WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS (11/10): McDonald’s “alt perspective” report on Bayley on Damage Ctrl’s future, Knight vs. Waller, Lashley vs. Carlito

By Alex McDonald, PWTorch Contributor


NOVEMBER 10, 2023

Announcers: Michael Cole, Kevin Patrick, Kevin Owens


-The camera panned the crowd as Kevin Patrick introduced the show.

-Kevin Owens’ music played and he made his entrance. Owens wore a red, white, and blue tie over his t-shirt. He was announced as the special guest commentator. Patrick said that he and Michael Cole are without Corey Graves. Cole announced that Graves and Carmella had their baby on Wednesday. Owens joined the announce desk and thanked Cole and Patrick.

-The L.W.O. made their entrance. Owens said he loves Mysterio. They showed a video recap of Mysterio’s loss to Logan Paul at Crown Jewel this past Saturday. The video focused on the finish with Paul using brass knuckles to defeat Mysterio. Owens called Paul’s win nefarious.

-The L.W.O. stood in the ring and Mysterio had a mic. He welcomed the crowd to Smackdown. Mysterio said he put his title on the line against Paul at Crown Jewel and Paul stole his title. Mysterio said everyone knows the referee’s decision is final, but Paul couldn’t beat him without the brass knuckles. Mysterio said he would still be champion if it wasn’t for the brass knuckles. Mysterio said he’ll do whatever he can to get a rematch.

-Carlito made his entrance. Cole said it was surprising for Carlito to interrupt Mysterio. Carlito entered the ring. He said no one wants to see him as United States champion more than him. Carlito said Mysterio is blaming the wrong person. He said Mysterio should blame the person that left the brass knuckles on the apron for Paul, Santos Escobar. Escobar started to go after Carlito but the L.W.O. held him back. Mysterio told Escobar to calm down. Escobar exited through the crowd. Mysterio went after Escobar. Carlito argued with Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde in the ring.

-Bobby Lashley made his entrance with the Street Profits in tow. Owens called Montez Ford a sharp dresser. Patrick hyped the match between Lashley and Carlito for after the break. [c]

-They showed a graphic for L.A. Knight’s match with Grayson Waller. Patrick promoted the match for later in the show.

(1) CARLITO (w/ Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde) vs. BOBBY LASHLEY (w/ Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford)

The bell rang twelve minutes into the hour. They locked up and Lashley backed Carlito into the corner. Carlito escaped and tried a punch but Lashley blocked it. Carlito landed a dropkick but Lashley bounced back and took Carlito down with a clothesline. Lashley brought Carlito to the corner and rammed his shoulder into the gut of Carlito repeatedly. They showed B-Fab watching on a monitor in the back. Lashley slammed Carlito down and the Profits cheered him on from ringside. Lashley beat on Carlito’s back then took him back to the corner. Lashley landed a series of punches that knocked Carlito down. Lashley choked Carlito with his boot. Lashley took Carlito to the middle of the ring and went for the Hurt Lock but Carlito fought it off. Carlito landed a running crossbody. Carlito charged with a clothesline but Lashley didn’t go down. Carlito went for another but Lashley landed a kick to the gut. Lashley went for a stalling suplex but Carlito landed on his feet and landed a suplex of his own. Carlito knocked Lashley to the outside. Carlito followed Lashley out and tried to slam him into the steps. Lashley blocked and slammed Carlito into the steps instead. Lashley tossed Carlito into the barricade. The Profits celebrated. Lashley lifted Carlito to his shoulders and drove him into the ring post. Carlito was down as the show cut to break. [c]

Lashley put Carlito on the top turnbuckle. Lashley followed him up as the Profits talked trash into the camera. Carlito knocked Lashley off the top rope. Carlito dove and took Lashley down with a shoulder block. They showed Ashante the Adonis asking B-Fab what she’s doing in the back. B-Fab shrugged him off. Carlito tossed Lashley to the outside then hit him with a dive through the ropes. Carlito tossed Lashley into the ring. Carlito tried to get into the ring but Ford held Carlito back. Del Toro fought with Ford but Dawkins tossed him into the crowd. Escobar appeared and went after Dawkins. Ford distracted Carlito and Lashley landed a spear for the win.

WINNER: Bobby Lashley in 10:00

-Lashley and the Profits stomped away at Carlito. Escobar stood on the apron and watched. Mysterio ran to the ring with a chair. Lashley and the Profits exited. Mysterio confronted Escobar. Escobar told Mysterio that Carlito isn’t apart of their family. Mysterio turned to check on Carlito but Escobar pulled him back. Mysterio shoved Escobar. He said they’re all one L.W.O. Mysterio checked on Carlito. Escobar attacked Mysterio from behind. Carlito rolled to the outside. Escobar yelled at Mysterio and pulled him up by his mask. Mysterio took Escobar down with a punch. Escobar rolled to the apron. Mysterio went to check on Escobar. Escobar shoved Mysterio into the ring post. Mysterio landed with his leg caught between the post and the steps. Escobar dropkicked the steps into Mysterio’s leg. Escobar yelled at Mysterio and said this was Mysterio’s fault. Zelina Vega appeared and asked what Escobar was doing. Escobar called it Mysterio’s fault and walked off as the L.W.O. checked on Mysterio. The crowd booed Escobar. Mysterio writhed in pain as the L.W.O. yelled for help. [c]

(McDonald’s Analysis: Well, we all saw the turn coming, but I didn’t think it would come there. I thought for sure they would milk the dissension between Carlito and Escobar a little longer with Mysterio caught in the middle. I’m really glad they didn’t do that because it would be too similar to some other angles they’re currently running. I really liked Escobar saying Mysterio brought this on himself. It gives Escobar something to explain next week and adds to the all important element of heels feeling justified in their actions. I much prefer Escobar as a heel, so this works. He could be a good opponent for Kevin Owens down the line. This also occupies Mysterio so Logan Paul can be involved with someone else for the U.S. title. Solid stuff. Not a groundbreaking angle or anything shocking, but something that makes this show feel like stories are moving forward.)

-They showed a graphic of Solo Sikoa standing over John Cena. Patrick said they would revisit the match later.

-Escobar was in the back. The interviewer asked why Escobar attacked Mysterio. Escobar said that Mysterio had it coming.

-The announce team was at ringside. Owens said he’s turned on a lot of people in his career, but he could never do it to Mysterio. Patrick threw to a video recap of the Women’s Championship match at Crown Jewel this past Saturday. The video highlighted Bayley’s interference in the match and the return of Kairi Sane which led to Iyo Sky’s victory. The video ended with Sane congratulating Sky.

-Bayley made her entrance. Bayley said that everyone saw the video. She said she had a plan and a vision for Sky and Dakota Kai since the inception of Damage Ctrl. She said everything she wanted to happen, has happened. Bayley touted the accomplishments of Damage Ctrl. She said that Sky has beaten the top competition in the Women’s Division thanks to her plan. Bayley called the crowd idiots for their “what” chants. She said Crown Jewel should have been Damage Ctrl’s proudest moment, but she was surprised by the return of Kairi Sane. Bayley asked for Sky to come to the ring.

-Iyo Sky made her entrance with Kairi Sane and Dakota Kai at her side. Bayley looked uneasy as the other three women got into the ring. Bayley asked why Sane was at Crown Jewel. Sky said she had a plan, also. She said it’s her era. Sky thanked Sane for helping her. She asked if that was what Bayley wanted. Bayley said she wanted the best for Kai and Sky. Bayley threw to a video recap from July of 2020 when she beat down Sane and sent her out of WWE. After the video, Bayley said she was concerned with having Sane around. Kai cut Bayley off. She said they brought Sane in to help Damage Ctrl. Kai said they’re grateful to Bayley, but they want to take some of the weight off of her. Kai said it worked and Damage Ctrl is stronger than ever. Kai said they should celebrate because Bayley got what she wanted. Sane said she respected Bayley as the leader of Damage Ctrl. Sane said she also forgives Bayley. Sane extended her arms for a hug. Bayley said she doesn’t hug anymore. They had a group hug and Bayley looked disgusted.

-Bianca Belair made her entrance and stopped on the stage. She said she doesn’t forgive Damage Ctrl. Belair said she made a mistake when she thought Sky would face her one on one. Belair said she would have to whip all three of them. Bayley laughed and said no one likes a sore loser. Belair said a lot of people don’t like Damage Ctrl.

-Charlotte Flair made her entrance to join Belair on the stage.  Belair said someone else was upset about Sane helping Damage Ctrl.

-Asuka made her entrance to join Belair and Charlotte. Asuka smiled and yelled in Japanese at Sane and Sky. She said they’re not ready for Asuka. Cole mentioned that Sane and Asuka used to be tag team partners. A graphic appeared on the screen for Belair, Charlotte, and Asuka against Damage Ctrl. Patrick announced the match for later in the show.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Adding Sane should really help the Smackdown Women’s Division. They’ve needed some depth for a while. With that said, I actually think they needed more babyface depth than anything else. I thought for sure we would ger the Damage Ctrl break-up here, but I guess they didn’t want to do two break-ups on the same show. That makes sense, but it still feels like we’ve been waiting for some movement on this Damage Ctrl story for an awful long time at this point. The story is spinning wheels and now, yet again, we have Damage Ctrl against Belair, Asuka, and Charlotte. Even with Sane added, it just feels like more of the same. Smackdown desperately needs a breath of fresh air in the Women’s Division. Instead of using Sane for that, they’re just folding her into the same tired feud we’ve been watching for months. It’s disappointing.)

-They showed a video package on Dragon Lee. After the video, Dragon Lee made his entrance. Cole called him fun to watch. They showed a graphic for Lee against Cedric Alexander. Patrick said they’re running back their match from a couple of weeks ago after the break.

-Cole threw to a video on Veteran’s Day from WWE. [c]


Alexander was in the ring and took Lee down. Lee recovered as the two traded up and downs. Alexander knocked Lee to the outside then dove through the middle rope onto Lee on the outside. Alexander sent Lee back into the ring and hit him with a springboard DDT. Alexander made the cover for a two count. Alexander chopped Lee against the ropes. Alexander chopped Lee in the corner then sent him to the opposite corner. Alexander charged with a forearm then slammed Lee down. Alexander made the cover for a two count. They traded blows in the center of the ring. Alexander sent Lee to the apron and Lee landed a kick before a hurricanrana that sent Alexander to the outside. Lee hit Alexander with a big dive on the outside. Lee rolled Alexander into the ring. Lee spun around Alexander into a sitout powerbomb for a near fall. Lee measured Alexander from across the ring. Lee charged and Alexander back body dropped Lee into the corner. Both men were down in the ring. Alexander lifted Escobar to his shoulders but Lee got free. Alexander landed a big kick. He charged Lee but Lee landed a German suplex. Lee came off the ropes and Alexander it Lee with a standing Spanish Fly. Alexander made the cover for a two count. Alexander charged Lee in the corner but Lee lifted Alexander and landed a kick. Lee charged Alexander and Alexander countered with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Alexander went for a Lumbar Check but Lee rolled up Alexander for a two count. Lee landed a big kick. Lee charged Alexander and spun into a reverse DDT for the win.

WINNER: Dragon Lee in 7:00

-Patrick said that Lee has been receiving advice from Mysterio each week on Smackdown. Patrick then said that Mysterio has been sent to a local medical facility for treatment after Escobar’s attack. Patrick threw to a video package on the match between Mysterio and Paul at Crown Jewel. The video showed news clippings about Paul’s United States title win.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Really fun match. I wish they had gotten a little more time, but I’m cool with this. Hopefully, they can find some more guys for Lee to work with like this. I guess he’s on Smackdown now? Did they just forget to tell us that? Please tell me we traded him for Cameron Grimes.)

-After the video, the announcers were ringside with NFL Championship belts.

(McDonald’s Analysis: As an avid NFL fan, all those belts are hideous. I would have bought a Bucs one in a heartbeat if they looked even remotely cool.)

-L.A. Knight was in the back. Patrick hyped his match with Grayson Waller for after the break. [c]

-They showed a graphic of Sikoa standing over Cena. Cole said we would look back on the match later. He asked if it was the end of Cena.

-L.A. Knight made his entrance. Patrick threw to a video package on Knight’s match against Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel for the Undisputed Universal Championship.


-Knight looked disappointed after the video and the crowd chanted his name. Knight asked if he could talk to the crowd. They cheered. Knight said that Crown Jewel didn’t go as he hoped. He said he could come out and apologize for not living up to expectations but he would be a liar. He said he did exactly what he said he would do. Knight said he took Reigns to within an inch of losing his title and hit him with a BFT. Knight said he would have won if it wasn’t for Jimmy Uso. Knight said he got robbed. Knight told Reigns to give Jimmy a raise and a promotion. Knight said if Jimmy wasn’t there, there would be a new champion now. Knight said a lot of people would tell him to go to the back of the line. Knight said no. He said he’s not done with the Bloodline and the Bloodline isn’t done with him until he owns the title.

-Grayson Waller made his entrance to cut off Knight. Waller had a mic. He said Knight was embarrassing himself. Waller said Knight is blaming everyone but himself. Waller said he’s going to be honest. He said that maybe Knight isn’t the guy. Waller said he knows someone who is the guy. Knight called Waller kangaroo jackass. Waller laughed. He asked if Knight thought he belonged in the ring with Reigns. The crowd chanted for Knight. Knight said he would get to that in a second. Knight said the Grayson Waller Effect sounds like an STD. Knight mentioned that Waller got dropped by a Saudi movie star at Crown Jewel. Knight said that Waller looks ready to take his school pictures, but he’s probably not allowed within fifty yards of a school. Knight said Waller is in hot water because he has a match with Knight. Knight said that Waller lives in his mother’s basement. Knight said that Waller came at him with big incel energy. Knight said Waller got himself into a match with an angry Knight. Knight said it’s his game then hit Waller with a mic and tossed him to the outside.

-Knight followed Waller outside and poured a bottle of water on him. Knight got back in the ring and finished his catchphrase. Owens made fun of Waller. Cole promoted the match for after the break. [c]

(McDonald’s Analysis: Well, I guess we know how they feel about both of these guys now. I had higher hopes for Waller but Knight just lambasted him with one-liners and Waller couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Knight is back to the sing-along routine. The crowd is still into it even after the loss, so that’s a positive sign. I assume we got some sort of feud with Jimmy and Knight now. That would be fresh if we hadn’t seen the match on Smackdown before. Maybe Sikoa is an option? Oh wait, they did that too. I guess Knight will get a second match with Reigns, probably at the Rumble. That would make sense to keep Knight out of the Rumble so fans don’t expect him to win. I would imagine that’s where this goes long term.)

-Cole promoted WWE’s upcoming Elimination Chamber PLE in Australia next February.


The bell rang twelve minutes into the hour. Knight exploded out of the corner with a big clothesline. Knight slammed Waller down and made the cover for a two count. Knight went to the arm and Waller spun around. Knight took him down anyway. Knight went back to the arm. Waller dropped to the outside. Knight was pulled out by Waller. Knight landed a big punch. Knight pushed Waller into the ring and slingshot himself into Waller. Knight stayed on the attack and hit a neckbreaker for a one count. Waller fought back with a kick followed by a big right hand. Waller mounted Knight and landed more right hands. Waller landed a big forearm. Knight fought back with punches of his own. Knight sent Waller over the top rope to the outside. Knight came through the ropes with a kick that sent Waller into the announce table. Knight came over and slammed Waller into the announce table repeatedly. Owens clapped for Knight. Knight broke the count then came back over but Waller slammed Knight into the table. Waller tossed Knight into the steps. Waller went back into the ring and ran the ropes. Waller slid under the bottom rope and took out Knight with a clothesline. Owens told Waller he had too many sparkles on his gear as they cut to break. [c]

Waller had Knight in a headlock. The crowd cheered Knight on as he broke the hold. Knight sent Waller to the corner and followed behind him. Waller leapt over Knight and took him down. Waller took Knight to the other corner and put him in a half Boston Crab in the ropes. The ref broke it up. Waller covered Knight for a one count. Owens yelled at Waller some more. Waller went back to the half Boston Crab on Knight. Knight writhed in pain. Waller released the hold and stomped on Knight’s back. Waller positioned Knight and climbed to the second rope. Waller walked across the rope and came off with an elbow drop to Knight’s back. Waller made the cover for a two count. Waller went for a slam but Knight landed on his feet. Knight ran the ropes but Waller took him down. Waller went for another elbow drop but Knight moved. Waller went to the outside and went for the Rolling Stunner but Knight caught him and delivered a back suplex. Knight landed a series of punches as the crowd chanted along. Knight came off the ropes with a big clothesline and followed up with a Russian Leg Sweep. Knight hit Waller with a DDT and covered him for a two count. Waller broke the tie up and landed knees on Knight. Waller ran the ropes but Knight caught him with a slam. Knight followed up with his elbow drop. Knight landed a BFT and covered Waller for the win.

WINNER: L.A. Knight in 12:00

(McDonald’s Analysis: Another clean win for Knight on Smackdown. It feels like Knight has more clean wins than anyone else on the show in recent memory. If nothing else, they’re getting behind him. We all keep brining up how long it will actually last, and it seems to be fair, but you have to give WWE credit for giving Knight every opportunity and not burying him because they didn’t choose him themselves. It gives hope to future stars who get over on their own without the machine behind them. Again, I have no idea what Knight does between now and the Rumble, but I’m sure they’ll give him something. On the opposite side, Waller did a great job in this match and seemed to lead a good portion of it despite the experience gap. Waller has a lot of potential, but I’m worried WWE views him as fodder and won’t ever capitalize on what he could be.)

-Owens asked for a freeze frame on Waller’s face earlier tonight. He then asked for a replay of his punch on Waller and Austin Theory at the same time. Owens used the telestrator and poked fun at Theory and Waller.

-Charlotte, Asuka, and Belair warmed up in the back. Cole promoted their match for later in the show.

-They showed a graphic of Sikoa standing over Cena. Patrick said we would revisit the match after the break.

-Cole threw to another video on Veteran’s Day by WWE. [c]

-They showed a Smackdown moment with John Cena’s debut and Cena receiving congratulations from Undertaker the same night. After the video, Patrick threw to a video recap of Cena’s match with Sikoa at Crown Jewel this past Saturday.

-The announce team sat ringside. Cole said if Sikoa retired Cena, then Cole wants to thank Cena. Owens said he has something that can make everyone feel better. Owens then used the telestrator again to show his punch on Theory and Waller.

-Theory and Waller came to ringside. Theory shoved Owens and then poured a bottle of water on Owens. Theory tossed the water bottle at Patrick. Owens said he can’t accept that they threw the bottle at Patrick. Owens went after Theory and Waller and chased them into the ring. Owens went for a Stunner on Theory but Theory got free. Owens hit Waller with a Stunner. Theory and Waller retreated as Owens talked trash in the ring.

-Damage Ctrl made their entrance. Patrick hyped their match for after the break. [c]

-Jimmy Uso was in the back. He said Knight may not be done with the Bloodline, but he’s not done with him. Jimmy challenged Knight to a match next week on Smackdown. Jimmy answered his phone and it was Roman Reigns. Jimmy looked concerned and then got off the phone. Jimmy looked into the camera determined.

-Damage Ctrl was ready in the ring.

-Asuka made her entrance.

-Charlotte Flair made her entrance.

-Bianca Belair made her entrance to complete the face team.

(4) DAMAGE CTRL (Bayley, Kairi Sane, & Iyo Sky w/ Dakota Kai) vs. ASUKA, BIANCA BELAIR, & CHARLOTTE FLAIR

Belair took down Sky on Bayley on the outside with a dive. Charlotte kicked Sane off the apron to the floor. The faces posed in the ring as the show cut to break. [c]

Charlotte landed chops. Sky came off the ropes with a crossbody but Charlotte caught her and delivered a fallaway slam. Sky went to the corner and tagged in Sane. Sane asked for Belair and Charlotte tagged her in. Belair took Sane down with a clothesline. Belair lifted Sane and hit a stalling vertical suplex. Belair charged Sane in the corner but Sane moved and Belair went to the apron. Sky grabbed Belair’s foot but Belair kicked her off. Sane went after Belair and Belair went for a suplex but Sane hung her up on the top rope. Sane clotheslined Belair as Sky took out her legs. Sane went to the top rope and came off with a big punch on Belair. Sane made the cover for a two count. Sky tagged in and elbowed Belair in the corner. Bayley tagged in and stomped away at Belair in the corner. Belair fought out of the corner with elbows but Bayley was able to corral Belair and take her to the corner. Bayley charged and Belair moved Bayley to the apron. Belair crawled to the corner but Sane took Charlotte off the apron and tossed her into the steps. Bayley came back into the ring and held Belair back from tagging in Asuka. Bayley pulled at Belair’s hair but Belair pulled Bayley in and hit a spinebuster. Belair tried to tag Asuka but Asuka pulled her hand back and misted Belair. Asuka entered the ring and landed a kick on Belair. Asuka extended her arms and hugged Sane. Sky joined them. Bayley joined in and hugged them as well. Charlotte hit the ring and landed a kick on Sane. Damage Ctrl ganged up on Charlotte as the ref called for the bell.

WINNER: No Contest in 10:00

-Shotzi ran down to the ring and took down Sky but Bayley and Sane attacked her from behind. Bayley hit Shotzi with the Rose Plant. Sky climbed to the top rope and hit the moonsault on Charlotte. Belair hit the ring but Damage Ctrl was too much for her. Sane hit the spinning back fist. Damage Ctrl positioned Belair and Sane went to the top rope. Sane came off with a big elbow drop on Belair. Asuka posed with Damage Ctrl. Cole said the control of Smackdown has shifted to Damage Ctrl.

{McDonald’s Analysis: I didn’t see that coming. Cool swerve. I thought for sure Asuka was going to reveal that she was with Sane and Sky, not necessarily Kai and Bayley. That would have been an interesting fracture. Instead, we have Asuka as a new member of Damage Ctrl? I’ve said multiple times that Damage Ctrl should actually beat people down and be a dominant force if they’re going to exist. I thought it would happen a couple of months ago when a similar segment happened on Smackdown, but this is definitely a much better reset than that was. I really hope this sticks and leads to something. As I said before, Smackdown still desperately needs new face women to take on this group. Even with the addition of Asuka and Sane, they’re still wrestling Charlotte, Shotzi, and Belair over and over again because there’s no one else on the roster. All of those women are fine, but how many times can we see Belair against Bayley, Sky, and Asuka? The same goes for Charlotte. Again, I’m in favor of this, but it’s not the cure-all we need it to be.)

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  1. in re: the women’s division needing face opponents for Damage Cntrl, I was thinking about what faces they could bring in from NXT – Meiko? Roxanne? Perhaps the needed mega face slot goes to Jade….

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