WWE Raw Results (9/18): Pomares’s report on KO confronting Cody over bringing Jey to Raw, Drew vs. Jey, Cody vs. Dominik, Nakamura vs. Ricochet

By Mauricio Pomares, PWTorch contributor

Full results and analysis of WWE Raw


SEPTEMBER 18, 2023

Commentators: Michael Cole, Wade Barrett

Ring Announcer: Samantha Irvin

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– The show opened with Cody Rhodes making his way to the ring while the announce team ran down tonight’s match card. Cody tried to talk about Jey Uso, but was immediately interrupted by Dominik Mysterio. Dominik said that once Jey joined Judgment Day, they would continue to be the most dominant faction in WWE. Dominik said that Rhea Ripley would return from injury next week, but he would dedicate his victory to her. Cody told Dominik that he is far more into Ripley than she is into him. Cody claimed that Ripley had her eyes on Jey. Finn Bálor and Damian Priest showed up to have Dominik’s back, as WWE Raw went to commercials.

(Pomares’s Analysis: A decent start to the show, but nothing we haven’t seen. It seems that as long as Cody is one of the top guys on Raw, he’ll keep on feuding with Judgment Day.)

[Commercial Break]

– Dragon Lee was shown in the crowd, as it was confirmed he would take on Dominik next week in a title match.


Cody nailed Dominik with a drop-down punch, following it with a suplex into a facebuster. Cody put Dominik in a Figure 4, following it with a forearm strike. Finn swept Cody off the apron behind the referee’s back, allowing Dominik to hit him with a pair of suplexes. Cody caught Dominik with the Codu Cutter, setting him up for the Cross Rhodes and the win.

WINNER: Cody Rhodes at 2:11

(Pomares’s Analysis: I’m far from the biggest Dominik Mysterio fan, but I’m even less of a fan of pinning your champions. I get that Dominik is supposed to be a paper champion, but to actually book him in the wrong end of a squash match feels like taking things too far. )

– After the match, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn showed up to stop the Judgment Day from attacking Cody Rhodes. The Judgment Day retreated and Cody started walking to the back. Kevin grabbed a mic and asked Cody to return to the ring, so they could talk.

[Commercial Break]

– Back from break, Kevin questioned Cody why he got Jey Uso to move to Raw, taking into account everything he has done. Cody said that he is someone that has gotten loads of second chances and everyone should give Jey a chance to show that he has changed. Cody asked Kevin what is wrong about the Bloodline having one less member. Sami told Kevin that he doesn’t have to give Jey a second chance, but he should attempt to do it. Kevin said that he can pretend that Jey hasn’t cost all of them title matches and that he is one shade of an eye-liner from joining Judgment Day. Kevin said that he can’t trust Jey, but he trusts Cody and Sami before walking away.

(Pomares’s Analysis: An actually very logical continuation to the Jey Uso and Kevin Owens storyline. I love how Kevin is the only one that seemingly acknowledges past storylines and his performance in that segment was top-notch.)

– A recap of Rhea Ripley defeating Raquel Rodriguez after Nia Jax’s interference was shown.

[Commercial Break]

– Earlier today, Adam Pearce informed the New Day that Erik was injured, so their tag match would be canceled. Woods and Kingston played rock-paper-scissors to determine who would face Ivar in singles action instead.

(2) KOFI KINGSTON vs. IVAR (w/Valhalla)

Ivar knocked Kofi off his feet with a shoulder tackle, only for Kofi to catch him with a leaping elbow strike. Ivar shut Kofi down with a seated senton, following it with an Irish-whip into the corner. Kofi nailed Ivar with a Pendulum kick, setting him up for an axe handle, a dropkick and a leaping clothesline. Kofi took Ivar down with a hook kick, but he managed to kick out at two. Ivar tossed Kofi out of the ring and crushed him with a splash off the apron, as WWE Raw went to an ad break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Ivar hit Kofi with a sideslam, followed by a running crossbody. Ivar missed a diving splash, allowing Kofi to nail him with a Frog Splash for a two count. Kofi crashed into Ivar with a corkscrew diving crossbody, but he kicked out at two. Ivar caught Kofi with a thrust kick, only for Kofi to retaliate with SOS for a nearfall. Kofi attacked Ivar with the Boom Drop, but couldn’t follow it up with either the Trouble in Paradise or the SOS.

Ivar dropped Kofi with a double underhook powerbomb for a close nearfall. Ivar knocked Kofi off his feet with a leg lariat, following it with a running seated senton into the corner. Before Kofi could react, Ivar crushed him with a top rope moonsault for a shocking nearfall. Kofi blocked a superplex and laid Ivar out with a sunset flip powerbomb, setting him up for Trouble in Paradise and the win.

WINNER: Kofi Kingston at 13:04

(Pomares’s Analysis: I didn’t expect this match to get as much time as it did, but they used it wisely. Great match to give Kofi a big win and Ivar a rare singles showcase. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Ivar as a singles wrestler going forward.)

– A recap of Shinsuke Nakamura attacking Ricochet last week was shown.

– Backstage, Jackie Redmond interviewed Ricochet about his upcoming encounter against Shinsuke Nakamura. Ricochet said that he was already done with Nakamura before he made it personal. Ricochet said that if Nakamura wants to play mind games, he would be the cheat code and it would be game over.

– Shinsuke Nakamura made his way to the ring, ahead of his match against Ricochet. Seth Rollins showed up to confront Nakamura, but Adam Pearce and numerous security guards stopped him.

[Commercial Break]


– A recap of Seth Rollins trying to attack Shinsuke Nakamura was shown.


Ricochet pushed Nakamura into the ropes, only for Nakamura to blast him with a boot to the face. Nakamura stomped Ricochet down and nailed him with a couple of kicks to the chest. Ricochet caught Nakamura with a dropkick, but couldn’t follow it with a power move. Nakamura attacked Ricochet with a basement dropkick while he tried to go for a handspring move. Nakamura clocked Ricochet with a rising knee strike to the abdomen and a knee drop for a two count.

Ricochet ran into a knee strike from Nakamura before being put in a headlock. Ricochet knocked Nakamura off his feet, setting him up for a standing moonsault. Nakamura blasted Ricochet with a series of chops in the corner, but couldn’t follow it up with the sliding German suplex. Ricochet crashed into Nakamura with a moonsault off the apron, as WWE Raw went to a commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Ricochet shut Nakamura down with a jumping knee strike, followed by a handspring back elbow. Ricochet nailed Nakamura with a running Shooting Star Press for a close two count. Nakamura caught Ricochet with a knee strike to the midsection, only for Ricochet to clock him with a roundhouse kick and a high crossbody for a nearfall. Nakamura knocked Ricochet off the top turnbuckle with a boot and swept him off the apron with a roundhouse kick. Ricochet cracked Nakamura with an enzuigiri and avoided a chair shot. Ricochet picked up the chair and clobbered Nakamura with it, ending the match in a DQ.

WINNER: Shinsuke Nakamura at 13:01 via DQ

– After the match, Ricochet argued with the referee, allowing Shinsuke Nakamura to take him down with a chop block. Nakamura attacked Ricochet with a Kinshasa and a dragon screw, followed by a barrage of chair shots to the leg into the ring post. Seth Rollins attacked Nakamura from behind and tried to hit him with a Pedigree, only for Nakamura to counter it with a back body drop onto the chair. Nakamura dropped Rollins with a back suplex on the announce table, as security guards tried to separate them.

(Pomares’s Analysis: That was a solid match, but I despised the ending. Ricochet looked like a total fool by arguing to the referee after getting himself disqualified. The post-match stuff with Seth Rollins was fine, but this storyline is not hitting for me at all after Rollins won cleanly at Payback.)

[Commercial Break]

– A recap of Shinsuke Nakamura beating Ricochet and Seth Rollins down was shown.

– Backstage, Seth Rollins was taken to the trainer’s office to be evaluated.

– A recap of Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler joining forces last week was shown.

– Backstage, Byron Saxton interviewed Piper Niven and Chelsea Green about their upcoming match tonight. Green said that Stark and Baszler aren’t a real tag team because they aren’t friends like her and Niven. Niven asked Green if she actually thinks they are friends before quizzing her on which country she is from. Green guessed Florida, angering Niven into walking away, as Saxton told Green that the answer was Scotland.


Stark pummeled Green with numerous forearm strikes, followed by an uppercut and a sliding clothesline. Stark crushed Green with a top rope corkscrew senton, setting her up for a backbreaker from Baszler. Baszler clocked Green with a neckbreaker and a Penalty kick. Niven saved Green from a corner splash, allowing her to knock Stark down with a missile dropkick. Niven crushed Stark with a corner splash, following it with a shoulder breaker for a nearfall. Stark blasted Green with a thrust kick, but Niven broke the pinfall. Baszler knocked Niven off the apron with a running knee strike, only for Niven to respond with a bodyslam at ringside. Nia Jax showed up to drive Niven into the ring post.

WINNER: No Contest at 3:44

(Pomares’s Analysis: Match was okay while it lasted, but it didn’t really mean anything after Nia Jax’s interference. I hated when Braun Strowman assaulted the whole men’s tag division and this was in the same vein. Still no interest in seeing anything from Nia Jax.)

– After the match, Nia Jax hit Zoey Stark with a senton and tossed Green into the corner. Jax crushed Baszler with a diving senton before walking away.

– Backstage, Adam Pearce refused to give Chad Gable another title shot. Bronson Reed showed up to make fun of Gable, only for Pearce to book them in a match next.

– A recap of The Rock’s shocking appearance on WWE SmackDown was shown.

– Chad Gable made his way to the ring, ahead of his match against Bronson Reed.

[Commercial Break]

– Backstage, Jackie Redmond interviewed Jey Uso about his arrival on Raw and his match against Drew McIntyre. Before Jey could really get going, Damian Priest interrupted. Priest told Jey that they could be the family he has been looking for before demanding him to give him an answer by the end of the night.

(5) CHAD GABLE (w/Otis & Maxxine Dupri) vs. BRONSON REED

Gable caught Reed with a series of leaping forearm strikes, followed by a missile dropkick. Reed blocked a German suplex and laid Gable out with a belly-to-belly suplex. Reed drove Gable into the corner with an Irish-whip, but Gable avoided his back suplex attempt. Gable attacked Reed with a cross-chop, only for Reed to drop him onto the turnbuckle and launch him into the barricade, as WWE Raw went to commercials.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Gable blasted Reed with a chop block, but Reed quickly shut him down with a clothesline. Gable put Reed in an armbar using the top rope before taking him down with a flipping kick to the head. Gable crushed Reed with a diving headbutt, but he managed to kick out at two. Reed blocked the Chaos Theory German suplex, only for Gable to block his senton attempt with his knees. Reed dropped down with Gable on his back, setting him up for the Tsunami and the win.

WINNER: Bronson Reed at 8:40

(Pomares’s Analysis: Pretty good match to give Bronson Reed a much-needed win while officially taking Chad Gable out of the title picture. I still think Gable has a real shot at dethroning Gunther, but for the time being I’m okay with Tommaso Ciampa getting the next title shot.)

– Backstage, Tommaso Ciampa talked about being patient since arriving at Raw, only to find out that patience is a crutch in this world. Ciampa told Gunther that he has what he wants before walking away.

– A recap of Becky Lynch winning the NXT championship from Tiffany Stratton was shown.

[Commercial Break]


– Backstage, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn argued about seeing Jey Uso talking with Damian Priest. Jey showed up and Kevin started yelling at him. Kevin told Jey to join the Judgment Day if he wants because he is already done with him. Sami told Jey that he had a huge choice to make, wishing him luck.

– Becky Lynch made her way to the ring and put over her title win. Lynch said that she wanted to defend her belt because NXT represents the future of the industry. Lynch officially challenged anyone in the back to face her for the title tonight. Natalya interrupted to claim that she has been waiting for a chance and wanted to accept Lynch’s challenge. Lynch told Natalya that she was hoping to face a new talent and not someone that has had 15 years of experience. Natalya called Lynch a hypocrite for going to NXT and taking an opportunity from other women. Natalya slapped Lynch, angering her into accepting the challenge.

(6) BECKY LYNCH vs. NATALYA – NXT Women’s Championship

Natalya nailed Lynch with a jab and tossed her out of the ring, as WWE Raw went to an ad break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Lynch took Natalya down with a leaping clotheline and a Xploder for a two count. Natalya dropped Lynch with a German suplex, only for Lynch to counter the Sharpshooter with an inside cradle. Lynch caught Natalya with a kick to the chest, only for Natalya to lay her out with a superplex. Lynch kicked Natalya into the turnbuckle and blasted her away with a missile dropkick, following it with a sliding dropkick. Natalya avoided a diving move and hit Lynch with a discus clothesline for a two count. They traded a series of roll-ups and roll throughs, until Lynch picked up the win.

WINNER: Becky Lynch at 7:17 (Still NXT Women’s Champion)

(Pomares’s Analysis: This was good while it lasted, but if it wasn’t getting that much time, then they should have stuck with a younger and fresher opponent for Becky.)

– Backstage, Dominik Mysterio complained to Adam Pearce about Rhea Ripley not being here tonight. Dragon Lee told Dominik that next week he would become the new NXT North American champion.

– Giovanni Vinci made his way to the ring, ahead of his match against Tommaso Ciampa.

[Commercial Break]


Kaiser grabbed Ciampa’s leg, allowing Vinci to pummel him down. Vinci blocked a rising kick and blasted Ciampa with a lariat. Vinci dropped Ciampa with a back suplex, only for Ciampa to retaliate with forearm strikes. Ciampa avoided a power move and took Vinci down with a Thesz Press. Ciampa knocked Vinci down with a running clothesline, followed by a reverse DDT. Kaiser distracted the referee, allowing Vinci to get a nearfall with a roll-up. Vinci cracked Ciampa with a chop to the chest, only for Ciampa to block a springboard with a knee strike to the face. Ciampa put Vinci in a modified crossface for a submission victory.

WINNER: Tommaso Ciampa at 3:29

(Pomares’s Analysis: Fun match for the time given. I’m all for a Ciampa vs. Gunther feud and I would love to see the match take place at Fastlane. Not sure if this Vinci losing streak will go anywhere at this point.)

[Commercial Break]

– Backstage, Byron Saxton interviewed Seth Rollins about his status after fighting Shinsuke Nakamura earlier tonight. Rollins complained about Nakamura’s antics, screaming that he was at his wits’ end. Rollins tried to calm down and told Nakamura to name the time, place and stipulation for their rematch.

– A video package recapping the issues between Jey Uso and Drew McIntyre was shown.

– Jey Uso made his way to the ring, ahead of his match against Drew McIntyre.

[Commercial Break]

– It was confirmed that the Judgment Day would defend their titles against Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn, Otis would face Bronson Reed and Shinsuke Nakamura would respond to Seth Rollins’ challenge next week.


Drew tried to corner Jey, but Jey nailed him with a series of body shots and an enzuigiri. Drew shut Jey down with a lariat, followed by a barrage of chops to the chest. Jey attacked Drew with a couple of chops, but Drew quickly shut him down with a snap suplex. Jey managed to corner Drew with headbutts and right hands in the corner, only for Drew to blast him with a chop to the chest. Drew missed a strike, allowing Jey to send him out of the ring and knock him down with a couple of suicide dives. The Judgment Day showed up at ringside, as WWE Raw went to its final commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Drew cracked Jey with a headbutt, setting him up for a superplex. Jey nailed Drew with numerous jabs, only for Drew to respond with a Glasgow Kiss. Jey caught Drew with a kick, followed by a Samoan Drop for a close two count. Drew blocked a suicide dive with a forearm strike before climbing the top turnbuckle. Jey avoided a diving move, but was still taken down with a spinebuster for a nearfall.

Drew took Jey down with a clothesline, preparing to go for the Claymore. Dominik distracted the referee, allowing Priest to grab Drew’s boot and Jey to nail him with a superkick for a nearfall. Priest tried to talk with Jey, only for Jey to knock him, Dominik and Finn with superkicks. Drew took advantage of the distraction to knock Jey out with the Claymore.

WINNER: Drew McIntyre at 14:11

– After the match, the Judgment Day assaulted Jey Uso while Drew McIntyre walked away. Drew turned around at the top of the ramp, until Cody Rhodes showed up to make the save. Jey and Cody put Dominik down with a superkick and a Cross Rhodes combination, forcing the Judgment Day to retreat.

(Pomares’s Analysis: Solid main event, but the big talking point was the angle that took place at the end. I really thought they would tease the possibility of Jey joining Judgment Day for way longer, but I’m okay with shutting down that possibility early. Drew McIntyre staying on the ramp while Cody Rhodes ran down for the save could be the genesis of a major singles program between them.)

Tonight after WWE Raw, join Wade Keller live with guest co-host Brandon LeClair from ProWrestling.net to break down the show with live callers and emails.

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