HEYDORN’S WWE RAW RECEIPT 9/5: Dominik Mysterio strong in his first night as a heel


WWE Raw analysis


This week’s episode of WWE Raw has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-Call me impressed. I didn’t think Dominik Mysterio had it in him to play the heel, but so far so good. He looked smug and like you wanted to reach through the television screen and slap him. Good for Dominik as he needed this story, so as to be his own character and not just Rey Mysterio’s son.

-The angle worked well with Edge and Rey Mysterio, too. This Judgement Day thing with Dominik is entirely more interesting than it was without him and significantly more interesting than it was with Edge. Thumbs up to that story right now.

-Soooooooo, Braun Strowman is back, but the tag team division? Put out to pasture. Look, I get really wanting to make Strowman look like a monster. I really do. The thing is, why the tag division. There are countless jobber acts backstage that a) get some television time and b) serve as perfect Braun Strowman monster fodder.

-Raquel Gonzalez and Aliyah with a serviceable first night as tag champions, but it just feels so damn inevitable that those belts are going around the waist of Damage Control.

-Kevin Owens vs. Austin Theory on the microphone was some fire and really painted both in a good light. Owens is building momentum right now and if it keeps up, he’ll be in the conversation of guys to beat Roman Reigns. Both guys seemed to have a genuine chemistry, which is always a blast to watch.

-Kevin Owens vs. Austin Theory in the ring? Also, good. The chemistry was there, as was the crowd reaction. Clear lanes and both men are driving in them nicely.

-Ok, Bayley. I see what you did there. Pretty good mic work from her and she needed it. Pinning Bianca Belair is clearly going to setup a match between both women, but Bayley’s attitude, along Belair’s strong performance as a fighting babyface, contrasted in the best way possible.

-Johnny Gargano will get in the ring next week on Monday Night Raw. Johnny Gargano vs. Monday Night Football. Who would have thought it? Kidding. We don’t know his opponent yet, but the program he’s in appears to be with Theory. Smart stuff given their history.

-Rey Mysterio vs. Damian Priest was a well told story and helped Dominik solidify himself as a heel. Special recognition goes to Rey Mysterio in all honesty. I mean, my goodness, he seems like he is reinvigorated with this story.

-Some simple, but very effective follow-up on the part of Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins this week on WWE Raw. Filler material, but helpful in getting from the Clash at the Castle match to the rematch down the road. Simple can work well in professional wrestling.

-A good main event cage match this week between Bobby Lashley and The Miz for the WWE United States Championship. It was well built throughout the show as well thanks to promos from Lashley and Miz. The US title continues to be elevated due to the absence of Roman Reigns and calculated focus it gets on a weekly basis.

-Ok, just a great shot of Lumis sliding out from under the cage to scare Miz. I mean, you knew it was coming, but that popped me and rightfully so. They more they do that type of reveal for him, the more he plants himself in comedy zone, though. If WWE is thinking of wanting to strike a different tone with him, they’ll want to take a look at that.

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