Triple H confirms Brock Lesnar walkout, talks details of working with Lesnar post-McMahon


Brock Lesnar bleeding at Backlash was planned


Triple H confirmed in an interview with Ariel Helwani on Friday morning that some details of Brock Lesnar walking out of Smackdown on the day Vince McMahon retired were true. Triple H also discussed Brock Lesnar’s relationship with Vince McMahon and the trust that was present between the two men.

“There’s some truth to it, yeah,” Triple H said of news that Lesnar walked out of Smackdown. “Look, you have to understand Brock’s relationship with Vince. And I think if you look at Brock’s relationship across combat sports period, he has a relationship with Dana that’s a certain way and he has a relationship with Vince that’s a certain way. But, Vince is the devil he knows.

“Brock is inherently not a trusting person. It’s just how he is. He doesn’t like people. He’s not a trusting person and I think in that moment where you just hear that Vince is out, it’s like ‘now what’s gonna happen? I’m outta here.’ I think there was just a moment of that. Nothing more nothing less … It was a moment of, I’m going to walk on this and comes back. I have a great relationship with Brock. Have we had issues over the years, eh, because he was a talent and I was a talent? The talent get along to some degree, but there is also a very real rivalry between all of them … they all want that spot.

“Brock’s not a ‘well, let me just deal with these people over here to take that off your plate Vince,’ kinda guy. When he wants something, he calls Vince. When he has wanted to do a deal, he called Vince directly. It’s just a different time now and now that he’s had a moment to digest it. Once he had an opportunity to digest it, he came back to the building, we did business that night, we had long conversations of where we would go next and liked what he heard, liked how he’s been dealt with, so it’s all good now.”

Triple H also spoke about assuming the Head of Creative role in WWE and said it was overwhelming, but that you must simply just “go and do the job.”

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