11/29 NXT REPORT: Hazelwood’s live report on Iron Survival Challenge competitor reveals, Dijak’s return, Toxic Attraction vs. Carter/Chance/Lyons, more


Full WWE NXT 6/13 match card


NOVEMBER 29, 2022

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): McKenzie Mitchell

Tonight after the show, join the PWT Talks NXT self-proclaimed “gang of idiots” (including me) to break down the show with calls and emails.

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-The show began with panning shots of the crowd as Vic Joseph welcomed viewers. Roxanne Perez’s music hit to a respectable pop. Joseph threw to Booker T on Perez, who trained her, and said there’s something about the “it” factor in a response to if she’s met his expectations. Yup. Indi Hartwell entered next.

(1) ROXANNE PEREZ vs. INDI HARTWELL – Singles match

Perez went for a handshake that Hartwell slapped away. Hartwell used her size and strength advantages early as Perez looked to use her quickness and agility. Perez hit a double tilt-a-whirl arm breaker, but was stopped on the top rope and then put in an airplane spin by Hartwell, going counterclockwise, before being paid out on top of the turnbuckle in a modified snake eyes. Perez turned it into a school girl for a two-count, but was rushed into the corner. Perez dodged an attack and jumped on with a sleeper, but Hartwell threw her off. Perez went for and hit a wheelbarrow arm drag into a cover, then a dropkick into another cover as Joseph mentioned the Iron Survivor Challenge.

Perez cinched in a rear chin lock on the bigger woman, who lifted her into a sleeper position. Hartwell rushed Perez’s neck into the top rope to break the hold, then shoved Perez off of the top rope and to the outside. Referee Tom Castor began his count as Hartwell watched from the corner. Perez entered after seven, but Hartwell used that time to regain energy and hit a big kick followed by two bodyslam and a standing elbow drop for a two-count. Hartwell worked Perez around the ring and then hit an uppercut to Perez on the apron, followed by a running boot for a two-count. Hartwell hit another bodyslam as Booker T put over this Hartwell that “has something different.”

Hartwell blocked an O’Connor roll and sat down into the cradle cover for a near-fall, but ate a jawbreaker. She responded with a running lariat for a two-count as she held her jaw. Hartwell then grabbed the left arm and hit a short-arm clothesline, then another, then a sidewalk slam for a two-count. Hartwell then cinched in her own rear chin lock. She slammed Perez face-first into the mat, then hit a few (sloppy) right hands for a two-count. Joseph said Perez is wasting a lot of energy on the kick outs, and then Perez fought back with a furious combo. Her side Russian leg sweep was blocked, but Perez turned it into an arm drag and running uppercut.

Perez started to fire up, dodged a kick, another, then hit some chest uppercuts. She drove Hartwell into the turnbuckle, then hit a running double axe handle and basement dropkick. Perez hit a running uppercut in the corner, but was caught on the second and Hartwell dropped her into a belly-to-back suplex for a two-count. Perez tossed Hartwell outside and then immediately hit a lope. She rolled Hartwell back inside and climbed to the top. She hit a crossbody, but Hartwell rolled through and held on. Perez turned it into an inside cradle, but ate a big boot. Hartwell went for something, then ate a kick. Perez went for Pop Rocks, but, had to try again because of Hartwell’s height. She hit for the win.

WINNER: Roxanne Perez at 9:06 (Pop Rocks)

-They showed the panel in the back.

-Andre Chase was reading a prepared statement in the back as Thea Hail and Duke Hudson approached. Hudson said he booted him in the face and said he couldn’t control the momentum. Hudson said he grabbed a bunch of signatures of people that think Chase should be in the special match. Grayson Waller approached and said Hudson is playing Chase. Waller insulted Chase, and Hail erupted. Hudson said he’d take care of him.

-Donovan Dijak’s music hit for his formal return, just Dijak.

(2) DIJAK vs. DANTE CHEN – Singles match

Dijak immediately took control with some power, hitting a big forearm and then choking Chen. Chen fought back, but was forced outside. Chen forced Dijak into the apron, but Dijak caught his leg as Chen slid back inside. Chen hit a few boots and went for something, but Dijak caught him before with a huge chokeslam that Joseph called “Hard Justice.” Dijak then mounted Chen and hit big hands, then rolled Chen over and hit some to the neck. Dijak glared at Chen and tossed him into a corner. He beat on him in the corner, then did his vertical suplex throw, where he used to say “bye bye” or “night night” I think.

Dijak put Chen into another corner and beat on him some more. Chen was bleeding from the mouth. He fought back with gut shots and a double chop, then a pump kick. However, he turned into a huge boot from Dijak. Dijak put him in a seated hammerlock sleeper, then lifted him into Feast Your Eyes.

WINNER: Dijak at 3:49 (Feast Your Eyes)

-Dijak said that is an example of hard justice, unrelenting annihilation. He said the only thing you’ll see in his eyes is the affliction of suffering. He said NXT is a place of refuge, but not for him. He said he didn’t come here to reinvent myself, but to eviscerate and assault society and any man that stands in his way. He named off some wrestlers and said every last one of them is a nameless, faceless man that will be brought to justice – his justice.

-They cut to an earlier video of JD McDonagh talking to Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley, trying to sow discord. The Creed Brothers approached and McDonagh said they were just having a talk. Julius said he doesn’t care what McDonagh thinks because they know how Nile feels and she knows how they feel. Brutus said they’re going to win fair and square. McDonagh said there is no such thing as a fair fight. McDonagh said it takes 500 pounds of pressure to crack a skull, but even more Sanga and Veer. He kept at it, but Julius yelled at him to get the hell out. “Did you just let him in?” “No.”


Did they announce this as no commercials? Damn. Joseph threw to the panel. Shawn Michaels, Swan Waltman, Road Dogg, Alundra Blayze, and Molly Holly talked the men’s match. Michaels said who had the best overall year and not just by wins and losses. They discussed their criteria, which is nebulous, really. Holly brought up how new to the business many wrestlers are, and Blayze said they’ve grown a lot since July.

Brian James (Road Dogg) vouched for Carmelo Hayes. They all agreed. Blayze vouched for Tony D’Angelo. Michaels said he’s still injured, so they have to protect him from himself. Waltman vouched for McDonagh. The others said McDonagh freaks them out, but he just puts on “banger after banger after banger.” Holly vouched for Joe Gacy. James said Schism’s message stands out and that they’re gaining momentun. James then vouched for Von Wagner to audible boos from the crowd. Waltman and James agreed on Axiom, but brought up his leg injury to McDonagh. Holly said she thinks Wagner’s rally developed, but Blayze brought up how he hasn’t won the big match. James brought up Waller. Everyone laughed because of his arrogant attitude, but agreed that he’s a force. Michaels asked them to write down their five.

Waller made his entrance. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: A commercial! The first match took a bit to get going, but it was a good opener nonetheless. This was Hartwell’s first loss since going strong style, so let’s see how they build from there as it seems like, if not Lyons, Perez may be set as a fallback plan for Mandy Rose. Dijak looked like Dijak, with a lot more black, a lot more snarling, and a little more impact on his power moves. His promo borders on flowery language with no substance, and I’m in the camp of don’t say you’ll do things that will put you in jail, but it’s better than being T-Bar!)

-They returned with Hudson in the ring.

(3) GRAYSON WALLER vs. DUKE HUDSON – Singles match

Waller took control with a side headlock early, talking smack, only to eat a shoulder tackle. Hudson, decked out in Chase U gear, put Waller in his own and did the lunge taunt that Waller does. Waller regained control, but Hudson grabbed him by the head in return. Chase yelled not to cheat, and Hudson complied. Waller took the moment to gain control with strikes, but Hudson exploded out of the corner with a lariat and then a delayed jumping sidewalk slam for a two-count. Waller rolled to the apron, then went for a sunset flip. Hudson sat down and reached for the ropes, but Chase said no. Waller kicked out and took over again as Booker T said if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying. Waller hit a big Irish whip to Hudson, then took the headband and put it on, mocking them as he choked Hudson on the ropes right in front of them.

Waller cinched in a cravat, then hit a knee. He went to the second rope and looked for his balling elbow, but Hudson evaded. Hudson then started pumping up like Terry, giving him a U instead of a “you!” Hudson hit some punches, then a big bodyslam, corner clothesline, and overhead release suplex. Hudson hit some Dusty Rhodes punches and went for the elbow, driving Waller out of the ring. Hail almost got hit by a Hudson boot as Waller moved, but Hudson stopped. He kicked Waller, but then told Hail he could stop the boot whenever he needs. Chase apoplectic, then Hudson rolled right into Waller’s rolling stunner. Waller told Chase he was right (about Hudson only being in it for himself).

WINNER: Grayson Waller at 5:19 (rolling stunner)

-McKenzie Mitchell said most days she loves her job, but right now she’s joined by Javier Bernal. Bernal said to put stuff in the past and said Christmas is his favorite holiday of the year, then said tonight is Big Body Tuesday. He hawked his Big Body baseball bat, saying Adam Judge slid into his DMs; Mitchell corrected him. He said he’s been told he’s a sex symbol. Mitchell said, “By who?!” He hawked the Big Body Pillow, which she said is already trademarked. He then said men want to be him and women want to be with him. “Absolutely not,” said Mitchell. He sprayed his new cologne and Mitchell said it smells like rotten eggs. She coughed herself out. Axiom approached as Bernal has been calling him out for the past few weeks. Axiom said he’s cleared. Mitchell came back in holding her nose and said Bernal gets what he wants.

-Kiana James entered. Fallon Henley was next.

(4) KIANA JAMES vs. FALLON HENLEY – Singles match

James mushed Henley to begin the match, but Henley hit a big shoulder tackle and yelled at her opponent. They locked up as Henley won the test of strength, then they began trading position along the rope with James ending up the better, then slapping her foe. [c]

Henley was fighting out of an arm lock, then hit a duck under, dropped James on her butt, and hit a one-legged dropkick to the back of the head. James held onto Henley’s wrist, went through the ropes, and then snapped it along the middle ropes. She came back in and worked the left arm, including throwing it off of the top rope and then ramming Henley shoulder-first into the corner. James hit a back handspring and then a running shoulder tackle into the corner. James hit a bodyslam, then slammed the left arm into the mat a few times. The crowd chanted for the face, but not forcefully.

Briggs and Jensen were announced as accompanying Henley, but they went to the back. James had on a modified arm lock on Henley, who fought back with strikes. They traded blows as Joseph said he’s just getting some news (they laid each other out with a synchronous running mat slam) that Axiom vs. Bernal is official for later in the show and the panel selects participants next (or is it just going to be another discussion). Henley exploded out of the corner with a strike combo, then a lariat. She got kicked in the arm (showed a lot of light), but countered James into a backbreaker and short-arm clothesline combo for a two-count.

Henley tried lifting James to her shoulders, but couldn’t, so she just blasted her with a right hand. She called for the sliding right hand and hit. She then kicked James in the chest and to the outside. James ran around the ring and grabbed her bag. She held it up to Henley, then used the distraction of the ref taking out the bag to toss Henley into the post, then hit the 401K (reverse slingblade flatliner).

WINNER: Kiana James at 9:39 (401K)

-They showed Malik Blade getting a pep talk from Odyssey Jones and Edris Enofe as Blade said the sweater vest wasn’t even his, but his dad’s, the last thing he ever gave to him. Enofe got him hyped by telling him to use that pent-up aggression and anger out there in the ring against Wagner. Blade said Wagner better be good at getting an ass whooping, but he wants to do this himself, on his terms.

-They hyped the six-woman tag match as next. So what’s next, the competitor reveals or the tag match?! [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: So the story clearly seems to be heading to Hudson vs. Chase, possibly with Chase U’s future at stake considering how Hudson is slowly winning Hail to his side. That was probably more of a match to tell that story and give Waller a nice victory before he’s chosen as a competitor. James and Henley was better than some of their previous matches in the past, both against each other and with others. There were still some sloppy spots with a lot of light, but they’re improving and that 401K is nice.)


-They returned with a promo for the Iron Survival Challenge at NXT Deadl1ne next Saturday, the 10th.

-Joseph and Booker T hyped Deadl1ne as they returned. They kicked it back to the panel.


Michaels said same rules and threw to Blayze first, who vouched for Perez, putting over her rivalry with Cora Jade. Waltman said he can’t believe she’s only 21-years-old. Holly said she was just starting her training at the same age. Michaels said so many women have great potential, but get frustrated that it won’t happen immediately. James then vouched for Zoey Stark, saying the match was made for her. Blayze said she would have loved to wrestle her in her prime; James said she would have whooped his ass. Waltman said he’s surprised HHH hasn’t called Michaels for Stark already.

Holly put over Hartwell, but James said there’s just something missing. Blayze said she doesn’t believe in herself as the crowd believes in her. Waltman then vouched for Jade saying she’s improved more than anyone in the women’s division in his opinion. Blayze said Jade threw the title in the trash, “Who does that?” Haha. James said he’ll leave it and take Henley, calling her his darkhorse. Waltman said it was a tossup between James and Henley, but James won so she gets the nod. Holly said Alba Fyre, calling her the best worker on the roster and would be champion if not for Isla Dawn. James said he had her on his list, but scratched her off because she’s focused on Dawn. Michaels thanked them all and then once again asked for five names on a piece of paper so he can make his decisions.

-They threw to a Jade TikTok making fun Choo for about five seconds.

-Kayden Carter and Katana Chance entered from the crowd, then Nikkita Lyons. Lyons was attacked during her entrance by Stark, targeting the left knee. Referees and her teammates came out to stop Stark, but Lyons was working the leg. Stark came out with a furious chop block on replay. Carter and Chance helped Lyons to the back. ZOEY STARK IS NOW THE BIGGEST BABYFACE IN NXT. Toxic Attraction cackled.

-They showed a vignette in a different language, Gaelic maybe? She switched to English and said as old feathers fall to the ground, new feathers form. She said she’s shifted to a new form as Lyra Valkyria, I think Aiofe Valkyrie.

-Mitchell was in the back with Elektra Lopez. Lopez said she targeted Hartwell because of “biggest impact, lowest risk.” She said Hartwell has a connection with the crowd and the heart of the division, so if she takes out the heart, it’s hers for the taking. She said she came back to build an empire of her own, of “La Madrina.”

-They cut to Bernal already in the ring. Axiom returned with his unique entrance.

(5) AXIOM vs. “BIG BODY” JAVIER BERNAL – Singles match

Booker T said Axiom wants to become one of the greatest masked superstars ever. He had on a green, black, and gold trim fit. He came off of the ropes with an arm drag and then a one-legged dropkick to Bernal’s face. Joseph said Axiom was limping around a little bit. [c]

Bernal was fighting off Axiom as they returned, kicking out the rope from under Axiom as the latter went for a springboard. Bernal then drove the kayfabe injured right leg into the ring post twice. He came back into the ring and kicked the right knee twice and a basement dropkick to the knee for a third. Axiom kicked out before a count. Bernal then started some old school leg attacks with elbows and then a knee wrench. He turned a possible Axiom counter into a big twisting bodyslam.

Bernal took Axiom to the corner and wrenched the leg in the ropes, but Axiom fought off with a big kick (using the injured leg). Axiom was lifted, but turned it into a sunset flip for a two-count, then immediately into a triangle choke. He rained down some elbows, but the foot wasn’t behind the knee for good leverage. Bernal lifted and hit a sit-out powerbomb for a two-count. Bernal then applied a figure four leg lock, Axiom having to watch for the pin when lying on his back. He reversed the position and the pressure onto Bernal’s knee, but Bernal reached the bottom rope.

Bernal gave Axiom no recovery time as he attacked, but Axiom hit a flurry and then a big dropkick. He hit a running enziguri in the corner, then a springboard lariat even with the bad leg. He punched the knee a bit for feeling, then missed the Golden Ratio running superkick. Bernal hit a spike DDT instead for a two-count. Bernal went to the top rope, but Axiom caught him with an enziguri. Axiom climbed to the second rope and hit a front face lock avalanche suplex and then the Golden Ratio. Axiom sold the knee injury after the match as well, limping around.

WINNER: Axiom at 9:04 (Golden Ratio)

-The trainer was working Lyons’ knee in the back as she said she’s good. He said it’s nothing alarming and just some bruising and she’s “medically cleared, as tolerated.” Lyons said Stark is the only that needs to start worrying around here.

-Mitchell was in the back with Pretty Deadly. Elton Prince and Kit Wilsons asked to say it again. They said there hasn’t been enough talk about Pretty Deadly. They said they’re going to change that with a Pretty Deadly Christmas story next week. “Yes boy!”

-McDonagh made his entrance. [c]

-They returned with an earlier video showing Creed in a diner as he narrated his journal entry. Bron Breakker appeared and sat down, asking what’s good to eat here. Crews had some bland looking toast and eggs. Breakker didn’t like what was on the menu, then said Crews couldn’t see past Waller for a little bit. Crews laughed and said it was worth the wait since he’s been around the infections atmosphere at the PC and he wants the title even more. He offered Breakker sugar for his coffee. Breakker said he looked forward to wrestling Crews. They got into a pissing contest over who’s doing more to win their match. Crews said he’s watched and studied every single Breakker match and can see the grind is getting to him. Crews said being in the ring was the first time Breakker didn’t have the strength advantage, but come next Saturday, he won’t have either. Breakker said Crews is sitting right across the table from a man with the same skills. Breakker said he’ll let Crews enjoy his meal and that Crews didn’t finish his last thought in his journal. Crews said he’ll finish it at Deadl1ne. Breakker left without paying for his coffee.

-Julius Creed made his entrance with his brother.

(6) JD MCDONAGH vs. JULIUS CREED (w/Brutus Creed) – Singles match

Creed had on some thigh-length tights rather than a singlet. He shot on McDonagh, then the two traded some chain wrestling with Creed getting the better. McDonagh hit a forearm to the back and then a side headlock takedown. McDonagh held on, even through a belly-to-back suplex, then countered another to maintain the hold. A minute into the hold, Creed hit basically an inverted X-plex, then hit a big biel to McDonagh. He hit another out of the corner, then a front facelock suplex and a lariat to send him outside. McDonagh grabbed Creed to bring him out and hit a big chop, but Creed no-sold. McDonagh goaded him into a chase and then tripped him on the apron. He hit a baseball slide, sending Creed into the announce table. [c]

They returned from break with Creed locked in a body scissors from McDonagh as Joseph said McDonagh spent the entire break working the midsection. They showed Indus Sher watching from the entrance area. Creed rose to his feet and fell backward into a backpack slam to rid himself of McDonagh, then hit some strikes and a powerslam. Creed went for a vertical, but McDonagh hit some knees to the head. Creed dropped to his knees still carrying McDonagh (who was still hitting knees), then hit a vertical suplex. McDonagh rolled outside toward Indus Sher. Creed met him from the opposite side and hit a lariat, then talked smack to Indus Sher.

Back in the ring, Creed hit a drop down and leapfrog, then countered McDonagh into a big hip toss and an overhead belly-to-belly. McDonagh evaded in the corner, then forced Creed outside. He hit a PK from the apron to drop Creed, but Creed jumped up and looked for a German suplex off of the apron. McDonagh hit a back headbutt to break the hold, then hit a majestic Asai moonsault right onto Creed. He hit a chop block in the ring, then went to work on the leg like he did Axiom, trying to bend it backwards. Creed powered out, but then ate an ankle pick. He kicked McDonagh outside, then suffered a leg trip and slam of the knee along the apron by McDonagh.

McDonagh grabbed a chair, but Sanga shoved aside Creed and took the hit. The ref called for the bell for Sanga pushing Creed. McDonagh begged off, then ran back as Veer told the brothers they only want them at 100 percent. Weird ending, but I guess they’re putting over Indus Sher as honorable titans.

WINNER: Julius Creed at 10:34 (DQ)

-They showed an Alba Fyre vignette where she targeted “The Unholy Enchantress” Isla Dawn. Fyre said that whatever spirits told her it was a good idea to target Fyre must have really had it out for her. She said keeping her from delivering on her promises will lead to Dawn’s ultimate demise. It was another (no pun intended) fiery promo.

-Dijak was leaving the ring as Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo said “The Don” wanted a word with Dijak. Dijak said he knows who D’Angelo is as the latter introduced himself. Dijak said Lee wasn’t the first time, and D’Angelo said but not the last. D’Angelo said between the two of them, he’s back in business in the ring next week and regardless of whether Lee’s on Dijak’s list or not, D’Angelo is going to make sure Lee’s days as champion are numbered and asked for an understanding. Dijak said, “Something like that.”

-They cut to the ring where Wagner was with Mr. Stone. Blade entered with the torn seater vest.

(7) MALIK BLADE vs. VON WAGNER (w/Mr. Stone) – Singles match

Blade immediately rushed at Blade and kept at it until Wagner hit a big knee to the gut. He then hit a big body slam, but missed a leaping knee. Blade roared out of the corner with a big lariat and then a dropkick, sending Wagner outside. He followed and kept up the attack, slamming Wagner head-first a couple of times onto the announce table. The ref was at seven, but they reentered only for Blade to run into a HHH-like high running knee. Wagner went for his finisher, but Blade turned it into a sloppy cover. Wagner reaffirmed his dominance, but Blade showed some power with a bodyslam of his own. He climbed to the top rope, but Wagner put up the knees on the frog splash. Wagner hit the Roode Bomb for the victory. Wagner went for another after the match, but Enofe ran down for the save. Wagner got the better of Enofe, but not Jones, who sent him outside with a lariat (though Wagner once again landed on his feet).

WINNER: Von Wagner at 2:42 (Roode Bomb)


Michales thanked the panel and for the men, the names are: Hayes, McDonagh, Waller, Gacy, with the fifth determined next week in a wild card match. For the women, they are: Stark, Jade, Perez, and James, with the fifth determined next week in a wild card match.

-Toxic Attraction made their entrance. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: That McDonagh-Creed match was probably better with a break during the match. Indus Sher being honorable giants is certainly an interesting choice. They’re too intimidating to be outright babyfaces, so how do you make them straddle that line? You make them confident in their abilities to defeat foes at full strength. It seems like we’re veering – again, no pun intended – to Wagner vs. Jones.)

-They returned with Wagner vs. Axiom vs. Chase in the wild card match next week for the men, then Choo vs. Henley vs. Hartwell for the women, plus Pretty Deadly’s “A Real Christmas Story” written and performed by them!

-Toxic Attraction were lounging in a corner waiting for their opponents. The faces entered together from the Gorilla.

(8) KAYDEN CARTER & KATANA CHANCE (c) & NIKKITA LYONS vs. TOXIC ATTRACTION (Mandy Rose & Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) – Six-woman tag team match

Ref D.A. Brewer was on the call as Chance started with Jaynes. Lyons’ right knee was heavily taped. Jayne quickly took over with power and then a running senton to the slight Chance. Chance springboarded off of the rope and then hit a dropkick to Jayne. All six women then entered the ring as thing broke down. The faces hit triple superkicks to send them outside, then Chance assisted Carter with a top rope crossbody to Dolin, then Chance with a tornillo to Jayne. Toxic Attraction regrouped as Chance rolled Jayne back inside the ring. Jayne hit a big forearm and tagged in the Women’s Champion, her 400th day as champ.

Carter was able to tag in, and they hit a double team combo for a two-count. Carter missed a roundhouse kick, but hit a back kick to the head for a two-count. Jayne caused a distraction, causing Carter to be hit in the back. Then Jayne and Dolin hit a double knee strike. Rose forced Carter into their corner and tagged in Dolin. Carter tried fighting back, but Dolin stopped her and tagged in Jayne. Jayne mocked the faces and hit a running hip attack in the corner. Rose tagged back in and mocked Carter, telling her she’s nothing. Carter slipped out of a bodyslam, ducked a clothesline, but then ate a spinebuster and a matchbox cover for a two-count.


Rose prevented a tag, but Rose slipped into a real slow (on Rose’s part) sunset flip for a two-count. Carter pushed off Rose and tagged in Chance. Chance took out Dolin with a trip and mat slam, then beat on her into the corner. She hit a running clothesline into the corner, kicked away Rose, but was caught by Dolin on a crossbody right into a backbreaker. Lyons broke up the count, but Jayne kicked out the knee and hit a step-up enziguri. Carter then took out Jayne with a head kick. Dolin hit a short-arm STO clothesline, but Chance kicked out and Carter made a sneaky tag. They hit an assisted moonsault onto Dolin for a two-count. Carter hit a big superkick and tagged in Chance for their finisher, but Dolin took out Carter and Dolin threw Chance off of the top rope. She hit a question mark kick to the back of the head and tagged in Rose, hit hit her flipping belly-to-back, but missed Kissed by the Rose as Chance rolled her up for a two-count, then hit a double knee facebuster (codebreaker). Rose tagged in Jayne, but Chance tagged in Lyons.

Lyons kicked with her bad leg (showing light), but took out all three women and took it straight to Jayne thereafter, hitting a snap suplex. She hit her split leg drop, but Dolin hit a superkick to break up the tag. Dolin then threw Carter into the steel steps, but Chance took her out with a crossbody, who tuned into Kissed by the Rose. Back in the ring, Lyons hit a sloppy German suplex to Jayne. Lyons went for a spinning kick to Rose, but her knee buckled. How she fell drew laughter from the crowd. Dolin tagged in and they hit a sloppy high-low kick combo as Lyons got into position and bumped too early. Stark was shown looking on a bit gleefully from the elevated concourse.

WINNER: Toxic Attraction at 8:53 (high-low kick combo)

(Hazelwood’s Take: It was a decent match, but with Lyons taking the bulk of the final parts of the match, it broke down a bit in terms of just executing spots. Carter and Chance were effectively wrestling the match a woman down with Lyons’ injury and they did well. They keep showing that they’re finding the right ways to mix their athleticism and skills to in-ring storytelling. Maybe Lyons’ “injury” is a way to keep her at the top of the babyface list without burdening her in a title match, which is more apt for Perez – who I think is the favorite to win the Iron Survival Challenge).

FINAL THOUGHTS: There was a lot packed into the show, including eight matches (four in each hour) and a slew of backstage segments/vignettes. Mitchell continues to prove that she is probably the best thing about NXT with her skills as a backstage interviewer and her ability to have different believable chemistry with each act she interviews. I’m intrigued by Indus Sher’s disposition, as well as if they’ll be seeing McDonagh again, but for now, they’re firmly set on The Creed Brothers. A lot of this show was about building stories and angles for Deadl1ne. While opinion may be mixed, I do think showing the discussions of the possible wrestlers for the Iron Survival Challenge was good for two main reasons. First, you remind viewers – some who may have not been watching every week – of who have been the best competitors throughout the year. Second, we often complain that no criteria was given to determine who’s not only in a high-stakes match or tournament, but how they even made the qualifying match.

Tune into PWT Talks NXT for more detailed thoughts!

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