11/21 WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW RESULTS: Keller’s report on final Survivor Series hype including Rhea Ripley vs. Asuka for War Games advantage

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Full analysis and results of this week's episode of WWE Raw


NOVEMBER 21, 2022

Commentators: Kevin Patrick, Corey Graves

Ring Announcer: Mike Rome


-The Raw opening theme aired.

-Patrick introduced the show and plugged Survivor Series.

-Kevin Owens made his ring entrance. Patrick said, “The Prize Fighter is back on Raw!” Owens said he joined the War Games match last weekend as the fifth man against The Bloodline. He said he did it because of person on the other team, and he doesn’t mean Sami Zayn. He said he still considers Sami a brother, no matter what he has going on now. He said Roman Reigns is his target. He said it’s been two years since they faced off in the ring. He said on Saturday he’ll remind him who he is. He said he took him to the limit three times. He said he’s going to take out his entire Bloodline so the next time he gets a shot at him, nothing stops him from being the guy who kicks his ass and takes his title. He said he was invited to Smackdown by his teammates. He said he didn’t come alone tonight. Drew McIntyre’s music played and he walked down the stairs with Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Butch.

Butch and Holland said, “It’s fight night!” Sheamus said there’s a banger cooking in the stove. Sheamus talked up recruiting Owens. Drew said he can’t remember a time that Reigns and the Usos weren’t holding the titles hostage and abusing their power with the numbers game. He said that all changes on Saturday in WarGames.

The Judgement Day then walked out. Rhea Ripley said everyone will be talking about how many people she destroys in the women’s WarGames match. She said Raw is the show that The Judgment Day runs. Damian Priest said it’s not play night. He said on Raw, you rise and show respect for them. Dominic Mysterio said before someone gets hurt they should go back to Smackdown. He told them to tell his “deadbeat dad” hello.  Finn Balor then told A.J. Styles he’s coming to collect. He said he hopes The Bloodline smash them at Survivor Series. He said next time they show their ugly mugs on Raw, the Judgment Day won’t be so nice.

Sheamus said their houses might be only ten miles away back in Ireland, but they might as well be a million miles apart. He said he doesn’t respect him. He called him a plastic paddy. Balor asked what even means. They went back and forth. Sheamus then said since they’re all there (and because they have three hours to fill and only one announced match), they should all fight tonight on Raw. Priest accepted. They headed to the ring. “Are you kidding me?” gasped Patrick. The Brutes cleared the ring as Patrick said the six-man tag is next.

(Keller’s Analysis: KO on the mic is always good, and I like his focus on Reigns. His talk about respecting and liking Sami adds a little mystery to how they might interact at Survivor Series.) [c]


Owens joined the announcers on commentary. When Graves called Patrick “K.P.,” KO said he didn’t like that so Patrick was going to be “Bert” to him again. Priest landed a Broken Arrow on Holland and then tagged in Dominik. KO said he’d never turn on his father, so Dominik is a scumbag in his book. Fans chanted “Who’s your daddy?” at Dominik. Holland came back with a suplex and tagged out to Butch. Balor also tagged in. KO said it’s a great match-up between those two. Priest pulled Butch to ringside and chokeslammed him on the ring apron. They cut to a break at 4:00. [c]

Patrick asked KO if he agrees with McIntyre that The Bloodline is holding the titles hostage. KO said they earned the belts and he doesn’t blame them from trying to hold onto them as long as they can. He said somebody needs to put an end to it. He said it could be him as he’s made a career of doing things others said he couldn’t do. When Sheamus tagged in against Dominik, Dominik ran up the ramp. Out of the entry came The O.C. Sheamus dragged Dominik back to the ring.

A few minutes later Butch leaped off the ring apron with a moonsault into Priest. Balor attacked Butch. Dominik rolled up Sheamus, who was watching the action at ringside, and got a two count. Sheamus took over quickly and bashed Dominik’s chest 20 times as he was bent over the top rope. KO said, “Finish him off, Sheamus!” Sheamus pounded his own chest and then finished Dominik with a Brogue Kick.

WINNERS: Sheamus & Holland & Butch in 14:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good action. Dominik is playing his part really well, by the way.)

-After the match, Judgment Day attacked Sheamus from behind. KO then entered the ring and came up behind Balor with a Stunner. The O.C. looked on from the stage. McIntyre joined his WarGames teammates in the ring as KO’s music played.

-Cathy Kelley interviewed Johnny Gargano backstage about challenging Miz to a rematch tonight. He said all he wants out of this whole thing with Dexter is to help out an old friend and get him what he deserves. He said they have a mutual understanding not to get involved in each other’s matches. “No bells, no whistles,” he said. “Just Johnny Wrestling against whatever phony character Miz wants to be tonight.” [c]

-Gargano made his ring entrance. Miz walked out and had his right hand wrapped in tape. He said he injured it training in a TikTok video when he sliced right through a cactus. He said the cactus did not survive, but he will. He said he will defeat Dexter next week. He said he did the noble thing and found him a worthy replacement opponent.


Miz joined in on commentary. Gargano avoided Omos early, but got caught with a high boot. Gargano rolled to ringside. Omos pursued him and shoved his face against the announce desk. He threw Gargano back into the ring. Gargano slingshot himself at Omos, but Omos caught him and dropped him on the edge of the ring apron. Omos let out a yell. Miz said Gargano is learning he shouldn’t have gotten involved in his business. He said people like Omos want to link up with him because they want to be talked about. He said he’s won more titles than anyone. When Gargano landed two kicks from the ring apron, Miz got up from his chair and yanked on Gargano. Omos then lifted Gargano by his head and lifted him into the ring. Gargano kneed his way free, then avoided a charging Omos. Omos went down. Gargano superkicked him three times. Graves said this would be the upset of the century. Gargano climbed to the top rope, but Omos grabbed his throat as he landed and then chokeslammed him.

WINNER: Omos in 3:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: That’s one of those finishes that Vince McMahon would have taken a lot of heat for. This does seem to indicate for now there aren’t big plans for Gargano beyond mid-card.)

-They showed Seth Rollins getting mic’d up backstage. [c]

-A promotional video aired on Austin Theory with Theory soundbites. He said he’s done being a future this or that, a protege, or the next big thing. He said his time is now.

(Keller’s Analysis: This all seems to be building toward a speculated match against John Cena at WrestleMania next year. They’re very much not pushing the “failed cash-in humiliation” angle.)

-Graves and Patrick interviewed Seth remotely. Graves asked how he’s feeling. Seth talked about being mauled by Bobby Lashley and jumped from behind by Theory last week, so he’s never felt better. Seth said he asked for the match against Lashley and Theory because he has bones to pick with both of them. He said Theory might be more dangerous than he’s ever been, but he’s still the stupidest person on Earth. He said it’s not because he tried to cash in on him because, as an expert on cash-ins, it was very well-timed. He said he’s stupid because of what he tried to do to him last week.

He said he tried to beat him at his game and make a name off his name. He said that never ends well for anybody. He told him to call and ask Cody Rhodes how his rehab is going. “You let me know what he says,” Seth said. He said it will be a war because it features three men who don’t like each other facing off, any of whom can snap at any second. He said he knows Theory like the back of his hand because he used to be just like him. He said the question is what will those guys do to prepare for him. He said he will still be the U.S. Champion after Survivor Series.

-They showed Theory watching on a monitor backstage. He said nobody understands him. He said he hit rock bottom, but now he’s dangerous. He said he’s not the kid Seth was in the ring with before. “I’m a man now and I will be taken seriously,” he said. “After Survivor Series, the entire business will know what time it is.” He said the disrespect ends now. Anyone who steps up will be sent home. He said his opponents should pay close attention to what he’s saying. The camera zoomed in intense.

(Keller’s Analysis: Theory is very serious now. No playing into his knack for humor.)



Ali’s ribs were still taped up. After five minutes of competitive action, Ali landed a sunset bomb and 450 splash. Theory rolled to the floor as Ali favored his injured ribs. Theory took over at ringside and then threw Ali back into the ring and hit A-Town Down for the win. Theory was bleeding from above the bridge of his nose.

WINNER: Theory in 6:00.

-After the match, Lashley appeared on the big screen. He said he’ll head to the ring so they can give the fans in Albany a little preview of Survivor Series. Theory paced as they cut to a break. [c]

-Lashley’s ring entrance took place after the break. He criticized Theory for not getting the job done when he cashed in his MITB briefcase. Theory said everyone knows he’d be champion now if it weren’t for Lashley. He said Brock Lesnar kicked his ass and then Seth beat him. He said Lashley’s the one who can’t get the job done. He said the kid Lashley knew before is dead and gone. He said he’ll walk into Survivor Series and walk out a two-time U.S. Champion and there’s not a damn thing either of them can do about it. Lashley said he doesn’t think Theory is going to walk out of Raw tonight. He entered the ring and beat up Theory in the ring and then at ringside, throwing him into the ringside barricade. Theory jabbed Lashley with a chair, then bashed him across his back. Lashley n0-sold it. Theory ran away.

Backstage, Theory found Ali and threw him into Lashley as Lashley chased him down. Then he ran. Ali shoved Lashley. Lashley threw Ali onto the stage

(Keller’s Analysis: I know they want Theory to be a big-talking heel who doesn’t back up his words, but running away from Lashley like that is a bad look if they also want to reframe Theory as a serious wrestler who should be looked at through fresh eyes. There’s too much ambiguity in pro wrestling right with wrestlers who aren’t likable or aren’t consistent in their actions. Fans are becoming ambivalent or numb to characters if so many of them are interchangeably equal jerks.) [c]


Graves said Elias has to reestablish himself, and aligning with Riddle was a smart business decision. They cut to an early break. [c]

Elias launched Riddle with a Broton onto Gable. Otis beat up Elias at ringside as Gable gave Riddle a German suplex on the ring apron. They cut to another break as Gable celebrated. [c]

Otis and Gable dominated against Riddle after the break. Riddle avoided a corner splash by Otis. Graves said he avoided becoming a stain on the canvas. Elias hot-tagged in and rallied against Gable. He landed a neckbreaker. Gable caught a charging Elias with a boot. Otis tagged in and dropped Elias. Gable landed a flying headbutt. Otis made the cover, but Riddle re-entered and hit a Broton on Otis. Otis tagged Gable back. Riddle springboard flipped onto both Otis and Gable a minute later. Back in the ring, Riddle and Gable countered each other. Riddle landed a knee, then tagged in Elias, who gave Gable his corkscrew suplex. Riddle then landed a Floating Bro for the win.

WINNERS: Riddle & Elias in 14:00.

-JBL and Baron Corbin were playing poker backstage, insulting Albany. McIntyre walked in. JBL gave Drew a hard time about Scotland not making it to the World Cup. JBL then talked about WarGames and said the Head of the Table will take it to him. Drew challenged Corbin to a match. Corbin stood up and accepted. Drew looked down at JBL and said he respects his elders, but not Corbin. He punched Corbin, who went down. JBL asked, “What the hell was that?” [c]

-Patrick and Graves threw to a video package on the men’s WarGames match. Then they hyped the Survivor Series line-up.

-Corbin made his ring entrance with JBL. [c]


McIntyre’s ring entrance aired after the break. JBL had words for Drew from ringside when Drew entered the ring with his sword. Drew dominated early. Corbin made a comeback at ringside.


They fought back and forth for several more minutes. Drew landed a headbutt and Corbin rebounded off the ropes with a clothesline. They cut to a break with both down at 7:00. [c]

Corbin eventually took it to Drew at ringside. Drew reversed Corbin into the barricade, then hit the top rope to signal for the Claymore. JBL stood on the steps behind Drew, delaying him. Corbin then surprised Drew with a Deep Six for a near fall. Corbin yelled at the ref for not counting to three. Akira Tozawa then showed up on the announce desk. He leaped at JBL and hugged him. JBL asked what he was doing. Tozawa took JBL’s hat and then scurried away into the crowd. Drew then caught a distracted Corbin with a Claymore for the win.

WINNER: McIntyre in 17:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Who had a JBL-Tozawa feud on their 2022 Bingo Card? Solid hard-hitting battle between Drew and Corbin.) [c]

-Patrick and Graves commented on clips of the Judgment Day-Brawling Brutes opening segment ending with KO giving a Stunner to Balor.

-Kelley interviewed The O.C. Styles said he’s going to give Balor a Phenomenal beating at Survivor Series. Balor showed up. Kelley scurried away. Balor said he’s the devil and when you dance with the devil, you never dance again. The rest of The Judgment Day showed up and a brawl broke out with everyone. They ended up in the parking lot. Priest rammed a car door against Gallows. Security showed up and separated them. [c]

-Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss made their entrance. Belair said she’s happy to go to war with her friends. She said Asuka is going to go to battle to earn an advantage tonight. Bliss said she’s ready to get payback against everyone in Damage Control and throw Nikki Cross into the trash where she belongs. Asuka said nobody is ready for them, but they’re ready for war. Belair said, “Just wait and see who our fifth member is.” She said Bayley and her crew have made a lot of enemies, so a lot of people have asked to team with them. She said they’ll reveal their partner on Smackdown on Friday. Fans booed.

Rhea Ripley’s music played. She was joined by Bayley, Iyo Sky, Dakota Kai, and Nikki. Bayley expressed skepticism that they are going to be able to find a partner. She told Belair even her teammates are just with her to wait for their moment to take the belt from her. Asuka told her to shut up. Fans cheered. Asuka told Ripley, “Let’s do this right now.” Ripley entered the ring and said mommy is going to eradicate her just like at WrestleMania. She entered the ring. A ref stepped between them. [c]

(6) ASUKA vs. RHEA RIPLEY – WarGames Advantage at Stake

After some back and forth action, Ripley regrouped at ringside. When she re-entered the ring, she escaped an Asuka back suplex attempt and took over. They cut to a break with Ripley in control. [c]

After the break, Asuka avoided a charging Ripley. Patrick reiterated what is at stake in this match. Asuka came back with an Asukalock. Bliss and Belair walked to ringside to offset the presence of Bayley, Sky, and Kai. Asuka then caught Ripley in an armbar. Ripley escaped and landed Rip Tide to win. They showed Damage CTRL smiling at the finish at ringside.

WINNER: Ripley in 16:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: The way WarGames works, there wasn’t much suspense here. Teasing the reveal of the fifth partner and not delivering kind of turned the crowd against Belair and her crew. Maybe it’s better to give a good reason for not revealing it tonight. Good match, and a decisive win for Ripley.)

-Both teams brawled at ringside to close out the show.

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