WWE Raw Results (9/18) Keller’s report on Cody vs. Dominik, Ricochet vs. Nakamura, Drew McIntyre vs. Jey Uso

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Full analysis and results of this week's episode of WWE Raw


SEPTEMBER 18, 2023

Commentators: Michael Cole, Wade Barrett

Ring Announcer: Samantha Irvin

-They went live to the arena and Cody Rhodes’s entrance theme played. As he came out, Michael Cole and Wade Barrett hyped planned segments.

-Cody asked the fans what they wanted to talk about. He said last week he was interrupted, but he still wanted to talk about Jey Uso. Dominik Mysterio interrupted. After saying The Judgment Day is the most dominant faction in WWE, he said Rhea Ripley wasn’t there this week because she was hurt by Jia Jax. He said he will be dedicating his victory over Cody later to Mami. Cody asked the fans if they heard him. They shouted no. Cody asked Dom repeat that. Dom, somewhat awkwardly, refused. Cody then repeated what Dom said instead. Cody then said it seems Dom is far more into Ripley than Ripley is into him.

Cody asked what all the Mami talk is about. He said it appears, based on last week, she has eyes for Jey Uso. Dom said it’s not like that at all. Boos erupted. He said they’re family and family always has each others’ backs. Then out came Damien Priest and Finn Balor. Cole said the match was next. They cut to a commercial break only eight minutes into the hour, earlier than usual. [c]

(1) CODY RHODES vs. DOMINIK MYSTERIO (w/Finn Balor, Damian Priest)

Before the bell, they showed Dragon Lee at ringside. Cole said Rey once called Lee the future of Lucha Libre. He said he’ll face Dominik next week for the NXT North American Championship. The bell rang 12 minutes into the hour. Balor interfered at 1:00 to give Dom his first offense of the match. Dom went into the three unreleased suplexes sequence, but the second one was awkward and Dom landed on Cody’s shoulder. Cody escaped the third one and then hit a Cody Cutter for the win. Barrett said they didn’t see the best of Dominik. Cole said that doesn’t bode well for him given the week he has coming up.

WINNER: Cody in 2:00.

-As Balor and Priest joined Dominik on the ring apron in a threatening position, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens charged out to the ring to KO’s music. Judgment Day dropped to the floor and grabbed their respective belts and left through the crowd. Barrett said champions don’t fight for free. Cody shook Sami’s hand before leaving the ring to take a selfie with a kid and shake hands.  KO asked for them to cut Cody’s music. Owens said he wanted Cody to come back to the ring because they had to talk about something. They cut to a break. [c]

-Owens sat on the corner turnbuckle and asked Cody why he thought it was a good idea to invite Jey Uso to their locker room. He said he’s not the only one concerned, noting a lot of people in the back question Cody’s decision. Cody said part of his job is making the fans happy. He asked the crowd if they like Jey. Fans cheered. He said he’s one of the best in the world and deserves a chance to show he has changed. Sami told KO he always has his back, but he and KO have given each other second chances and he believes Jey deserves that too. KO said he’ll pretend that Jey didn’t cost Sami and Cody big matches when he was in The Bloodline, and they can trust him, but he won’t. He left.

-Clips aired of Nia Jax attacking Raquel Rodriguez and then Ripley last week. Cole said Ripley has bruised ribs and is day to day.

-Kofi Kingston made his ring entrance. [c]

(2) IVAR (w/Valhala) vs. KOFI KINGSTON (w/Xavier Woods)

As Ivar made his way to the ring, they showed Adam Pearce earlier informing New Day that Erik wasn’t medically cleared and the scheduled tag match was off. Xavier and Kofi shrieked and made obnoxious noises. Pearce agreed to let Kofi wrestle Ivar one-on-one instead. The bell rang 35 minutes into the hour. They cut to a break at 3:00 after Ivar sent Kofi hard to the floor and then splashed him. [c]

Ivar landed a double underhook sitout powerbomb for a near fall at 9:00. When Erik stood on the top rope, Valhala called for him to instead to climb to the top rope. Erik did, and then landed a moonsault for a near fall. “What a match between Ivar and Kofi!” exclaimed Cole. Barrett said Kofi will need a month off after this match. Kingston sunset flip powerbombed Erik at 12:30 to take over. Kofi then hit Trouble in Paradise for the win. Cole called it “a breakout night” for Ivar even though he lost.

WINNER: Kingston in 13:00.

-A clip aired of Shinsuke Nakamura attacking Ricochet last week.

-Jackie Redmond interviewed Ricochet about the attack last week. He said Nakamura’s attack just fired him up and he said he’s not anyone’s pawn in a feud. He said he’s in cheat code and tonight it’s game over.

-Nakamura made his ring entrance. When Nakamura entered the ring, Seth Rollins’ music played. He walked onto the stage. Pearce and security guys tried to stop him, but he snuck past them and charged to the ring. Nakamura ran away and his behind security while taunting Seth. [c]

-They replayed what happened with Seth before the break.


Ricochet made his ring entrance. The bell rang 58 minutes into the hour. They took turns on offense in the early going.


At 7:00, Ricochet back-flipped onto Nakamura at ringside. They cut to a break as Ricochet riled up the crowd and pounded the ring apron. [c]

They fought at ringside after the break. Ricochet ducked a chair swing by Nakamura. He picked up the chair and bashed Nakamura with it. The ref DQ’d Ricochet.

WINNER: Nakamura via DQ in 11:00.

-Ricochet yelled up at the ref and protested the decision since Nakamura introduced the chair. Nakamura clipped Ricochet’s leg from behind. He gave Ricochet a Kinshasa. Cole said Nakamura was trying to punish Ricochet during the match and going for very few covers. He said the post-match attack is about that too. Nakamura bashed Ricochet’s leg with the chair wrapped around the ringpost. Seth made the save. He set up a Pedigree on a chair, but Nakamura backdropped out of it and Seth crashed onto the chair. Cole said the focus was on the bad back of Seth. Barrett said it might’ve not been his focus, but just good fortune. Cole said Nakamura triggered Seth into putting himself in danger. Nakamura rammed Seth into the announce desk. Cole said Nakamura is a vicious, vicious man and Seth is “unraveling like we’ve never seen before.” They cut to a break as Nakamura celebrated his attack at ringside and medics were checking on Seth. [c]

-They replayed the Nakamura attack on Seth before the break. They showed Seth being helped to the back during the break.

-Backstage Seth told a ref he didn’t need help, but then he collapsed. The ref helped him into the trainer’s room.

-They went to Barrett and Cole at ringside. Cole said it’s been a wild night, so they’re going to take a deep breath. He previewed the tag match up next. They replayed last week’s match with Shayna Baszler vs. Chelsea Green and the post-match involvement of Piper Niven and Zoey Stark.

-Byron Saxton interviewed Niven and Green backstage. Green said Zoey and Shayna aren’t a real team. She said a real team results from real friendship. Niven sneered and disputed that they’re actually friends. “Do you think we’re friends?” Niven asked. Green said of course. Niven asked if she even knows what country she’s from. Green guessed “England, Ireland, Florida.” Niven walked off. Saxton said she’s from Scotland. Green snapped that she knew that. She walked off and yelled to Niven she meant to say Scotland.


As Baszler made her way to the ring, Cole said Baszler said she and Stark want to impress each other and outdo each other in tag matches to prove who the real badass is. The bell rang 25 minutes into the hour. Green started the match. Niven tagged in and got in offense. Stark kneed Niven, sending her to ringside. Niven slammed her at ringside. Nia Jax then showed up and attacked Niven and threw her into the ringside steps. The ref called for the bell.

WINNERS: No contest in 4:00 when Jax interfered.

-Jax entered the ring and landed a Samoan Drop on Stark followed by a running senton. When Green stood, Jax grabbed her and threw her across the ring followed by a hip attack. Jax crashed into Baszler in the corner and then landed the sit-splash in the corner, which Cole called The Annihilator. When Jax began walking to the back, she said that no one is safe and she’ll take out whoever she wants. “The division is on notice,” she said.

-A distressed Pearce was on the phone backstage talking about Seth being evaluated. Chad Gable walked in and asked how Seth was doing. He asked Pearce what he has to do in order to get another IC Title match. Pearce said he lost, so he’ll have to earn his way back in. Bronson Reed walked in and said Gable should move to the back of the line. Gable said he made a career out of suplexing guys like him, so he’ll make him next. They yelled. Pearce said they can take it to the ring and have a match next.

-They went to Barrett and Cole at ringside. Cole said The Rock’s surprise appearance on Smackdown last Friday drew over 103 million views on social media, the most viewed of the year. Cole threw to a video recap of the Smackdown segment.

-Gable made his entrance with Otis and Maxxine. [c]

-Redmond interviewed Jey backstage. She asked about what KO and Drew have had to say about him. Jey said, “It’s all good, Jackie.” He said he’s got a big red target on his back. Priest walked in and asked for a moment. Jackie left with the mic and yet we could still hear Priest and Jey. Priest said The Judgment Day really want an Uso to join them. He said the crew was pushing for Jimmy, but he wants Main Event Jey. He said it’s not his decision because it’s not a dictatorship; he said they’re family. He said he has a Bloodline and the blood makes them relatives, but what they have is something special beyond that. “If you’re willing and if you want, we can be the family you’ve been looking for your whole life.” He warned Jey not to make him look bad and said he has until the end of the night.

(5) BRONSON REED vs. CHAD GABLE (w/Otis, Maxxine)

The bell rang 43 minutes into the hour. Barrett said it’s time for Reed to start making some real waves in WWE. “This man is money,” he said. Cole said if you want championship opportunities, you need to win matches. They cut to a break at 3;00. [c]

When Reed went for a senton, Gable lifted his knees. Gable went for a German suplex, but his knee gave out. Reed then landed a Samoan drop followed by a top rope Tsunami for the win.

WINNER: Reed in 9:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: That clean win for Reed does seem to be turning the page away from Gable as a title contender. Barrett was right that it’s time for Reed to start showing he’s for real.)

-Tomasso Ciampa sat backstage and talked about playing a long game and waiting for opportunities on Raw, but after waiting, he learned that patience is a crutch. He said Gunther has what he wants and he’s coming for it. He knocked his chair over and walked away.

-A video package aired on Becky Lynch beating Tiffany Stratton for the NXT Title last Tuesday.

-They showed Becky walking backstage. Akira Tozawa offered a fist bump. Becky fist bumped him. He acted like it hurt his knuckles. [c]


-Backstage Owens told Sami that he saw Jey talking to Priest. Jey walked up and asked KO to speak to him directly. KO said he thinks he’s decided to join The Judgment Day. Jey said Priest was just asking. KO said before long he’ll run to The Judgment Day because he doesn’t do anything alone for long. KO said he doesn’t trust him anyway, so he doesn’t care if he joins The Judgment Day. KO turned and left. Sami told Jey to just chill. He said it looks like he’s got a big decision to make and good luck with it.

-Cole plugged Jey vs. Drew later.

-Becky made her ring entrance. She said becoming NXT Champion wasn’t on her bingo card for this year, but now that she is the champion, she wants to elevate it. She said the title represents the future of the business. She said it’s about hope, hunger, and progress, and she wants to face the best the business has to offer. She said she’ll be on NXT tomorrow night, “but tonight I’m in Utah.” She said there are a lot of women in the back who haven’t had an opportunity and want to step up to the plate, so she issued an open challenge. Natalya’s music played.

Natalya said that she’d like her to name another woman who has worked her ass off more than her for an opportunity. She said eight weeks ago she took Ripley to her limit, and she’s been sitting back since then patiently waiting for another chance.

Becky said she has nothing but respect for her. She said she meant her open challenge to be for someone new and young and she’s been there for 15 years. Natalya said she has put in 15 years of dedicating her life to it. She said Becky went to NXT and stepped all over every one of those women who were waiting for their chance. “You are nothing but a hypocritical, ginger witch!” she said. She shoved Becky. Becky said if she wants to go, she accepts.

(6) BECKY LYNCH vs. NATALYA – NXT Title match

Cole said they both have points. The bell rang eight minutes into the hour. Natalya shoved Becky right away into the ringpost. They cut to a break with Becky down at ringside, wincing in pain. [c]

Natalya landed a discus clothesline at 5:00 after avoiding a leaping move by Becky. Becky and Natalya reversed each other’s roll-ups, and it ended with Becky rolling up Natalya for a three count.

WINNER: Lynch in 6:00 to retain the NXT Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good mic work from both Becky and Natalya. And a good match that wouldn’t have been unwelcome lasting longer.)

-Dom interrupted Pearce and Dragon Lee chatting backstage. Dom said he lost earlier because Ripley wasn’t there, and she wasn’t there because Pearce didn’t stop Jax from what she did last week. He looked at Lee and said he doesn’t like guys with masks because “they remind me of my deadbeat dad.” Lee said he’s going to beat Dom next week and he wondered what Ripley will see in him when he’s no longer champion.

-Cole hyped Dom vs. Dragon Lee next week on Raw.

-Gionvani Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser made their entrance. [c]

(7) TOMASSO CIAMPA vs. GIOVANI VINCI (w/Ludwig Kaiser)

The bell rang 23 minutes into the hour. Cole said he’d love to see a match between Ciampa and Gunther. They cut to Gunther watching the match on a monitor backstage. Vinci got in some offense that pleased Gunther. Ciampa made a comeback at 2:00. Ciampa lowered his kneepad. Kaiser entered the ring, so Ciampa went after him. Vinci took over and scored a quick two count. Ciampa kneed Vinci out of mid-air and then applied his Sicilian Stretch for the tapout. They showed Gunther looking disappointed backstage. Kaiser scorned Vinci afterward.

WINNER: Ciampa in 3:00.

-They showed Drew backstage getting ready for his match or daydreaming. It was tough to tell which. [c]

-Saxton interviewed Seth and asked how he was doing. Seth said he was tired and in a lot of pain, trying to keep it together. “But I am losing my mind!” he yelled. He said he’ll do “whatever it takes to get that son of a bitch in the ring.” He said Nakamura wants to do things on his own terms so maybe he’s been going about it all wrong. He told Nakamura to name the time and place and the stipulations. He said their destinies are very intertwined at this point. He asked if he’ll be the one to define a legacy or will it be him. He snorted and snarled and walked off.

-Barrett said it appears Seth is broken down and has lost all leverage in negotiating a rematch. Cole said he’s been driven to the point of needing retribution.

-A video package aired on Jey Uso.

-Jey made his ring entrance. Cole noted that The Judgement Day are awaiting Jey’s decision tonight. [c]

-Cole and Barrett hyped next week’s Raw: Balor & Priest vs. KO & Sami for the WWE Tag Team Titles and Bronson Reed vs. Otis.


Cole talked about Clash at the Castle being a setback for Drew, and Jey was part of that setback, and he hasn’t a chance since then to re-climb the mountain. He said it’s been eating at him inside and he wants to “right that wrong.” The bell rang 43 minutes into the hour. Drew yelled early, “If this is all you’ve got, this is going to be quick.”

At 4:00 Jey ducked a charging Drew, who fell to the floor. Jey then dove onto him. With both down, The Judgment Day made their way out. [c]

Back from the break, Judgment Day were at ringside. Drew superplexed Jey off the top rope. Both were slow to get up. They stood and exchanged strikes mid-ring. Jey caught Drew with a Samoan Drop and scored a two count. Drew signaled for his Claymore Kick, but then Dom distracted the ref as Priest grabbed his boot. Jey then kicked Drew when he turned around and scored a near fall. Priest made his case to Jey, and Jey listened and fist-bumped Priest. Jey, though, then surprised Priest with a superkick. Drew, though, caught Jey with a sudden Claymore for the win.

WINNER: McIntyre in 14:00.

-Afterward, The Judgment Day attacked Jey in the ring. Drew looked, turned away and walked toward the back, and then paused and looked back to the ring again. Cody ran right past Drew and charged into the ring to make the save. He gave Dom a Crossroads as he looked at Jey in the corner. Priest pulled Dom to safety at ringside. Barrett said anyone not punching Jey in the face is his friend right now. Cody helped Jey stand and Jey gave him a look of respect and nodded as the show ended.

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