HEYDORN’S NXT 2.0 RECEIPT 9/13: Solo Sikoa winning North American Title opens up many opportunities


Solo Sikoa comments on Bray Wyatt's return


This week’s episode of WWE NXT 2.0 has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-The chemistry and contrast between The Creed Brothers and Pretty Deadly is notable and fun to watch. If those four don’t wrestle at a WrestleMania against each other one day, I’ll be very surprised.

-Pretty Deadly retaining the titles is the smart call. The Creed Brothers chasing is money.

-It’s so, so, so, so, so hard to watch Von Wagner. There is just nothing authentic and genuine about him. He might as well be holding a paper script when he talks. Wagner is one of the guys that seemingly had a much larger upside with Vince McMahon in charge.

-Some messy work between Lash Legend and Fallon Henley. Both women have potential, but don’t appear to be ready for national televised wrestling matches quite yet.

-Mandy Rose continues to show tremendous amount of growth. She’s never going to be Becky Lynch in the ring, but she has found a character and a presence. Very important in 2022 WWE.

-Alba Fyre is a smart next opponent for Rose. She’s likely not going to win the championship, but is very credible and a worthy opponent for Rose to talk about beating. The act has turned into something compelling, too.

-I loved the Quincy Elliott debut. High energy from the start and is an act that has enough legs to grow, maintain longevity, and impactful.

-I’ll buy the angle between Joey Gacy and Cameron Grimes. A fun little pivot that allowed Gacy’s character to impact Grimes in a positive way. If handled with care, this story can work.

-Tony D? What happened? D’Angelo is coming off a surprisingly good feud that showed his range, but doesn’t seem on a path to anything right now. He showed something with Escobar and Team Triple H needs to expand on it.

-Bron Breakker came across as very likable in the interview with Vic Joseph. A smart tool to pull in order to continue present Breakker as the face of the brand. He came across pretty darn real in this, which is a big step.

-Still not in on Nikkita Lyons. Sorry, folks.

-Hank Walker wins! Is the guy a wrestler? He’s not, but man, he can fight. Look, the idea here is interesting, but it may be more interesting in theory than in practice. Not sure what the long-term potential is with it due to the novelty of the act.

-Solo Sikoa and Carmelo Hayes had a helluva match and Sikoa as NXT North American Championship makes perfect sense. He’ll hold gold on the WWE main roster with The Bloodline, Carmelo Hayes is free to challenge for the main NXT Championship, and maybe Hayes will get the call to Raw? Hayes losing that title opens up many opportunities.

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