3/6 AEW DARK TV REPORT: Brian Cage, Shafir & Nyla Rose, Athena, Juice Robinson, Cole Carter, Archer, Evil Uno

Full results and analysis on this week's episode of AEW Dark Elevation


MARCH 6, 2023 (Recorded 3/1)

Announcers: Paul Wight & “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard


Interesting to note that Vickie Guerrero is not accompanying Rose & Shafir to the ring.

Shafir and Moone locked-up. Moone cruised around Shafir and ducked behind her and locked in a waist-hold. Shafir pulled Moone’s leg. Shafir ran off the ropes and tripped up Moone by the legs again. Moone pushed off and tagged in J-Rod. Shafir tagged in Rose. Rod and Rose shoved each other and traded shoulder block attempts. Rose went off the ropes and tackled Rod to the mat. Rose got Rod into the corner and landed some strikes, including kicks and chops. The crowd is on their feet for Rose. Rose went for a chokeslam, but Rod with a strike. Shafir tagged in. Shafir landed a kick to the face of J-Rod before she mounted J-Rod and applied an armbar. Shafir worked submissions heavily in this match. J-Rod attempted a bodyslam, but Shafir locked in a head-scissors around the throat of J-Rod. J-Rod tagged in Moone. Moone landed some impressive strikes before Shafir took back over with some submissions. Moone landed a roll-up for a one count. Shafir tagged in Rose. Rose and Shafir double-teamed Moone with a DDT for the win.

WINNER: Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir in 5:00.

(Drew’s Analysis: Shafir & Rose are getting something going here. If they can turn up the heat just a notch, these two could be big players in the AEW Women’s Division – especially Rose, as she has been in those prominent positions before.)

(2) BRIAN CAGE (w/Prince Nana) vs. ROB MCKNIGHT

Cage is currently one-third of the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions and represents “The Embassy”.

The two wrestlers locked up. Cage landed some strikes to the gut and a bodyslam before he posed for the crowd. McKnight struck Cage, but Cage was not phased. Cage threw McKnight in the corner and landed some strikes before landing a shoulder toss and he posed for the crowd again. Cage landed a pump-up fall-away slam. McKnight countered into some strikes, and followed up with an elbow to the head and a big boot. Menard on commentary asked Wight, “how many wallets do you think McKnight has stolen in his life?” McKnight was dressed in black pants, black boots, and a black and white bandana. Cage landed a superkick that brought the commentary team to their feet. Cage landed a powerbomb and made McKnight tap out with a leg-lock and neckhold for the victory.

WINNER: Brian Cage in 3:45.

(Drew’s Analysis: McKnight had an interesting look about him, and the crowd did react to his name being announced before the match. Cage looked powerful as always. I always felt like he was missing that next gear, but I think with good direction and guidance from Prince Nana, we could be seeing Cage in a more prominent spot in the coming months.)


Menard asked Wight if Alexander’s pose was a gang sign. Wight was not sure.

Robinson landed some kicks to the gut of Alexander. Robinson landed a shoulder tackle after bouncing Alexander off the ropes, and then landed a splash. Juice went for three different covers, and called referee Aubrey Edwards “stupid”. Titus chopped Juice. Juice takes control back and ducks a dropkick from Titus before landing a high boot. Juice landed another splash and covered for two. Wight observed that a lot of Robinson’s strikes are centered on the lower body.

Juice chops Titus while Titus is leaned against the ropes. Juice ran off the ropes, but ran into a dropkick from Alexander. Juice was in the corner and Titus landed a running strike. Juice whipped TItus into the corner, and Titus gained momentum with some strikes in the corner. Titus landed a spinning backbreaker on Juice. Titus went behind and landed a german suplex for a close two count!

Juice ran off the ropes and grabbed Titus in the eyes. The referee broke the hold. Juice landed a german suplex of his own. Juice landed a running senton flip into the corner on Titus, and then pulled Titus to the center. Juice landed a modified DDT for the pinfall.

WINNER: Juice Robinson in 4:00.

(Drew’s Analysis: This was my first time getting a good look at Robinson. He really has an impressive move-set and looks like he could probably mix it up with just about anybody in AEW and have a good to great match. I would like to see him more on Dynamite. Titus Alexander also had an impressive showing here. He would certainly fit in well somewhere on the show, in my opinion. There are plenty of generic guys with generic looks that ended up signed to AEW. Why can’t Alexander be in one of those spots?)


Leila started the match by ducking under and showboating to the crowd. Skye landed some deep arm drags and a double dropkick. Leila was in the corner, and pulled Skye down by her hair. Leila choked Skye in the corner as the referee counted. Leila landed an elbow to Skye in the corner before posing for the crowd again. Leila landed a clothesline in the corner, and then a bulldog.

Leila kicked at Skye while Skye was on the mat. Skye attempted a comeback with some strikes, and landed a knee to the face of Leila as well as a kick to the side of the head for two. Leila rolled under for a two count and then planted Skye with a side-slam for two.

Leila went for a Pedigree, but Skye broke free and planted Leila with a full-nelson twist slam for three.

WINNER: Skye Blue (3:00)

(Drew’s Analysis: Not really much to see here. Two fairly generic girls that help fill out the already bloated AEW roster.)


The two locked up. Karter inches in a headlock. Karter ran off the ropes into a deep arm drag from Daniels. The two lock up again and back up into the corner. Karter kicked Daniels in the corner and landed several strikes. Karter landed a splash in the corner, and then a clothesline in the middle of the ring. Karter landed a knee to the back of the head of Daniels, and then a dropkick for two.

Karter posed on the ropes. Karter went for a dropkick. Daniels rolled Karter up. Karter landed a knee strike to the face of Daniels, before mounting Daniels and landing several strikes. Karter locked in a chin lock. Menard pointed out that Karter is looking great in this match. Karter landed some strikes to the back and the head of Daniels before being rolled up by Daniels. Daniels landed a german suplex. Daniels landed a clothesline.

Daniels landed a leg sweep Urinage for two. Daniels went for the Angel’s Wings, but Karter swept the leg and reversed. Karter landed a scoop-slam for two. Karter signals that he is going to the top. Karter from the top rope went for a 450 Splash, but Daniels moved and landed a Urinage. Daniels landed the Best Moonsault Ever for the victory.

WINNER: Christopher Daniels (3:00)

(Drew’s Analysis: It was fun to see Daniels in this spot. The crowd seemed surprised to see him, and were on their feet for a majority of the match. Karter is extremely underrated and should be in a better position in the company. Daniels is obviously a legend, and has some pull backstage. This would be a fun one to go out of the way to watch.)

(6) ATHENA (c) vs. BROOKE HAVOK – ROH Women’s World Title Proving Ground match

Brooke Havok received her own entrance.

The two women locked-up. Athena threw Havok across the ring. Athena went for a lock-up, but Havok kneed Athena in the face and gave her a dropkick for a one-count. Athena delivered a spinning Urinage followed by five powerbombs in a row. Athena then applied a face-lock and Havok submitted. After the bell, Athena continued to pummel Havok. Just as Athena was about to ram Havok’s head into the championship belt, Willow Nightingale ran down to the ring. Athena rammed Havok’s head into the championship quickly, and then escaped the ring, dancing to Nightingale’s theme song. Nightingale tended to Havok before leaving the ring.

WINNER: Athena in 2:00.

(Drew’s Analysis: Personally, Athena does not do much for me. She has some cool moves, and her finishing move from the top rope is impressive, but that is really it. Is Havok known on the independent scene? The crowd was loud for her, and she received her own entrance, but her record was listed as 0-1, so it does not seem like she’s been on AEW much before. They just seemed to present her as a bigger deal, so that made me curious.)


On his way to the ring, Archer had a security guard by the scruff, and Archer chucked the security guard down the ramp. Archer then entered the ring and immediately took down Banning before posing on the ropes before the bell even rang. Banning ducked a kick, and Archer landed another takedown. Archer chucked Banning into the corner and shoved his hands into Banning’s face before chopping Banning. In the opposite corner, Archer ran towards Banning and landed a back elbow. Banning ducked another back elbow attempt, but Archer took back over and landed a club to the back.

Archer yelled at Banning, “why did you come here?”, before landing some more strikes to the chest of Banning. In the corner again, Archer lands some strikes to the chest and face of Banning. In another corner, Archer still in control, Archer yelled, “never come back to AEW!”. Menard wondered if this match was personal somehow.

Banning smacked Archer in the face and went to the second rope, attempting a splash, but Archer landed his finishing lariat for the win.

WINNER: Lance Archer in 3:00.

(Drew’s Analysis: Quick, but fun. Archer is a joy to watch. He is one of the guys in the business that just “gets it”. I hope he continues to be pushed.)

(8) EVIL UNO vs. LEE JOHNSON (w/Cole Karter)

Both wrestlers received their own entrance. Evil Uno was running solo on this episode.
At the start of the match, Karter held on to Uno’s foot before the bell rang, and Johnson took advantage in the corner with some strikes. Uno with some strikes back to Johnson, including some kicks. Uno chopped Johnson on the ropes, but Johnson exited the ring. Uno chased Johnson and took him down on the outside. Karter attempted to run some interference, but was struck by Uno.

Back inside the ring, Johnson lands a dropkick. Johnson has Uno in the corner and kicked Uno in the gut several times, landed some chops, and punches to the face. The two wrestlers traded chops. Johnson choked Uno on the ropes in front of the ref, while Karter got a shot in on the outside while the referee was turned around.

Uno and Johnson trade strikes in the ropes. Uno landed a clothesline that turned Johnson inside-out. Johnson got a boot up, but Uno landed an uppercut and a clothesline in the corner. Uno climbed to the top rope and landed a senton for a two count.

Johnson ducked a clothesline, but then landed a kick and a Death Valley Driver, followed by a standing moonsault for two. Johnson delivered another kick to Uno, and then ascended the ropes. Uno ducked, and landed a boot to Johnson before landing a piledriver to Johnson for the win. Uno posed for the crowd to end the show.

WINNER: Evil Uno in 6:00.

(Drew’s Analysis: I wish there was more for Johnson than losing all the time. He has the tools it takes to succeed. It’s just hard to get him anywhere on a bloated roster. Uno is always fun, and looks to be getting better throughout his time in AEW. Fun match here.)

Overall, this was a good episode of Elevation. Go out of your way to watch Karter vs. Daniels, Robinson vs. Alexander, and Uno vs. Johnson. They were quick, but showed off what each wrestler can do very well.

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