NXT TV RESULTS (12/12): Hazelwood’s live report on Davenport/Williams ISC wins follow-up, Meta-Four vs. Briggs/Jensen/Henley, Thorpe vs. Dijak, (Cora) Jade’s return, more



DECEMBER 12, 2023

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): Kelly Kincaid



-The show began with Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams walking in from the parking lot with a bunch of flashing lights from photogs and some reporters putting out their phones. As Williams spoke to them, Hayes went inside with a smile on his face. No parking lot attack!

-They played a Deadl1ne recap video, including C.M. Punk’s appearance. Apparently, he’s backstage at NXT tonight as well. The winners were Dragon Lee (c), Kiana James, Ilja Dragunov, Hayes, Blair Davenport, and Williams. Cora Jade returned.

-The show kicked off proper with a cameraperson heading to the back with Hayes holding his knee in an apparent attack. Hayes and Williams were both wearing red, so is it a red herring?


Jade was in the ring and said it was a long and difficult four months, not for her, but for the fans. She said the fog finally lifted and she knows how hard it was for all of the fans with her being gone so long, kissing her 8x10s. She said it’s fine, she’s back now. She said fans were tweeting her every episode to come back and even though they didn’t love her then, they love her now. She said no matter how deep the women’s roster, everything is better when she’s around. She said she’ll give the women in the Iron Survivor Challenge their flowers, but at the end of the day, no one was talking about them, but the return of Jade. Lyra Valkyria’s music interrupted.

She welcomed back Jade and said she couldn’t help but notice that Jade left out one key detail: that she jumped Valkyria from behind. She said it’s crazy that Jade’s been away for four months and nothing has changed. She said Jade’s still going to try and take shortcuts like she always has. Jade asked if she ruffled feathers. Valkyria said Jade may not have changed over the past four months, but she has as the new Women’s NXT Champion. The crowd cheered respectfully. She said she doesn’t care- and Davenport interrupted.

Davenport Valkyria might be at the top right now, but she overcame four of the best women in NXT and Jade isn’t one of them. She entered the ring to join the other two and said Valkyria needs to be focused on her because at New Year’s Evil, Davenport will become the champion she was destined to be. Valkyria said there’s no way in hell Davenport will take the title from her. She said she’s surprised the other two aren’t best friends because of their penchant to jump people from behind. Suddenly, Nikkita Lyons entered. As soon as she hit the ring, Davenport punched her, but then had to sell for those weak strikes. The faces – since I guess Lyons is a face – cleared the ring.

-Vic Joseph and Booker T then threw to a video package of Meta-Four confronting Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, and Fallon Henley, setting up their match tonight. Meta-Four then made their entrance. [c]

-They returned with Kelly Kincaid in the back with Lee, the new North American Champion. She congratulated him and asked if it has sunk in yet. He said it was a dream come true and to be backed by the greatest luchador of all time while he won his first title in WWE was incredible. He recognized Wes Lee and wished him a speedy recovery. Lee said he’s going to defend the title as much as possible, like the other Lee. She asked about the first challenger. He said he’ll be in the ring and they’ll find out.

-Briggs, Jensen, and Henley made their entrance.

(1) META-FOUR (Noam Dar & Oro Mensah & Lash Legend w/Jakara Jackson) vs. JOSH BRIGGS & BROOKS JENSEN & FALLON HENLEY – Six-person mixed tag team match

The heels attacked before the bell, but the ref inexplicably called for the bell when it was only Legend and Henley in the ring. Legend quickly took over, but ate a boot from Henley. Henley yelled and mushed Legend, then jumped on her back. Legend rammed her into the corner, but Henley jumped back on as Joseph said the four women in the opening segment will face each other in a tag team match. Henley then slapped the chest of Legend only for Legend to hit a big forearm. Henley went for a sunset flip, but Legend balanced and popped Henley up. Henley kicked out the knee and hit a kick to the back of the head, then was thrown off on a wheelbarrow attempt. Jensen tagged in, forcing in Mensah.

Mensah missed a Superman punch comically, then Jensen took over with corner work and a big hip toss. Mensah kicked the knee and used his own corner work to take over. They showed Tiffany Stratton watching from the locker room as her rivalry with Henley continues. Jensen hit a running face slam and Briggs tagged in, taking out Dar. The two then set the heels up for their sliding right hands. Back in the ring, Legend lifted Henley and then tossed her outside onto Briggs and Jensen. [c]

Mensah was in control as they returned. Jensen was able to send Mensah outside, but Mensah cut him off the other way. Jensen leaped over a leg sweep, but landed awkwardly and then had his leg kicked out. Dar tagged in and they hit double forearms. Dar kept Jensen grounded with a modified rear chin lock and then a sharp elbow to the head, then another. He applied a front face lock and drove him into the ropes near their corner. He reapplied the rear chin lock. A graphic said the Men’s Breakout Tournament begins next. Dar hit a leg kick and a European uppercut, but Jensen fought back with a counter elbow and big lariat. Dar grabbed the legs, then ducked under the enziguri, turning into kind of a dragon screw, and put on the ankle lock. Jensen finally fought int out and tagged in Briggs, but Jackson had the ref distracted. so the ref called off Briggs. Dar hit a series of big moves, but Henley broke up the pin. Legend lifted her into a powerbomb, but both went over the top. Stratton then came out, drawing Henley to the back. Back in the ring, Jensen tried an inside cradle for a two-count. He ate a Novaroller, but right into a Briggs tag. He came in hot and took it to Dar, then Mensah. Briggs called for the Clothesline from Hell and hit it for the win.

WINNER: Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen & Fallon Henley at 11:02 (Clothesline from Hell)

-They cut to the back where Hayes was having his knee looked at by the doc and he was medically cleared. Williams said he’s good for Friday and asked if he knew who attacked him. Hayes said no, but he has an idea. Williams said not here, but he’ll tell him later. They each said they’ll handle their own business. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: I thought with what happened Saturday, they would have Jensen cost them the match and eat the pin, but that didn’t happen obviously. It was a decent match, nothing spectacular, and it’s always hard to be overly enthusiastic about a match where half of it was during commercials. I think Briggs has been using the Clothesline from Hell since JBL chose him for the qualifying match, and it’s another nod not only to the veteran, but to what most of us think is a singles run coming.)

-They returned with snapshots from Deadl1ne.

-They had all eight men in the tournament on the ramp and introduced them one by one. Trey Bearhill from the University of Tulsa; Dion Lennox from Oregon State University; Luca Crusifino from Duquesne University; Tavion Heights from I didn’t catch the university; Keanu Carver from Temple University; Riley Osborne from CHASE U; Myles Borne from Appalachian State College; and Oba Femi from the University of Alabama. Lexis King suddenly appeared and attacked Bearhill from behind with a chair.

(2) OBA FEMI vs. MYLES BORNE – Men’s Breakout Tournament first round match

Borne and Femi began with Femi using his strength to gain the advantage, but the Borne using his technical acumen to gain a bit. Born hit a nice dropkick, but Femi hit some big strikes. Born then countered Femi in the corner and hit some corner kicks. The crowd chanted for Femi briefly, but a drop toehold took him down. Borne then hit a leaping double stomp to the back for a two-count. “Let’s go Oba!” rung out. He hit some big body shots, countered a whip, caught Borne on his shoulders, then hit a big lariat after Borne slipped out. Femi blocked and hit his own strikes, then lifted Borne into a belly-to-back only to launch him forward. He hit a running uppercut into the corner, but then Borne hit a snap powerslam for a two-count. Femi rolled outside and then tripped Borne on the apron. Back in the ring, he lifted and launched Borne again and then hit a pop-up falling powerbomb for the win.

WINNER: Oba Femi at 3:35 (pop-up falling powerbomb) to advance in the Men’s Breakout Tournament

-They showed Valkyria warming up in the locker room as Lyons appeared and asked if she was ready. Valkyria called Jade “NXT’s biggest pain in the ass.” Valkyria said she’s not going to let Jade’s return to poison NXT. Lyons said as bad as Valkyria wants Jade, Lyons wants Davenport just as bad. Valkyria opened her locker door to see that Tatum Paxley had put her face over Becky Lynch’s in the photo of the two.

-Lee made his way. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: If it was about who’s most ready now, Borne would have won. However, the one with the star, dare I say “breakout” potential, is Femi. Yes, he’s green, but he showed charisma and some intense, impressive power offense. He was my pick before the field was announced and I’m sticking with him.)

-They returned with Kincaid in the back with a furious Stratton. Stratton said she needs to vent. She called Henley a piece of trash and blamed her for not winning on Saturday. She mocked Henley for calling herself the top shelf “when she can’t even afford to drink from the top shelf like me.” She ended her venting and said now Kincaid could talk, then promptly walked away.

-Lee made his entrance. The person to answer the challenge was R-Truth! Just joking. I wish though. It was actually Tyler Bate.

(3) DRAGON LEE (c) vs. TYLER BATE – North American Championship open challenge

They shook hands to begin the match. This might be a pain in the ass to cover. Bate and Lee exchanged some quick holds and counters, a leap frog into an airplane spin and side headlock takedown by Bate to ground things. Back on their feet, they both went for kicks, had them caught, then both went for dropkicks. Bate took the left arm, then used his unique offensive style to wrestle circles around Lee into a schoolboy for a two-count. Lee and Bate took turns cartwheeling out of ranas and then leaping at the same time to avoid a possible leg sweep. A simultaneous lariat sent the match to break. [c]

Lee worked Bate in a corner as they returned. He sent Bate across, but Bate hit a knee and then his second rope uppercut followed by a dropkick to send Lee outside. Bate leaped over the top with a tope, clearing them and landing on Lee. Back in the ring, Bate hit a big exploder and kipped up. He hit his running shooting star for a two-count. Bate lifted Lee for an airplane spin, but Lee fought out and then kicked Bate in the corner as the latter tried to rise up. He then hit another thrust kick to send Bate outside and then went through the middle rope with a tope. Lee tripped Bate in the corner and leaped in with a kick. He then set and ran across the ring for a big dropkick, a two-count.


Lee ran at Bate, but was caught into an airplane spin. Bate slowed down, but then kept going into a Cradle Shock for a two-count. Bate punched away at Lee, but then Lee hit a big kick. Bate then ran off the ropes only to be hit a snap German, but he used that to hit his rebound lariat for a two-count (Lee has taken a lot of two-counts in this match). Bate climbed for a moonsault or phoenix splash, but Lee struck him and hung him up for a mushroom stomp, which he hit. He then set for his finisher, but Bate flipped out into a Tyler Driver 97 that was turned into a rana pin for a two-count. Bate tried his rebound lariat again, but Lee ducked and then hit his new finisher that I think Joseph called Operation Dragon, the running inverted shiranui as I’ve been calling the move. Lee helped Bate to his feet and they hugged after the match.

WINNER: Dragon Lee at 10:53 (Operation Dragon) to retain the North American Championship

-They showed Jensen and Briggs in the back as Jensen said Briggs turned a loss into a win. Henley came in and apologized for running out and said, “Yeah no, SHE’S garbage.” Briggs said after his win, he’s in line for the Heritage Cup. Jensen said that’s not really Briggs’ style, more of a knockout guy. Briggs said if he just knocks him out it’s fine and he needs to start thinking outside of the box to keep his momentum going. Jensen relented and then they all agreed to back Briggs.

-Dijak made his entrance. Question: how does one deliver hard justice if said one never wins any big matches or feuds? Dijak faces Eddy Thorpe next. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Easily match of the night of the three thus far. As much as we complained, I want them to go back to having only commercials during entrances so that we get the full match. I hate having my match viewing truncated by commercials.)

-They returned with Lexis King outside of Shawn Michaels’ office with a frustrated Ava. he was happy about what he did. She said Michaels was pissed and he shouldn’t go in there and that every person in the tournament wants him in it so they can kick his ass. He said he accomplished his goal and that he makes moments in NXT. She looked at him with disgust, but said he’ll be replacing Bearhill, who he attacked, in the tournament.

-Thorpe made his entrance.

(4) DIJAK vs. EDDY THORPE – Singles match

Dijak tried attacking during the entrance and the two fought outside and around the ring. It didn’t start with a collar-and-elbow tie-up! Five stars! Dijak got the better of Thorpe and slammed him face-first into the announce desk. Dijak said that Thorpe cost him the match, but then Thorpe sent him into the steps. They went back in the ring and the bell finally rung. Dijak just rushed Thorpe into a corner, but Thorpe fought back with kicks to the chest. Dijak’s side of the head was cut, I think hardway. He then rammed Thorpe hard into the corner and causing the top rope to snap off. Dijak grabbed the broken rope and used the metal fastening to attack Thorpe to cause the DQ. He targeted the midsection, which was injured by Dijak in the strap match, repeatedly with the weapon until a gaggle of refs came down to break it up. Dijak decided to reenter the ring, lift Thorpe to his shoulders, then drop him gut-first across the second turnbuckle, now the top turnbuckle on that side. Thorpe was left writhing in pain. Dijak’s head cut open when he was thrown into the steps on replay.

WINNER: Eddy Thorpe at 0:56 by DQ


Andre Chase was in his classroom and said this week they put into action their ideas from last week. They made 245 dollars from the car wash and 66 dollars from the bake sale. Duke Hudson that’s one-quarter…of one-quarter of one-quarter of the interest. Chase said he’ll take care of it and Hudson said Chase looked like s**t. Jacy Jayne told Thea Hail of their idea to do something with the Chase U section. Sudenly, Scrypts showed up with a steel briefcase and said he had a proposition for him. [c]

-They returned with more snapshots from Deadl1ne.

-They showed Davenport and Jade in the locker room. Davenport said Jade stole her moment, but Jade blamed Valkyria for being out there in the first place. Davenport told Jade that Jade’s title match will be with her instead.

-Carver made his entrance. Joseph said Carver was making his in-ring debut. Osborne was next.

(5) KEANU CARVER vs. RILEY OSBORNE – Men’s Breakout Tournament first round match

Carver had the eyes of a predator stalking prey. Chase U’s student section was out hard for Osborne of course. Carver slammed down Osborne, but back up, Osborne escaped and hit a nifty pin, leg trip, and then standing moonsault. Carver kicked out by launching Osborne, then hit a thunderous lariat that rang out through the arena. Osborne leaped and was caught into a fall away slam where Carver didn’t even move his feet. Carver then launched into Osborne in the corner, attacking the back. He then lifted and dropped Osborne with a big belly-to-back, almost protoplex. He put on a modified rear chin lock as the crowd clapped for Osborne. Osborne had a big red welt on his chest from the earlier lariat. Osborne fought to his feet and hit some big body shots and a forearm, ate one of his own, hit a big slap to the chest, and then hit a running leg lariat. He hit a shotgun dropkick, sending Carver into the corner, but then Carver hit a hell of a POUNCE to send Osborne across the ring. Osborne retreated to the apron, hit a leg trip, climbed, and hit a picture-perfect SSP. Osborne faces the winner of King-Lennox while Femi faces the winner of Heights-Cursifinio.

WINNER: Riley Osborne at 3:28 (Shooting Star Press) to advance in the Men’s Breakout Tournament

-Lee was walking in the back as Drew Gulak, Charlie Dempsey, Damon Kemp, and Borne approached with mock congratulations. Gulak said he wanted to ask a question: is the touching tribute to Wes Lee every week or just a one-off? Lee responded in Spanish. He said every week in English, and then Gulak said they accept. Lee asked which one and Gulak said he’ll find out next week.

-Lyons made her entrance. Luckily, Valkyria’s music hit quickly after and Women’s NXT Champion made her way. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Carver, having only started in February, is way too green and inexperienced to have advanced, but they gave him some memorable power spots, none more than that pounce that had me thinking of Monty Brown/Marcus Cor Von. Osborne obviously has more experience and skill than Carver at this point, but with King’s addition, it’ll probably be a King-Femi final.)

-They returned with Osborne walking in the back with Jayne and Hail behind silently mouthing comically as the smitten Hail approached Osborne. He thanked her for being out there to support him. He said he’s from the UK and that he needed to shower. She said he needed that, then backtracked as she was all caught up. James and Izzy Dame approached and mocked the two.

-Jade’s music hit, then Davenport.


Valkyria and her future foe Davenport began the match, both tentatively. They locked up and Valkyria used her speed and technical ability to put Davenport into a series of quick pins, but then Davenport showed some of her training from Japan with her own set of fundamental grapples. She then dodged the spin kick and retreated, tagging in Jade. Valkyria evaded Jade and hit a side headlock takedown. Back on the feet, Jade reached for Davenport’s hand, but Valkyria kicked it once, twice, then a third to Davenport’s chest as she came in, also bulldogging Jade. Lyons then tagged in and threw Jade across. She pointed out Davenport and said she wanted her. She hit a quick bodyslam and Jade tagged back in, only to eat some kicks. Davenport distracted Lyons, allowing Jade to hit from behind. Davneport then tagged in, hit a neckbreaker, and then a two-count. [c]

Jade was blocking off Lyons with a headlock. She went after Valkyria, who dropped to the mat to avoid, then went back to Lyons. Lyons dodged an attack and Davenport tagged in, but Lyons finally made the tag. The champion came in and took it to Davenport. She hit her kick combo to Davenport, then her fisherman’s buster, but Davenport rolled outside. Valkyria ran and hit her dropkick through the ropes. She went outside and put Davnport back inside. As she went to climb the ropes, she saw Paxley sit on the barricade and stroke herself with a feather, I think a raven’s if I remember the Morrigan correctly. Davenport then dodged the splash, but Lyons broke up the pin. Jade took out Lyons, but Davenport took out Jade. Davenport hit a falcon arrow, but the pin was broken up by Lyons. Davenport took out Lyons, Jade made a sneaky tag, Davenport kicked Valkyria off and she hit heads with Jade, then Davenport hit kamigoye to Valkyria, Lyons dragged out Davenport, then Jade recovered and pinned Valkyria.

Lyons gave Valkyria her title after the match, but then Paxley entered and tossed out Lyons. She then crawled toward Valkyria, cradling her head.

WINNER: Blair Davenport & Cora Jade at 8:28 (kamigoye, delayed pin)

-Hank & Tank were in the back and discussed their match with Gallus next week. Gallus then showed up and mocked them. They told them to go back to the pub and drain their sorrows. Hank said they have more heart than the three of them combined. Joe Coffey said he’s not getting involved in the match, trust him. Suddenly, Joe Gacy was in the machine they were talking in front of and honked the horn, then said a lot of stuff involving the word Joe.

-Joseph hyped next week’s matches, including more Breakout Tournament matches, Jayne & Hail vs. James & Dame, Stratton vs. Henley, and Lee vs. one of The No Quarter Catch Crew.

-Williams was making his way to the ring from the back to celebrate his victory on Saturday. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: They seriously protected Lyons over their freaking Women’s NXT Champion? Yeah, I get it, it’s to get Jade into the title picture “officially” with the pin like Briggs earlier on Dar, but wow. I don’t know what else to say.)

-They returned with a WrestleMania XL week graphic.

-Joseph hyped New Year’s Evil with Valkyria vs. Davenport for the title and Dragunov vs. Williams for the title.

-Alicia Taylor was in the ring and introduced the 2023 Men’s Iron Survivor, Williams. The crowd was fully dancing and chanting “Whoop that Trick!” Booker T was also going off. Joseph said it was the greatest comeback since the 2016 Cavs 3-1 comeback against the 73-win Warriors.


He thanked the fans for the reaction, then said Deadl1ne was a movie. He said he walked into the match with four of the best to do it in NXT and he walked out of that match the Iron Survivor. He said usually, he would cut up his opponents, but not this time, not tonight as they put on a banger (I preferred the women’s one, personally). He put that match up for an end of year award and the crowd applauded. He said he was in the rings with some dogs, but they made one mistake: “Trick Williams been balling his whole life.” He said he’s Trick Curry, “I’m Trick James, bitch!” He said in three weeks, it’s the baddest man in NXT vs. the hottest man under the sun. On cue, Dragunov’s music hit and he made his way to the ring in a nice suit.

Dragunov entered and said a few months ago, they stood in this ring and Williams thanked him for pushing Williams to a whole new level. Dragunov said on this day, he admires Williams’ courage and that he’s proud of him. He said he couldn’t watch it live because he was getting in the zone for his own match, but he watched it later and saw Williams snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. He said Williams has been riding a wave of momentum never seen before, “I mean…whoop that Trick.” He held up the mic and the fans obliged. They then dapped up a little bit after Dragunov said it’s been the talk of all WWE. He did add that with all due respect for Williams’ journey, it all comes to an end in three weeks.


Williams said if it was three months ago, he would have played it cool, but wondered deep down if he had what it takes to take on the Mad Dragon, “But it’s not three months ago.” He said he’s the man here in NXT and that in three weeks, he’s going to beat the best that NXT has to offer and become the new Men’s NXT Champion. Dragunov said he likes Williams, he really does, but he’s suffered too much, way too much to become and stay the champion, so he’ll do whatever it takes to remain champion. Hayes’ music hit and he limped out to the ring. He entered the ring and apologized for interrupting, but he said this couldn’t wait. Hayes said remember that business from earlier, this is that. He said for two months, his name’s been dragged through the dirt, but he knows who attacked Williams, the same person who attacked him. Dragunov tried to bow out, but Hayes told him to stay. “Ilja, it was you.” The crowd gasped and chanted “That’s not true!”

Dragunov asked what the hell Hayes was talking about. Suddenly, Hayes wasn’t limping. He said who gained the most from them separating and his conclusion was Dragunov. Dragunov called Hayes arrogant and delusional, but Hayes said Dragunov is more calculating than he looks. Hayes kept on it and then said it was Dragunov’s plan all along to have Williams distract him at Halloween Havoc. Dragunov reiterated again that he didn’t attack him. He added, “IF you did get attacked.” Williams said, “Tell me you didn’t just say that.” Dragunov looked Williams in the eye and said he didn’t attack him. Hayes erupted at Dragunov and said he needs to feel what it’s like to have something taken from him. He grabbed the title. The two fought over, Williams went to break it up, then the belt snapped away from Dragunov and in doing so, Hayes struck Williams with the title. The show went off with the three in the ring.

(Hazelwood’s Take: I did wonder at first if Hayes had actually been attacked, and it seems like it was a red herring after all. He found a convenient target in Dragunov with enough believable points that Williams would trust his best friend. From The Great American Bash to Halloween Havoc, Hayes laid out the justifiable reasons why Dragunov COULD have been the attacker, but his darting eyes and demeanor throughout make it pretty obvious that Hayes was the attacker. Does Hayes cost Williams in three weeks and then recapture the title at Vengeance Day only to lose it to Williams at Stand & Deliver? What does Hayes’ inclusion in the United States Championship Tournament mean for this story if it has any bearing at all? This has been one of the longest and well-told stories for some time in NXT with others off of the top of my head being Sami Zayn’s run to the title, everything with DIY, and Rhea Ripley’s ascension after finally dethroning Shayna Baszler.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Was it the highest quality of wrestling you’ll see this week? Absolutely not, but it wasn’t supposed to be, particularly with two Men’s Breakout Tournament matches. Still, it was a good episode of NXT in that once again, every segment served a purpose, advancing stories and/or characters. King being added at the expense of Bearhill is unfortunate for the latter, but honestly, this is probably where King should have debuted anyway the only issue being that it probably would have been too obvious that he would win. One aspect they have every week to advertise, and something that both WWE and AEW have used well in the past, is Lee continuing the North American Championship open challenges as long as he keeps up the “tribute” to the other Lee, which presumably will be for as long as he’s champion. If I had to make a bet, I’m guessing that Kemp is chosen for the match for no other reason than I want to see him back in the ring again. I anticipate that next week, Ava or Joseph will announce that the Women’s NXT Championship match at New Year’s Evil will be a triple threat with the inclusion of Jade and honestly, by the time the show rolls around, it might be a four-way with Lyons added to mix. We’ll see how it all plays out.

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