IMPACT WRESTLING BOUND FOR GLORY RESULTS (10/21): Lilly’s report on Shelley vs. Alexander, Trinity vs. James, and Ospreay vs. Bailey

By Darrin Lilly, PWTorch Contributor


OCTOBER 21, 2023

-Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

-On the countdown show, Traci Brooks, Don West, and Mike Tenay were inducted into the Impact Hall of Fame. Awesome video packages and great speeches from Brooks and Tenay. This was very emotional and a first-class presentation.

-Video package featuring the competitors on tonight’s show.

(1) CHRIS SABIN (c) vs. KENTA — Impact Wrestling X Division Title match

After trading strikes, the action spilled to the floor early with Sabin connecting with a flip from the apron to the floor on Kenta. Sabin got a two count after a crossbody block. Kenta avoided another dive from the apron and drove Sabin into the side of the ring and into the railing. Kenta held the advantage, but Sabin battled back. Sabin got a two count after a DDT. Kenta gave Sabin a DDT a clothesline off the top rope for a two count. Kenta gave Sabin a DDT from the top rope and followed with a running dropkick. Sabin returned a kick.

Kenta tried to use the ropes on a pin attempt but the referee caught it. Kenta gave Sabin a DDT and a double stomp from the top rope for a two count. Kenta signaled for the Go To Sleep, but Sabin fought out of it. Kenta gave Sabin strikes, but Sabin kicked Kenta. Sabin gave Kenta a missile dropkick to the back. Sabin clotheslined Kenta and got the Cradle Shock for the pin.

WINNER: Chris Sabin in 12:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A fast paced opener and a great start to the show.)

-Video package on the Monster’s Ball competitors.

-The wresters were shown being released from their locked rooms.

(2) MOOSE vs. PCO vs. STEVE MACLIN vs. RHINO — Monster’s Ball match

Moose attacked Rhino on the ramp. Moose powerbombed Maclin on the apron. PCO joined the fight. Moose backdropped PCO on a ladder that was leaning on the apron. Maclin, Moose, and Rhino fought in the ring. Maclin hit them with a metal trash can. Maclin suplexed PCO on a ladder. PCO chokeslammed Maclin inthe ring, then did a dive on Rhino on the outside. PCO legdropped Maclin. PCO gave Maclin the De-Animator on the apron. Fans chanted “He’s not human!”

Moose hit PCO with a trash can lid. Moose punched and stomped PCO. Moose took the bag of tacks that PCO had brought and poured them on cinder blocks at ringside. Moose powerbomed PCO onto the blocks and tacks. Maclin attacked Moose and threw him back in the ring. Rhino decked Maclin. Rhino set up a barbed wire table outside. Maclin attacked Rhino with a chair. Bully Ray confronted Maclin and knocked him off the top rope and through the barbed wire table at ringside. Bully stood over Maclin and said “Who’s soft now?”

Moose and PCO brawled in the ring. PCO gave Moose a DDT. Moose hit PCO with a chair. Rhino gave Moose a Gore. PCO hit the senton on Rhino and Moose and got the pin on Moose.

WINNER: PCO in 13:00.

(D.L.’s Take: The wild, out-of-control brawl that we imagined. Good match, if you’re into this style. PCO was a surprising winner.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Mickie James. She said it was the first time she’s faced Trinity. She said they would give it their all and the best woman would win.

-Video package on the tag team feud.

(3) THE RASCALZ (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz)(c) vs. ABC (Chris Bey & Ace Austin) — Impact Wrestling Tag Team Title match

Trey and Bey started the match. ABC double teamed Trey and got an early two count. The Rascalz turned the tide with their own double teaming. Trey gave Ace a neckbreaker off the apron. Wentz got a two count on Ace. Ace battled back and did a dive over the top rope to the floor on the the Rascalz. Bey took on each of the Rascalz. Bey gave Wentz a brainbuster for a two count. ABC double teamed Trey. Wentz broke up a pin attempt. The Rascalz regained the advantage. Wentz dove on Bey, as Trey got a two count on Ace. Ace and Wentz clotheslined each other. Trey gave Ace a meteora. Wentz got a two count on Ace.

Fans chanted “This is awesome!” Wentz brought in spray paint. He argued with the referee then accidentally sprayed it in Trey’s eyes. ABC double teamed Wentz. Bey gave Wentz the cutter and Ace gave Wentz the fold and got the pin.

WINNERS: ABC in 11:00 to win the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Tiles.

(D.L.’s Take: This one was all-action throughout and built to an exciting match. The fans were enthusiastic about the title change.)

-Video package on Will Ospreay and Mike Bailey.


Fans gave Ospreay an enthusiastic response and there was a buzz in the crowd. As they faced off, fans chanted “Holy s**t!” Bailey landed kicks and sent Ospreay out of the ring. Bailey hit a moonsault from inside the ring to the floor. Ospreay came back with offense of his own, including a dive to Bailey on the floor. Ospreay gave Bailey a backbreaker for a one count. Bailey came back with chops. Ospreay put Bailey in an abdominal stretch and followed with a hard chop.

Bailey came back with hard kicks. Ospreay chopped Bailey off the top rope to a big reaction. Ospreay slid out of the ring and Bailey met him with a moonsault from the top rope to the floor. Bailey dropkicked Ospreay from the top rope and followed with more kicks and a shooting star press for a two count. They fought on the top rope. A split chant broke out. They traded strikes. Ospreay kicked Bailey in the head. Both wrestlers were out on the mat.

Ospreay gave Bailey a flying forearm for a two count. Fans sang Ospreay’s name. Ospreay connected with a hard kick. They traded strikes. Bailey caught Ospreay in a backslide then followed with a series of kicks and a Poison Rana. Fans chanted for Bailey. Ospreay kicked Bailey into the post and gave him an Oscutter on the apron. A “Both these guys!” chant broke out. Ospreay dropkicked Bailey as he got back in the ring. Ospreay gave Bailey an Oscutter for a two count. Ospreay went for the Hidden Blade, but Bailey fell to the mat before he could hit it.

Opsreay hit Bailey with a forearm. They went nose to nose and traded strikes. In the middle of exchanging kicks, Ospreay hit the Hidden Blade and both wrestlers collapsed on the match. The fans cheered and chanted “Fight Forever.” Ospreay kicked Bailey. Bailey caught Ospreay with double knees. Bailey hit Ultima Weapon, but Ospreay kicked out at two. Ospreay hit a running Hidden Blade, but Bailey reversed a move after that.

Bailey hit the double knees. Bailey did a fisherman’s buster from the top rope on Ospreay and got a two count. Fans were at a fever pitch and chanting “Both these guys!” Bailey hit the tornado kick. Ospreay did the Styles Clash and got a two count. Ospreay got the Storm Driver 93, but Bailey kicked out of the pin attempt. Ospreay hit another Hidden Blade, followed by the Storm Breaker and got the pin. Fans cheered afterwards and chanted Ospreay’s name as he was on the ramp.

WINNER: Will Ospreay in 19:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Just an awesome match and perhaps the best Impact match of the year. The crowd was in it from beginning to end and reacted like they were watching something special. This is one to go out of your way to watch.)

-Josh Alexander and Alex Shelley were shown warming up backstage.

-Video package on wrestlers in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match.


Two wrestlers start and a new wrestler comes in every two minutes. Wrestlers are eliminated by being thrown over the top rope. When it comes down to the last two wrestlers, the match is decided by pinfall or submission. Jake Something and Eddie Edwards (w/Alisha) were the first two wrestlers. They went back and forth, until Kenny King (w/Sheldon Jean) came in at #3. Eddie and King teamed up together for an Honor No More reunion. Juventud Guerrera came in at #4 as a surprise and received a nice response. Juventud kicked King and knocked Sheldon Jean off the apron.

Johnny Swinger was in at #5. King gave Swinger a cutter. Juventud gave King a headscissor and knocked him out of the ring. Crazzy Steve ran in the ring and hit people with his briefcase. Hannifan noted that he wasn’t part of the match. Gisele Shaw (w/Savannah Evans and Jai Vidal) were in next. Security made Crazzy Steve leave. Shaw eliminated Swinger. Steve went after Swinger with a fork, but Tommy Dreamer ran in for the save. Jody Threat was in next.

Threat went after Shaw. Vidal and Evans kept Shaw from being eliminated. Vidal applied makeup as he helped Shaw back in. KiLynn King was next in. King and Threat fought. Eddie threw out Juventud. Next in was Sonny Kiss, who got a good reaction. Kiss went after Shaw. Fans chanted “Sonny!” Kiss eliminated Shaw to a big cheer. Bully Ray was next in. Sonny and Bully squared off. Sonny danced and invited Bully to do the same. Bully danced and Sonny jumped in his arms.

Matt Cardona was next up and he got a big reaction. Bully held Cardona down and Sonny did the “wazzup”. King decked Sonny. Jordynne Grace entered the match next. Eric Young was after her. Eric went after Cardona and Eddie. Fans chanted “E.Y.” Eric gave Cardona a piledriver. Eric clotheslined Eddie out of the ring. Joe Hendry entered next. Brian Myers was next and gave Hendry a spear. Myers threw out Hendry. Cardona and Myers hugged. Sonny attacked them, but they threw out Sonny. Heath entered the match next.

Heath clotheslined Myers and Cardona, then gave Wake Up calls to Jake and King. Myers threw out Heath. Frankie Kazarian entered next. Kazarian legdropped Cardona and gave Myers a DDT. Myers clotheslined Kazarian. Rich Swann came out next. He went after Cardona. Jonathan Gresham entered next. Gresham went after Swann and Kazarian. Gresham threw out Threat. Gresham went after Grace, who Hannifan noted is his wife. Dirty Dango (w/Alpha Bravo and Oleg Prudius) was the last wrestlers to come out. Jake threw out Dango immediately. Prudius got in the ring and attacked wrestlers.

Cardona and Myers threw out Kazarian. Gresham tried to throw out Grace. Gresham and Grace then teamed up to try to throw out King. Swann and Young were eliminated. Jake threw out Gresham. Cardona and Myers suplexed Jake. Jake made a comeback on them. Jake gave Myers Into The Void, then dropped Cardona. Myers gave Jake a low blow. Myers and Cardona threw out Jake. Cardona immediately threw out Myers. The final four were Grace, Bully, Cardona, and King.

Bully threw out King and Grace threw out Cardona, leaving Grace and Bully as the last two. The bell rang to start the one-on-one match. Fans chanted for Grace. Grace punched Bully, then he pushed her down. Grace gave Bully threw spinning backfists then he pulled her down by the hair. Grace battled back. Grace gave Bully the Juggernaut Driver and got the pin. Grace now earned a guaranteed title shot at any time over the next year.

WINNER: Jordynne Grace in 30:00.

Grace took the mic after the match and said she was calling her shot for the Knockouts title shot at Hard To Kill.

(D.L.’s Take: This was actually a fun match and a nice segue from the Ospreay vs. Bailey match. The surprises of Cardona, Juventud, and Sonny Kiss were well-received. Grace was a good choice to win. The finish should play into the Bully vs. Maclin feud, where Maclin accused Bully of being soft.)

-Video package on Trinity and Mickie James.

(6) TRINITY (c) vs. MICKIE JAMES — Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title match

Dave Penzer did the in-ring introductions. Trinity went for Star Struck early, but Mickie escaped. Trinity did the splits on Mickie and got a two count. Trinity and Mickie collided, then both wrestlers were laid out on the floor. They both beat the count to get back in. Trinity gave Mickie the Rear View and scored a two count. A split chant broke out. Mickie gave Trinity a Thesz Press from the top rope, then they traded pin attempts. Trinity gave Mickie a split-legged moonsault for a two count. Fans chanted “Knockouts Wrestling!” Mickie got a two count after a Mick Kick.

Trinity rolled up Mickie and drove her down on her tailbone. They traded pin attempts. Mickie gave Trinity a DDT and got a two count. Trinity missed an X Factor. They traded kicks. Mickie gave Trinity a front piledriver. The referee checked on Trinity. Mickie pulled her up and went for a DDT, but Trinity escaped. Trinity put Mickie in the Star Struck. Mickie tried to roll her up, but Trinity put the hold back on and Mickie tapped. Trinity celebrated in the ring. The camera lingered on Mickie as she left the stage.

WINNER: Trinity in 12:00.

(D.L.’s Take: This match started slow but picked up towards the end and got a good reaction from the crowd.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Moose. He said things didn’t go his way tonight. He said he was always a winner as long as he had his title shot briefcase. He said he was going after the world title.

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt appeared on camera and discussed the main event.

-Video package on the Alex Shelley vs. Josh Alexander feud.

(7) ALEX SHELLEY (c) vs. JOSH ALEXANDER — Impact Wrestling World Title match

Dave Penzer did the in-ring introductions again. Alexander took Shelley to the mat early. Both escaped each other’s finishers. Shelley got out of the ankle lock and regrouped on the outside. Shelley took Alexander to the mat with a headlock. Shelley went after Alexander’s arm. Shelley had Alexander in an armlock. Alexander came back with a chop. They traded punches. Alexander dropped Shelley with a kick.

Alexander gave Shelley a backbreaker. Shelley snapped Alexander’s neck on the top rope, then stomped on his left arm. Shelley escaped a C-4 Spike on the floor and backdropped Alexander. Alexander accidentally ran into the ringpost. Shelley threw Alexander arm-first into another post. Shelley worked on Alexander’s arm. ,Alexander chopped Shelley on the outside. Alexander gave Shelley a figure four leglock around the ringpost.

Shelley pulled a turnbuckle pad off of a buckle, but still got German suplexed by Alexander. Shelley put on the Border City Stretch, but Alexander put his leg on the rope. Shelley suplexed Alexander. Another split chant broke out. Alexander caught Shelley’s foot, but Shelley slapped him. Alexander clotheslined Shelley. Alexander suplexed Shelley. Shelley gave Alexander Sliced Bread, but Alexander came back with a suplex for a two count.

Shelley gave Alexander a Shell Shock into the ringside barrier. Shelley gave Alexander a Sliced Bread on the outside. Shelley gave Alexander a frog splash. Shelley locked in the Border City Stretch. Alexander put on the ankle lock and a knee bar. Shelley slapped Alexander repeatedly and knocked off his headgear. They traded strikes. They countered each other’s moves. Shelley gave Alexander the Shell Shock and a superkick. Shelley delivered another Shell Shock and got the pin.

WINNER: Alex Shelley in 22:00 to retain the world title.

Alexander offered his hand after the match and they shook hands. Alexander put the belt on Shelley and raised his hands in victory.

(D.L’s Take: This was an excellent, physical match. Despite Shelley’s actions leading to the match, there were no heel tactics. Shelley won surprisingly clean.)

-A strange video aired after the sign-off showing Impact wrestlers in a dark, wooded area. They included Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Frankie Kazarian, Josh Alexander, Eric Young, Jordynne Grace, and Alisha Edwards. Kazarian said professional wrestling is bleeding and needed a change; this is that change. Jordynne Grace said they had to go back to where things started. Eddie said they thought the book was closed, but lets replace it with a new story. Eric said they were slept on for the last time. Alex Shelley said it was time for a new chapter. They opened a box that said “TNA” and a bunch of clips were shown of former TNA wrestlers and the current roster. A graphic showed the TNA logo and said “We’re back”. Another graphic showed the TNA logo at Hard To Kill in Las Vegas on January 13th at the Palms Hotel.

They cut back to the arena and fans chanted “TNA!”. In the ring were the wrestlers from the promo. Scott D’Amore said “We’re back!” as fans chanted “TNA!” enthusiastically.


Darrin Lilly is a Pro Wrestling Torch contributor who writes the weekly Impact Wrestling TV results and co-hosts the Impact Wrestling podcast for the site with John Laslo. You can find him on Instagram and Threads at dklstl or on You Tube at Darrin’s Wrestling World, including a new video recapping his attendance at a recent WWE Smackdown taping.


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