He turned to Stacks and mentioned Marie as he did the same with Stacks.

He turned to Escobar and then berated the other two for following Escobar. D’Angelo said there’s a code, Omerta, the code of silence. He heavily emphasized not being a rat and extended his hand for shakes, first to the tag team. They obliged. Escobar removed his glasses, breathing angrily, but shook the hand as D’Angelo called him a “good boy.” D’Angelo said he now has the strongest family in NXT and that the Don of NXT should have the title of “A Champion” and Carmelo Hayes’ music hit.

He came out with Trick Williams looking confused and almost insulted. Hayes said he knows he didn’t hear D’Angelo talking about his A Championship. D’Angelo said Hayes has already been warned, but now, him and the title have become D’Angelo’s business. Williams said they don’t take kindly to threats, but D’Angelo said he wasn’t talking to him. He said Hayes isn’t the Don of NXT and Hayes had a “so what?” look. D’Angelo said next week for the title is a done deal. Stacks said they look ready for something tonight, then challenged them to a tag team match. Hayes said yeah, he doesn’t call the shots, he just makes the shots and those two look like easy layups. Williams insulted them with some play-on-words with coins. Hayes’ music hit as the segment ended.

-They showed Hudson walking in the back, preparing for his match with Breakker, which is next and not the main event. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: I’m assuming they write out Donovan during and/or after the match tonight.)

-They returned with Mandy Rose in the Toxic Lounge, berating Perez. Jacy Jayne said Jade and Perez are perfect for each other since misery, well, failure loves company. Gigi Dolin said Hartwell is the most desperate person in NXT; she’d be friends with this plant if it listened to her problems.

-Hudson was in the ring posing as they hit the ring to some sultry R&B music. Breakker made his entrance wearing a singlet in the neon multicolored Steiner style singlet. Hudson attacked before the bell.

(5) BRON BREAKKER (c) vs. DUKE HUDSON – NXT Championship match

Breakker then hit a bug suplex after the bell rang, then a set of shoulder tackles and a slam as Hudson tried for a leapfrog. Breakker hit a big spear that Hudson did not bump well for or maybe Breakker hit way too hard, or both. Breakker then hit his military press slam (a little sloppy, but Hudson is a big dude) for the squash title defense.

WINNER: Bron Breakker at 0:44 (military press slam) to retain the men’s NXT Championship

-Grimes’ music then hit as he had a mic (I think Kelly predicted Grimes would be next, well, real next after Hudson tonight). Grimes said he wanted to finish the conversation from earlier. He said since Breakker’s taken the place by storm, they haven’t had a chance to speak yet. He said to be honest, he doesn’t care right now because of where he’s at in this business, so he’s going to speak his mind. He said everyone knows if Breakker didn’t have his shoot last name, he wouldn’t have the men’s NXT Championship. Grimes said don’t get him wrong, he respects Breakker and he’s not saying Breakker had a silver platter, but he sure ate better than Grimes. He said Breakker’s father even has a Hall of Fame ring and that’s the problem: everyone knows Breakker’s dad, but not Grimes’. He said his dad had to look down at his boy winning a championship. He said he respects Breakker and the worst part is Breakker gets better each time he steps into the ring, but he doesn’t have Grimes’ heart and he’d put his heart against any man or woman in the business. He said he’s sick of who’s next, jumping the line, catchphrases, so if we’re going to the moon, let’s strap the rocket. He challenged Breakker for the title at The Great American Bash. Breakker accepted.

-They showed Paxley in the back as Nile approached. Nile said forget about win-loss record, Nile’s been watching her and told Paxley to keep it up. Strong came up and asked why she was talking to Paxley after spending four months burying her. Nile said Paxley changed her mind a lot. Strong then berated The Creed Brothers as they appeared for shaking their hands. Julius said Brutus is a visual learner, so they got Strong and Kemp a match. Strong complained about his ankle, but Nile said no excuses. Strong said yeah and stormed off.

-A short vignette aired for Giovanni Vinci, who (re)debuts next. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Give me more squash title matches on TV. Hudson was the perfect person for that after riding high from his much more competitive DQ victory. Do I like the whole “champion loses his title and then challenges for the main title” gimmick? No. However, Grimes was FINALLY a serious and believable wrestler. His story was very much relatable for anyone who’s felt like their parents haven’t received the recognition they think they deserve. Anyone with a knowledge of Grimes’ history knows of his father’s importance to professional wrestling, especially the local scene on the East Coast, and his unfortunate death just after Grimes signed with NXT if I remember correctly. It makes sense to have a feud built around that, but this soon after losing his title is the only part that is a negative for me.)

-They returned with footage from NXT house shows (“live event”) in Tampa and Largo.

-Joseph and Barrett were ringside and then threw to McKenzie Mitchell. She was with Mr. Stone, Sofia Cromwell, and Von Wagner. Stone interrupted Mitchell and called Jensen Cheater Jensen after last week. Cromwell said that will never happen again as next week, it’s one-on-one with everyone banned from ringside.

-Vinci made his entrance to some like, 80s Euro music music. His entrance includes photos being taken of him as he looks into the cameras.

(6) GIOVANNI VINCI vs. GURU RAAJ – Singles match

Vinci hit an arm drag and held it, then applied a standing arm lock. There was no mention of “we’ve seen him before” or anything about his time in Imperium. Vince showed off great mat wrestling – which we knew he has – and hit a side headlock takedown while holding onto the headlock. Vinci hit a rope run where he he hit the ropes maybe five times before hitting a furious shoulder tackle. He then kicked and slapped at Raaj very heelishly, then no-sold a dropkick to the mouth. He hit a big slap to the chest, then a springboard crossbody off of the second rope. Vinci hit a few huge chops in the corner, even one to the gut. He then hit a big lariat after catching a kick. Vinci then hit a Vinci Bomb (sit-down powerbomb) for the victory. The crowd cheered.

WINNER: Giovanni Vinci at 2:54 (Vinci Bomb)

-Mitchell was in the back with Solo Sikoa. He said it feels good to call his shots, but he’s not done yet. He said he wants the North American Championship. Grayson Waller interrupted and said if he had a dollar for every time Sikoa said “I got next,” he could buy him a ticket to the island Sikoa’s from. Waller said Sikoa rode Crews’ coattails; Sikoa said Waller was riding Crews’ finisher into the mat. Waller said exactly: Crews, not Sikoa. Sikoa challenged him to a match next week and walked off. Waller popped off to Mitchell and said he’s the “street champion of Australia, here.”

-Hayes’ music hit as he and Williams made their entrance for the tag team match. [c]

-They returned with Blade and Enofe in the back. Enofe was trying to encourage Blade and said they should go to the club and blow some steam. Grimes appeared and said biggest night of their career and they lost. Enofe said they’ll get another opportunity, and Grimes asked really? He asked haven’t they been working for this opportunity? He said he respects them, but Enofe really thinks they’re going to get another chance, that it’s OK to leave before the show’s over, before the main event? He said that’s the problem: all the athleticism in the world, built like a statue, could be the biggest star the company’s ever seen, but he doesn’t have the drive. He said he doesn’t want Enofe to waste his talent because Grimes doesn’t waste his.


Donovan and Williams began the match as they showed D’Angelo and Esobar staring at each other. Donovan took the advantage, but Williams hit a nice leg scissor takedown. On the feet, Donovan hit a gut knee and tagged in Lorenzo. Lorenzo hit a big chop, then a rough (kayfabe) side headlock. Hayes made a sneaky tag and hit a dropkick, then mounted and punched away at Lorenzo. Hayes was looking for his springboard lariat, but D’Angelo climbed to the apron, DISTRACTING Hayes and allowing Stacks to hit him over. Donovan tagged in, threw Hayes into the steps, and then back inside for a two-count. Lorenzo tagged in as they put Hayes in the Tree of Woe and stomped away in their version of The New Day’s Unicorn Stampede; every tag team has their version now.

Hayes and Lorenzo hit away at each other until Hayes hit a big lariat to floor both men. Donovan tagged in and prevent Hayes’ tag with an elbow drop to the back. A snapmare later and Donovan wrenched on the left leg and arm with a knee in Hayes’ side. Lorenzo tagged back in and climbed. He mocked Hayes, but Hayes countered and Williams tagged in, taking it to both men. He missed (but hit) a spin kick to Donovan, then slammed Lorenzo. He kipped up, the moved as del Toro went for a crossbody, hitting Lorenzo instead (Wilde distracted the ref). Hayes then tagged in and hit his top rope scissors kick finisher to pin Lorenzo.

WINNER: Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams at 4:23 (top rope scissors kick)

-They showed the three faces making their way for the main event, then Toxic Attraction. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: So they didn’t write off Donovan. Is he not released then? What’s going on?)

-They returned with The D’Angelo Family. He was berating LDF as they just smiled and laughed at him. He yelled again that Escobar is no longer the boss. He said next time they better improve and next time is next week against Hayes.

-Joseph and Barrett hyped next week beginning with that match, then Fyre vs. Legend, and Sikoa vs. Waller.

-Hartwell’s music hit first and she stopped about a third of the way down the entrance. Then Perez’s music hit, then Jade. Perez received the biggest pop from the (somewhat untrustworthy) crowd. Hartwell towers over these two, by the way, by at least a head. Toxic Attraction then made their entrance as Joseph said, “Barrett, enough of that cologne! Cough, cough.”

(8) ROXANNE PEREZ & CORA JADE & INDI HARTWELL vs. TOXIC ATTRACTION (Mandy Rose & Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) – Six-woman tag team match

Jade began with Rose, who mocked Jade. Jade is actually a little taller than Rose, but Rose is more muscled which makes sense with her background. Rose retreated into the ropes, then had Jayne tag in to face Jade. Jayne mushed Jade, then hit a shoulder tackle. Jade dodged a clothesline, then hit a roll through for a two-count, but Jayne caught her with a leaping neckbreaker for a two-count. Jade responded with a jawbreaker. Rose tagged back in only for Jade to hit an arm drag, then tag in Hartwell. Hartwell, the “powerhouse” of tonight’s match as Barrett stated, had her arm wrench reversed, then countered herself into a key lock it looked like. Rose changed position with a go-behind, but Hartwell reversed as well. Rose grabbed the hair to get Hartwell into the ropes, but Hartwell caught Rose with a sidewalk slam. Rose rolled outside and convened her partners for a strategy huddle. Hartwell just let them. All six women then entered, but the faces literally kicked out the three heels. [c]

Perez was in control of Dolin as they returned, but Dolin rushed her into their corner and tagged in Jayne, who locked in a sub. Perez fought out and hit an arm drag, then another (she didn’t make great contact on the arms). She tried for her spinning head scissors, but Jayne countered and sat down for a two-count, then hit a big headbutt and running senton for a two-count. Barrett reiterated Perez has a contract for “a title match of her choosing” as the two traded slaps to the chest and forearms to the face. Jayne took control, but Perez hit a weird knee to the face.


Hartwell and Rose tagged in with the former jus taking it to Rose. Hartwell hit an uppercut into their corner, then tagged in Jade. Jade hit a head scissors then a bottom rope-assisted double stomp to the back for a two-count. She then hit a running knee to Rose in the ropes, but got distracted by Dolin and Jayne trying to interfere. She turned around and punched away at Rose, but ran into a spinebuster for a two-count. Rose tagged in Jayne, who hit a snapmare and PK to Jade. Jade fought back, but Jayne stopped it with one strikes and then a snap suplex for a two-count. Dolin tagged in and hit a kick across the stomach for a two-count. Dolin then tagged in Rose, who beat away at Jade in their corner. Jade hit a schoolgirl for a one-count, but then a double clothesline landed to floor both women.

Jade reached and made a tag, but Jayne DISTRACTED the ref by running into the ring. This allowed the heels to take the advantage again as Dolin tagged in and grounded Jade. Dolin then rolled back into a bow and arrow sub, wrenching on Jade, but Jade turned into a pin for a two-count. Dolin knocked off Hartwell, but Perez made the tag. She hit a sloppy Thesz Press (Dolin bumped too early), then some fast offense. Hartwell took care of Rose and Jayne, then went outside to hit Rose more. Perez hit a superkick, then tagged in Jade. Jade hit a senton on Dolin from the top rope, then tagged in Perez, who covered Dolin for the victory.

WINNER: Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade & Indi Hartwell at 13:50 (top rope senton)

FINAL THOUGHTS: It ended up being a taped show and that became more obvious with some of the happenings, like Donovan still being on TV and the crowd seeming a bit subdued at times. Still, this felt like a traditional after PPV/PLE episode. Every segment seemingly worked to build on feuds and angles. They even turned Blade and Enofe losing a title match into another building block in their journeys, and I think that interaction with Grimes was supposed to signal to fans that we should be high on Enofe (if you already weren’t, why not?!). The squash title match was nice and unexpected, allowing Breakker to show off what he does well. I keep thinking the more and more they reinforce how Perez can have a “title match of her choosing” that she’ll end up challenging for the Tag Team Championship rather than the women’s NXT Championship, which I think would be the incorrect call. I also really like the vignettes for both Legend and Frazer, though my only concern is that this may end up helping fans cheer them more than boo in the case of Legend. Still, this was a good overall episode of the show: good wrestling, good vignettes, good segments.

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