Lawsuit filed against Vince McMahon


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A WWE shareholder has filed a lawsuit against Vince McMahon and claims McMahon “pushed aside the board to illegally install himself as chairman.”

Bloomberg Law is reporting that the shareholder sued McMahon in Delaware and accuses McMahon of using his voting control to remove board members and replace them with members that were loyal to him. The report indicates that the shareholder also accuses McMahon of changing company bylaws to impose his will on the company. McMahon and the WWE did not issue a comment on the lawsuit.

McMahon announced his return to the company earlier this week. On Tuesday, Stephanie McMahon resigned from her post as CEO.

McMahon retired from WWE in the summer of 2022 amid allegations of sexual misconduct and a WWE Board of Directors investigation into millions of dollars worth of hush money payments to female employees with whom he allegedly had affairs with. Stephanie McMahon took over as chairman of the board and her husband, Paul Levesque, took over the creative responsibilities as Chief Content Officer of WWE.

Rumors swirled throughout the week as to a potential sale of WWE. McMahon claimed he was returning to WWE in an effort to position the company to sell or negotiate the next round of media rights deals for key properties like WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown.

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2 Comments on Lawsuit filed against Vince McMahon

  1. He’s the majority shareholder, being the majority shareholder in a company basically allows you to pick the Board of Directors. Plus, considering shares in WWE shot up 10% after Vince announced he was coming back, it’s obvious that most investor disagree with this frivolous lawsuit.

  2. TJ they shot up because its assumed Vince is selling and business logic dictates buy low sell high. This is all about speculation on a sale and being usually above current listing prices thats it nothing more nothing less. The fact remains VKM isnt whats best for business and if he comes back in sticking his finger in creative again hes gonna watch HHH walk out behind Steph as well. Pauls no fool and hes gonna get sick of tired of watching Vince kill WWE which is essentialy what hes doing. Hes the reason so many wrestlers walked away. Its guaranteed the 2 females slated to return wont now and hes going to see more talent walk away to AEW if he keeps it up.

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