NXT TV RESULTS (9/12): Hazelwood’s live report on Stratton vs. Lynch, Wes Lee vs. Dragunov, Global Heritage Invitational matches, Valkyria vs. Brooke, more



SEPTEMBER 12, 2023

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): McKenzie Mitchell

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-The show began with a recap of last week’s Bron Breakker vs. Von Wagner match with Baron Corbin on commentary and the worked angle at the end with Breakker bashing the steel steps on Wagner’s head as it was laid on the bottom steps. If you didn’t see, Breakker hit the steps, but also accidentally scraped Wagner’s head. They also showed the Wes Lee-Ilja Dragunov standoff, leading to Carmelo Hayes making the match between the two for the #1 contender’s spot. They showed Tiffany Stratton retaining against Kiana James in last week’s opener and the subsequent challenge from Becky Lynch, leading to tonight’s main event as The Man looks to with the one title that’s evaded her. Lynch was shown arriving earlier and NOT getting attacked in the parking lot.

-Lee made his entrance for this #1 contender’s match. Dragunov followed.

(1) WES LEE vs. ILJA DRAGUNOV – #1 contender’s match for Men’s NXT Championship

Lee immediately hit a running forearm and went to work on Dragunov in the corners with stiff strikes. Lee hit a big corner enziguri to drop Dragunov and then measured his opponent. Dragunov caught a kick and then did some corner work of his own on Lee. He lifted Lee for a bodyslam, but Lee slipped out for a strike combo. Dragunov caught another kick and hit a palms strike to the chin. Lee ducked an enziguri and hit a basement dropkick to the back of the head.Lee came off a rope run, but ate a chop that he corkscrew bumped. Dragunov then hit a German, held on, hit a second, held on, but Lee fipped out of the third and hit a running capoeira kick to knock Dragunov outside, then a lope. Lee reentered the ring only to hit another lope on the opposite camera side, Dragunov then rolling to the announce side. Lee went for another one, but Dragunov responded with an enziguri and hit the third German onto the announce desk. [c]

Dragunov was hitting rapid fire chops in the corner and referee Daryl Sharma had to back him off instead of the DQ in this high-stakes match. Dragunov went for a powerbomb, but Lee hit a spike rana cover counter for a two-count. Dragunov began hitting forearms and then egging on Lee. They traded blows in the middle of the ring, Lee hitting a bunch of rapid ones and an uppercut. Dragunov responded with a kick, but ate a thrust kick to the mouth and then a double stomp as he went for his drop-down enziguri. The replay showed the thrust kick hitting Dragunov right on the nose.

Lee hit some chop-forearm combos in the corner, Sharma this time pulling Lee off. Dragunov caught the next chop and hit a thunderous one of his own, but then Lee countered a rush with a Spanish fly for a two-count. Dragunov blocked a single-leg with elbows, then caught Lee on a head scissors attempt with a knee to the gut. This time, he hit a drop-down lariat that flipped Lee for a two-count. Dragunov went for a German, but Lee elbowed out. The crowd chanted for both men. Lee went for the Cardiac Kick, but Dragunov caught him on his shoulders only to eat a swinging DDt counter, sending Dragunov outside. Lee measured from the opposite corner and hit a tope con hilo over the corner (overshot, really). He rolled his foe back into the ring, then climbed to the top rope. Dragunov slapped him to a seated position and joined him up top. Dragunov went for a top rope superplex and hit. He sprung up and went for his falling forearm and hit, but Lee kicked out just in time. Dragunov set for Torpedo Moskau, but Lee hit a high jumping knee counter. Dragunov was still on his feet and hit a falling forearm to the back of the neck of Lee.

WINNER: Ilja Dragunov at 13:25 (falling forearm to the back of the neck – H-Bomb according to Vic Joseph) to become the #1 contender for the Men’s NXT Championship

-After the match, with Lee still in the ring, Hayes walked to ringside and jawed with Dragunov. Lee left the ring as the two squared off.

-They showed Stratton arriving earlier today, also not getting attacked in the parking lot.

-Joseph and Booker T then shifted back to the Breakker-Wagner angle from last week with tweets, video, and images from the aftermath. Booker T said in all his years, he never saw anything like that. Joseph said the update is that Wagner has a minor skull fracture, but due to his medical history, a timetable has yet to be determined.

-They showed Corbin walking backstage to address the viewers. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: A hell of a match as one would expect between these two. Lee’s character is like the old Daniel Bryan character in that there’s so much heart and determination that even in losses, the fans are behind Lee more than the victor. It’s amazing to think a career tag team wrestler who – among certain aspects of the audience – wasn’t connecting has become one of the best singles wrestlers in NXT and the fan connection to boot. Dragunov should have yet another hard-hitting match with Hayes, but I don’t think we see the title change here. I think it’s more likely this is Dragunov’s sendoff and Hayes continues until the person to take it off of him does it at Stand & Deliver – and it’s Trick Willy.)

-They returned with Corbin’s music hitting and him making his way to the ring.


Corbin said he’d normally come out and here and there’s a mutual dislike, but he gets that tonight is different. He said seven days ago, he sat right there and watched something so vicious that the TV trucks had to cut the feed to black: Breakker crushing Wagner’s skull (“crush” is an overstatement). He said he doesn’t know Wagner, but everything with his skull and brain surgeries is very, very real. He said Wagner will never be the same again, and then called out Breakker (he’s going to congratulate him and laugh about Wagner, huh?). Breakker hit the entrance ramp and Corbin said that’s far enough. Corbin said what Breakker did last week, he paused as the crowd chanted that Breakker got tabled, and then said what Breakker did last week he can’t put into words. He then said it was freaking awesome and Breakker whooped and entered the ring and they mutually celebrated. Breakker then called Corbin an idiot.

He asked if Corbin honestly things he did what he did to get Corbin’s respect when it was because Wagner put him through a table, so he ended Wagner’s career. He then reminisced about smashing Wagner’s head with the steps and all the chaos, fear, and turmoil created in the room was something he didn’t like, but loved. Corbin said he can respect getting your hands dirty, but he was out here trying to be nice, even wanting to offer to pay Breakker’s fine, but he rescinded the offer. He mocked Breakker and then challenged him to end an Olympic gold medalist’s career at WrestleMania, and another before his career can even get started. He started going over his accolades before Breakker interrupted, but Corbin said he’s on a different level. Breakker yelled he doesn’t want Corbin’s respect and then challenged Breakker for a match at No Mercy. Breakker promised Corbin would leave the building the same way Wagner left last week. Corbin said Breakker has a lot to learn and said he’s not Wagner, then slapped the hell out of Breakker. Breakker responded with his own and they started slapping each other until security entered to break them up.

-They showed Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, and Myles Bourne doing pull-ups in the back to prepare for their match. Fallon Henley approached and said it’s time. [c]

-They returned with the faces at the entrance and the heels already in the ring.


Damon Kemp went for a cheap shot, but Briggs caught him. Jensen tagged in and they did some double team work. Charlie Dempsey came in to help, but he paid for it as did Drew Gulak. Jensen went back to focus on Kemp with some corner work, but Kemp was able to tag in Gulak. Jensen came off a rope run with basically a running face smash, but Dempsey then tagged in only for Jensen to fight out. Bourne came in and hit a leaping neckbreaker, but Dempsey responded with a gutwrench. Both men made tags as Kemp and Jensen came in. Kemp hit a Triple H-like running knee lift, but then ate a wicked spinning heel kick from Jensen. All six men then went outside. Bourne pulled Henley away from a flying Kemp as he went for Jensen. They looked at each other, then Henley broke away. As Jensen went into the ring, Bourne swung him into the post and allowed Kemp to hit a pop-up neckbreaker. Bourne celebrated with the heels after.

WINNER: Drew Gulak & Charlie Dempsey & Damon Kemp at 2:40 (pop-up neckbreaker)


Andre Chase dismissed class and told them to watch the Women’s Championship match. He told Duke Hudson to stay back and asked about Thea Hail. Hudson couldn’t find Hail’s location on her phone and Chase was disappointed. They showed Hail turning off her location to Hudson as she was with Jacy Jayne at a “bar” which was really just the back area of NXT. Two dudes approached and mocked Hail about her age and then Jayne for hanging out with Hail. Jayne responded by slapping one and Hail said she’s a grown-ass woman and doesn’t need permission. She then kicked a dude in the nuts and said next week they’re going shopping so she can look different.

-Dana Brooke and Kelani Jordan made their entrance. [c]

-They returned with Lyra Valkyria in the ring.

(3) LYRA VALKYRIA vs. DANA BROOKE (w/Kelani Jordan) – Singles match

Brooke hit a stiff elbow to break a go-behind, but Valkyria got the better with a stiff enziguri. She hit her dropkick through the ropes and followed Brooke outside, then back inside. However, Brooke took her leg from the top rope and instead of Valkyria’s head hitting the turnbuckle, it missed and went straight to the mat. Brooke whipped her foe into the corner and hit a lariat for a two-count. Brooke locked in a cravate and held on through a roll attempt, then another. The crowd was 75/35 Valkyria or, more accurately, anti-Brooke. Valkyria responded with a strike combo and a bodyslam. She hit a spin kick to the gut and some more body strikes, then a running axe kick. She went for a Northern Lights that was blocked. Brooke whipped her, but Valkyria dodged a corner attack and hit a spin kick to the face, then hit a top rope splash.

WINNER: Lyra Valkyria at 3:32 (top rope splash)

-After the match, Jordan was in the ring to console Brooke. Valkyria held out her hand. Brooke looked affronted, then shook her hand. Jordan then held her back as Brooke went for the attack from behind.

-They then announced the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament, coming soon.

-McKenzie Mitchell was with Eddy Thorpe and asked about Dijak. He said Dijak is a snake and he’s tired of how he’s been moving. He was interrupted on the screen as Dijak was outside in the rain and mocked Thorpe about the spirits not guiding him anymore. He took off his belt, this time white, and told Thorpe to channel his wild side because he’s marking his territory. He whipped a tree with his belt. Thorpe left.

-They showed the points standings in Group A and Group B for the Global Heritage Invitational. Tyler Bate made his entrance for a Group A match against Axiom. They showed other competitors and their stablemates sitting down to watch in the back. [c]

-They returned with a Connor’s Cure ad and promo read from Joseph.


-Dominik Mysterio walked by Hayes and mocked him for having the contender’s battle it out like he had his do, which Hayes mocked for how the match ended last week. Hayes said he’s 1-0 against Dragunov and they’ll see who’s the best after No Mercy. Mysterio said Hayes called the North American Championship the A Championship, so he’s now the A Champion. They jawed a bit more.

-Mitchell was with Lynch and asked if tonight she adds the Women’s NXT Championship. Lynch said she was reflecting on her time and when she was here, it was really about survival and she doesn’t think anyone thought for a single second she was championship material, but here she is now. She said The Man is ready to right those wrongs and to walk out the new champion. James interrupted and said she doesn’t want Lynch here or as champion and that she would send Lynch home packing. Lynch took that as an invitation and said The Man is coming around to NXT a lot more.

-Axiom made his entrance.

(4) TYLER BATE vs. AXIOM – Group A Global Heritage Cup Invitational match

They showed Meta-Four in their little booth, this time in a safari getup with Noam Dar in a elephant inflatable. The match began as expected with both men trading creative British-style pinning combos and kipping up together. They then grasped hands and Axiom went to a leg pick and to a side headlock. He worked the left arm briefly as the crowd chanted “Power Ranger” at him. Bate then did his usual misdirection maneuvers and dodged some Axiom attacks before forcing him outside. A frustrated Axiom shoved Bate, dodged Bop and Bang, and slapped him hard on the chest and then forced him outside before hitting a second rope moonsault and overshooting, hitting his head on the announce desk. He rolled Bate back in and climbed to the top rope, hitting a crossbody. He went for a crucifix pin, but Bate rolled into the airplane spin and a Cradle Shock basically. Axiom rolled outside. [c]

Axiom hit an avalanche butterfly suplex as they returned. Joseph said Axiom tweaked the knee during the break. Bate caught Axiom and hit an exploder, kipped up, then went for a running shooting star, but Axiom caught him into an armbar. Axiom popped up and hit an enziguri, but Bate hit a rolling kick. Axiom responded with a PK, but Bate hit a big right hand. He went for the rebound lariat, but Axiom hit the Spanish fly. They showed the viewing area in the back and Dar looking on pleased. Bate hit a knee lift from the corner, but Axiom caught his second rope uppercut attempt into a rear naked choke attempt. Bate worked into another airplane spin, but Axiom popped up for a poisonrana. Axiom went for a brainbuster I think, but Bate countered into one of his own that Joseph calls a “Brainbustah.” Axiom met Bate at the top rope and went for and hit a Spanish fly for a two-count, but immediately chained into an armbar, then a triangle attempt. Bate lifted him into a powerbomb position, but Axiom countered into a rana pin. Bate went for Tyler Drive 97, but Axiom hit a head scissor. Bate used the momentum to hit the rebound lariat and then his finisher.

WINNER: Tyler Bate at 10:07 (Tyler Driver 97) to earn 2 points in Group A of the Global Heritage Invitational

-The woman whose name I still don’t remember interviews Butch in the the viewing area and he went over his past with Bate, including Bate’s debut match at 15-years-old. Butch said he’s back in NXT to prove that he’s the baddest man in WWE and no one brings out the bruiser in him like Bate. He said next week it’s fight night.

-They showed Stratton preparing in her locker room.

-Diamond Mine made their entrance for their tag team match with Edris Enofe & Malik Blade. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: There was one brief miscommunication early, but these two put on a match that you probably saw them put on in UK with Axiom as A-Kid…that is, if you watched UK. Axiom showed more of an attitude and aggressive side, leaving me to wonder if he’ll turn heel during or shortly after this tournament, frustrated with his lack of success as a face. Bate was great as always, but I feel like the only negative I have with Bate is I know pretty much how the match will transpire. I feel like he’s become too comfortable with his usual spots and while they are more creative than the standard routine spots of wrestlers, he’s been wrestling so long at still just his mid-20s that it feels like I’ve seen them way too much. Still, his matches are fun and it’ll be good to see him against the former Bruiserweight next week.)

-They returned with an earlier today video of Joe Gacy and Ava at a tree, Gacy saying their tree is dying. Ava said four roots may have grown to two, but Gacy stopped her and said the roots are rotten. He touched a down tree, and she joined him. Cool?

-They showed Trick Williams watching something in the back that I couldn’t hear because of the sound. Hayes walked in and there was some tension, but they quickly shifted and Williams offered to make it like the good old days to help Hayes with his Mysterio issues (I think). Lee slid into the background with a trash can and started putting things in there as they kept talking. Hayes said it’s Trick-Melo gang and Williams looked back at Lee before grasping hands with Hayes. Lee removed his nameplate and threw it in the trash before walking off with his stuff.

-Enofe & Blade made their entrance.

(5) THE CREED BROTHERS (w/Ivy Nile) vs. EDRIS ENOFE & MALIK BLADE – Tag team match

Booker T was incensed the latter two had a match on NXT. Blade quickly took out Julius and then Brutus, and then Enofe tagged in and hit a top rope splash for a two-count. Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo were on the concourse as Julius waylaid Enofe with a huge lariat. Bruti checked in and they hit a double team that the camera missed for a two-count. Brutus hit a Shell Shocked and standing moonsault, then a standing senton for a pin that was broken up by Blade hitting a leg drop, favoring his back. Tony D’Angelo and Stacks were watching from the back. Blade tagged in in and hit a top rope crossbody. He tagged in Enofe and they hit a double team rolling neckbreaker-spinebuster combo for a two-count.

Hayes vs. Mysterio was made official for next week as Brutus hulked up from Enofe strikes only to eat a fame-asser. Enofe mocked Julius and then noticed Brutus hulking up one more time and taunted Brutus. Brutus then hit a pounce to a leaping Enofe. He tried crawling over Enofe, but Enofe grabbed the leg so he could tag in Blade only for Julius to tag in and do his Kurt Angle impression with belly-t0-belly suplexes. He hit his rolling spinebuster on Enofe, then caught Blade from a crossbody and lifted for the powerbomb-Brutus ball combo. Hank & Tank were ringside all of the sudden and they were attacked by Bronco Nima and Lucien Price. Another weirdly timed spot.

WINNER: The Creed Brothers at 3:38 (powerbomb-Brutus bomb combo)

-They showed Lynch in the locker room as Valkyria approached and they hugged. Valkyria asked Lynch to win and then fist-bumped. Lynch left. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Maybe I’m just in a heel turn-predicting mood tonight, but I also feel like I’ve said this before in that I think Enofe is turning heel soon and his first feud will, of course, be with Blade.)

-They returned with Roxanne Perez in the back with a few women and it sounds like they’re going to be in the Breakout Tournament. Perez went over her success since then and the other women who were in it and their success. Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice approached saying that Perez is causing problems in the locker room. Perez mocked Vice for Perez being her “momma” and then Perez said Perez just found trouble. Vice then said she’s in the Breakout Tournament and called out Perez for after.

-Joseph said Breakker vs. Corbin was made official for No Mercy, then hyped Hayes vs. Dragunov for the title, Mysterio vs. Mustafa Ali for the title, and Dar vs. TBA for the Heritage Cup.

-Nathan Frazer made his entrance. Akira Tozawa followed.

(6) NATHAN FRAZER vs. AKIRA TOZAWA – Group B Global Heritage Invitational match

Tozawa immediately took the left arm. Frazer flipped and rolled out, but Tozawa was quick and they squared off. Frazer hit a side headlock takedown, but Tozawa countered with a leg scissor. Frazer kipped out and used his speed on several rope runs to discombobulate Tozawa and hit a one-legged dropkick. From the apron, he went for a springboard, rolled through, dodged a cyclone kick, then kicked out of a victory roll only to eat a snap German from Tozawa. Tozawa then hit an actual shining wizard and climbed to the top and hit a bit shotgun dropkick and then a running tope head-first into Frazer. He rolled Frazer back in and climbed, but Frazer met him for the superplex only for Tozawa to fight it off. Frazer landed on his feet and hit the superplex-final cut combo.

WINNER: Nathan Frazer at 2:30 (superplex-final cut combo) to score 2 points (4 total)

-Kelly Kincaid (THAT’S HER NAME) was with Gallus in the viewing area. She asked about having a must-win next week to win the group. Joe Coffey said he’s going to slap his opponent and then snatch the Heritage Cup at No Mercy. Hudson rose to his feet and said if he beats Coffey next week, it’ll be a three-way tie for Group B. He said go ahead and underestimate the MVP all you like, and then called himself the spoiler.

-Lynch made her way looking like she was going to murder someone, then Stratton, looking hesitant. [c]

-They returned with Mitchell and Ali in the back as she questioned his victory. She said don’t rain on his parade and that that was out of his hand. He said they were booing Mysterio, not him, and that when he realized his hand was being raised by “that convicted criminal,” he dropped him. Dragon Lee interrupted and Ali welcomed him. Ali said he watched the match like ten times. Lee said the count was too fast and he knows that. Ali said if he agrees or disagrees doesn’t change anything, but after he defeats Mysterio “for you, for you, and for me,” he’ll give the first shot to Lee.

-The other Lee was seen leaving and that if he wasn’t going to No Mercy, he’s going home. His wife met him in the back, he kissed her, and they left. Suddenly, a hooded Gigi Dolin attacked Blair Davenport and was pulled away by security.

-Joseph went over next week’s card with Hayes vs. Mysterio, Perez vs. Vice (but the graphic said Perez vs. Vice), and more Global Heritage Invitational matches.

-Lynch made her entrance as the crowd sung her entrance. The Man received a loud reaction once she entered. The Man had the crowd in the palm of her hand.  Stratton then made her entrance as the Women’s NXT Champion for possibly the biggest match on NXT TV since…at least Lynch’s husband Seth Rollins defended his World Heavyweight Championship? I guess it wasn’t that long ago. The Tron had her name in Barbie-like font. Alicia Taylor, fittingly, gave this match formal ring introductions.

(7) TIFFANY STRATTON (c) vs. “THE MAN” BECKY LYNCH – Women’s NXT Championship match

Stratton was in baby blue and silver, Lynch was in all black. They locked up as Stratton forced Lynch into the corner and cleanly broke so she could taunt Lynch. They reset and Lynch kicked the gut, grabbing a side headlock. She struck down Lynch with a shoulder tackle and evaded an attack, mocking Lynch. Lynch then did her Matrix-style pin escape to shock Stratton. She then caught Stratton out of mid-air and went for the Dis-Arm-Her, but Stratton shoved her off. They locked up again and Stratton used a gut knee to take control. She tossed Lynch into the ropes and hit a forearm to the back, but Lynch answered with her own to the face. Stratton came back with a suplex onto the top rope and then a running hip attack to send Lynch outside. [c]

Lynch hit a Becksploder as they returned. She climbed to the top and hit a shotgun dropkick for a two-count. After some rest time, Lynch went back for the Dis-Arm-Her, but Stratton rolled her up for a two-count. Stratton then hit a sit-out spinebuster for a two-count. She set for the PME, but Lynch grabbed her leg as she ascended. Lynch sent Stratton to the apron, but Stratton hung her up before climbing. Lynch met her and climbed for an avalanche attack, but hit the ten punches and set for a second rope superplex. Stratton countered with a gourdbuster and hit beautiful swanton for a two-count. Lynch countered and hit a butterfly suplex into a standard armbar.


Stratton thrashed about to reach the bottom ropes with her leg, and then she rolled over and lifted Lynch for a powerbomb, but Lynch countered into a rana for a two-count. Stratton threw Lynch into the middle rope and hit a running hip attack and then running double stomp for a two-count. Stratton went for the manhandle slam, but then was caught on the second rope by Lynch going for the PME with a side Russian leg sweep for a two-count. The crowd chanted their approval. Both women were slow to rise as Stratton decided to roll outside. Lynch had her apron kick caught and slammed into the mat, then thrown into the steps. Stratton started clearing the announce table and set for a powerbomb, but Lynch grabbed the crowd barrier to counter and kick Stratton onto the desk. Lynch measured and hit a leg drop. The table didn’t budge.

She rolled Stratton in and climbed for the top rope leg drop. She hit, but Stratton kicked out RIGHT into Dis-Arm-Her. She grabbed the bottom rope, then lifted Lynch and dumped her on the apron. Lynch dodged a rush and kicked her twice. Lynch climbed to the top and rolled through a dodge. Stratton finally hit the Stratton bomb for a two-count. Lynch was right in position for PME, but Stratton was selling her neck a bit. They both hit their knees as Stratton mushed Lynch. Lynch slapped her, but Stratton countered manhandle slam into a schoolgirl. Stratton went for PME, but Lynch dodged and hit manhandle slam for the victory.

WINNER: Becky Lynch at 13:19 (manhandle slam) to become the NEW Women’s NXT Champion

-Lynch held the title above her head in the ring as the Tron indicated her as the new champion. The show went off the air with Lynch looking around at the crowd.

(Hazelwood’s Take: Like the first match, there was one tiny little miscommunication, but this was arguably Stratton’s best match and it’s no surprise it came with Lynch, arguably the most popular and accomplished women’s wrestler in WWE over the past five years or so. They already have at least THREE feuds for Lynch with James, Valkyria, and a rematch with Stratton, but don’t be surprised if this goes as far as No Mercy. In fact, don’t be surprised if we see a fatal four-way with these four women at No Mercy. As for Lynch, if she does stay around longer than the 30th, then I assume she’ll pull double-duty like Mysterio because as popular as Mysterio is, Lynch is just on another level and you can’t pull her from Raw only to be on NXT. I think continuing a feud with Stratton would be good for Stratton because it would force her to go toe-to-toe with someone on the mic who is inarguably better than her, a great way for Stratton to hone in on her promo abilities. Still, a good match to cap off what was a pretty good show with good action, particularly the Global Heritage Invitational matches.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Like that previous sentence stated, it was a pretty good show capped off by the title change and in-ring action of the Global Heritage Invitational. It didn’t exceed the “pretty good” status because too many of the middle matches were basically 3:30ish breakneck-paced endeavors, but the quality of the other matches upped the level of the whole show. Meta-Four was great in a non-wrestling role once again and they’re doing a great job of maximizing the amount of time they’re shown on TV. I like the little interviews and the viewing area in the back to put over the importance of the Global Heritage Invitational to the competitors in the tournament and it’s a great way to get Kelly Kincaid involved while Mitchell does what she does best in those backstage interview spots.

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