VIP NEWSLETTER – PRO WRESTLING TORCH #1784 (July 29, 2022): Keller’s cover story Triple H taking over as WWE Head of Creative, Industry Reacts to McMahon retirement, Parks column on McMahon, ROH PPV report

July 30, 2022

PWTorch Newsletter #1784 Cover-dated July 29, 2022 LINK: 1784 PWTorch Newsletter PDF –LIST OF ALL LATEST NEWSLETTERS –CLICK FOR ALL 2021 NEWSLETTERS –CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTORY OF ALL PAST NEWSLETTERS BY YEAR SUMMARY: This week’s PWTorch Newsletter features Wade […]

FREE PODCAST 7/30 – WKPWP Interview Classic with Jake Hager & John Piermarini and Tommy Rich (5 Yrs Ago): Exploring wrestler-writer dynamic behind the scenes, Vince McMahon, Real American gimmick + Jerry Lawler, short NWA Title reign (122 min.)

July 30, 2022

SHOW SUMMARY: In this week’s Interview Classic episode from five years ago (7-6-2017), PWTorch editor Wade Keller interviews ex-WWE Creative Team member John Piermarini and former WWE World Champion Jack Swagger. The focus of the interview […]

VIP AUDIO 7/30 – VIP Podcast Vault – 18 Yrs Ago Wade Keller Hotline (07-23-2004): Hunter steps up for pal Waltman in rehab after Chyna drama, Benoit title reign rumors, Summerslam politics, should Taker or Eddie be champ, Flair’s dig at Foley, Low Ki drama (25 min.)

July 30, 2022

SHOW SUMMARY: This installment of the PWTorch VIP Vault jumps back to an early Wade Keller Hotline featuring PWTorch editor Wade Keller looking at the latest news including these topics: Hunter steps up for pal Waltman […]

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