8/2 AEW DARK TV REPORT: Pac defends All-Atlantic championship, Parker Boudreaux in action, more


Analysis, detail, and results of this week's episode of AEW Dark


AUGUST 2, 2022

AEW Dark Announcers: Excalibur, Caprice Coleman, and Taz

Ring Announcer: Dasha Gonzalez

-Excalibur and Taz on the call, welcoming us to the show.


Slim J got a nice diving headlock out of the corner on Price to start. A head scissors and dropkick followed, as Daivari made the tag to continue the punishment. Cruz made a tag and was immediately met with a hard clothesline and stomp to the mid section repeatedly. Trust Busters put the boots to both Price & Cruz until Slim J went up top for a flying reverse DDT. An assisted backslide neckbreaker from Slim J, who tagged Davari to get the glory and the three. Post match, Tony Schiavone asked Daivari if he’s now Ari because of Ari Gold from Entourage and Daivari said yes. His trust fund kicked in and he’s dealing in NFTs, house market, doubling his portfolio, which Schiavone doesn’t believe.

WINNERS: Ari Daivari & Slim J in 3:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Dominating showing for the newly formed Trust Busters, who looked solid in their AEW debut as a team. I like Daivari as the head of this group, but still think it’s hilarious that he’s considering himself as the richest man in AEW and continues to wrestle on Dark on YouTube. I digress, but if Ari changed his name due to Ari Gold, does this make Slim J his Lloyd?)


Willow took down Harley with an early side headlock take over and went to the arm. Willow hit a few shoulder blocks, but played to the crowd too long, as Harley tried a sneak attack. Willow caught and danced with her a little bit before getting a low cross body for two. Harley fought back with boots in the corner, knees to the midsection and leg sweep for one. Willow hulked up with a clothesline, spinebuster and big Pounce. The straps came down, as Willow hit a corner senton and Doctor Bomb for the victory.

WINNER: Willow Nightingale in 4:00

(Howard Analysis: Willow continues racking up wins while getting a great reaction whatever show she’s on. I can only see that continuing, as I hope a big push is in store for Willow in the near future.)


Rolling leg sweep got Diamante a few near falls immediately. Radley responded with a stiff forearm to the chest and leg lariat that sent Diamante to the corner. Diamante avoided a splash and hit a low corner dropkick. A snapmare and punt kick to the back from Diamante, as Radley tried to fight back, but Diamante got a drop toe hold into knees poured down on the back. Diamante tried rolling Germans, Radley fought off the third, so Diamante locked on a straightjacket choke for the submission.

WINNER: Diamante in 3:30

(Howard’s Analysis: Always nice seeing Diamante on Dark and her having a match back to back with Willow makes me want to see that match down the line, specifically on Dark if possible. The more Willow & Diamante on AEW programming the better, as I’m always entertained whenever they’re in action.)


Solo took control of Teninty immediately and Comoroto hit a slingshot splash from the apron, but pulled Teninty up from the count. Teninty tried to fight back, but Comoroto is so massive he hit a beal across the ring. Rocker made the tag and suffered the same fate when he tried to out power Comoroto, who caught a cross body and pressed Rocker over his head. After being slammed down, Taz thinks Rocker needs new trunks or a new buttocks. Rocker floated over a suplex and Teninty was a house of fire on Solo, who hit a hip toss into the corner. Comoroto & Solo hit an assisted back breaker double stomp off the top for the three.

WINNERS: Aaron Solo & Nick Comoroto in 3:30

(Howard’s Analysis: I don’t get to say this all too often, but this was a dominating squash victory for The Factory boys. This was also taped long before Cole Karter joined up with The Factory last night on Elevation, so it wasn’t mentioned. I like the addition to QT’s ranks, as Solo & Comoroto get a lot of ring time and Karter would benefit from that on Dark & Elevation, so it’s a good pairing.)


Early misdirect shoulder block, arm drags and dropkick from Dean sent Hudson staggering to the corner. Hudson escaped the corner punches and put the boots to Dean. Very nice Fisherman’s Suplex got a near fall, as Hudson quoted Captain Phillips telling Dean that he’s the captain now. Taz didn’t get the reference, as Dean made a comeback with a Sky High and massive frog splash for the quick win.

WINNER: Shawn Dean in 2:30

(Howard’s Analysis: It didn’t take the Captain very long to get the W once he was in control. He made short work of Hudson in this one. Captain Phillips is an underrated Tom Hanks film, if you ask me.)

(6) PARKER BOUDREAUX (w/Ari Daivari & Slim J) vs. SERPENTICO

Boudreaux showed off his strength and speed early as he launched Serpentico clear across the ring with a beal. Serpentico was sat in the corner and just dismantled soon after. Serpentico threw a couple shots, but they had no effect, as Boudreaux hit a big shoulder tackle. A stalling back drop slam easily won this for Boudreaux in his debut. Post match, Daivari put over Parker to Tony Schiavone and all Parker said was he’s arrived.

WINNER: Parker Boudreaux in 2:00

(Howard’s Analysis: I take this was an early birthday gift for Nyla Rose, as she must’ve been thrilled to see her Twitter archenemy destroyed here. The former Harland never really got to show much in NXT aside from just standing there menacing, so having him get his feet wet on Dark for a while is a smart move. Having someone like Serpentico sell his butt off is great as well. I look forward to seeing what The Trust Busters do in the future, perhaps something in ROH?)

(7) THE ACCLAIMED (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) vs. PETER AVALON & RYAN NEMETH

Nemeth walked to the ring with a mic, which led Taz & Excalibur to assume he went through Caster’s bag to steal it. Nemeth said they got off the phone with Billy Gunn, who ASSKED them to tenderize The Acclaimed. Avalon said BUTT, they will make The Acclaimed pretty, as Taz was just baffled. Meanwhile, Caster’s rap consisted of Ghislaine Maxwell & Hunter Biden references. Bowens started the match and showed he’s healthy following injury, as he took down Nemeth in the early going. A double team on Nemeth and back hand to Avalon allowed The Acclaimed to scissor. The Wingmen took over on Caster, mocked him and continued to get cheap shots until Caster got free. Bowens made the hot tag, cleaned house with a double leg lariat for two on Avalon. Bowens got clocked with an enziguri from Avalon and pendulum DDT from Nemeth for two, as Caster made the save. Bowens clobbered Avalon with a roaring elbow, hit a spinning slam on Nemeth and Mic Drop by Caster for the win.

WINNERS: The Acclaimed in 5:00

(Howard’s Analysis: The Acclaimed are officially babyfaces, as the crowd was firmly behind them as they head into their Dumpster Match showdown with The Ass Boys tomorrow night.)

(8) PAC vs. CONNOR MILLS – AEW All Atlantic Championship

This took place at the RevPro show in Manchester on July 23. Kip Sabian is sitting ringside with the box on his head as usual, which leads me to believe he’s finally going to be doing something in AEW again. Mills is the tag partner with Michael Oku in the Destination Everywhere team. Mills went full steam out the gate with corner boots to the face, kitchen sink knee, punt to the back, but PAC kicked out before one. Each man ran into a boot to the face from the other, but Mills got a quick brainbuster for two. Mills hit a nice springboard uppercut and Lionsault for another near fall. PAC went outside to shake the cobwebs off, but Mills hit a moonsault from the inside to the floor. Back inside, Mills was cut off in the ropes, PAC nearly hit a superplex, but Mills fought back with a missile dropkick for two. PAC called for a timeout to bait Mills in and go for his legs to ground the high flyer. PAC took Mills up to the stage and hit a gnarly Tombstone, as PAC wanted a count out. Mills made it back to the ring just barely by literally diving the last second. PAC went for the neck with a knee drop and brainbuster, but Mills out at two. PAC reprimanded the crowd for cheering for him, as he is, in fact, a bastard. This just got Mills beat up more as a result. PAC spotted Kip Sabian ringside, had a little stare down and dropped Mills with a slingshot cutter from the apron. PAC is furious at the crowd for singing KC and the Sunshine Band, which is a sentence I actually just wrote. PAC again got into the face of Sabian ringside, who stood up briefly, as this allowed Mills to catch PAC with a heel kick. Mills fired off forearms, PAC answered with a snap German, but Mills did a Nigel in the ropes for a comeback lariat for two. Mills missed a second moonsault to the floor, PAC hit a thrust kick and nailed a massive Liger Bomb in the ring for two. PAC missed a 450 off the top, but Mills hit his attempt for two. Mills hit almost an End of Heartache but with a punt kick instead of backbreaker. Both men traded kicks, Mills went for another Lionsault, but PAC hit a kick in mid air. PAC missed a Cutter and Mills hit a reverse fireman’s carry into a Cutter for a close two. Mills was cut off in the ropes and PAC hit a massive avalanche brainbuster that looked like it hurt both men. PAC quickly went up top for Black Arrow for the victory.

WINNER: PAC in 18:00 to retain the AEW All Atlantic Championship

(Howard’s Analysis: Every title defense of PAC on Dark has been different and he’s gotten his opponent over as the match progresses. Mills was booed big time to start this match, but as the match went on, the fans got behind him. This was a slow build into what turned out to be a very good back & forth battle. Mills put up a good fight, but PAC is on another level. That avalanche brainbuster looked like it did damage to both men. I love that Kip Sabian was ringside and we appear to hopefully be getting PAC vs. Kip somewhere down the line. I wouldn’t mind Kip showing up to these PAC defenses and it leads to something.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Once again, the highlight of the show and Match of the Night goes to PAC’s title defense, as Connor Mills was great, even in defeat. I can’t say enough good things about how having these matches in their entirety on Dark is so great, especially for someone who reviews the shows like myself. The rest of the show, the biggest takeaway was The Trust Busters having dominating performances as their first night as a trio. I’m looking forward to seeing what Parker Boudreaux is capable of in AEW.

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