3/2 IMPACT WRESTLING HITS & MISSES: Machine Gunns vs. Ace Austin & Chris Bey, Kenny King vs. Knight, PCO vs. Trey Miguel, more

By John Laslo, PWTorch contributor



Decay vs. Heath & Rhino: Miss

Straight up, all I wanted out of this match was the Gore vs. a Black Taurus horn charge; the closest I got to that was a few shoulder blocks. These teams are well matched, and even share some similar body types. Ultimately, it was an average match for two teams that are regularly in the title scene. Crazzy Steve has really been on a tear recently, this match he really got to show off his chops. He had several very ineffective but very characterful actions like continuing the dizzying roll he did around Heath. Highlight of an otherwise humdrum match.

Main Show

Bullet Club Address the Crowd: Hit

The ABC subgroup spoke at length about their connections to Sam’s Town connections. They have really started to gel as a unite, and played off each other wonderfully. When the MCMG came out and took control, it was unsurprising that the ABC (love the Ace Bey Club) challenged for the Impact Tag Titles at Sacrifice. What was surprising is the MCMG offered to have a match for the titles tonight!

Haste Backstage/Swann Backstage: Miss

Haste had a quick energetic introduction promo with a few of his bonafides. Rich was interrupted to set up a match with Shera.

Shane Haste vs. Mike Bailey: Hit

This was a great match. Starting with a bit of a back and forth chain wrestling, it just set the scene. These two men kept building more and more chains, but out of high-flying, strikes, and flips along with more traditional grappling. The most impressive single feat was the from the mat missile drop kick that Haste unleashed onto Bailey’s head.

The Design Backstage: Miss

So building to a rehash of Heath & Rhino vs. VBD. The only good that could come of this is a Heath-Angels match, which could be fun.

Kenny King vs. Kevin Knight: Hit

Like with the Haste/Bailey match, this was to introduce a new wrestler to the audience. King was in control much of the match, really showed off his veteran wrestler status.

Alexander Backstage/Bully Ray backstage: Miss

Lead ups to Multiverse United and for a Gujjar-Bully Ray match.

Mickey James In-Ring/Brian Meyers Backstage: Miss.

More set up.

Trey Miguel vs. PCO: Miss

I was really looking forward to this, and for good reason, partially because PCO is a good choice to pair with after Miguel worked a program with Crazzy Steve, and partially because they are both extreme difference in styles. Miguel used PCO as a strong base on which to use his high flying. It was shortened by an interfering Eddie Edwards, so I’m hoping there is a rematch in the future. As Edwards ran, PCO propelled himself into large groups of security, which was fun, but not what I was hoping for.

Morot City Machine Gunns vs. Ace Austin & Chris Bey: Hit

This was match of the night on a show where there had already been two matches of the night. A lot of the building and commentary talked a lot about new generation vs. the established, it made the match feel like a passing of the torch. This was a match between two top tier tag teams, where there were lots of spots of chaos, lots of team maneuvers, and unique personalities. All four of these men are adept at displaying personality while wrestling, Shelley used his experience as a physical therapist to create pressure points and painful clutches. Austin did arrogant acrobatics, occasionally to his detriment. Bey showed off the persistence that got him into the Bullet Club in the first place. Sabin was charismatic and occasionally vicious. I am surprised, but stupidly happy, that Impact keeps giving matches like this away on free TV. Austin and Bey offered to do this at Sacrifice, and this match would have fit right in on a PPV.

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