NXT HALLOWEEN HAVOC NIGHT ONE RESULTS (10/24): Hazelwood’s live report on Lynch vs. Valkyria, The Family vs. Chase U, Lexis King’s debut, two Breakout matches, more



OCTOBER 24, 2023

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): McKenzie Mitchell

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-The show began with an opening performance by New Years Day singing “Vampyre.” Cool. They were at the entrance area and they showed highlights of feuds leading to tonight’s matches including Roxanne Perez vs. Kiana James, Lexis King’s vignettes, the Women’s Breakout Tournament highlights, Chase U becoming #1 contender’s, Blair Davenport vs. Gigi Dolin, and Lynch vs. Valkyria.

-Vic Joseph welcomed viewers and threw to Shotzi and Scarlett in the ring, the hosts of Halloween Havoc. Shotzi was Hellraiser and Scarlett was Marie Antoinette, complete with a losing your head joke. They introduced the Devil’s Playground match, basically just a falls count anywhere. Perez was first, dressed as Freddy Kreuger. James was second, not giving a damn about the theme of the show in her regular gear, though it was white, orange, and black.

(1) ROXANNE PEREZ vs. KIANA JAMES – Devil’s Playground match

James immediately swung with her purse, but Perez dodged only to get thrust into the corner. She kicked a rushing James in the face and hit a Thesz Press from the second rope, then a double tilit-a-whirl head scissors. James sent her to the apron, but was sent over the top by Perez. Perez reentered for a lope, but James caught her on her shoulders only to be rolled up for a two-count. Perez used the steps to hit a sunset flip for another two-count, then countered a belly-to-back into a pin for a two-count. She was sent into the swing set as part of the playground, then James hit a suplex on the outside. James went to her purse and took out a few things, mainly a laptop that she snapped over the back of Perez. [c]

Dolin had a chain wrapped around the face of Perez, the chain around the ring post. The then used the chain to pull Perez into the post twice shoulder-first, but Perez blocked the third and pulled James into the post. James grabbed a trash can and rammed it into the gut, but Perez used the swing set to kick the trash can into James, who immediately had a hematoma and blood on her forehead. This time, Perez hit the lope and took off one of the fence posts, snapping it over James’ back. She then hit the side Russian leg sweep into the plastic slide, breaking that for only a two-count.

James dodged two trash can shots and hit Perez in the gut, but Perez fought back. She went for a rana off of the barrier, but James held on and slammed her into the barricade, then held on to powerbomb Perez onto the trash can for a two-count. Perez was clutching her left arm. James’ hematoma is HUGE. James grabbed a seesaw portion of the playground and used it against Perez, even pinning her up against the steps with the equipment. Perez Came back, but Pop Rocks was countered into the barricade. James then put Perez in the space between the barricade and the crowd, stomping on her and going for a superplex. Perez fought back, but James blocked the leg sweep. Perez dodged the moonsault attempt and then hit James with the loaded bag. She then hit Pop Rocks onto the purse. Perez poured out the brick in the purse, pieces falling out.

WINNER: Roxanne Perez at 10:51 (Pop Rocks)

-My stream froze for a bit and when it came back, Joseph was in the back for a sit-down interview with Carmelo Hayes. It came back when he said how could he be HIM without a title. He mentioned many things he doesn’t have to worry about, including Trick Williams, and Joseph interrupted to ask if Williams got in the way and if Hayes would have won if Williams wasn’t in the match. He said Justice for Trick and then walked off.

-Lexis King’s debut is next. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Definitely wished my stream hadn’t frozen right there, but Hayes was good in what I saw and they’re still slowly but surely moving along the Hayes-Williams feud. To the opener, the match literally was on the outside the entire time; this was not for the mat wrestling enthusiasts. However, they were able to make use of basically a small area to inflict some damage on each other and used the purse effectively. That hematoma on James is nasty, but she acted like it wasn’t even there. Kudos to her.)

-They showed the hosts with Meta-Four in the back, giving them a tarot reading. There was also a Ouija board. Noam Dar countered Scarlett’s readings with his success and then the last card said his joy will soon be turned to intense grief and to hold things closely. They said it was all hocus pocus. Akira Tozawa sneaked behind them and stole the Heritage Cup without them noticing. They freaked out.

-King made his debut sitting on a throne that rolled out sideways. He had generic rock music. DANTE CHEN was already in the ring.


King immediately took the left arm, but Chen worked his way out and grabbed the left arm himself. King was definitely leaning heel in this one. Never mind, full heel as he didn’t make a clean break and used that to his advantage. He even did an old-school nostril hold. Chen fought back with a combination of strikes ending with a dropkick, but he ate a double up-kick from King, dropping him. King hit a corner splash, a chop, a right, and then used the ropes to leverage his feet into the throat. The ref actually removed King’s legs. Chen punched back, but King hit a kitchen sink from a rope run and then a huge lariat to the back of the head. He sent Chen into head-first into the bottom rope. King then employed the Randy Orton Special, a mid-match rear chin lock. Chen fought to his feet and elbowed his way out of the hold, then hit a few moves including an inverted atomic drop and big kick. He set for something, but King hit a big thrust kick to the face. King then hit a rope-draped straightjacket rolling neckbreaker.

WINNER: Lexis King at 4:11 (rope-draped straightjacket rolling neckbreaker)

-Chase U was in the back preparing with an all-black Jacy jayne and all-black Thea Hail scoffing at them. Tony D’Angelo and Stacks walked in and maybe someone forgot a line. The champs wished them luck and walked away.

-Kelani Jordan made her way to the ring with a good pop. Arianna Grace was next.

(Hazelwood’s Take: DANTE CHEN. THAT IS ALL.

OK that’s not all. After that opener, the match was a much different pace, noticeably slower, and it was like they heard the critiques of King’s in-ring work and made a point to show that he can do some mat and chain wrestling when needed. He’s obviously a heel on a show that probably needs more faces, but that’s at the top level and there’s plenty of time to develop him into an eventual top level face on NXT. I think fans are ready to cheer for him because of his father, their memories of his father, and his father’s tragic passing. It’ll be up to how he develops, but I would call tonight a success – because DANTE CHEN was his opponent!)

(3) KELANI JORDAN vs. ARIANNA GRACE – Women’s Breakout Tournament semi-final match

Grace was a few inches taller than Jordan. Jordan used her quickness to hit an arm drag and dropkick and they cut to break. [c]

Grace was in control when they returned. They showed the viewing room, which was once again full. Jordan tried to fight out of a hold, eventually rolling up Grace. Jordan then hit a flying crossbody for a two-count. From the apron, Jordan hit a sunset flip for another two-count. Grace went into a pin, but Jordan powered up and turned it into a backslide. Grace missed a corner rush and Jordan hit a few clotheslines and then a cartwheel side leg sweep basically. She then hit a somersault leg drop for a two-count. Grace then flung Jordan into the middle rope and hit a Saito suplex for a two-count. She then sat Jordan on the top rope for an avalanche belly-to-back, but Jordan elbowed out. Grace used Jordan’s hair to hang on, but eventually fell. Jordan hit the split-legged moonsault to advance to the final next week, likely against Lola Vice (who face Karmen Petrovic).

WINNER: Kelani Jordan at 7:35 (split-legged moonsault) to advance to the Women’s Breakout Tournament final

-They cut to a Von Wagner video and I’ll try not to laugh this week. Wagner was rehabbing, using a walker. He asked Stone what the hell he’s doing, and he meant the match with Breakker. Stone said he knew he was going to get his ass kicked, but he just wants one punch. I’M SORRY I LAUGHED when Wagner said, “I’m your friend?” [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: From the beginning, we said the most likely final was Jordan-Vice and the winner dependent on if they want a face or heel to thrust to the top of the card, presumably. If Lynch is still champion, then it doesn’t matter, but if Valkyria does win, then it’s likely it’ll be Vice. Jordan looked good, but I thought Grace was too deliberate in her moves and signaling what she was doing way too early. That will come with more experience and having lost a year due to injury definitely doesn’t help, but she oozes potential.)

-The hosts were at the entrance, this time Shotzi as Edward Scissorhands and Scarlett as maybe Elvira? They plugged their YouTube “Chamber of Horrors” show and the Diamond Mine interrupted. Julius Creed and Brutus Creed demanded a match with Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo. Shotzi said she doesn’t think it should be a normal tag team match and that the wheel should decide. Ivy Nile enthusiastically spun the wheel. It took a bit and then finally landed on a tables, ladders, and scares match for next week. They were then interrupted by the Men’s Tag Team Champion walking out (not a fan of this usually, but it was to setup a future match with The Creed Brothers). Chase U entered next with Hail and Jayne.

(4) THE FAMILY (“The Don of NXT” Tony D’Angelo & Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo) vs. CHASE U (Andre Chase & Duke Hudson w/Thea Hail & Jacy Jayne) – Men’s NXT Tag Team Championship match

Stacks and Chase began the match with Stacks using his quickness to school Chase. Chase responded with a few arm drags and his teachable moment taunt. Hudson tagged in, but was sent outside by Stacks. He then hit a crossbody to Hudson and then tagged in D’Angelo, who hip tossed Stacks over the top and onto both men outside. [c]

Chase was in control, but Stacks tagged in and was hit with a stun gun-kick combo for a two-count. He employed a front face lock, keeping himself between Chase and Hudson. Chase dodged an elbow and rolled outside, but D’Angelo tagged in to prevent Chase making the tag. However, Chase hit an enziguri and Hudson came in hot, ending a flurry with a big overhead belly-to-belly. He then hit his Chase U punches to both men. He then tossed Stacks onto a prone D’Angelo and a two-count after a sidewalk slam to Stacks.


Hudson hit two big slaps to the chest of Stacks, then used Stacks’ speed to hit a sloppy Black Hole Slam. Chase tagged in for the Fratliner, but Stacks rolled out and tagged in D’Angelo. He took it to both men with strikes and an overhead suplex of his own to Hudson, then a huge spinebuster to Chase. Stacks tagged in and they hit an uppercut-German combo, then one with the uppercut from the second rope for a two-count. D’Angelo tagged back in and set Chase in the electric chair, but Hudson took out Stacks. Chase then slipped out and hit a side Russian leg sweep. He went for Chase U kicks and hit. Chase then climbed, but D’Angelo met him. Hudson held onto Chase’s ankle, but then Stacks hit a DDT on the apron. D’Angelo made his back up for the superplex and Stacks hit the big splash, but Hudson hit a German suplex on D’Angelo into the pin to break up the cover. The champs went for Bada Bing, Bada Boom, but Hudson blocked it and Chase rolled up D’Angelo for a two-count. Stacks and Hudson were on the outside and Jayne tried giving Chase a tire iron, but he refused. D’Angelo then knocked Chase into Jayne, distracting him enough for Chase to roll him up for the victory. Holy sh*t.

WINNER: Chase U at 11:19 (rollup) to become NEW Men’s Tag Team Champion


Nathan Frazer was on his set with a speed round. He touched on “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio and only being North American Champion because of Judgment Day. He went over how Halloween Havoc last year nearly ended his career, but he’s back and it’s time for him to truly step up. He said next week for the title.

-Booker T said his motto is “mind your own damn business.” Joseph then hyped the main event of Lynch vs. Valkyria and they played videos from Irish fans, a diverse array including the first three being Black and not Black Irish (look up the difference if you don’t know), on their predictions for the match. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: I said last week Chase U had no chance to win. Welp.)

-McKenzie Mitchell was in the back with Baron Corbin. He interrupted her question of course, and said last week was just like his career: he does the hard work and someone else takes advantage. He said it should have been him (is that Dolph Ziggler I hear). She asked if everything in his power meant that he attacked Williams, and he said it wasn’t him even though he hates everything about Williams (I said Wes Lee). Corbin listed off a bunch of names and said they need to keep their heads on a swivel.

-Dolin made her entrance to no reaction. Davenport was next. I don’t know enough horror to know who she was dressed up as, but I’m sure someone reading this knows. Lights Out basically just means no DQ with pin or submission in the ring.

(5) BLAIR DAVENPORT vs. GIGI DOLIN – Lights Out match

They made a show of Shotzi pulling a lever to OFF for the lights. Davenport went outside, but Dolin quickly followed to take advantage. She put Davenport back inside and this allowed her to hit a V-Trigger, sending Dolin outside. She grabbed a chair, but Dolin kicked her and then set the chair in a sitting position. She slammed Davenport’s head into the chair, but nothing else. Davenport then came back and slammed Dolin’s head three times into the steps. She went for a stomp, but Dolin dodged. Dolin then hit a big thrust kick. She sat Davenport in the chair, punched her a few times, and then hit a meteora from the apron. [c]

They returned with Dolin backing Davenport into a corner. She sat her on top and then uniquely reached up with her legs to rana her onto the mat. Dolin went outside for a table, which drew a bigger pop than her entrance. She went to slide it into the ring and then reentered, kicking Davenport’s head into another seated chair. Dolin then set up the table near the corner for a superplex or splash, but Davenport hit a drop toehold into the chair and then sent her into the post. Davenport then slid the table outside as the crowd chanted that she sucked. Davenport then removed her studded belt and lashed Dolin several times. Davenport retrieved another trash can and another chair. The both had straps suddenly, and Dolin got her receipts. She hit a big STO clothesline for a two-count. She then trapped Davenport in the chair for some Kawada kicks. Davenport, now seated, baited Dolin and then threw the chair into her face. She hit a Saito for a two-count.

Davenport went and pulled out a different table, setting this one up in front of the announce desk to the cheers of the fickle crowd. Dolin then swung and hit with a trash can on Davenport’s reentry. Dolin then hit two shotgun dropkicks and a protoplex onto a trash can for a two-count. Davenport came back and put Dolin into the steps. She cleared the announce desk and climbed. Dolin went for a half-and-half, but Davenport countered into basically a standing falcon arrow or final cut, sending Dolin through the table and to the floor. Dolin writhed in pain. Back in the ring, a kamigoye sealed it for Davenport.

WINNER: Blair Davenport at 12:32 (kamigoye)

-Joseph and Booker t then hyped next week’s Men’s NXT Championship match. This time, Joseph was sitting down with Ilja Dragunov. I must have misheard the context earlier in Hayes’ interview as my stream had frozen and only picked back up for the last 30 seconds. Here, Dragunov said his family had nothing and he realized he can endure any pain, bringing him here as champion. He said his son looked at him with pride in his eyes for his father and that was his chef’s kiss. Joseph asked about the third match with Hayes next week, this time as the champion and not the challenger. Dragunov said his attack (strategy) doesn’t change, maybe just intensifies. He said he realizes this will be another classic, but he will bend and not break. He said Hayes will break like he did at No Mercy. Joseph asked about adjustments and Dragunov said his opponents adjust to him, not the other way around. He said he doesn’t think Hayes is fully focused on the match and that the intangibles will determine the winner. They showed Hayes watching the interview and then Shotzi and Scarlett popping up as the twins from Psycho. They said they’ve seen in the cards on who attacked Williams. He told them to go mess with someone else. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Match: I don’t find it odd that Dolin’s best matches have been in tag team or heavily gimmicked matches like tonight’s. Davenport continues to shine and rightfully was the victor here. There’s just more potential with her than with Dolin, and Dolin may be best as a tag team wrestler. That’s no knock as tag team wrestling is integral to successful pro wrestling.)

-They returned with Sarah Schreiber (holy hell I haven’t seen her on NXT in a while). She asked Tiffany Stratton a question and Stratton interrupted. She was interrupted by Fallon Henley dressed as her and speaking like her, exaggerated motions and pompousness and all. Stratton was annoyed and Henley said, “You can go now. Toodles!” Stratton immediately attacked and the gaggle of women in the back separated them.

(6) LOLA VICE vs. KARMEN PETROVIC – Women’s Breakout Tournament semi-final match

They immediately started the next match. Vice and Petrovic were face-to-face and then the bell rung. Petrovic (who posted a bunch of her medals last week) was in control early. She went for and hit that cyclone kick much better than last week. However, there was absolutely no reaction for her. Vice came back and hit a leg kick, sending Petrovic outside. Vice was in orthodox stance and hit a big takedown, then some mounted punches. Elektra Lopez, wearing devil horns, was outside. Vice hit a big axe kick to the back for a two-count. Vice locked in an abdominal stretch, but Petrovic got a leg free and hit a back kick to break the hold. Petrovic then hit a Booker T like arm wrench back kick, a weird discus clothesline, and an unnecessary roll into a kick for a two-count. Petrovic went for a lope and hit to Vice. She glared off Lopez and pointed at the contract for the winner. Back in the ring, Petrovic went for a roundhouse, but it was so telegraphed that Vice ducked and then hit a spinning roundhouse kick of her own that looked much better. It really landed like Black Mass. Jordan and Vice then posed over the contract like you would see at an MMA weigh-in.

WINNER: Lola Vice at 3:33 (Black Mass)

-They showed Chase U walking in the back, celebrating as new champion. Hudson said the title and the trophy are going to put him over the carryon limit. Jayne said it was going to be different time and now they’re winners. Piper Niven and Chelsea Green showed up. Green was Little Red Riding Hood and Niven was the Big Bad Wolf. Jayne said the two don’t even go here. Green said she was going to lodge a formal complaint. She asked for Shawn Michaels’ office and Jayne said they would direct them there and also get themselves a Women’s Tag Team Championship match.

-They showed Valkyria making her way from the back, then Lynch. [c]

-They came back with Meta-Four complaining to security about their stolen trophy. Lash Legend then showed them Tozawa on her phone posing with the trophy. Dar then showed a photo I think of The Haunted Mansion?

-They showed Hayes watching something on his phone in the locker room. He glared at someone and entered Breakker, who said, “A man with a trick up his sleeves.” Hayes reacted in kind. Breakker said they know they’re going to be fighting for the top spot for decades to come and he’s proved he can do it, but Hayes proved it by taking out his friend. Hayes glared at refuted the insinuation. Breakker basically enticed him with a perpetual feud.

-Joseph hyped next week’s matches.

-They showed Jade Cargill enter onto the concourse above to a throne basically, two manservants removing her exquisite coat as she sat in for this main event match. Valkyria entered first. Lynch then entered. Alicia Taylor gave formal ring introductions.

(7) BECKY LYNCH (c) vs. LYRA VALKYRIA – Women’s NXT Championship match

They circled and locked up. Lynch went for the Manhandle Slam, but Valkyria escaped and went for her big kick, but Lynch retreated into the ropes. [c]


Lynch went for a cover as they returned. She then methodically worked Valkyria around the corners until Valkyria countered. A 65/35 “Let’s go Becky” “Let’s go Lyra” dueling chant began, and Lynch hit a second rope crossbody. They then hit simultaneous crossbodies to each other. They showed the bar in Ireland or UK watching the match. They traded blows in the center of the ring until Lynch took over with a flurry and then a combo. Valkyria responded with her usual kick combo, but Lynch blocked the Northern Lights. Valkyria then hit a bunch of palm strikes, but Lynch hit her with a running strike. Valkyria responded, then caught Lynch halfway with a back elbow and hit the suplex with a bridge for a two-count. Lynch was then able to hit her Becksploder, sending her foe to the apron. Lynch hit a combo and then climbed to the second rope for the leg drop. Valkyria moved as Lynch landed on her feet and knocked her foe to the mat. Lynch went for a baseball slide, but Valkyria rolled inside and hit her dropkick through the ropes.

Lync was able to send Valkyria into the post. Lynch then rolled Valkyria back inside. Valkyria caught her in a counter and beat on her as she draped over the second rope. She then climbed to the top rope and hit a scissors kick (basically Nothing but Net) to the draped Lynch for a two-count. The ref was checking on Lynch as both women were slow to rise. Valkyria was first, and then both women engaged in a series of counters until Valkyria hit an enziguri. She then climbed to the top and hit a shotgun dropkick to Lynch for  two-count. Lynch ducked the spin kick and went for the Dis-Arm-Her that Valkyria countered into a rollup, then blocked another one. Lynch then hit basically a stundog millionaire by coming off of the second rope with Valkyria in an inverted DDT position, flipping over into a stunner.

They traded pins after and then Lynch looked for a traditional armbar as opposed to her Russian style Dis-Arm-Her. Valkyria rolled her up, but Lynch kicked out back into the armbar. Valkyria countered into a modified crucifix pin and then into a scissor armbar of her own. She then hit a huge fisherman’s buster for a two-count. She went for her top rope splash, but Lynch moved and immediately locked in the Dis-Arm-Her. Valkyria fought her way to the rope with her feet. Lynch then attacked, but Valkyria caught her into a sit-down powerbomb for a two-count, the two exhausted women drawing praise from the live crowd. Valkyria then set Lynch for a splash, but Lynch met her at the top. Lynch went for a superplex and hit into not a falcon arrow, but a spike DDT for only a two-count. A frustrated Lynch then lashed out at Valkryia. She climbed to the topas we’ve gone past ten minutes in the overrun. Valkyria met her, but Lynch slipped out. Valkyria then flipped back and caught Lynch with that spinning roundhouse kick, but only for a two-count.

The crowd chanted “this is awesome” as Valkyria lifted Lynch to her shoulders, but Lynch slipped out and hit a fantastic Manhandle Slam, but Valkyria kicked out. Lynch lifted Valkyria, but dropped and then kicked Lynch in the head thrice. Valkyria missed the spinning kick again, but countered the Manhandle Slam into a side headlock takeover pin for the victory.

WINNER: Lyra Valkyria at 16:06 (side headlock takeover counter pin) to become NEW Women’s NXT Champion

-After the match, Lynch snatched the title from D.A. Brewer and presented it to Valkyria herself, embracing her possible protege and lifting her arm to the crowd. Lynch left the ring as Cargill looked on, giving the ring to the new champion. Valkyria raised the title high with a look of disbelief on her face.

(Hazelwood’s Take: A fine main event to end night one of Halloween Havoc. I wasn’t expecting a title change though I believe Kelly did predict this to happen on last week’s show. That made me 0-for-2 on title match predictions tonight, by the way. Still, these two women knowing each other so well came out in this match. Yes, there were some slow moments, but particularly the middle of the match felt like there was no downtime, a counter for every counter. I like the story told with all of the counters and both women kicking out of finishers, surviving submissions. It ended up not being a finisher, but a counter to a finisher that won the match, fitting the story they told. I think you should keep Davenport away from Valkyria until you want to make the former the champion as I don’t think NXT will make Valkyria a transitional champion as they did Williams.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Overall, a fine show for night one of the two-week PLE-lite Halloween Havoc. Two of the matches being so gimmick heavy does make it harder to get a better read on the talents involved, but both of those matches were fun and served their purposes. With two title changes – both to faces – tonight, this leaves me wondering if we will see no title changes next week. I don’t think Dragunov loses, but I would hazard a guess that the Women’s Tag Team Championship match will happen next week after that interaction tonight and that is more likely to change hands than the North American Championship as I think they see Frazer as a chaser and not a title holder. I think that while predictable, Jordan-Vice in the final was the correct decision for the Women’s Breakout Tournament and I would give it to Jordan because it’s clear that Vice doesn’t need this accolade that most people will probably forget that she won in a few years. Jordan is good and has potential, but Vice is further ahead in her development and brings some legitimacy with her pro MMA background. What’s enticing, of course, is the presence of Cargill, a surprise tonight that continues WWE A+ presentation of her and in keeping viewers curious and unsure of her eventual destination. I would LOVE to have Cargill on Tuesday nights, but I’m sure they’d love her on any of the three main shows.

Tune into PWT Talks NXT soon for more!

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