Paul “Triple” Levesque says WWE fans wanted Punk back so “let’s go and we’ll figure out the rest from there,” comments on timetable, past issues

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Paul "Triple H" Levesque


Paul Levesque said during the Survivor Series post-event media Q&A that he brought C.M. Punk back because fans wanted him back. He was otherwise somewhat guarded in his praise of Punk.

He talked about Punk being someone “who is a conversation-starter and it’s tough to look past that.” He said if fans wanted him back, “then let’s go and we’ll figure out the rest of it from there.” He did say they are “incredibly excited about it.”

He said it came together “super quick.” He said when there was speculation about a Punk return at Survivor Series, it wasn’t actually close to happening, but once the speculation died down, that’s when “all of a sudden it was happening.” He said because it came together so quickly and so recently (as in roughly a week ago), that’s why it stayed such a secret.

Levesque said the bitter break-up with Punk and WWE happened nearly ten years ago. He said if you haven’t changed or grown in ten years, “you’ve messed up.” He elaborated: “Everybody grows, everybody changes. I’m a different person, he’s a different person, we’re a different company.”

That last comment, more than anything, could be a reference to Vince McMahon no longer being involved in creative, but also perhaps a reference to the different schedule than WWE had when Punk was last a full timer in WWE and just a general improvement in management-wrestler harmony.

While many are calling Punk a hypocrite for returning to WWE, this WWE is much different than the one he left, as Vince McMahon isn’t in control of creative, ownership has changed recently, and the schedule isn’t the grind it once was for wrestlers.

Levesque said they’re all on “the same even starting ground.” He said what’s next for Punk will be interesting and it’ll be exciting and thrill ride no matter what it is. “We’re all thrilled to have him back here and have him back home in WWE where he belongs,” he said.

Levesque opened his comments to the media by saying everyone wants to talk about “the big return tonight,” and then said he was speaking of R-Truth. He went on about that for a minute as a joke before moving on to comments on other matches on the show. He eventually said that he didn’t comment during his opening statement on Punk, “the elephant in the room,” because he assumed that’d be the first question asked by the assembled media. And it was.

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