EXCLUSIVE: Josh Alexander talks pressures of being Impact World Champion


Josh Alexander vacates Impact World Championship
Josh Alexander (photo ImpactWrestling.com)


Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander, says being champion comes with an added pressure to represent not only the company, but the Impact locker room in a positive light.

In an interview with Zack Heydorn on the PWTorch YouTube channel, Alexander talked in detail about the pressures of being champion and what he feels responsibility for as the face Impact Wrestling.

“It’s an immense amount of pressure that I didn’t imagine or didn’t anticipate,” Alexander said of being the champion. “I always put a lot of pressure on myself to deliver, no matter what match I’m in. Whether I’m opening the show or closing the show, it doesn’t matter, you’re always going to get the same Josh Alexander in the ring. But, there’s this added pressure to represent the company and represent the locker room, because I have so much love and respect for everyone in that locker room — I just want to always over deliver and do my best.

“Not so much ratings or packing the house, but just always getting good reviews, always making sure that people are going to talk about Impact in a good light. That if someone was questionable about tuning into Impact, that they were pleasantly surprised and we can retain those eyes. I want this company to grow.”

Josh Alexander became the Impact World Champion at the Rebellion PPV event. He defeated Moose. It’s his second time winning the title. Alexander secured his first world championship at Impact Bound For Glory last year. He only held the title for minutes due to Moose cashing in his title opportunity and winning.

In addition to being a world champion, Alexander is a former X-Division Champion and Tag Team Champion in Impact Wrestling.

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