8/30 NXT 2.0 REPORT: Hazelwood’s live report on Worlds Collide go-home with slew of tag matches, more




AUGUST 30, 2022

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): McKenzie Mitchell

Tonight after the show, join the PWT Talks NXT self-proclaimed “gang of idiots” (including me) to break down the show with calls and emails.

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-The show began with shots of the crowd as Vic Joseph said WWE is on the cusp of a “historical weekend.” Grayson Waller’s music hit for the opening contest. Joseph and Wade Barrett briefly mentioned this match coming about because of “The Waller Effect” last week. Waller took a mic, but Apollo Crews’ music hit before he could say anything, much to his chagrin. They showed a split-screen replay of last week’s segment.

(1) GRAYSON WALLER vs. APOLLO CREWS – Singles match

They locked up and traded holds, mostly arm wrenches until Crews took a side headlock. Crews flipped out of a counter as a taunt, then hit an arm drag. Waller came off of the second rope with a pin for a two-count, then taunted Crews. Barrett asked why Crews hadn’t warned The Creed Brothers about his visions, so they’re giving play to them. Crews took over and slowed the pace down, hitting a big backbody drop to punctuate a sequence. The crowd chanted for him, but Waller hit a punch. Crews then hit his leapfrog-dip-dropkick combo and mocked Waller’s dribbling taunt. Crews went for a delayed vertical for about 22 seconds (by my count), just throwing Waller to the mat. He then hit a flipping senton from the apron for a two-count. Suddenly, Crews was accidentally poked in the eye on a Waller leapfrog. He rolled outside and ref D.A. Brewer called for a medic. [c]

Waller had Crews in a rear chinlock as they returned. They showed a replay of Waller’s hand brushing over Crews’ face on the leapfrog, then hitting his second rope between-the-legs dribbling elbow. Crews fought back , striking Waller from the apron. He went for the same flipping senton, but Waller was waiting and turned it into a rear naked choke, then a sleeper that collapsed Crews. Waller immediately pounded elbows to the back of the head and scored a two-count. He started mocking Crews only to eat an enziguri. He then missed a corner splash and ate another enziguri, then some strikes and a dropkick. A kip up fired up Crews and the crowd, who then hit a corner splash and a second rope blockbuster for a two-count. Waller was able to snap the back of the neck of Crews on the ropes, then came in with his rolling Stunner and this time, Waller went high up on his finisher.

WINNER: Grayson Waller at 11:15 (rolling Stunner)

-A Progressive video played on “smart moves,” showing a video on Meiko Satomura. The video was in Japanese with English subtitles as she discussed her career. They showed footage dating back to her time in WCW and from around the world. They showed her NXT UK Women’s Championship victory over the then-Kay Lee Ray and her continued victories since. She said she will unify the titles on Sunday and told her opponents they will not get past The Final Boss.

-They showed Diamond Mine in their locker room as Julius fired them up. Roderick Strong walked in and said he knows they don’t believe him, but he pulled the security cam and he was interrupted by Julius. Julius said they’re going to dominate the match because they trust each other. Strong yelled about trust and stormed off. Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley (with a facemask) walked in and told them to stop being petty and get it together. Well, who would have thought Ivy Nile would be the best on the mic in a segment involving Diamond Mine?

-Kayden Carter and Katana Chance made their way as they showed Toxic Attraction in the Toxic Lounge. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: A good opener that, to me, was hindered by the sudden eye rake. What made it a bit more negative is that it didn’t even play into the end of the match – apart from Crews holding his hand to his eye after the match. Waller gets a nice victory, but what do you do with Crews from here if he came to become champion and is losing to Waller, who seemingly always loses the big matches? That video on Satomura was short and well done, at least enough to tell you why you should be interested in their match and her, specifically, heading into Sunday’s event.)

-They returned with Bron Breakker in the locker room as Finn Balor approached. Balor had a nameplate from Raw. Balor said he’s the guy who’s held that title for longer than anyone and made it the industry best (no…). He said it’s up to Breakker to live up to that lineage. He told Breakker to not underestimate the moment or his opponent. So he’s a face now?


I thought a title match was advertised for tonight, but maybe I read wrong. Chance and Nile began and traded some pins (Nile and Paxley were already in the ring when they returned). Chance tagged in, hit a double team, then Carter tagged in and they hit another double team for a two-count. The crowd is a bit flat for this one. Nile countered a wheelbarrow attempt and hit a delayed slam to Carter. Paxley tagged in, they hit a double team, then hit a bodyslam. She hit a standing flipping senton for a two-count. Paxley stopped a Carter comeback with a dropkick, but Carter evaded in a contrived spot and hit a springboard basement dropkick for a two-count.

Chance tagged in as they hit another double team for a two-count. They showed the Toxic Lounge, but Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne were missing. Both women in the ring, Chance and Paxley, hit a double clothesline to floor each other. Paxley hit an enziguri to free herself, but Carter tagged in as Dolin pulled down Nile. Nile, furious, went after Dolin as Jayne distracted Paxley. Carter hit a superkick as Nile went after them. Carter and Chance hit their neckbreaker-450 combo to win.

WINNER: Katana Chance and Kayden Carter at 4:18 (neckbreaker-450 combo)

-After the match, they stood in the ring and told the losers they would do this again soon. Chance said they want to be fighting champions, but they’ve beaten everybody. Carter said NXT UK has no one to go after them. They said they were going to throw a party on Sunday as Doudrop’s music hit, Nikki A.S.H. then followed as the crowd ERUPTED (she was a fan favorite during her time). They stared down the champions, who just smiled as if this was going to be fun. Doudrop and A.S.H. had mics as they received “Welcome back!” chants. Doudrop said they should dance in the ring instead of the parking lot. A.S.H. said they dance at Worlds Collide for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship. They shook on it as the veterans drew them in closer. Joseph called them pioneers of women’s wrestling in Europe.

-They showed a Kiana James vignette in an office with a adult film-like dressed assistant handing her an envelope. James said she gets things done, unlike Zoey Stark, who blew her title shot and had to be pulled from the Tag Team Championship tournament. She called Stark a liability and a “try-hard.” She said leave it to Stark to overpromise and underdeliver. James said she would beat her tonight, then answered a ringing smartphone. She asked if it was done, then said good.

-Schism was shown in the back as Joe Gacy said they’re going to have a ceremony to grow. There was spliced footage of their interactions with Cameron Grimes. He said the offer is Grimes’ to accept. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: A lot to digest here. First, not a bad match, but not a good match. Nile and Paxley looked better, but against a team like Carter and Chance, everything just looks so planned and choreographed that I’m not sure if it’s the best option for their growth, but it is only one match – so far. It looks like Nile and Paxley are going to feud with Toxic Attraction. Doudrop and A.S.H. is another crossover and sure, it should be a good match, and probably the most hard-hitting match the champions have had thus far. That James vignette was…a lot, but hey, she’s thrust herself into her character. Now let’s see if her in-ring has also improved.)

-They returned with an earlier today video of Carmel Hayes and Trick Williams telling off an interview.


Gacy said good things happen when worlds collide, but some crap about coming together that I missed. The crowd was cussing at him, so a lot of his promo was cut with mutes. He said Rip Fowler and Jagger Reed, by beating Legado del Fantasma, they scored a victory for everyone who lives in harmony and that they will be rewarded. He had smiley face pins and said they represent the great strides the two have made and the great recognition they’ve earned. They donned the pins. Reed (James Drake) said together they are gracious, whole. Fowler said together they have been recognized and Gacy’s teachings have empowered them. Gacy said he’s moved and inspired by their growth and as they ascend, it leaves more space for others to find their home under the leaves of the Schism’s tree. He said they reserved a special seat for Grimes to come and join them.

Grimes entered to his music in a light blue button up and slacks. He had his hands in his pocket as he solemnly made his way to the ring, looking confused as well. Grimes said he didn’t come out here to be part of the celebration, but because he really needed to talk to them. He said they’ve been following him everywhere and asking him to join. He said he had an answer: the more he thinks about it, he doesn’t need them. He said Cameron Grimes doesn’t need anyone to go to the moon. Gacy said Grimes’ loneliness is killing him and just beneath the surface is misery. He said he knows it’s tough to go all in and lose. Gacy said Grimes lost the North American Championship and fell victim to Breakker. He demanded Grimes admit that he is lonely and they would leave him alone. Grimes said Gacy’s right in that he lost, but more importantly, he got himself in those situations and can do it again. He said before things get worse, he’s out of there. Gacy said another night without a championship, without a family, and without a father. Grimes was about to  leave when he seethed and then took it The Dyad. Gacy was about to hit his handspring lariat, but hugged Grimes. He called of The Dyad as Grimes retreated. They held their arms out in embrace for Grimes as he yelled at them.

-A Roxanne Perez vignette aired as she said it’s hard to look back at the best moments of her life – they showed winning the Women’s Tag Team Championship – and seeing the person she won them with as someone she doesn’t recognize anymore. She said she felt her heart break into two. She said she wanted nothing more than to hurt Cora Jade as much as she hurt her, but she couldn’t because of all of the memories and she paid for it, “Lesson learned.” She said next time, there’s no hesitation. They showed her blocking Jade’s number from her phone. [c]

-They returned with Tyler Bate in the back as Fit Finlay approached and handed him an pad with Pete Dunne (Butch) on FaceTime. They reminisced about fighting for the NXT UK Championship. He said to do it for the memories of NXT UK, the future of NXT Europe, and for British Strong Style.

-Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, and Fallon Henley made their entrance.

(3) JOSH BRIGGS & BROOKS JENSENS & FALLON HENLEY vs. PRETTY DEADLY (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson) & LASH LEGEND – Six-person mixed tag team match

The heels were already in the ring as Lash Legend and Henley began. Henley hit a big slap for a one-count as Joseph mentioned the extra security around the ring. Legend hit her bodyslam where she banged Henley’s head against the top two ropes over and over, then hit a big backbody drop. Henley fought back and clotheslined Legend outside and hit a crossbody from the apron (she was yelling a lot). She rolled Legend back in, but Kit Wilson tagged in. Henley punched him, then Briggs came in and hit an inverted atomic drop counter and a big shoulder tackle. Wilson hit a foot stomp like “The King of the Streets” Marco Ruas, then tagged in Elton Prince. Prince went for a top rope double axe handle, but Briggs countered into an inverted atomic drop. Jensens tagged in and they hit a double backbody drop. Henley then took out Legend with an assisted dropkick, then took out all three on the outside with an assisted tope. [c]

They returned with Briggs and Prince in the ring. Prince was in control, trying to dominate the big man. He used his speed, but Briggs hit a sidewalk slam, well, throw, really, then a leaping splash. Wilson made a sneaky tag and hit a DDT. Wilson mounted Briggs and landed a series of punches.


Prince tagged in as they continued to dominate, taunting the faces the whole time. He cut off the ring, then Wilson and Legend both took cheap shots as the ref’s back was turned. Wilson tagged back in as they kept Briggs in their corner. He landed a series of European uppercuts, but Briggs then hit a series of his own, so Wilson grabbed an ankle pick and then pounded away. He slapped at Briggs only for the big man to slap him back, but Wilson maintained a sleeper. Briggs rose to his fee as Prince made a sneaky tag. Wilson went to the outside, but Prince beat on Briggs and then cinched in a rear naked choke.

Briggs rose to his feet again and dove with Prince on his back to tag in Jensen. Jensen took it to Prince, but after a bit, they hit simultaneous crossbodies. Jensen’s boot came off as Prince was pulling on it, then he kicked out Prince. Gallus showed up as security went to stop them. Briggs stupidly went to meet them. Henley went after Legend as Prince rolled up a distracted Jensen for the victory. Hell broke loose as all three teams entered the ring and attacked each other, then to the outside with security in tow.

-Rose was in the back as Shayna Baszler appeared (yes!). Baszler, with contempt in her face, mentioned holding the title as Rose called her “honey” and that she’ll surpass Baszler soon. Rose mentioned Baszler’s match against Liv Morgan. Baszler said the baddest bitch in the game, well, when she had the title, it wasn’t a debate, but it’s a question everyday with Rose. She said Rose better unify the titles for the brand and for herself, and if she loses, then everything’s she said over the last year is garbage. She ain’t lying!

-The same video on Connor’s Cure that aired last night on Raw aired.

-Chase U’s music played as Andre Chase, Thea Hail, and Bodhi Heyward made their way. The fans went wild for Chase U. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: That was a match to build the triple threat match, and Henley and Legend barely played a role in the match. Do I really care about the match on Sunday? Not particularly, but it should be fine as long as there is a title change.)

-McKenzie Mitchell was in the back with J.D. McDonagh as he said people have a lot to say about his experiments with pain and the human body. He said Wes Lee is a plebian. He asked if she knows what it’s like to have a resting heart rate of 40 or have mundane things like feelings. He said he’d rather be creepy than emotionally fragile like Lee. He asked if she agreed. She said yeah in shock and fear and threw back to Joseph and Barrett.

-I’m excited as this will be my first look at William Regal’s son in the ring. He made his entrance as they showed the events of last week.

(4) ANDRE CHASE (w/Bodhi Heyward & Thea Hail) vs. CHARLIE DEMPSEY – Singles match

Dempsey used a side headlock takedown and his style is decidedly a British technical one. Chase hit a head scissors, but Dempsey used good neck power to break out. Chase reversed a sub and hit a pin for a two-count. Chase kept sprawling away from subs, using an amateur background as Barrett mentioned Dempsey’s British catch-as-catch-can style. They maintained hold of hands and hit bridges to avoid pins. Every time Dempsey went for a hold, Chase would wiggle out and land a move, this time a hip toss. He taunted Dempsey with a teachable moment. They then traded hammerlocks, then forearms, then Dempsey got the better. Dempsey hit a butterfly suplex pin, maintaining the hold. He then went for a crossface, but Chase blocked. Dempsey then locked in a cattle mutilation-like sub, but Chase fought out.

Chase landed punches, then an inverted atomic drop, finishing with a side Russian leg sweep. He did his Chase U stomps, then a sit-down uranage. On the pin, Dempsey kicked out into an armbar, then chained into a heel hook, then an STF like his father used to back in the day. Chase was right in front of the rope, Heyward egging him on, but Dempsey kicked Heyward and then hit a gutwrench on the outside. He reentered only for Chase to hit a leg-capture pinning combination for the victory. Dempsey was irate.

WINNER: Andre Chase at 5:17 (leg-capture pin)

-They showed Satomura in the back. Alba Fyre met her and said the title looks good on Satomura. Satomura said she won it from a great champion. Fyre wished her luck.

-Stark’s music hit for her match with James. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Yeah, Dempsey is going to quickly become one of my favorites, huh?)

-Bate was walking in the back as he came upon Gunther with the Intercontinental Championship. He said he’s here to remind Bate that the NXT UK Championship has a legacy and Gunther is the longest-reigning champion in history. He said Bate must bring the Bate who fought him for 45 minutes for that title.

-James was in the ring.

(5) ZOEY STARK vs. KIANA JAMES – Singles match

They circled, but Stark got the better. She hit a unique twisting senton with a little springboard from the top, but missed a full-speed baseball slide. She was able to counter James after that, but James sent her into the turnbuckles. James tried a series of pins for only one-counts to her frustration. Stark fought back, but James hit a big arm wringer to slam Stark to the mat. James locked in a sub on the left arm, but Stark fought out and hit a bunch of clotheslines, then a superkick to the knee and a running knee for a two-count. James grabbed the ropes to prevent a hold, then slammed Stark to the mat by the hair. She hit a standing moonsault for a two-count. Stark then hit a superkick, yelled at James, then hit Dope Finisher, which is basically a flipping Go-2-Sleep. James tried attacking after the match, but Nikkita Lyons intercepted her with a spear.

WINNER: Zoey Stark at 4:23 (Dope Finisher)

-Mitchell was in the back with Blair Davenport. Davenport said both NXTs were built off of the women’s division, but no one’s done what she will do in unifying the titles on Sunday. She was interrupted by Rhea Ripley. The crowd popped big. Ripley looked at her with amused disdain and said she built both brands when she grabbed the balls of both and made them hers. She said not to screw it up.

-Gallus’ music hit to no reaction. Security followed them out again. [c]

-They returned with Nathan Frazer holding a WWE comic book next to someone doing the same, blocking their face. It was Axiom. Frazer said it’s a shame that Axiom wasn’t able to experience NXT UK (ha!). Axiom said maybe their worlds could collide since, you know, he didn’t get to experience NXT UK. Frazer brought up British Rounds matches and the Heritage Cup, explaining it to the former A-Kid, winner of the Heritage Cup. They agreed to best of three and I don’t know if they mean best of three British Rounds matches or best of three overall.

-Diamond Mine made their entrance. This will be a long main event as the bell will ring with about 20 minutes until the top of the hour.

(6) GALLUS (Joe Coffey & Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) vs. DIAMOND MINE (The Creed Brothers & Damon Kemp) – Six-man tag team match

Julius and Joe Coffey began the match. Coffey looks to be more fit than when I lasted watched UK in about early 2021. Coffey gained control with a headbutt before Julius hit a suplex and tagged in his brother. Brutus hit a fireman’s carry and held the left arm. Coffey fought out and hit a big punch, then tagged in his brother. They hit a double chop as Mark then ate a knee from Brutus. Brutus hit a deadlift gutwrench. Kemp tagged in and hit a go-behind, then fought off Coffey, who hit Kemp with a leaping European uppercut. Kemp hit a fallaway slam and Wolfgang tagged in. Wolfgang took control, but Kemp used his amateur skills to hit a few takedowns. He forced Wolfgang into their corner and tagged in Brutus. Wolfgang went for a hip toss, but Brutus landed on his feet. All three then took down Gallus and smashed away. [c]

Brutus fought out of Gallus control with a backbody drop as they returned, tagging in Julius who hit a gutwrench and immediately kipped up. Joe hit a rollup, but Julius held on and deadlifted Joe into a suplex. He hit an ankle lock, but Gallus pulled their leader outside. Julius went after them, hitting Wolfgang as Joe ducked. Julius slipped on the apron that was pulled by Joe on the ankle lock, then Mark tagged in and hit a half Nelson suplex for a two-count. Joe tagged back in and took it to Julius. Julius fought to his feet, but Wolfgang tagged in and hit a running back splash into Julius for a two-count. Julius tried fighting out of Wolfgang’s grasp, and he finally was able to make the tag to Kemp as Joe tagged in.

Kemp went at it with crappy looking rapid punches, then a combo of belly-to-belly suplexes to Joe. He forearmed the hell out of Joe, then went back to Mark. Suddenly, Strong made it to ringside with his phone to show what happened. Kemp took the phone and stomped on it. Kemp reentered and hit a spinebuster, but he didn’t see Coffey make the tag. Coffey hit his big lariat for the victory as security held back Strong only for Pretty Deadly to attack from the crowd. Briggs and Jensen then came into the fray with Jensen using his boot as a weapon. The men’s locker room, including Ikemen Jiro and his sweet, sweet blazer-pants set, came out to help. I thought that was the main event, but guess not?

WINNER: Gallus at 11:01 (lariat)

-They showed Breakker in the back enjoying it as someone set a chair – Tomasso Ciampa. Ciampa said he did a lot of things in his time in NXT, but nothing was more important than the time he spent with Goldie. He asked if he could hold the title; Breakker obliged. Ciampa said the NXT Championship and the brand mean the world to him, but it’s Breakker’s world now. He said Breakker has the chance to make history. He said the pressure, the anxiety, the fear of losing is all normal, and to embrace it when the bell rings to represent the legacy, their legacy, and to win.

-Hayes and Williams then made their way, interrupting Joseph. Hayes said the issues is he’s not on Worlds Collide, and they’re going to address it next. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Strong definitely found something, but he chose a very inopportune time to reveal that to Diamond Mine. What’s going to happen when it’s potentially revealed that someone else has been pulling the strings, pitting all four men against each other?)

-They returned with “The Super Diva” Quincy Elliot vignette (YES!). He said everyone thought they knew who he was and is, but they don’t know. He said he’s flier than a reindeer in the winter. He said the old saying is life ain’t perfect, “but y’all don’t live the life of Quincy, ‘The Super Diva.'”

-They confirmed a fatal four-way to unify the men’s tag titles for Sunday, then Carter & Chance vs. Doudrop & A.S.H. They ran through the rest of the Worlds Collide card.


-Hayes’ music hit as he and Williams angrily, with focus, made their way to the ring.


Williams said Hayes comes out her every week and puts out banger after banger after banger after banger. He said they’re not telling jokes tonight and asked Hayes to tell the people exactly what Hayes told him in the back. Hayes said he’s trying to figure out how they’re keeping out the best champ, the A-Champ, off the show. He mentioned rebel heart and dreams and swerves, and said he unified titles eight months ago, “Let’s talk about it.” He said they said the North American Championship was secondary, but he’s secondary to nothing. He said he will not be taking his talents to Worlds Collide since there’s nobody on his level or below him. He said because that is all it is and that’s all it’s going to be.

The arena went black. Ricochet’s music then hit as the first North American Champion made his way to the ring to a big reception from the crowd. He won the inaugural title in the six-man ladder match that many consider one of the best ladder matches in pro wrestling history. Hayes looked shocked as “Rick” made his way to the ring. Hayes said Ricochet has a microphone, but, “I don’t know if he knows how to use it or not.” Yo! Ricochet said for the sake of everyone, please shut the hell up for five seconds. The crowd responded with a chant in turn. Ricochet said Hayes can’t do what he does in the ring. Hayes interrupted him, saying he may be the one and only, but Ricochet is also one of many. Ricochet congratulated Hayes on his success, but then said it’s not amazing that you’ve had multiple title defenses because nobody remembers any of them. Ricochet kept saying homeboy and then challenged Hayes. Williams tried a sneak attack, but ate a superkick. Hayes went for his springboard lariat, but ate a Recoil instead. Pretty Ricky held up the title and then talked some smack to Hayes.

(Hazelwood’s Take: Holy, Ricochet was actually good on the mic! He seemed more relatable and realistic, aside from his homeboy mentions. I just found a new favorite for match of the night on Sunday).

FINAL THOUGHTS: For a go-home show for what is actually a PLE on Sunday night, it was a fun show. Sure, you can quibble with the amount of tag matches to get everyone involved, but what was really well done was putting over the importance of the NXT and NXT UK titles to the wrestlers and vicariously to the viewers. I’m not a big fan of full-fledge heels on Monday nights – like Balor and Ciampa – suddenly playing face to encourage their lineage, but what Triple H is showing more and more is that there will be carryover and ties from NXT to Monday and Friday nights. NXT’s history is no longer self-contained and will be a factor in stories and angles in the future.

Listen to PWT Talks NXT live or by download for more detailed thoughts on the show!

-Update: I’ve been informed Ricochet was not the first NA Champion. I was basing it off memory in the moment and should have looked it up. Adam Cole was the first, but Ricochet was involved in the ladder match. I just remember Ricochet’s moments in that more and that’s why I Mandela Effected myself. Sorry about that!

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