WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS (11/3): McDonald’s “alt perspective” report on Mysterio-Paul Weigh-In, Belair vs. Bayley, Brawling Brutes vs. Pretty Deadly, Owens vs. Theory

By Alex McDonald, PWTorch Contributor


NOVEMBER 3, 2023

Announcers: Michael Cole, Kevin Patrick, Corey Graves


-The show opened with a video recap of last week’s Smackdown segment with Roman Reigns and L.A. Knight. The video transitioned to Jimmy Uso’s attack on Knight and their subsequent match later in the show. The video ended with Knight taunting Reigns after hitting him with the BFT.

-The camera panned the crowd as Kevin Patrick introduced the show. Michael Cole said he can’t wait for Crown Jewel tomorrow.

-L.A. Knight’s music played and he made his entrance to a loud ovation from the crowd. Patrick said he’s less than twenty-four hours away from an opportunity of a lifetime. They showed a graphic for the match between Knight and Reigns. Cole and Corey Graves promoted the match.

-Knight stood in the middle of the ring with a mic as the crowd chanted his name. He asked if he could talk to the crowd. He said nearly 1,200 days is impressive, but it’s more impressive how fast 1,200 days can come to an end. Knight said Reigns thought he was going to Spear him last week, but instead, got dropped on his head. Knight said this is a hostile takeover. He said he’s coming to takeover everything Reigns stands for. Knight said the title is going to come with him and it will be the end of Reigns’ reign.

-Roman Reigns’ music interrupted Knight and he made his entrance with Paul Heyman. Cole said it was the 1,160th day in the title reign of Reigns. Reigns paused at the top of the ramp and stared down Knight. He removed the championship from his waist and raised it overhead as pyro exploded behind him. Reigns stared down Knight some more and made his way to the ring. Patrick said there was a determination in Reigns. Graves mentioned that Reigns was staring a hole through Knight. Reigns paused on the apron and stared down Knight before he turned and posed for the crowd. Knight didn’t take his eyes off Reigns. Reigns entered the ring and stood opposite Knight. Knight met his glare. They shared some inaudible words before Reigns posed again as more pyro went off on the stage.

-Reigns and Knight stood opposite each other in the ring. The crowd chanted for Knight. Reigns extended his hand and Paul Heyman gave him a mic. Reigns said he would typically tell the crowd to acknowledge him, but they already know who he is. Reigns said he thought it was clear who the Tribal Chief was, but Knight doesn’t seem to understand. Reigns introduced himself to Knight and called himself the face of WWE. Reigns said a lot has changed around WWE. He said he took his time away and he expected someone to step up, but he didn’t expect it to be Knight. Reigns said Knight made good use of his time and got all the people behind him. Reigns said he respected that. He told the crowd to chant Knight’s name. They did. Reigns said that was the last time that would happen. Reigns said what he does now is called cinema and he’s the star. He said he turned the business into a multi-billion dollar industry. He asked what Knight has done. Reigns said the dream Knight is living is done now. He said this is his reality and it’s the Island of Relevancy. Reigns said that after tomorrow, no one will remember Knight. He said they’re going to leave Knight in the desert, and he won’t be the last one.

-Knight said that Reigns feels invincible. He said Reigns has beaten everyone. Knight said he’s not coming at Reigns the same way everyone else has. He said he’s not here to finish anything. He’s here to start something. Knight said he’s going to kick Reigns’ ass at Crown Jewel. Knight said Reigns is only a mega-star because he has the title. Knight said he lives the life of a mega-star every day. He said Reigns better take him out or he’ll come back. Knight said he will be announced as the new champion tomorrow. Reigns and Knight stood nose to nose as officials flooded the ring to break them up alongside Nick Aldis. Reigns left the ring and talked trash to Knight.

(McDonald’s Analysis: They’ve done a great job with this match. The outcome is assured and they’ve gone out of their way to make it feel like a big deal and feel important and heated with limited interaction between the two sides. Everything they’ve done so far has been impactful and powerful. Reigns was at the top of his game here and showed everyone that he isn’t overlooking Knight, but he is still supremely confident. Knight is pointing out that Reigns’ run could be over at any time, so why not him? Knight is also pointing out that he will be back if he can’t get the job done, despite the fact that he too, is supremely confident. It’s simple, but it’s working really well and I’m legitimately excited to see the match. When the outcome isn’t in doubt, that’s a big accomplishment and it deserves to be recognized.) 

-They showed a graphic for Bayley against Bianca Belair. Patrick hyped the match for later in the show. Corey Graves then promoted the weigh-in with Logan Paul and Rey Mysterio as a graphic was shown. Finally, they showed a graphic for a segment with Solo Sikoa and John Cena face to face. Patrick hyped the segment.

-Kevin Owens made his entrance. They showed a graphic for Owens against Austin Theory. Patrick said the match would be after the break. [c]

-Owens sat on the top turnbuckle and they showed Grayson Waller at the commentary table. Cole threw to a video recap of last week’s segment with Waller, Theory, and Owens.

-Theory was in the back with Kayla Braxton. He said that Owens punched him and Waller last week, but he’s used to taking hits because he’s the one million hit man. Theory said that he has a great face, not a punchable one. He said that when Owens experiences Austin Theory Live, he won’t need a mask for Halloween.

-Austin Theory made his entrance.


They locked up and Owens pushed Theory to the corner. Theory turned it around and backed off. Owens went after Theory and Theory ducked between the ropes. They locked up again and Owens took Theory back to the corner. Theory got free and went to the outside. Owens followed Theory out and Theory drove Owens into the ring apron and then the announce table. Theory rolled Owens back in the ring and punched away at him. Theory took Owens to the corner and mounted him before delivering punches. Theory went for a tenth punch but Owens stopped him. Owens took Theory back to the ring and hit him with a big punch before he clothesline Theory to the floor. Owens taunted Waller then dropped to the outside and took Theory down. Owens stood tall on the outside as the show cut to break. [c]

Owens beat on Theory on the outside. Owens slammed Theory on the announce table and tossed him in the ring. Owens yelled at Waller and turned to get back in the ring. Theory caught Owens coming in and took the advantage. Theory landed a big right hand and covered Owens for a two count. Theory posed for the crowd and they posed. Theory lifted Owens to his shoulders but Owens got free. Owens went for a powerbomb but Theory landed on his feet. Owens went for a Stunner but Theory got free and landed a right hand before he rolled into a Blockbuster. Theory made the cover for a count of two. Theory clotheslined Owens in the corner. Theory lifted Owens to the top rope and punched away at him. Theory climbed up and set up a superplex. Owens countered into a twisting suplex of his own off the second rope. Owens sent Theory off the ropes and delivered a pop-up powerbomb. Owens stalked Theory and hit him with the Stunner for the victory.

WINNER: Kevin Owens in 8:00

-Cole said that Owens is going to be a force on Smackdown as they showed highlights of the match. Patrick welcomed Owens back to Smackdown as he stood tall in the ring.

(McDonald’s Analysis: This is one of the issues with not having jobber matches anymore. That would have been better for Owens here. They want to establish him again on Smackdown, which makes sense, but they did it in a way that diminished Theory greatly. If WWE truly has high hopes for Theory down the road, they need to be careful with how much they define him down in situations like this. It probably won’t matter much in the long run, but he should be putting up a little more of a fight against Owens. Owens hasn’t always been portrayed in the most dominant light, so that factors in as well. On top of all that, there aren’t a lot of clear opponents for Owens on Smackdown. Theory could have been one and instead of having them feud and building to a match, we got this and Owens just disposed of Theory in an eight minute match with a commercial break in the middle. It just feels short-sighted.)

-Cathy Kelley was in the back. She welcomed Bianca Belair. Belair said she has a lot of history with Bayley. She said Bayley is talented but she’s doing too much. Belair said she wants vengeance and it’s personal since they took her out. Damage Ctrl appeared and went after Belair. They beat on her for a second until Belair recovered as officials appeared to break up the two sides. [c]

-They showed a recap of the match between the Street Profits and the L.W.O. last week on Smackdown. The video highlighted Logan Paul’s attack on Rey Mysterio in the back as Mysterio watched the match. The video then transitioned to the Street Profits’ victory.

-Logan Paul was in the back. He ran into the Street Profits and Bobby Lashley. He shook hands with Lashley. The Profits thanked him and said they liked what he did. Paul said they could see more of it at Crown Jewel. Paul walked off. Lashley turned to the Profits and said that’s what success is about. He said that Paul came in and goes after what he wants. B-Fab appeared and asked to speak with Lashley after she complimented the Profits. Lashley and B-Fab walked off.

-They showed a recap of Shotzi’s win over Chelsea Green last week. They showed a segment from the Smackdown Lowdown where Green and Piper Niven challenged Shotzi and a partner to a match.

-Piper Niven made her entrance. Chelsea Green followed with her own entrance. They showed a graphic for Green and Niven against Shotzi and a mystery partner. Patrick said we would find out who Shotzi’s partner is after the break. [c]

-Shotzi made her entrance on the tank. Cole said if Shotzi and her partner win, they will earn a Women’s Tag Team title match. Shotzi laughed and pointed to the entranceway.

-Charlotte Flair made her entrance. Green yelled in protest.


Shotzi started with Niven. Niven took Shotzi down and charged her in the corner. Shotzi got a boot up and then climbed to the top rope. Shotzi came off the middle rope and Niven caught her. Niven delivered a slam and made the cover for a two count. Green tagged in. Niven took Shotzi down with a clothesline and Green made the cover for a two count. Green made another cover for another two count. Green knocked Charlotte off the apron. Charlotte came into the ring and the ref tried to get her out. Niven and Green double teamed Shotzi in the corner with the ref’s back turned. Shotzi fought back and got away to tag in Charlotte. Charlotte came off the top rope with a crossbody on Green and Niven. Charlotte chopped away at both women. Charlotte hit a fallaway slam on Green then kipped up. Charlotte went after Niven but Niven sent Charlotte to the apron. Green grabbed Charlotte’s foot as Niven attacked. Green tagged back in and Charlotte hit her with a big boot. Charlotte made the cover for the win.

WINNER: Shotzi & Charlotte Flair in 3:00

-Charlotte and Shotzi celebrated. Cole said they’re in line for a Women’s Tag Team title match.

(McDonald’s Analysis: This is what Charlotte’s doing now? At least they acknowledge the fact that Shotzi can’t work and got her out of the ring as quickly as possible.)

-Patrick threw to a video recap of John Cena’s segment last week on Smackdown. The video transitioned to Paul Heyman’s appearance and Solo Sikoa’s attack on Cena. After the video, they showed Solo Sikoa in the back. Patrick hyped his face to face segment with Cena for after the break. [c]

-Solo Sikoa made his entrance with Paul Heyman. They showed a graphic for Sikoa against Cena at Crown Jewel. Graves asked if Cena still has it. Cole mentioned the special start time for Crown Jewel tomorrow.


-Heyman and Sikoa stood in the ring. Heyman had a mic. He said this is what they call the end of days for John Cena. Heyman said it’s not the way he wanted it to be and it isn’t his fault, and it isn’t Reigns’ fault. Heyman said Cena came back to WWE and picked a fight with the Bloodline and the Bloodline can’t let him get away with it. He said Reigns calls the shots and he turned to the enforcer Sikoa. Heyman said Sikoa has a huge future in WWE as not only the enforcer, but the future Tribal Chief. He said you can’t be that without some victims and there’s no bigger victim than Cena. Heyman said Cena could have made it easy. Sikoa stopped Heyman and took the mic. Sikoa turned to Heyman and asked why he was wasting his breath talking to the crowd. Sikoa said they didn’t come to talk to the crowd, he said they came to talk to Cena, face to face.

-Cena made his entrance to a loud response from the crowd. Cena made his way to the ring as Sikoa stared him down. Cena entered the ring and stood opposite Sikoa and Heyman. The crowd chanted for Cena.

-Sikoa looked at Cena and said he’s pissed off he has to wait until tomorrow to fight Cena. Sikoa said he has orders from Reigns and he was ordered to give Cena the mic so he can say good bye to the crowd while he still can. Sikoa said after tomorrow, Cena won’t be able to. Cena took the mic and asked Sikoa if he realized who he was in the ring with. Cena said we’ve been waiting over a year for Sikoa to talk, and that’s all he could say. Cena said he’s going to say good bye, but not to the crowd, for them. Cena said the only reason Sikoa got a job is because of his cousin. He said that Sikoa acts like a badass enforcer, but he’s a weak Taz rip off. Cena said the only place Sikoa’s thumb is going tomorrow is up his own ass. Cena said that was about thirty seconds. He tossed the mic and exited the ring as Sikoa looked on angrily.

(McDonald’s Analysis: The mention of Sikoa being the future Tribal Chief was a good nugget. I don’t know if it means anything right now, but that’s something that could be used down the line if they choose to. Reigns has pushed back against that notion before, so I don’t see why he would be ok with it now. Cena was solid here and he’s been better when his time is limited. I stand by the notion that Sikoa should absolutely destroy Cena tomorrow. There’s nothing else they can do that makes any sense. It needs to be a complete domination by Sikoa and he should send Cena back to Hollywood for a long, long time. They have a chance to do something big for Sikoa here. They shouldn’t screw that up.)

-Damage Ctrl was in the back. Bayley gloated about their attack on Belair earlier. Bayley said that maybe tonight, she can take out Belair for good. Bayley said if she does, she should wrestle Iyo Sky for the title tomorrow. Sky didn’t respond. Bayley said she was joking. Nick Aldis appeared. He said the match tonight needs to have a winner, so Damage Ctrl will be barred from ringside. Sky turned to Bayley and said she could handle it. Dakota Kai and Sky walked off. Bayley looked dejected.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Why wouldn’t he ban them from ringside for the title match tomorrow also?)

-The ring announcer described the rules of the Donnybrook match.

-The Brawling Brutes made their entrance. A graphic was shown for the Brutes match against Pretty Deadly. Patrick hyped the match for after the break. [c]

-They showed a graphic for Bayley against Belair. Graves mentioned that Bayley will have to go it alone after Aldis’ decision.

-Pretty Deadly made their entrance. The Brutes attacked Pretty Deadly during their slow motion entrance.

(3) BRAWLING BRUTES (Butch & Ridge Holland) vs. PRETTY DEADLY (Kit Wilson & Elton Prince) – Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match

All four men were in the ring. Pretty Deadly begged off but Holland and Butch set them up and delivered stereo Ten Beats as the crowd counted along. Butch went to the apron and dropkicked Prince. Butch backdropped Wilson on the apron. Butch grabbed a pair of shillelaghs from under the ring. Holland hung Prince upside down in the corner. Holland charged and hit Prince with a splash. Wilson hit the ring and Holland delivered a flapjack. Holland choked Prince with the shillelagh as Butch hit him with a dropkick. Butch pulled at the fingers of Prince on the outside. Prince got free and back dropped Butch on the barrel on the outside. Holland took down Prince. Wilson drove Holland into the ring post. Prince joined in and Pretty Deadly threw Holland into the ring. Wilson and Prince beat on Holland. Pretty Deadly got the shillelaghs and went after Holland. Holland blocked both and then lifted Prince and Wilson and dumped them over the top rope to the outside. Butch appeared and climbed to the top rope. Butch came off with a moonsault and everyone was down on the outside. Butch got up and celebrated as the match cut to break. [c]

Holland spun Wilson around and hit him with an Alabama Slam on a trash can. Holland covered Wilson for a two count. Holland put Wilson in a Boston Crab. Prince tried to help but Butch held Prince back and put him in an ankle lock. Prince and Wilson grabbed hands and cheered each other on. Prince got free of Butch and entered the ring with a bar stool. He hit Holland with the stool. Pretty Deadly hit a double team on Holland and made the cover but Butch broke the count. Butch chopped away at Wilson and Prince. Prince caught Butch and dropped him over the top rope before he took him down with a clothesline. Prince went to the top rope but Holland grabbed him and pressed him for a slam. Holland transitioned and slammed Prince. Wilson hit Holland with a knee to the face. Butch landed a big kick on Prince and Wilson before Wilson took Butch down with a clothesline. Wilson stalked Butch as Butch got to his feet. Wilson went for the swinging knee but Butch grabbed at his fingers and pulled. Prince hit Butch with the shillelagh and Wilson made the cover. Butch kicked out at two. Prince tried to go to the top rope but Holland cut him off on the apron and powerbombed Prince through a table on the outside. Butch landed a Brogue Kick on Wilson and made the cover but Wilson kicked out at two. Holland went under the ring and got a second table. Holland and Butch set up the table. Wilson tried to get to his feet. Wilson rolled under the table and out of the ring. Wilson leaned against the barrels and Holland charged. Wilson moved and Holland crashed through the barrels. Butch set up Wilson for a superplex but Prince broke a bottle over Butch’s back. Prince and Wilson slammed Butch through the table from the top rope. Wilson made the cover for the win.

WINNER: Pretty Deadly in 13:00

-Pretty Deadly celebrated in the ring.

(McDonald’s Analysis: That was pretty good. Best match they’ve had so far. I don’t usually care for the Donnybrook match, but this actually worked to make Pretty Deadly seem like vicious competitors who can hang in environments like this. I don’t know where Pretty Deadly goes from here with basically no face teams on Smackdown, but I guess they could do something with the L.W.O.)

-Patrick threw to a video recap of the opening segment with Reigns and Knight.

-Nick Aldis was in the back. He ran into Heyman. Heyman asked if he could give Aldis advice. Aldis said he didn’t have a choice. He said he has a weigh-in to attend so Heyman should make it quick. Heyman told Aldis that he should have a lot of medical personnel in attendance tomorrow. Heyman said he’s been around a lot of Samoans and this is the most savage version of Reigns he’s ever seen. Aldis asked if Heyman was done. Heyman paused and said “with L.A. Knight, hardly.” [c]

-Patrick announced Sami Zayn against J.D. McDonagh for the pre-show for Crown Jewel tomorrow.

-Nick Aldis was in the back with officials. He introduced Logan Paul first, followed by Rey Mysterio. Both men stood on either side of Aldis and the scale. Paul got on the scale first. Aldis called out Paul’s weight at 213 pounds. Mysterio followed and Aldis called out his weight at 175 pounds. Aldis then called for the two men to step in for a face off. They did. Paul talked trash as they stood face to face. Aldis stood between them and ensured no contact. Mysterio smacked Paul before officials broke them up. Mysterio tossed something at Paul. It hit Paul in the head. Paul protested as Mysterio was taken out of the room.

-The announcers ran down the card for Crown Jewel and promoted the event for tomorrow afternoon.

-Bianca Belair made her entrance. They hyped her match against Bayley for after the break. [c]

-Graves announced Carlito against Bobby Lashley for next week on Smackdown as a graphic was shown.

-Belair was in the ring. They showed a graphic for Belair against Iyo Sky tomorrow at Crown Jewel for the Women’s Championship. Patrick promoted the match.

-Bayley made her entrance. Graves questioned if it was smart for Bayley to take this match the day before her title match.


Bayley took Belair down and punched away at her. Bayley held up a Damage Ctrl shirt and yelled at Cole to say their name. Belair recovered and drove her shoulder into Bayley in the corner. Belair whipped Bayley hard into the opposite corner. Belair delivered a northern lights suplex and held on to transition into a vertical suplex. Belair bounced off the ropes with a handspring moonsault and covered Bayley for a two count. Bayley rolled to the outside to regroup. Belair exited the ring and chased Bayley. Bayley got back in the ring and Belair stopped short as Bayley elbow dropped the mat. Belair got in the ring and slammed Bayley three times. Belair taunted Bayley then tried to whip her into the corner. Bayley reversed and charged but Belair hit an elbow. Bayley went to the apron and hung up Belair on the middle rope. Belair was propped against the ropes and Bayley kneed her head into the ring post. Belair fell the floor on the outside. [c]

Bayley tossed Belair to the outside. Bayley came off the apron with an elbow drop to the back of Belair. Bayley rolled Belair into the ring and made the cover for a two count. Bayley talked trash to Belair and shoved her on the mat. Bayley went to a headlock. Belair got to her feet but Bayley pulled her down. The crowd cheered on Belair as she fought to her feet. Belair got free. Bayley charged Belair and Belair moved so Bayley hit the ropes with her foot. Bayley tried to go back to the headlock but Belair was able to escape and take Bayley down. Bayley got to her feet first and went after Belair but Belair delivered a series of punches. Belair ran the ropes and took Bayley down with a pair of shoulder blocks followed by a dropkick. Belair took Bayley to the corner and mounted her before she rained down punches. Bayley escaped through the legs of Belair and pulled her down. Bayley charged but Belair caught her with a spinebuster. Belair made the cover for a two count. Belair took Bayley back to the corner and placed her on the top turnbuckle. Belair followed Bayley up and set up a superplex. Bayley fought Belair off but Belair backflipped off the top rope before leaping back up and delivering the superplex. Belair made the cover for a two count. Belair stomped at the gut of Bayley. Belair went for another handspring moonsault but Bayley moved. Bayley pulled on Belair’s hair and took her to the outside. Bayley used Belair’s hair to pull her into the ring post. Bayley threw Belair back into the ring and climbed to the top rope. Bayley came off with an elbow drop and made the cover for a near fall. Bayley made another cover for another two count. Bayley went for a third cover but Belair kicked out at one that time. Bayley went to the outside and took the cover off the announce table before she tossed the monitors aside. Bayley went after Belair but Belair landed a punch. Bayley hung up Belair with the rope and then pulled her into a powerbomb position. Belair got free and escaped to the apron. Bayley followed Belair to the apron. Belair sent Bayley into the ring post and Bayley dropped to the floor. Belair came over the top rope and took out Bayley with a dive. They got back in the ring and Belair went for the K.O.D. Bayley got free and rolled Belair up for a two count. Bayley grabbed at the hair but Belair pulled it back and whipped Bayley with the ponytail. Belair delivered the K.O.D. and pinned Bayley for the win.

WINNER: Bianca Belair in 14:00

-They showed highlights of the match as Belair celebrated in the ring. Bayley tried to regroup at ringside against the announce table. Belair saw Bayley and dropped to the outside. Belair picked up Bayley and gave her the K.O.D. through the announce table. Belair celebrated as the show went off the air.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Best match Bayley has had in a while. Both women seemed motivated to put on a good match and they worked really well together. It’s amazing how good these matches can be when there isn’t constant interference and distractions. I know Bayley has lost a lot recently, but this one didn’t seem as bad. She gave Belair all she had but Belair was just able to withstand it and was the better woman. Unlike some of the losses to Shotzi, this one doesn’t hurt Bayley at all and the quality of the actual match may help her character get back on track. The attack at the end was a little heelish, but I like this new motivated, determined side of Belair. I really hope she doesn’t fall back into her own ways if she beats Sky for the title tomorrow. I want to see Belair continue to grow and change as a character. With the state of the Smackdown Women’s Division, I don’t know where Sky or Belair go after tomorrow, regardless of who is champion. They’re low on options and the top options have already wrestled each other countless times. This Division needs some life, maybe in the form of Jade Cargill.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Solid show overall. The opening segment was really good and there was a fun segment with Cena and Sikoa in the middle. As far as ring work went, we had two really solid matches with Pretty Deadly against the Brutes and the main event with Belair and Bayley. For a taped show, they gave us some reasons to tune in and did a good job preparing viewers for the PLE tomorrow. It wasn’t the best show of the year or anything, but it was solid and definitely did it’s job.

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