Sonny Kiss says Tony Khan provided stability in their life, says “there are so many great things about Tony Khan”

Sonny Kiss


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•On Being Let Go From AEW

That was a very emotional time, especially like it still is to this day. Like, I still think about it, of course, it still feels very fresh. But when that happened, and I was going to Chicago and I did the Effy’s Gay Brunch and all throughout all of that it was very, like… I felt like everybody was staring at me and wondering how I was feeling. And I think they were trying to pick my brain and see what was going on. Like, why was I no longer there, it was just a lot. It was super emotional for me.

•Hearing Tony Khan’s Statement At The Media Scrum in Chicago

I did, and I want to say this too, I am so grateful for Tony Khan. Tony Khan has always been great to me in the sense of… first of all, he helped pay my bills during a global pandemic . You know, there’s so many great things about Tony Khan and people expect me to say something negative about him, but no he’s given me my life… he gave me stability in my life. Like I said he helped pay my bills during a time where a lot of people were not, you know, things weren’t so uncertain. So, yeah, no, I’m forever grateful for Tony Khan.

•On Pound Town Wrestling

So Ariane and I are actually good friends. She messaged me a couple of months ago, she was like, “I have this idea. I want to do something that’s like really fun, like luxury. Something different, you know.” And she is like, “Yeah, I want it to be like an indie promotion. But I want it to have storylines. I want it to be like… I wanted to bring back storytelling.” That’s what she said she was like, “I wanted to be something that’s fun, all inclusive.” And just like… today’s wrestling is a lot different than it used to be back in the day. Like, we’re not seeing storylines as much. Obviously you are in certain promotions, but it’s different, you know, depending on where you are. But storylines aren’t the hot thing anymore. It’s mostly wrestling, like everybody wants to see the in-ring stuff. That’s the most important thing. So she’s like, “Yeah, I want to combine, I want to bring back the storytelling.” So I was like, “Yeah, I’m down. I’m all for it, girl.” And she was like, “You know, listen, I want you to be in on it, too. I want you to help, you know, discuss what we should do and how we should put it together. What kind of matches should we have?” She was like, “Listen, I want all of your input.” She was like, “Yeah, like, let me know what you were thinking.” And we went through a couple of different ideas for matches. She didn’t know if she wanted to wrestle or not. But we ended up making it where she did wrestle.

•On Getting The Call from Tommy Dreamer

Tommy Dreamer, a good friend of mine. Always loved him. He has been such a shining light in my life and in my career for a long time. Since way back when Sonny Kiss was first a thing. So he’s always been there in some kind of guidance, you know, like helping me out, giving me ideas, telling me to try certain things. I did “Busted Open” and then Tommy was like, “Text me after this.” And that’s what I did. I texted him after that. And we talked about it and he was like, the entire staff thinks you’ll be great for the call your shot. And I said yes, sir, sign me up for it; I would love that. And then it happened and it was a wonderful experience and the Impact locker room is absolutely amazing.

•On Teaming Up with Trinity

Honestly, I would love to team with Trin and become Knockouts Tag Team Champs. I think that that would be really fun, like a really fun feud with Gisele and Jai Vidal and Savannah. That would be really, really fun.

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