Triple H talks about the most difficult part of WWE developmental


Triple H talks most difficult part of WWE developmental


Triple H revealed in an interview with Logan Paul on the Impaulsive podcast that the hardest part of conducting WWE developmental business is finding the right recruits.

Triple H joined Logan Paul on the show on the heels of Paul’s win over The Miz at Summerslam and talked in detail about what he looks for in potential talent.

“The difficulty for us has always been on the recruiting side,” Triple said. “Finding people with the passion to do this, the athletic skill to do this, the charisma to do this — which is king, and then the right human beings. The biggest pool of people to do that is collegiate athletics. It just is. It’s why the NFL can let go of 500 players a year. Because they have this ocean of talent coming in to them at any point in time. For every person waiting to get into the NFL, there’s hundreds in other sports that no one looks at and there’s no professional avenue for them. We couldn’t engage with those athletes due to NCAA rules. Even though we’re an entertainment company, we risked their eligibility and it was difficult. Once NIL hit, it was a game changer because I could immediately talk to all these athletes and offer them this opportunity, which for a vast majority of them, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime (because they grew up watching.)

“We’re not looking for a transactional thing where we hand someone a few grand to say they love our chicken. We’re working with athletes that want to be a part of WWE that we can invest in. We’re looking for long term recruiting opportunities … it’s the perfect mix for us.”

Triple H took over as the Head of Creative for WWE and the EVP of Talent Relations after Vince McMahon retired from the company. He is a WWE Hall of Famer and multiple time world champion. He retired from in-ring competition at the beginning of 2022.

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