AEW DYNAMITE RESULTS (12/6): Amin’s alt-perspective report including Christian vs. Copeland, Moxley vs. Rush, White vs. Lethal, Swerve vs. Briscoe, Toni Storm vs. Skye Blue, more

By Amin Ajani, PWTorch contributor


DECEMBER 6, 2023

Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Tony Schiavone

—AEW Dynamite opening played. There was a firework display. The camera showed a straight view shot of the crowd from only the first deck. Ric Flair’s sponsor energy drinks were shown on the side boards. They showed the standings in the Continental Classic tournament. Excalibur noted Christian Cage vs. Adam Copeland for the TNT Title will be the main event on Dynamite.

(1) JON MOXLEY (6) vs. RUSH (3) – Continental Classic Tournament match 

Moxley made his entrance through the crowd receiving a great reaction. Moxley and Rush began exchanging strikes. Rush caught Moxley coming off the ropes with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. They showed a replay of Moxley landing on his shoulder. The action moved the floor as Moxley ran Rush into the barricade. They brawled into the crowd but then made their way back ringside. Rush teased going for Bull’s Horn but instead booted Moxley in the face. Rush posed in the middle of the ring. Moxley responded by giving Rush the finger. Rush planted Moxley with a snap powerslam for a two count. Rush taunted the crowd. This led to Moxley catching Rush with a cutter. Moxley delivered a superplex for a two count. Rush caught Moxley charging, sending him crashing with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex into the barricade. [c]

Rush caught Moxley with a DDT as they returned from break. Big chants of “Moxley” from the crowd. Moxley went for a Piledriver but Rush blocked. Rush planted Moxley with a piledriver for a two count. Rush connected with a superplex for a two count. Moxley used Rush’s momentum, sending him to the floor. Moxley connected with a tope to Rush on the floor. Moxley rocked Rush with a running clothesline. Rush responded by rocking Moxley with a rolling forearm. Rush rocked Moxley with a head butt. Rush called for Bull’s Horn but Moxley caught him with a King Kong lariat. Moxley delivered a Paradigm Shift DDT but Rush kicked out at two. Moxley applied a rear-naked choke. Rush passed out.

WINNER: Jon Moxley in 14:40 earned three points in the Continental Classic tournament

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a really good hard hitting back-and-forth match. Moxley and Rush make for the perfect opponents as they both work a hard hitting style match. Another strong win for Moxley who was a strong favourite to win the Continental Tournament once he was announced. I want to mention they are doing a really good job showing the standing right after the match. This helps the audience keep up if they didn’t watch a previous match from the tournament.)

—Rush got up first after the match. Rush began arguing with the referee about the finish.

(Amin’s Thoughts: I didn’t like how that played out. The person who lost via submission hold was the first to get to his feet. This just put more attention back on Rush instead of Moxley who won the actual match.) 

—They aired a highlight package with Jay White speaking about Jay Lethal being one of the greatest when he was just cutting his teeth in ROH. Lethal spoke about needing this victory. White spoke about him being 1-1 in the Continental Classic and against Lethal as well. Lethal says he does his best when he’s backed into a corner. Lethal said he’s going to be the victor. White said he’s going to beat Lethal.

—Renee Paquette stood on the entrance ramp as she called out Roderick Strong and The Kingdom. Strong said MJF was going to put his dagger into his best friend by proxy, Samoa Joe. He spoke about actions having consequences. He said Joe’s going to put his hand on a hot stove and it’s going to burn. Renee questioned if MJF isn’t The Devil? Strong said Renee sounds crazy. He said he’s in a wheelchair because of the decisions he made. He said he will live with the consequences of his decisions until now. He got up from his wheelchair as Mike Bennett and Matt Taven reacted in a complete over-the-top way. He said he won’t suffer consequences from his decisions anymore. They showed the wheelchair off the entrance ramp. He said the wheelchair held him back for far too long. He slammed the mic down.

(Amin’s Thoughts: I thought Strong’s delivery was very good, showing great intensity wanting to make his words feel impactful. The problem is Strong and The Kingdom have been portrayed as mid-card comedy characters for quite some time now. It’s going to be a challenge to present Strong and The Kingdom as a serious heel act.) [c]

—Renee was standing outside MJF’s locker room as she saw “Hangman” Adam Page walking by. Renee asked Hangman how he’s doing and where has he been? He spoke about being hit in the head with a cinderblock and being choked unconscious. He said he couldn’t fly for a few weeks. He spoke about “Swerve” Strickland breaking into his home. He said it took Strickland, Prince Nana and Brian Cage to beat him in a Texas Death Match. He did say Strickland beat him. He spoke about taking something from Strickland and them being bound together. He spoke about Strickland wanting something really bad. (Likely referencing the AEW World Title.) He promised that Strickland won’t get it after what he did to him.

(Amin’s Thoughts: I’m glad they explained Hangman’s absence from AEW TV after Full Gear. Nice to see Hangman mentioning Strickland needing help from both Cage and Prince Nana to win at Full Gear. The interference from Cage did take away from the match. Hangman has such great delivery in his promos. This was good, leaving things open for a Hangman and Strickland rematch.) 

—The crowd cheered as MJF was smiling in Hangman’s direction. MJF congratulated Hangman for his match against Strickland saying “It was so impressive seeing two guys battle it out to see who could get more STDs” Hangman said he doesn’t have 30 minutes to stay here and have MJF talk to him. Hangman said he will let MJF enjoy his interview. Hangman left. MJF said the reason he has to talk for 30 minutes to wake up the crowd after Hangman put the crowd to sleep. Hagman returned and asked if MJF had something he wanted to say to him. MJF spoke about having an incredible reign as AEW World Champion. MJF recalled the last time he and Hangman had an interaction. He said he verbally bent Hangman over the last time they were together in front of Bret Hart at Double or Nothing. Hangman brought up how he won that match. MJF recalled beating Hangman (without mentioning his name) to win his first Dynamite Diamond Ring. Hangman said that loss made him so upset that he went onto winning the AEW World Title.

MJF spoke about Hangman’s World Title reign lasting six months. He mentioned his world title reign is going over a year. Hangman noted MJF will be proud of this reign even when he’s alone inside his home at 70 years old. MJF asked Hangman if wanted to be honest here? MJF claimed Hangman was The Devil. Hangman wondered if MJF thinks he would run around in a party city mask? Hangman called MJF a manipulator. Hangman claimed MJF was The Devil. MJF said he would beat the crap out of Hangman right now. Samoa Joe appeared and got in Hangman’s face. Joe told Hangman he’s MJF’s responsibility. Joe told MJF they have other responsibilities on the show which doesn’t involve Hangman. Joe and MJF left. The camera cut to Hangman who had a serious look.

(Amin’s Thoughts: The interaction between Hangman and MJF was so great that you want to see them have a match for the AEW World Title. The slight problem is MJF is already set to defend the title against Joe. I like the idea of having different challengers wanting to challenge MJF for the AEW World Title. Doing so does take interest in the current PPV they should be focusing on. That was my biggest problem when White was challenging for the title. White felt like a secondary challenger because they were building to much bigger matches with MJF. Joe has such an incredible presence and knows how to present himself like a serious challenger that you still want to see the match with MJF.)

(2) “SWERVE” STRICKLAND (6) vs. MARK BRISCOE (0) – Continental Classic Tournament match 

Strickland’s music played. Prince Nana stood on the entrance with Brian Cage. Prince Nana did his signature dance. Strickland just walked by them looking like a star. Briscoe and Strickland began with some chain wrestling. Briscoe took control rocking Strickland with a big boot. Strickland battled back, planting Briscoe with a neck breaker for a two count. Briscoe used Strickland’s momentum, sending him to the floor. Strickland caught Briscoe charging, launching over the barricade. Strickland stood on the barricade planting Briscoe with a suplex onto the floor. [c]

Strickland planted Briscoe with a draping neck breaker against the ropes as they returned from break. Briscoe battled back, rocking Strickland with a throat thrust. Briscoe planted Strickland with a fisherman’s buster for a two count. Strickland stopped Briscoe’s momentum, sending him into the turnbuckle. Strickland planted Brisoce with a German suplex. Strickland followed with a rolling flatliner. Strickland connected with a roundhouse kick for a two count. Briscoe stopped Strickland from climbing the ropes. Briscoe connected with a slingshot senton to the floor. Briscoe rocked Strickland with a running lariat for a two count. Briscoe called for the Jay Driller but Strickland broke free.

Brisoce went for a sunset flip. Strickland rolled through into House Call. Strickland went for a 450 splash but Briscoe got his knees up. Briscoe applied an inside cradle for a close two count. Briscoe planted Strickland with a rolling fireman’s carry. Briscoe called for Froggy Bow but Strickland got his knees up. The crowd chanted “This Is Awesome!” Strickland stopped Briscoe’s momentum hitting a Death Valley Driver onto the ring apron. Strickland rolled Briscoe into the ring. Strickland connected with Swerve Stomp for the win.

WINNER: Swerve Strickland in 15:55 earned three points in the Continental Classic.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was really good as both Briscoe and Strickland worked a great back-and-forth action packed match. Briscoe not having any wins in the tournament is a bit of a bummer because he’s been having some great matches. Strickland has so much momentum with him right now so it was good to see him get another strong win. I’m curious to see if Hangman’s promo plays a part that leads to Strickland not winning the tournament. That way you could possibly do a double turn? Strickland and Prince Nana going babyface and Hangman going heel.) 

—Renee interviewed Mariah May backstage. Renee asked May about her meeting with Tony Khan? She spoke about Tony Khan loving her and Japanese wrestling. She spoke about them planning her debut as good as it could be. She spoke about bringing glamour to AEW. Renee asked May who her first opponent might be? She said it was none of Renee’s business. She said this was all about “Timeless” Toni Storm’s first defence as AEW Women’s World Champion. She spoke about Ben Mankiewicz being there as well. Renee wished May good luck.

—Samoa Joe came out to a huge reaction for his scheduled tag team match with MJF. The lights in the arena began flickering. The Devil’s goons surrounded the ring. The lights went out. The Devil appeared on the screen. The camera cut backstage with MJF laid out. There were pieces of a broken bottle around MJF. The crowd booed. Joe ran backstage as they went to commercial break. No match.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was just an angle to progress The Devil storyline. They likely did this angle because MJF is still recovering from his injuries. The only problem is why plug the match for a week if you aren’t going to do it? WWE used to do the same by advertising matches but then it doesn’t happen. WWE has much recently done a better job with matches that are advertised taking place since Triple H took over booking.) [c] 

—They showed a recap of MJF being laid out backstage. Excalibur on commentary spoke about Hangman’s conspiracy theories floating around. Taz mentioned they didn’t see who attacked MJF.

—Moxley was backstage speaking about being humble before God and his mother. He said he knows exactly who he is and what he’s capable of. He spoke about being 3-0 and expects to be 5-0. He said he expects to win the Continental Classic. He said he’s the ace of the world. Strickland appeared with Prince Nana. He spoke about him and Moxley being undefeated. He said Moxley will need more than just some kick pads to stop his momentum. He said he’s going to do whatever it takes to win. Moxley said “Me too.” Prince Nana told Moxley “See you in Texas.” Strickland blew Moxley a kiss.

(Amin’s Thoughts: Strickland is just showing so much confidence in everything he’s doing right now. Moxley and Strickland does feel like the first big match in the Continental Classic with two wrestlers who could actually win the tournament. This could be the first match in the tournament that could end in a draw.) 

—Ben Mankiewicz appeared on the screen. He spoke about a performer coming along that is defined to be human. He said never before has an artist encapsulated the trials and tribulations of a woman in professional wrestling. He spoke about tonight might be her greatest role of all. He introduced AEW Women’s World Champion “Timeless” Toni Storm.

(Amin’s Thoughts: They did a good job here presenting Storm as the biggest star in the AEW Women’s division.)

(3) “TIMELESS” TONI STORM (w/Luther & Mariah May) vs. SKYE BLUE – AEW Women’s World Title match 

Blue went for a dive but Storm caught her with a right hand. Luther placed Storm on her shoulders. Storm grabbed Blue by her hair and yanked her to the floor. Storm rocked Blue with a running hip attack into the barricade. [c]

Blue caught Storm with a dropkick as they returned from break. Blue made a comeback delivering a flying crossbody to Storm for a two count. Storm responded by planting Blue with a German suplex. Blue moved as Storm charged into the turnbuckle. Blue rocked Storm with a running hip attack. Blue rocked Storm with a running boot. Blue delivered Code Blue but Storm kicked out at two.

Storm stopped Blue from climbing the ropes. Storm planted Blue with a superplex. The screen turned black and white. Storm rocked Blue with a running hip attack. Storm called for Storm Zero. Blue countered into a jackknife cover. Storm reversed into a sunset flip. The referee counted the pin fall even though Blue’s shoulders didn’t look like they were fully on the mat.

WINNER: “Timeless” Toni Storm in 9:30 to retain the AEW Women’s World Title

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a good match. I thought Blue looked really good here having one of her more stronger matches. Not really sure what happened with the finish as Blue’s shoulders weren’t fully on the mat. Storm’s character work has just been stellar and this wasn’t the match for her to drop the title. The backstage interview with Renee leads you to think that Storm was the challenger May was speaking about.) 

—The screen went black and white. Storm celebrated with the AEW Women’s World Title. May wasn’t ringside for Storm’s celebration. The music played as Riho returned. Storm went for a cheap shot but Riho caught her with a dropkick. Riho went for a dive. Luther pulled Storm out of the ring. Luther carried Storm on her shoulders to the back.

(Amin’s Thoughts: Storm needs challengers before eventually facing May. Riho who’s a former champion is a good challenger for Storm to have.)

—They aired a highlight package with Adam Copeland and Christian Cage speaking about their history. Cage claimed Copeland wanted to steal his spotlight and was holding him back in his career. Copeland spoke about Cage threatening his family. Copeland spoke about taking away the TNT Title which means the most to Cage. Cage said he has nothing to prove to Copeland and that he’s the face of AEW. Copeland noted Montreal has seen some fights before. Copeland said they haven’t seen a fight like this.

(4) JAY WHITE (3) vs. JAY LETHAL (0) – Continental Classic Tournament match 

Lethal and White began with some chain wrestling. White took early control, rocking Lethal with chops. Lethal responded by catching White with a rollup for a near fall. Lethal connected with a basement dropkick. Lethal and White both raked each other in the eyes. White took control catching Lethal with a pair of Dragon Screws. White planted Lethal with a DDT for a two count. [c]

Lethal caught White with the Lethal Combination as they returned from break. Lethal connected with a tope to White on the floor. Lethal planted White with a rolling fireman’s carry. Lethal delivered the Macho Man Elbow landing right onto White’s face for a two count. White responded by catching Lethal with a knee breaker. White delivered a headlock suplex sending Lethal crashing into the turnbuckle. White planted Lethal with a brainbuster for a two count.

Lethal and White exchanged chops. White caught Lethal with a Sleeper Suplex. White called for Bladerunner but Lethal escaped. Lethal went for Lethal Injection but White blocked. White went for Bladerunner. Lethal countered into a rollup for a near fall. Lethal went for Lethal Injection but White caught him with a chop block. White called for Bladerunner. Lethal countered into a rollup. White reversed into a rollup for the win.

WINNER: Jay White in 11:25 earned three points in the Continental Classic

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a good match. This was also the weakest of the three tournament matches on the show. That’s mostly because the outcome of the match was never in question. Lethal was placed in this tournament to take a bunch of L’s and make his opponents look good. A good showing from White who still has a chance to make the finals of the tournament.) 

—Excalibur hyped all the upcoming AEW matches on Dynamite, Rampage and Collision. [c]


Copeland came out to a big reaction and firework display. Cage came out receiving huge boos from the crowd. Justin Roberts did the ring introductions. The crowd began singing “OLE.” Copeland slapped Cage across the face. Copeland went for a sleeper hold but Cage placed his foot on the ropes. Copeland delivered a running tackle sending Cage crashing into the barricade. Copeland slammed Cage onto the announcers table. Cage goes for a low blow but Copeland sees it coming. Copeland stomped on Cage’s hand. Copeland launched Cage into the barricade. Cage responded by running Copeland into the ring post. [c]

Cage raked Copeland in the face as they returned from break. Cage went for corner punches. Copeland responded by biting Cage’s arm. Copeland delivered an avalanche leg sweep for a double down. Copeland connected with a flying clothesline planting Cage onto the ring apron. Cage responded using a drop toe hold sending Copeland into the ring steps. Cage connected with a frog splash for a two count. Cage called for a spear but Copeland caught him with an Impaler DDT for a two count. Copeland went to climb the ropes. Cage draped Copeland on the ropes. Cage went for a superplex but Copeland grabbed onto his arm. Copeland planted Cage with a running powerbomb for a two count. Cage went for Killswitch but Copeland blocked. Copeland applied a rollup for near fall. Cage went for the Killswitch. Copeland reversed into a reverse drop for a two count. Copeland applied a crossface but Cage placed his foot on the ropes. The crowd chanted “This Is Awesome!”

The crowd cheered as Copeland called for the spear. Cage leapfrogged over Copeland in a neat spot. Cage delivered a Killswitch but Copeland kicked out at two. Copeland moved as Cage bumped into the referee. Cage gave the referee a low blow. Cage grabbed the TNT Title. Copeland avoided a belt attack. Cage and Copeland delivered spears at the same time. Shayna Wayne made her way ringside. Wayne grabbed the TNT Title. Wayne attacked Copeland with the TNT Title. The crowd booed as Wayne left the ring. Cage delivered the Killswitch. Cage stomped on Copeland’s neck onto the TNT Title. Cage covered Copeland for the win.

WINNER: Christian Cage in 18:00 to retain the TNT Title

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a very good match with lots of good action. People will have mixed reactions regarding the finish of the match. I actually didn’t mind the finish with Shayna Wayne getting involved. The story they are telling is Shayna costing Copeland the match after he gave Nick Wayne a Con-Chair-To. I wonder if they are writing Copeland off TV for a little while after Cage stomped on his neck for the finish. This way they don’t have to rush right into a Cage and Copeland rematch.)

OVERALL THOUGHTS: People will have mixed reactions about Shayne Wayne playing apart in the first Cage and Copeland match on AEW TV. I didn’t mind the finish because it keeps the program going. It’s also very interesting they are building up so many challengers for MJF who already has a title match with Joe at the next PPV. They are really pushing The Devil storyline as it feels like a big part of the show. It’s going to be curious to see how the fans react once The Devil reveal happens. The strong point on the show was the wrestling matches. They are doing a good job making the Continental Classic tournament feel important. The tournament matches are getting a good amount of time on the show. Overall, a pretty solid episode of Dynamite.

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