10/12 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Keller’s report on Jericho vs. Danielson for the ROH Title, Pac vs. Cassidy, Jungle Boy vs. Luchasaurus, MJF and Mox speak


OCTOBER 12, 2022

Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Tony Schiavone


-The Dynamite opening theme aired.

-Pryo blasted on the stage as Excalibur introduced the show, noting they were in Canada for the first time. He threw to “the newest member of our broadcast team.”

-Renee Paquette walked out and said hello to Toronto. She introduced another Canada-native, Christian Cage. She asked how it feels to be back in Toronto. He said as the face of Toronto and the country of Canada, he’s going to guarantee a victory tonight for Luchasaurus. He said it’s a lock, like the Toronto Maple Leafs losing in the first round of the playoffs. Tony Schiavone said, “That’s pretty stiff.”

(Keller’s Analysis: Adding Renee to the broadcast shouldn’t be underestimated. She’s so smooth and has great cache with fans and just knows how to conduct an interview in a believable fashion to help facilitate the intended message.) [c]


As Luchasaurus walked out, Excalibur talked about Luchasaurus swerving Jungle Boy into thinking he was back on his side when he was with Christian joined in on commentary. He said he’s not worried about Luchasaurus winning, thus he’s on commentary and not at ringside. Fans were into JB’s early offense. JB imitated Christian with his hand up above his eyes looking for him at the announce desk. Unfortunately, JB looking for Christian led to Luchasaurus recovering and taking over offense. Taz said JB needs to stay focused. Luchasaurus set up a table at ringside. Fans chanted “We Want Tables.” JB tried to fight back, but Luchasaurus shoved him into the ringpost. They cut to a split-screen break. [c/ss]

Back from the break, they battled on the ring apron and JB landed a running sunset bomb over the top rope, sending Luchasaurus crashing through the table. Christian stood and yelled that JB should be disqualified. He made his way to ringside as JB rolled Luchasaurus back into the ring. JB turned and noticed Christian approaching him. JB returned to the ring and kicked Luchasaurus twice. Luchasaurus came back with a clothesline and a fireman’s carry into a slam for a near fall. (Not sure about getting powerbombed off the ring apron through a table being a transition spot, although he was still selling his shoulder at least.)

A minute later, JB hung Luchasaurus upside down in the corner. When he charged the corner, Luchasaurus head scissored him and then threw him hard into the opposite corner followed by a chokeslam for a two count. A dueling chant broke out. JB landed a crucifix slam for a near fall. He set up a Kill Switch on Luchasaurus, but Luchasaurus escaped. JB landed an inverted head scissors backwards piledriver followed by a Kill Switch for a convincing near fall. The crowd counted along and popped for the kickout.

JB then applied his Snare Trap. Luchasaurus crawled toward the bottom rope and grabbed it. Christian held onto Luchasaurus’s arm. JB dropped to ringside to pursue Christian. When he returned, he climbed to the top rope. Christian distracted JB again, giving Luchasaurus a chance to one-arm chokeslam him off the top rope. He followed with his finisher for the win.

WINNER: Luchasaurus in 13:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Really good match. JB made some choices to be overly concerned with Christian that cost him the match, which isn’t great for a babyface usually, but given the animosity between JB and Christian, it’s more understandable he’d lose his composure when in Christian’s vicinity.)

-Backstage, Renee interviewed Stokely Hathaway, Ethan Page, and Jose the Assistant. She asked why they were celebrating. Matt Hardy and Private Party barged in. Matt asked what Stokely was doing. Stokely said Matt wanted Private Party free, so he bought their contract. Ethan said he’s ready to fight anytime, and he should let Private Party fight their own battles. Ethan told Marq Quen that if he can beat him on Friday, he’s no longer under their control, but if he wins, Matt Hardy is under The Firm’s contractual control also. Matt agreed.


Q.T. Marshall made fun of Wardlow and Samoa Joe calling themselves “WarJoe.” (Wait until he hears what Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland call themselves!) Wardlow came out first. When Joe came out second, it sounded like he got the bigger pop. Joe and Wardlow fended off a jump-start at the bell. As Wardlow beat Comoroto at ringside, Joe landed a leaping senton on Marshall in the ring. Joe stepped aside to avoid a diving Marshall, which is a cool signature spot from Joe that the crowd popped for. Fans chanted “Wardlow!” after he tagged in. Excalibur touted the standing room only crowd.

With Comorato down, Wardlow leaped off the top rope with a flip senton that largely overshot Comoroto, unfortunately. Joe followed with his sleeper for the win. Afterward, Joe grabbed Marshall’s head and yanked him into position for a Wardlow post-match powerbomb.

WINNERS: Joe & Wardlow in 3:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: The crowd was super into Wardlow and Joe. Nobody minded Marshall, on general principle, getting a post-match powerbomb from Wardlow, but it’d have been better if Marshall antagonized them afterward to justify it.)

-Prince Nana led The Embassy to the ring. Brian Cage said nobody wants to see them powerbomb Marshall. He said they stuck their noses in their business when they had FTR right where they wanted them last week. He said he hasn’t seen FTR all day, but maybe they weren’t even allowed into Canada. Suddenly, FTR’s music played and the crowd popped. Dax smiled as the crowd chanted “FTR!” He said there’s three of them at ringside, and they have a perfect partner in mind for Rampage. Dax asked Cash what time Rampage starts. Cash said at 10. Shawn Spears then came out, minus chairs. He’s from Canada. Spears threw Solo into the ring. FTR then gave Solo their Big Rig.

(Keller’s Analysis: Man, FTR are so over. Solid enough set-up for a six-man tag match on Friday. Is this a reboot of Spears? Glad to see the Chairman gimmick gone, if it is. Spears still seems like he would have some value in AEW if he could get rid of the smirk and series of bad gimmicks.)

-Schiavone interviewed Chris Jericho, Angelo Parker, and Matt Menard. Parker said Bryan Danielson is a piece of garbage for trying to poach Danny Garcia from them. Menard was seething mad at Garcia. Jericho said Garcia is like family to them – like a son to Parker and Mendard “and like a little brother to me.” (Ha!) He said Garcia hasn’t returned his calls and texts all week and it’s tearing him apart, and it’s Danielson’s fault. He said he’s going to outwrestle Danielson and out-fight him and leave the Ring of Jericho Champion.


Max Caster rapped his way to the ring with Anthony Bowens and Gunn. He made a reference to Justin Trudeau wearing blackface (in 2001) and other Canada references that popped the crowd. Billy shoulder checked Swerve to the mat, then teased mooning Swerve. Swerve dropkicked Gunn low. They cut to a split-screen break. [c/ss]

Swerve stayed in control during the break. Gunn made a comeback and hit a couple of clotheslines. Excalibur noted there wasn’t a lot of force behind them. (They didn’t look that bad.) He slammed Swerve, then went into a powerbomb set-up, but then he scissored his fingers and went for a Fameasser. Swerve escaped it and landed flatliner. He climbed to the top rope, did the scissors gesture, then landed a double stomp for a near fall. The crowd popped for the kickout. Gunn went for a roll-up, but Swerve rolled through and then leaned back onto Gunn and held the bottom rope to score the three count.

WINNER: Swerve in 9:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: There’s no good reason for Swerve needing to cheat to beat Gunn at this point, even if Swerve is the heel. The match okay.)

-After the match, Caster and Bowens entered the ring and set up a scissoring mid-ring. “Smart” Mark Sterling interrupted from the stage with Tony Nese. He said he sent an email earlier with an important document. Nese said the document is from the greatest country in the world, the USA. Fans booed. Taz said, “I thought they were our friends here.” Sterling said he trademarked the scissors gesture and catch phrase, and he gets all their t-shirt sales money. They were about to scissors mid-ring. Sterling told them to do it because he’ll sue them hard and they’ll be so tied up in the court system, they’d have to forfeit their titles. He said he’s willing to work with them on this, though. He said he has some ideas. He then said, “Scissors me, Daddy Nese!” He and Nese scissored obnoxiously. Fans booed.

-A clip aired of the MJF-Wheeler Yuta angle last week, including Lee Moriarty attacking Yuta before a handshake and MJF being upset with Moriarty.

-Alex Marvez interviewed MJF backstage. He asked about what happened last week, including what he called “a curious interaction with William Regal through all this.” Stokely walked in and began talking about what “they” did. MJF said he didn’t like what he did and now he has to put him on time out. He said that was strike two. He said he’ll fire him if he doesn’t wait for his orders. He told him to leave and said “buh-bye.”

MJF turned back to Marvez and said Regal is his “British little buddy.” He said they have a dark past that he doesn’t want to be reminded of. He said he’s not afraid to remind him of the story. He said he isn’t even sure if he was going to shake Yuta’s hand. He said he’s been reflecting this past week on how nice guys finish last. He said he knows the entire locker room hates him and wants to see him dead, and that makes up a large part of their audience, also. He said they don’t have a damn clue to know what it’s like to be MJF, splashing water on his face every morning knowing he has no choice but to be the bad guy. He said he has broken his hand many times punching his reflection. He said he doesn’t like himself anymore either. “But that is what it takes to become the champion of the world,” he said. He said he is the man with the plan, the man with the chip, and a generational talent. [c]

-Schivaone stood mid-ring and said Toronto has the “greatest wrestling fans in the world.” He noted next week they’ll air on Tuesday and will feature Jon Moxley vs. “Hangman” Page. He introduced Moxley, who made his way out through the crowd. He paced in the ring and then said, “After three years, damn it’s good to be in Toronto!” He said for a lot of that three years, he’s been champion. He said wrestlers have come from all over to try to unseat him, and being champion isn’t fun and games or easy. He said there’s a target on his back, with people wanting his time and energy, and you live in pain and everyone wants to see you fail. He said some champions crumble under the pressure and self-destruct, “some sooner than others.” (Was that a dig at C.M. Punk for “crumbling” the night of his win?) He said a champion doesn’t have the luxury to self-doubt or be anxious. “You have to be ruthless and indiscriminate,” he said. “Damn, I love this job.” He said that brings them to his boy, Hangman Page. Hangman’s music played and he walked out.


Hangman said that whatever he has to say, he wants him to say it to his face. He said it meant the world to him that Mox said he respects him as a wrestler and a person. He said he’s watched him for the past three years and has come to respect who he is in the ring and outside of it. He said he’s a hell of a champion, father, and husband. He said there were times in the last three years, he saw the kind of man he wanted to be. They cut to MJF watching from up the stands with the chip. Hangman noticed, but then told Mox he took exception when he called him “a nice kid.” He asked in Mox’s face, “Am I a kid to you?” Mox said,  “That’s exactly what I think about you.” He said next week in Cincinnati, if he gets the shot to take him out, he doesn’t think he has the guts to pull the trigger.

Hangman said he might not be the same guy he was a year ago. He said he hesitated in May and it cost him the championship. He said he failed to win the Trios Tournament with his old friends. He said his old friends have disappeared. Some boos. He said he’s left with nothing, so he’s not the same. “I’m angry, I’m frustrated, I can’t sleep at night, I’m anxious, I’m depressed!” he yelled. “The medicine is not working, but I am still here because I am a man.” He said he’s 31, a former tag champ and world champ. He said he’s watching family members be lowered into the ground and brought new life into the world, like Mox has. He punched himself in the head and said he keeps coming back because he is a man. Mox shrugged and they showed MJF eating popcorn, leaning back in his chair. A “Cowboy Shit” chant rang out.

Hangman said he doesn’t care if his family is in the crowd next week, he’ll beat him within an inch of his life and take back what he should have never let slip away. He said he has nothing other than the shot and his word. He said Tuesday he’ll take that shot and tonight he’ll give him his word that he will be the next AEW World Champion. Hangman noticed he was bruised from punching himself. Some fans chanted “MJF!” Other fans booed. Hangman said he wanted to tell him that face-to-face, man-to-man. He dropped the mic and left. Mox stared him down as he left to his music playing.

(Keller’s Analysis: Hangman is one of the most underutilized promos in AEW the last few years. That wasn’t his best, but it was really good. Mox was really good before Hangman came out and had great body language reacting to him. MJF served to distract, though, from an otherwise really compelling promo.) [c]

-A video package aired of vintage ROH footage of Bryan Danielson winning the ROH Title back in the 2000s with Jericho narrating the video and comparing this fight to some of the biggest in boxing and pro wrestling such as Ali-Frasier and Steamboat-Flair. He said he expects a heroes welcome since it’s been five years since he wrestled in his home country.

(Keller’s Analysis: There we go.)


Ian Riccaboni joined the announce team. Danielson came out first to cheers. Then Jericho came out as “Lionhart” Chris Jericho to White Zombie’s “Let Sleeping Corpses Lie.” Toronto fans were disappointed they didn’t get to sing to “Judas,” so they just went ahead and sang the song on their own. The announcers talked about Dynamite airing on Tuesday next week. Excalibur talked about Danielson’s successful ROH Title defenses against Samoa Joe, Marifuji, Lance Storm, Christopher Daniels, and Kenta. Riccaboni said it was the longest reign at that time. They cut to a break a few minutes in. [c]

Danielson applied a crossface after the break. Jericho escaped and shifted Danielson into a Walls of Jericho, which got a pop. Danielson escaped and mounted Jericho and punched him. Some boos. He then applied the Walls to even louder boos. Jericho escaped and landed a Death Valley Driver. Danielson avoided a Lionsault, then hit a leaping knee off the top rope. He played to the crowd and got booed. He leaped off the top rope again, but Jericho countered mid-air with a Code Breaker for a near fall. Fans chanted “Y2J!” Jericho shoved Danielson into the ref. With the ref down, they collided mid-ring with simultaneous clotheslines. Menard grabbed the ROH Title belt and slid it to Jericho. Jericho held up the ROH belt. Riccaboni was disappointed in Jericho’s threat because it had been “a good wrestling match” to that point. Daniel Garcia ran out and yanked the belt out of Jericho’s arms. Riccaboni thanked Garcia for standing up for the Code of Honor. Danielson then hit Jericho with a Psycho Knee. Garcia then used the belt to KO Danielson. The crowd gasped, and then cheered, as Garcia stood over a KO’d Danielson. Riccaboni called it heartbreaking. Jericho crawled over and covered Danielson as the ref recovered enough to count to three. Jericho hugged Garcia.

WINNER: Jericho to retain the ROH Title 15:00.

-Regal, Claudio, and Yuta marched out. Garcia jumped out of the ring and left with his J.A.S. teammates.

(Keller’s Analysis: My hopes for a Danielson & Garcia run as 2023’s Tag Team of the Year is shattered. That twist felt like an audible as nothing pointed that direction all this way. I’ll see what they have in mind before judging firmly, but at this point I don’t like this decision.)

-Renee interviewed Nyla Rose backstage, as Vickie Guerrero was shining the TBS Title belt around her waist. Marina Shafir was with them. Vickie asked Renee to refer to her as the TBS Champion. Renee said she’s not really the TBS Champion. Anna Jay challenged Rose to a match on Friday. Rose accepted. [c]


The heels beat up Storm early and they cut to a split-screen break. [c/ss]

Shida ate a stereo thrust kick (Excalibur isn’t calling them superkicks.) Storm threw Hayter out of the ring and then gave Baker a tornado DDT. Shida landed a flying elbow. Storm landed a Storm Zero. Shida made the cover. Hayter broke up the cover. Fans chanted “This awesome!” Baker went for a Lock Jaw, Shida countered into a pin attempt. They each scored some quick two counts and Shida got the three with a high stack.

WINNERS: Storm & Shida in 8:00.

-Excalibur hyped Moxley & Claudio vs. Butcher & Blade and The Pinnacle vs. The Embassy for Rampage. A promo aired with Butcher & Blade with Bunny. [c]

(6) PAC vs. ORANGE CASSIDY – All-Atlantic Title

The crowd was big into Cassidy’s gimmick early, including hands in pocket and slow kicks. Pac got the better of Cassidy at ringside. They cut to a split-screen, during which Pac stayed in control. [c/ss]

Cassidy made a comeback and landed a dive through the ropes into a DDT on the mat at ringside. Back in the ring, he hit a tornado DDT and an Orange Punch for a believable near fall that popped the crowd. The fans chanted, “This is awesome!” Pac was bleeding heavily from his ear lobe, covering his shoulder in blood from the drainage. When Pac went to ringside to grab the bell hammer, Danhaussen was (too coincidentally) waiting for him.

Pac found another hammer and was going to use it, but Cassidy caught him first with a punch. He picked up the hammer. The ref warned him not to use it. Pac rolled up Cassidy as he handed the hammer to the ref. Cassidy then hit the Orange Punch followed by a second one for the three count. Schiavone said it was Cassidy’s 68th win in AEW and his first title. Confetti blasted as Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta joined him.

WINNER: Cassidy to capture the All-Atlantic Title 11:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: I didn’t see that win coming. I like it, though. Cassidy always delivers in big matches.)

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