IMPACT WRESTLING TURNING POINT RESULTS (11/3): Lilly’s report on Ospreay vs. Edwards, Trinity vs. Purrazzo

By Darrin Lilly, PWTorch Contributor


NOVEMBER 3, 2023

-Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

-Video featuring the stars of Impact Wrestling.

(1) JOSH ALEXANDER & ERIC YOUNG vs. SUBCULTURE (Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews w/Dani Luna)

Alexander and Webster started the match. They went back and forth and Webster did a standing moonsault on Alexander. Young and Andrews tagged in and traded the advantage. Subculture used double team moves on Alexander. Alexander and Young tagged in and out to keep the advantage on Webster. Andrews tagged in and made a comeback. Eric dropped an elbow on Webster and Alexander got a two count. All four wrestlers fought. Alexander and Eric had Subculture in double sharpshooters, but they reached the ropes. Andrews tagged Webster, who ran wild. Eric gave Webster a piledriver, but Andrews broke up the pin. Webster gave Alexander a rana off the top rope. All four wrestlers traded moves. Alexander gave Andrews the C-4 Spike and got the pin.

WINNERS: Josh Alexander & Eric Young in 14:00.

-Highlights of Leon Slater, who was awarded a contract by Scott D’Amore. He cut a promo after the video and saying he grew up a fan of TNA and now he had joined.


Hannifan noted that Windsor was trained by the Knight family and that she had history with Shaw. They traded moves to start the match. Shaw knocked Windsor to the floor. Back in the ring, Shaw delivered a series of elbows and applied a chinlock. Shaw gave Windsor a DDT. Windsor made a comeback. Shaw gave Windsor a cutter off the middle rope for a two count. Windsor countered with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Shaw gave Windsor a neckbreaker and followed with the running knee for the pin.

WINNER: Gisele Shaw in 9:00.

-Simon Miller promo. He said he didn’t believe in Joe Hendry, but tonight the people would believe in Simon Miller.


Swann took Trey to the mat early. Swann dropkicked Trey out of the ring. Trey hit Swann as he attempted a dive to the outside. Trey drove Swann into the apron. Trey punched Swann and threw him out of the ring again. Trey threw Swann out a third time. Swann dove off the stage, but Trey caught him with a superkick. Back in the ring, Swann made a comeback. They exchanged strikes and kicks. Both wrestlers were on the mat. Trey gave Swann a Lightning Spiral for a two count. Swann gave Trey a cutter from the ropes, followed by a 450 splash for the pin.

WINNER: Rich Swann in 12:00.

-Dani Luna promo. She said she keeps being compared to Jordynne Grace. She said she would prove she is the only Dani Luna.


They shook hands at the start. They did a test of strength and rolled out of the ring and around ringside. Grace shoulderblocked Luna to the mat. Luna gave Grace a sliding clothesline. Luna suplexed Grace. They traded clotheslines and headbutts and knocked each other to the mat. They got to their feet and traded punches. Luna gave Grace a German suplex for a two count. Grace drove Luna to the mat for a two count. Grace gave Luna a series of clotheslines. Grace came back with a spinning elbow. Grace elbowed Luna. Grace gave Luna the Juggernaut Driver for the pin.

WINNER: Jordynne Grace in 9:00.

-Video on Joe Hendry and Simon Miller (who was billed as a What Culture and YouTube star).


Miller did mic work before the match. He apologized to Hendry… for being more popular than all the wrestlers in the back. He said “Don’t hate the player; hate the subscriber.” (I don’t think that will catch on). A video played of Hendry mocking Miller. Hendry finally made his entrance. Miller attacked Hendry from behind before the bell. Miller said it was time for the first ever live “Ups and Downs.” He turned around into a clothesline from Hendry. Hendry chased Miller around ringside. The bell finally rang. Hendry slammed Miller. Hendry chopped Miller as the fans chanted “I believe in Joe Hendry.” Hendry gave Miller a delayed suplex. Miller slammed Hendry, then missed an elbow drop. Miller raked Hendry’s eyes and went on the attack. Hendry suplexed Miller and followed with clotheslines. Miller gave Hendry a spear. Hendry gave Miller a cutter and followed with kicks. Miller shoulderblocked Hendry to the mat. Hendry rose up and gave Miller the Standing Ovation for the pin.

WINNER: Joe Hendry in 7:00.

-Video on the 2023 Gut Check.

-Trinity and Deonna Purrazzo were shown warming up.


Myers and Frankie started the match. Fans chanted “TNA.” Frankie armdragged Myers. Moose faced off with Sabin. Moose dropkicked Sabin. Sabin gave Moose a rana. Moose chopped Sabin and sent him out of the ring. Frankie and Sabin pulled Moose crotch-first into the post. Sabin dropkicked Myers and got a two count. Moose booted Sabin, then choked him. Myers and Moose tagged in and out to keep the advantage on Sabin. Sabin almost made a tag, but Myers pulled Frankie off the apron. Sabin gave Moose a tornado DDT and finally tagged in Frankie, who cleaned house. Frankie gave Myers a DDT for a two count. Frankie and Sabin double teamed Myers. Moose caught Sabin with a crossbody block. Sabin got several two counts on Moose. All four wrestlers traded moves. Frankie gave Moose a backstabber. Moose drove Frankie into the post. Myers gave Sabin a spear on the floor. Moose gave Frankie a spear in the ring and got the pin.

WINNERS: Moose & Brian Myers in 17:00.

-Video package on Trinity & Deonna Purrazzo.

(7) TRINITY (c) vs. DEONNA PURRAZZO — Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title match

This is the last time that Deonna can challenge Trinity for the Knockouts title. Gail Kim was the special guest referee. Tom Campbell did the in-ring introductions. Deonna took Trinity to the mat early. They exchanged armdrags and clotheslines. Deonna escaped Star Struck and slid out of the ring to regroup. Trinity rubbed her butt in Deonna’s face, then did the splits on her. Deonna dropkicked Trinity out of the ring. Deonna stomped Trinity. Deonna snapped Trinity’s arm. A split chant broke out in the crowd. Deonna continued to work on Trinity’s arm. Trinity gave Deonna a stunner for a two count. Deonna clotheslined Trinity and put her in an armlock. Trinity threw Deonna into the ringpost. Trinity gave Deonna a bulldog, followed by clotheslines and a Rear View. Deonna gave Trinity a pump kick. Trinity gave Deonna a Samoan Drop. Deonna gave Trinity a Russian Leg Sweep into an armbar, but Trinity reached the ropes. They traded punches. Deonna gave Trinity the Queen’s Gambit but only got a two count. Deonna argued with Gail Kim. Trinity kicked Deonna and locked in the Star Struck. Deonna escaped. Trinity drove Deonna to the mat and put on Star Struck again. Deonna tapped.

WINNER: Trinity in 16:00 to retain the Knockouts title.

Deonna attacked Trinity after the match, then pushed Gail Kim. Gail pushed back. Deonna slapped Gail. Gail gave Deonna the Eat Defeat.

-Will Ospreay promo. He said they would do battle and see who was best.


Fans were solidly behind Ospreay. After some early back and forth, Ospreay gave Eddie a rana. Ospreay chopped Eddie, slammed him, and dropped a knee. Opsreay strutted. Eddie chopped Ospreay. Eddie gave Ospreay an overhead suplex. Eddie chopped Ospreay. Eddie did a cartwheel. Eddie suplexed Ospreay, then put him in a chinlock. Ospreay took Eddie to the mat. Ospreay gave Eddie a flying forearm for a two count. Ospreay booted Eddie to the mat. Ospreay gave Eddie a crossbody block on the floor.

Ospreay gave Eddie a flying forearm to the back. They fought on the outside. Eddie drove Ospreay into the apron. Back in the ring, Eddie gave Ospreay a backpack stunner. Eddie kicked and chopped Ospreay. Ospreay kicked Eddie and came back with a stunner. Ospreay booted Eddie. Ospreay gave Eddie a Spanish Fly for a two count and followed with an Oscutter. Eddie gave Ospreay a Blue Thunder Bomb. Ospreay gave Eddie a Hidden Blade, but Eddie came right back with a Boston Knee Party. Both wrestlers were on the mat.

They traded headbutts and punches. Ospreay gave Eddie a series of kicks. Eddie returned chops. Eddie clotheslined Ospreay and followed with a Tiger Driver for a two count. Fans chanted “This is awesome!” Eddie gave Ospreay knee strikes. Ospreay gave Eddie a Hidden Blade and a Styles Clash for a two count. Ospreay followed with a Hidden Blade and a Storm Breaker for the pin.

WINNER: Will Ospreay in 18:00.

Ospreay took the mic after the match and said he had an announcement: He finished his kitchen. The fans cheered. He said because of the fans, places like this can thrive. He said before this was Impact Wrestling, it was TNA. Fans chanted “TNA.” He said the chants remined him of when he was 14 and  watched A.J. Styles. He said it was because of TNA that inspired many people to take it to the next level. He said no matter what happens in February, he will always be in their corner because he grew up as a TNA kid. He said his name is Will Ospreay and he is on another level.

Darrin Lilly is a Pro Wrestling Torch contributor who writes the weekly Impact Wrestling TV results and co-hosts the Impact Wrestling podcast for the site with John Laslo. You can find him on Instagram and Threads at dklstl or on You Tube at Darrin’s Wrestling World, including a new video recapping his attendance at a recent WWE Smackdown taping.

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