EXCLUSIVE: David Finlay talks working in Japan vs. the US, mentors, more (part two)


David Finlay talks career future


David Finlay said that at the moment he prefers working in the United States due to the crowds being able to react vocally, but that he doesn’t change much of what he does in the ring based on where he’s performing.

In an interview with PWTorch Assistant Editor, Zack Heydorn, Finlay talked about working in Japan and the US, while also detailing who has been valuable mentors to him as he’s climbed the ranks in the pro wrestling business.

“While I do currently prefer working in the US in front of a crowd that can actually vocalize their emotions, I don’t change what I do,” Finlay said. “I’ve actually gotten used to the Japanese clapping crowds. Sometimes it’s mind numbing and a little heart breaking because I know clap only crowds isn’t how wrestling is meant to be, but I tune out what I can’t control and tune in to the task at hand. Regardless of the crowd, there’s a guy across the ring from me that I have to beat and I give 100% every time I’m in the ring. That being said, I am ready to hear the Japanese fans again. Nothing beats a white-hot Korakuen Hall.”

David Finlay named his father, Fit Finlay, as a valuable mentor throughout his career, but spoke highly of other key names in the business as well.

“I’ve been very fortunate in my wrestling journey. A lot of people have looked out for me and been good to me but I think my three biggest mentors would my dad (Fit Finlay), Kevin Kelly, and Tyson Kidd,” Finlay said. “My dad has taught me almost everything I know. Anyone that knows him will tell you that he’s a wizard when it comes to wrestling. I didn’t get trained at wrestling school or anything like that. It was just me and dad in a ring in our garage and it’s started off with me fighting for my life and then he’d gradually teach me some things, but I had to earn the knowledge first. We don’t live in the same city anymore. so he’s less hands on these days, but he calls me after every big match I have and tells me how I can improve. I’m lucky that he’s my dad/coach/mentor.

“Kevin Kelly is my like my road dad. His knowledge on the history of wrestling is second to none and he’s got a front row seat to everything that happens. He’s my go to guy when I’m on the road. Tyson Kidd is my mentor at home. I live in Florida, so I don’t have access to my dads ring. I like to stay active to keep the rust away, especially since my schedule slowed down due to Covid. Tyson and Nattie were kind enough to let me come roll around with some of their students on the regular, so I’ve been utilizing that when I have free time. I’m also a fan of Tyson’s wrestling style, so I like to pick his brain. I’d actually give him a lot of credit as to why I had such a good G1.”

Part three of Zack Heydorn’s interview will drop this evening during NXT 2.0

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