10 YRS AGO – TNA Impact Wrestling TV Report (12/22/2013): Kurt Angle vs. Magnus (Nick Aldis) in Last Man Standing match, Jeff Hardy vs. Bobbty Roode, plus EC3, James Storm, Gail Kim, more

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Kurt Angle undergoes knee surgery
Kurt Angle (art credit Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


The following report originally published 10 years ago this week here at PWTorch.com…

TNA Impact Results
December 5, 2013
Taped 11/22 in Orlando, Fla.
Episode #49 of 2013
Aired on Spike TV
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

This week’s Impact opened with Mike Tenay hyping Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle vs. Magnus in the Final Four of the TNA Title tournament.

Out first was Kurt Angle, who came to the ring waving to the crowd. Angle grabbed the mic and noted last week was Thanksgiving. Angle gave a speech about what he’s thankful for, noting he’s still questing for the TNA Hall of Fame. Therefore, he must win the TNA Title tournament. Angle then called out his semi-final opponent, Magnus.

Magnus came out to the ring as TNA replayed events last week when Magnus left Angle out in the ring during the four-on-four Survivor Series match last week. In the ring, Angle asked Magnus about leaving him high & dry. Magnus opened his reply by saying he has more respect for Angle than anyone else. He said he went through a war of his own fighting Samoa Joe in the First Round, but he still decided to fight with Angle last week. But, his knee kept buckling. He said he had to make a decision in the heat of the moment.

Angle replied that champions fight hurt. Angle said his knee is injured, so his question to Magnus is whether he really has the heart of a champion. The handful of engaged audience members shouted, “Noooo.” Magnus replied that he is hungry to be World champion for the very first time and he will go through Angle and anyone else. Magnus vowed to prove it tonight. Angle said they’re friends, but Magnus is in the way of his destiny.

Suddenly, Bobby Roode’s music interrupted. Roode slowly walked out on-stage dressed to wrestle. Roode said he gets it. “Heart of a champion” and “hungry to be World champion” are things he knows about. Roode said he has the difference-maker – “killer instinct.” He added that Magnus will never be a World champion.

Jeff Hardy interrupted and came to the ring with possession of a table. After waking up the crowd, Hardy vowed to put Roode through a table to advance in the tournament.

[Commercial Break at 9:10]


1 — JEFF HARDY vs. BOBBY ROODE — TNA Title tournament semi-final match — Tables match

Returning from break, the bell sounded with the crowd full-voice in a “Hardy, Hardy” chant. Hardy tried to involve a table early on, but Roode dropkicked the table right into Hardy’s face. Roode and Hardy then battled on the ring apron, where Hardy leaned back and kicked Roode in the face, sending both men flying off the ring apron and right through a table. It was simultaneous, upon reply, and ref Brian Hebner threw his hands in the air, unsure who the winner is. There was no bell, so apparently the match will continue on the other side of the break…

[Commercial Break at 9:20]

Back from break, Roode was dragging Hardy around ringside by the hair. So, the decision during the break was to continue the match. During the break, all of the refs showed up to decide that the match must continue. Back to real-time, Tenay hyped the “Final Resolution” Impact in two weeks when they determine the TNA Title tournament winner.

Now in the ring, Roode tried to put Hardy through a table, but Hardy hit Twist of Fate. Roode fell backward onto the table, so Hardy climbed up top for Swanton, but Roode rolled off the table just in time. So, Hardy hit the Swanton Bomb anyways. Roode came back by crotching Hardy in the corner. Then, Roode, tried to suplex Hardy over the top rope through a table on the floor, but Hardy blocked, the leg-whipped Roode off the ring apron and through the table on the floor. Hardy gets the win.

WINNER: Hardy at 13:50. Fine two-segment match to get Hardy to the finals.

Backstage: Ethan Carter III’s lips were chapped. So, he required a touch-up at the make-up chair. ECIII said he’s making history by challenging a legend, a first-ballot Hall of Famer who has been in the ring with Legends.

[Q3] [Commercial Break at 9:30]

Dixie’s Office: Earlier this week, Dixie Carter excitedly talked about receiving a FedEx package from A.J. Styles containing *her* TNA Title belt.

In-ring: The lights went out, which meant Ethan Carter III’s arrival for ring action. In the ring, ECIII said he wants to face a man who has been in the ring with the likes of Andre the Giant and Bret Hart. His hand-picked opponent tonight is… Earl Hebner. Earl acted stunned. He said he is a referee, not a rassler. He said this is not happening tonight. “Talking is not his strong suit,” Taz said on commentary. ECIII said Hebner is right that he represents the lower 99 percent. But, he’s a one-percenter and nephew of the owner of this company.

Rockstar Spud then showed up on-stage and demanded that Earl’s son, Brian Hebner, enter the ring and referee this match right now. Spud sent Brian into the ring, then kept talking. Once everyone was in the ring, ECIII said Earl will lay down, he will cover him, and Earl’s disappointing son will count one, two, three. Earl did a long, drawn-out reaction of being conflicted over this. He eventually went down to the mat…


Earl went on his back, ECIII put a finger on Earl, and Brian sold conflict. Rockstar Spud screamed from ringside to count the fall, ECIII continued say, “Brian, Brian, Brian,” and Brian Hebner eventually counted a three count for ECIII. Brian was then instructed to roll Earl out of the ring before raising Carter’s hand in victory.

WINNER: ECIII at 0:47. TNA’s roster is so thin that they’re resorting to referees to stretch out match segments.

Backstage: Christopher Daniels and Kazarian gloated about having pictures related to the Joseph Park/Abyss situation.

[Q4] [Commercial Break]

Earlier This Week: Christy Hemme and Sam Shaw went on a date at a restaurant. Christy left to use the restroom while Shaw signed the bill. And turned creepy. Shaw then yelled at the server for looking at “his girl” the wrong way. Sam calmed down and sent him on his way. Shaw calmed down as Christy returned.

Video Package: The Friends of A.J. Styles have embarrassed Dixie Carter by buying airtime on her show. Backstage: Dixie flipped out on her phone talking to someone about the ads continuing to air.

Backstage: Bobby Roode flipped out about not making the finals of the TNA Title tournament. Roode said he should be in the tournament finals.

Parking Garage: Sting was shown arriving at the building looking serious and with something on his mind. Tenay said they haven’t seen Sting in over a month; what does he have to say?

[Commercial Break at 9:55]

Backstage: Dixie Carter held a talent meeting. Dixie said she’s about to reveal one of her great ideas. She pulled back the curtain to reveal four briefcases for Feast or Fired on next week’s Impact. One briefcase for a World Title, Tag Title, or X Title shot, plus the pink slip. Dixie said it’s tough luck for one of them, but “give me a great match” and have fun next week.

Bad Influence Expose

[Q5 — second hour] At the top of the hour, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian danced to the ring with a manila folder in-hand. Daniels said he’s heard some negative feedback about how they handled Joseph Park two weeks ago, but he’s ready to share the truth about Park right here, right now.

Before Park could be exposed, Park’s music played to bring him out to the ring. Park spoke in a normal tone and voice that they just need to stop with this. He said they win. “Maybe Joseph Park should have never been in Impact Wrestling,” he said. Park said maybe he is what he always was – an attorney. Kazarian interrupted, saying that’s pretty funny. Park ripped away the manila folder, then ripped up the contents. Kaz told “fatty” that it doesn’t matter because he gave the contents to his friend backstage.

On the video screen, Daniels and Kaz were shown in a pre-tape “from Chicago.” Kaz said they’re at the Law Offices of Park, Park, and Park. The duo walked down the hallway of the building and approached the secretary. They barged into Park’s claimed office, which was dark. Then, they walked in another room, which was also empty. Back to the secretary, who said the former tenant moved out a month ago. The lady said she will look up the proper tenant. She said Park, Park, and Park was here, but it closed 13 years ago. Back in the Impact Zone, Park hung his head in shame. Back to the video, Daniels confirmed they closed.

Back in the Impact Zone, Daniels said they found out that Park, Park, and Park closed 13 years ago, so what he has been doing for the past 13 years? Park held his head in shame, then adjusted his glasses. Park said he would like to ask them as human beings to please leave him alone. Park tried to leave the ring, but Kaz said they want answers. Kaz then spit in Park’s face and said they can call him a liar. Kaz and Daniels beat down Park as Taz noted something is not right about this.

Suddenly, Eric Young hit the ring to run off Kaz and Daniels. Taz continued to ask questions – why would Park lie about this for months? EY then took the mic and said everyone is tired of this. He gave them a word of advice that if they keep knocking, Abyss is going to answer. EY then booked Bad Influence against Park & EY on Impact next week. Park wasn’t on-board with this. But, Kaz and Daniels were all-in.

Backstage: Sting showed up to pep-talk Magnus. Sting unconvincingly said he’s proud of who Magnus has become. Magnus said the Mafia might be on the shelf, but he feels their support. Sting brought up the “entitlement thing,” saying people thought he was talking about him. Magnus asked if he was, which Sting ignored before telling him to tear it up with Angle in the tournament match tonight. Sting said under his breath he wishes he were in the match, but good luck with Kurt in the match.

[Commercial Break at 10:10]

Backstage: Rockstar Spud got a delivery from someone. The guy continued to stand there, so Spud told him to go away. He over-acted: “Okaay,” and left. Rockstar muttered about not getting good help, then identified the delivery as A.J. Styles’s title belt. Supposedly.

[Q6] In-ring: Zema Ion was ringside to DJ the Tag champs, Bro-Mans, to the ring. Former TNA tag champs Gunner and James Storm were introduced as their opposition.

3 — TNA tag champs BRO-MANS (ROBBIE E. & JESSIE) vs. JAMES STORM & GUNNER — non-title match

Storm took control early on with a flurry of offense, but Gunner lost control of the match, drawing plenty of horn sounds from DJ Zema ringside. Gunner came back with a fallaway slam on Jessie to break free and tag in Storm. Storm cleaned house, then chaos broke out. Horns sounded. Beer got spit. Gunner lot control as Storm had the fall. Storm tried to calm down Gunner, who flipped out after getting beer spit in his face, and the ref called for the bell, DQ’ing GunStorm. Afterward, Storm questioned Gunner for losing the match for them, continuing to play up issues between the duo.

WINNERS: Bro-Mans via DQ at 4:15.

Backstage: Sting tried to knock on Kurt Angle’s door, but Rockstar Spud interrupted. Rockstar asked what Sting’s business is with Angle, prompting a conversation about Spud acting like he doesn’t know who Sting is. Rockstar then told Sting that Dixie Carter would kindly like Sting to leave and not talk to Kurt. Sting mockingly told Spud that if Dixie Carter doesn’t want him to talk to Angle, then she can come tell him to his face. Spud suddenly got buzzed in his ear that the delivery is here. Spud told Sting not talk to Angle, then left.

Up Next: Gail Kim’s latest Open Challenge.

[Commercial Break at 10:24]

Earlier This Week: Chris Sabin talked to himself while Velvet Sky stood in the background. Sabin said “you gave me hope” after he hit rock-bottom. Velvet thought Sabin was talking about her. Sabin vowed to defeat Austin Aries next week when he defends the X Division Title. Sabin then pulled out the X Title belt and asked how “they” look. Velvet thought he was talking about her.

In-ring: Knockouts champion Gail Kim was introduced to the ring for her next Open Challenge match. Out came a challenger identified as Laura Dennis.


3 — KO champion GAIL KIM (w/Lei’D Tapa) vs. LAURA DENNIS — non-title match

Gail dominated early on, toying with her challenger this week. Gail took her time, but the taunting gave Laura an opening to make a comeback. It was short-lived, as Gail quickly re-asserted herself, then hit Eat Defeat for the win.

Post-match, Lei’D helped Gail get in a bonus attack. Lei’D tried to add another post-match move, but ODB hit the ring to run off Lei’D and Gail. ODB stood tall in the ring as the heels backed away up the ramp to the back.

WINNER: Gail at 3:05.

Up Next: Angle vs. Magnus in the tournament semi-finals.

[Commercial Break at 10:36]

Final Resolution: Who will be Dixie’s TNA champion? Find out in two weeks.

Dixie’s Office: Dixie Carter squealed into the phone about her package. Rockstar had it on the way to Dixie, who excitedly said she can’t wait.

In-ring: Magnus was introduced for the main event tournament match. Kurt Angle then came out challenge his former Mafia cohort.

4 — KURT ANGLE vs. MAGNUS — TNA Title tournament semi-final match — Last Man Standing match

Angle and Magnus traded wrestling holds early on, setting a tone that they were fighting clean and fair.

[Q8] Double-knockdown put both men down on the mat. Ref Brian Hebner administered a ten count, but both men made it to their feet half-way through. Angle and Magnus traded bombs from a standing position leading to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:46]

Impact returned with 10 minutes left before the top of the hour. On commentary, Taz read a text from Rockstar Spud that Dixie Carter will display the TNA Title belt received from A.J. Styles after this match. Back in the ring, Angle snapped off a series of German Suplexes, then Angle and Magnus spilled to the outside. Angle sold the recurring neck injury, but still tried to German Suplex Magnus on the floor, but Magnus blocked and elbowed Angle down to the floor. Magnus then came off the ring apron with a flying elbow to the stomach. Tenay noted Magnus didn’t seem to have a knee injury executing the same move this week.

Back in the ring at 12:00, Magnus climbed to to the top, but Angle quickly recovered and suplexed Magnus off the top rope. Angle was the first man to his feet and decided to climb up-top, where Angle airballed a big moonsault. Magnus then climbed to the top and delivered a top-rope elbow drop to the heart. The ref began a ten count on Angle, but Angle beat the count.

The ref was bumped in the corner moments later, then Angle hit the Angle Slam on Magnus. But, the ref was down, so Bobby Roode entered the ring, jumped Angle, slammed him, and left the ring. Roode woke up the ref, who didn’t see any issue with Roode’s presence ringside. The ref woke up and began a ten count on both men. Magnus was up at seven, Angle fell down, and Magnus scored the victory.

WINNER: Magnus at 15:26 to advance to the Finals. Fine, but it’s one cliche after another with the ref bump in the main event.

Post-match: Roode stormed the ring and attacked Angle. But, Jeff Hardy’s music interrupted. Hardy stormed the ring to tee off on Roode, sending him out of the ring to avoid Hardy’s uprising. Hardy and Magnus then came face-to-face to set up their Tournament Finals match in two weeks.

Backstage: Dixie Carter excitedly talked about Hardy and Magnus in the finals. She then surveyed the FedEx package. Dixie told Rockstar that she knew A.J. Styles would cave and send the belt back. Rockstar opened the package, which contained a toy belt. “What is this?!” Dixie shrieked. Rockstar tried to calm down Dixie, who freaked out and said A.J. is not going to get away with this. “Ahhhhhh!” Dixie shouted as Impact signed off. But not before a final message from the Friends of A.J.

Video: A.J. Styles spoke into the camera that Dixie got her title – a paper title for her paper champion. Styles told Dixie that if she wants the real title belt, she’ll have to come down to the “trailer park” in Georgia to get the belt. A.J. warned Dixie that she’s not liked, though. And Impact signed off.

FINAL THOUGHTS: One of those Impacts from Universal Studios that just didn’t come together trying to splice together a bunch of in-ring, out-of-the-ring, and pre-taped segments. Dixie Carter continuing to be cast as the central figure of the show has not been a winning formula, while the remaining wrestlers on the roster continue to be secondary and just taking up space trying to get two hours of programming on the air. Some content is better than others, but it’s just not coming together.

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