10/7 WWE EXTREME RULES 2022 KICKOFF SHOW REPORT: Final Extreme Rules hype, more


WWE Extreme Rules kickoff show report


OCTOBER 7, 2022

WWE Summerslam Kickoff Panel: Jerry Lawler, Booker T, Kevin Patrick, Peter Rosenberg

-Kevin Patrick served as tonight’s moderator as Kayla Braxton is under the weather.

Video package: Belair vs. Bayley, Ladder match

Kevin described Bayley (and her faction Damage CTRL) as a “tsunami” crashing down on Belair. Lawler said he liked Bayley because she’s the only person that hates Michael Cole as much as he does. Peter said he was perplexed about who has the advantage in their ladder match: Bayley can win without having to pin Belair, but Bayley is also coming off of an injury. He wondered if she could be hindered going up and down a ladder. Booker said the thing about being injured is that you wonder if you can ever perform the same way again after recovery. Lawler mentioned that outside interference could play a big role in a ladder match.

Video package: Edge vs. Balor, “I Quit” match

Kevin said he can’t imagine Balor or Edge saying “I quit.” Lawler thought back to Edge’s first comeback, and how the basis for the comeback was how he “wasn’t yet ready to quit.” He said he could see Balor saying he quits at the hands of Edge. Booker said he’s heard Edge talk about the “aches and pains, the bones creakin’.” He said he didn’t want to see Edge “separated from his senses” tonight, but it seems that’s where Edge is willing to go. Peter said he’d love Edge’s chances in a straight-up singles match, but that won’t be the case tonight with Judgment Day roaming about. Booker predicted that this would be the final match of Edge’s career.

Video package: Morgan vs. Rousey, Extreme Rules match

Patrick said Morgan is the only wrestler to have two pin falls against Rousey. Booker complimented Morgan for referring to the title as “her championship.” Peter said it’s “moving day,” that something is going to change after this match: Either Rousey is knocked out as a contender, or Morgan loses and shows that her title run wasn’t as special as anyone thought. Lawler added that should Rousey lose, she’d no longer be the “baddest woman on the planet.” Booker, standing up from his chair, declared that Morgan was going to bring the thunder tonight.

Video package: Logan Paul vs. Reigns (upcoming PLE Crown Jewel, November 5)

Peter said he loves the “Honorary Uce,” and that Logan Paul was not going to beat Reigns. Booker said if you’re going to shoot your shot, you might as well shoot it at the biggest dog in the yard: Roman Reigns.

Video package: McIntyre vs. Kross, Strap Match

Kevin said this will be the first strap match in WWE since 2013 (Sheamus defeated Mark Henry, Extreme Rules 2013). Peter said this isn’t the old school version where you have to touch all four corners – it’s pinfall or submission. Lawler recalled a strap match against Austin Idol, where Idol unhooked his end of the strap and tied it to the ring post, allowing him to run around the ring and beat his brains out. Booker said this match was all about staying close to the championship picture.

A white rabbit segment interrupted the Kickoff panel for ten seconds. We returned to the panel who were unaware of the interruption.

Video package: Brawling Brutes vs. Imperium, Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match

The panel pivoted to Riddle vs. Rollins and their Fight Pit match. Kevin said that Daniel Cormier, tonight’s special guest referee, said that Riddle, an “MMA specialist,” would be in his element tonight, and that Rollins would be lost. Booker said that Rollins would win the match by hook or by crook. Kevin mentioned how Rollins brought up Riddle’s personal life, and Kevin specifically cited Riddle “not being able to see his kids.”

Video package: Riddle vs. Rollins, Fight Pit match

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