NJPW WRESTLE KINGDOM 18 REPORT (1/4): Radican’s results & analysis of Tonga vs. Takagi, Ospreay vs. Finlay vs. Moxley, Sanada vs. Naito

By Sean Radican, PWTorch columnist (X: @SR_Torch)


JAN. 4, 2024

Announcers: Chris Charlton, Rocky Romero, and Walker Stewart

-Catch 2/2 came out first, Francesco Akira came out and there was a casket there. He opened it and TJP had transformed into The Aswang. TJP took the loss in their recent casket match against Bullet Club. Drilla Moloney and Clark Connors were out next with the new white IWGP Jr. Hvt. Championship belts around their waste. They also wore white ring attire.

TJP took his hat off and revealed he was wearing a mask with blood red eyes. He blew mist and Catch 2/2 attacked Bullet Club to start to the match.

(1) BULLET CLUB (Clark Connors & Drilla Moloney) vs. CATCH 2/2 (TJP & Francesco Akira) – IWGP Jr. Hvt. Tag Team Championship match

Catch 2/2 hit the Leaning Tower on Moloney during the early going. Bullet Club fired back. Connors put a dog collar around TJP’s neck and used the guardrail for leverage to choke him. Connors finally mounted a comeback and TJP recovered and took the hot tag. He sent Connors to the floor and nailed Moloney with a running knee in the corner.

TJP got isolated and took the Drilkla Killa, but TJP broke the ref’s count by grabbing his hand right before the three count could be delivered. The ref got shoved somehow and he missed TJP spitting red mist into Moloney’s face. TJP hit a straight jacket DDT on Moloney.

TJP and Akira set up and hit the 2 by 2 Knees on Moloney for the win.

WINNERS: TJP & Francisco Akira at 9:38. (**½)

(Radican’s Analysis: TJP’s new persona was cool looking, but it didn’t translate to much once the match started.)

-Chris Charlton announced that Stardom was heading to Philadelphia in March.

IWGP Women’s Champion Mayu Iwatani was shown at ringside prior to the start of the ZSJ vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi match.

(2) ZACK SABRE JR. (w/TMDK) vs. HIROSHI TANAHASHI- NJPW World TV Championship match

Tanahashi hit two Twist & Shouts and a Sling Blade. He went up top and hit Aces High. He went up top again for High Fly Flow, but Sabre got his knees up. He then got a bridging pinning combination on Tanahashi for a great near fall.

Sabre tried to work a submission, but Tanahashi countered it and went for the Cloverleaf Hold. He got it momentarily, but Sabre escaped and went right to work on Tanahashi’s arms. Sabre kept transitioning from arm submission to arm submission. Tanahashi finally got to the ropes to force a break.

Sabre was working an arm bar and Tanahashi used the hold to get on top of Sabre for a pinning combination for a two count. Sabre got the Euro Clutch a short time later for a nearfall. Tanahshi got a rolling pinning combination for a nearfall. They continued to trade nearfalls while battling for the upper hand on the ground.

Sabre applied the Octopus Hold, but Tanahashi grabbed his leg. Tanahashi went for a dragoon screw, but Sabre escaped and used his legs to snap Tanahshi’s neck. Sabre went for a Zack Driver, but they began trading pinning combinations. Tanahashi suddenly got a deep pin as they were trading pinning combinations and it was good for the win.

Sabre handed Tanahashi the belt after the match.

WINNER: Hiroshi Tanahashi to become the new NJPW World TV Champion at 8:53. (**¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was good while it lasted, but short. I went into the match thinking that Sabre would win and continue his impressive run as champion, but Tanahashi losing after being named president really didn’t make much sense in the end.)

Tanahashi cut a promo after the match. He wished the fans a happy new year. He said he is president and he hopes everyone offers the same support not just to him, but all of NJPW.

-The announcers plugged “Battle in the Valley” on Jan. 13. They said match announcements would be coming soon.


Tsuji smiled at Uemura after the opening bell rang. They drifted a part before locking up to kick things off. The announcers talked about how both men had made it to The Tokyo Dome in a singles match despite both of them returning to the company from an excursion in 2023 The announcers mentioned this is Uemura’s first singles match since returning from excursion.

Tsuji had the upper hand, but Tsuji began to target Tsuji’s arm, but he was quickly cut off. Tsuji asked Uemura if that’s all he had and Uemura fired up and hit a flurry of offense on Tsuji and the fans applauded. Tsuji avoided a diving crossbody from Uemura and caught him with a back breaker a short time later. The crowd applauded with both men down. They went back and forth up top. Uemura shoved Tsuji to the mat and jumped off the top, but Tsuji nailed him with a superkick. Tsuji then hit a brainbuster for a 2 count.

Tsuji went for a spear and Uemura turned it into a pinning combination just like he did when he recently beat Tsuji in a tag match, but this time Tsuji was able to kick out. Tsuji no-sold a German, but walked right into a uranagi. Uemura then hit a dragon suplex for a near fall that caused many of the fans to gasp. Uemura eventually caught Tsuji with The Deadbolt suplex for the win.

WINNER: Yuya Uemura at 10:57. (***½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a little slow to start, but it was good while it lasted. Tsuji was in control for most of the match, but Uemura got the surprising win in the end to change the narrative in their ongoing storyline that for the first time Uemura has gotten the upper hand on Tsuji.)


Umino got his hands on Narita and went to work on him after fending off other members of House of Torture on the floor. Kiyomiya joined him in the ring and they nailed Narita with a running knee/enzuguri combination, but Evil ran into the ring and choked out Umino with a shirt.

Kiyomiya hit Evil with Everything is Evil, but after a distraction from the floor a short time later, Evil hit EIE on Kiyomiya. Umino and Narita traded counters until Umino caught him with a half and half suplex. Yujiro Takahashi distracted the ref and he shoved a steel bar into the ring. Narita hit Umino with it and nailed him with the Double Cross for the win.

WINNER: Ren Narita at 7:06. (*½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was short and that’s about the only nice thing I can say about it other than Narita and Umino had some nice exchanges. The match featured tons of interference leading to Narita getting his first Tokyo Dome win.)

(5) SHINGO TAKAGI vs. TAMA TONGA – NEVER Openweight Championship match

Takagi sent Tonga to the floor and wiped him out with a dive. Tonga fired back and went up top for Supreme Flow, but Takagi got up and grabbed his leg. They battled for position and Takagi hit a superplex.

Takagi hit a sliding lariat and fired himself and shouted to the crowd. The crowd joined him in shouting and Takagi got back to his feet and set up for Made in Japan, but Tonga blocked it and eventually hit the Tongan Twist. He then went up top and hit Supreme Flow for a near fall.

Both men traded counters and Takagi finally lifted Tonga and hit a big powerbomb for a two count. He lifted Tonga up and Tonga shoved him away. Takagi charged right at him and hit a forearm to the head. He then hit a Pumping Bomber. He went for Made in Japan, but Tonga countered it into a Gun Stun. WOW!

Tonga blocked a Pumping Bomber and hit Bloody Sunday, but Takagi kicked out at one. Tonga decked him with a lariat a short time later. Tonga got on a roll and set up for a Gun Stun, but Takagi caught him with one of his own. Takagi hit a Pumping Bomber and Made in Japan, but Tonga kicked out!

Takagi yelled and the fans joined him. He set up for Last of the Dragon, but Tonga fought out of it. Tonga slipped out of Made in Japan and hit a Styles Clash and then a Gun Stun, but Takagi kicked out and the fans roared. Tonga then hit the DSD and it was good for the win.

WINNER: Tama Tonga at 13:46. (****)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a great hard-hitting back and forth match with the crowd fully along for the ride for the duration. They had some great counter sequences and Takagi was like The Terminator, as he just wouldn’t stay down until Tonga hit DSD for the win. 

I thought maybe Takagi would win here and start a renewed push as the NEVER Openweight Championship, but perhaps getting the belt off him is a way to elevate him. They definitely could use him at the top of the card with Ospreay’s pending departure.)

-Nic Nemeth and Ryan Nemeth were shown making their way to watch the action from the VIP seats.

(6) iIWGP World Hvt. Tag Team Champions BISHAMON (Hirooki Goto & Yoshi-Hashi) vs. Strong Openweight Tag Team Champions G.O.D. (El Phantasmo & Hikuleo w/Jado) – Title vs. Title match

Bishamon had the upper hand, but ELP hit Goto with a hurricanrana that sent him into Hashi to turn the tide. Hikuleo went for a double chokeslam, but Goto and Hashi fought out it only to take a double clothesline a short time later.

Hashi blocked a Sudden Death attempt. ELP went for it again, but Hashi shoved Hikuleo in the way and ELP connected with Sudden Death on his own partner accidentally. Hashi made the tag and Goto got into the ring and decked ELP with a big clothesline. Bishamon hit Shoto on ELP, but Hikeleo broke it up at the VERY last second and all four men were down.

Hikuleo went for the God Send again, but Bishamon clotheslined him to the floor. Bishamon went for a double team, but Phantasmo got a head scissors takedown to send Goto into Hashi for the second time in the match. Goto shoved Hikuleo into ELP to knock him off the apron and hit Ushigoroshi on Hikuleo for a nearfall.

Goto tried to hit a GTR on Goto, but he got caught with Sudden Death by ELP. El Phantasmo went up top and instead of going after Goto, he hit a moonsault to the floor to take out Hashi. He then hit a super Thunder Kiss ‘86 on Goto for a shocking near fall. ELP hit CR3 on Goto. Hikuleo went up top and hit a frog splash (Thunder Kiss ‘91) on Goto and it was good for the win, as ELP ran across the ring to block Hashi from making the save.

WINNERS: ELP & Hikule at 9:47 to become the new IWGP World Hvt. Tag Team Champions and retain the Strong Openweight Championship

(Radican’s Analysis: This was exactly what it needed to be. It was a really good back and forth sprint. It wasn’t as good as their WTL Final match, but it was really good for the spot it was in and the finish played perfectly off the reason why G.O.D. lost in the WTL final.)

The announcers said they weren’t sure if the titles would be defended together or separately going forward. Both teams showed each other respect after the match.

El Desperado made his entrance wearing black and white with red face paint. Hiromu Takaashi came out in a bright outfit wearing a mask. He had eyeballs sticking out all over the place. When he got to ringside, Desperado wiped him out with a flip dive to the floor.

(7) HIROMU TAKAHASHI vs. EL DESPERADO – IWGP Jr. Hvt. Championship

They got into the ring and Desperado continued to work over Takahashi. The announcers take Desperado and Takahashi wanted to take the junior division to new heights. Takahashi fired back and sent Desperado into the guardrail on the floor. They ended up back inside the ring and Desperado blocked a spinebuster and hit one of his own for a two count.

Desperado then immediately applied the stretch muffler once Takahashi kicked out, but he got to the ropes to break the hold. Desperado went after Takahashi’s leg and hit a blue thunder bomb variation for a two count. He set up for Pinche Loco, but Takahashi fought out of it.

Takahashi favored his leg and Desperado went for a chop block, but Takahashi got out of the way. He then hit a wheelbarrow flatliner for a two count. Desperado favored his eye after kicking out. Takahashi favored his leg, but got to his feet first. Takahasih hit a superkick and then baited Desperado into a rebound German.

Desperado got a quick counter and locked in the stretch muffler. He then Transitioned the hold into Numero Dos. Takahashi managed to float over Desperado and he hit a destroyer and a clothesline. Takahashi hit a Time Bomb, but Desperado kicked out. The announcers said Takahashi couldn’t get full rotation on it because of the damage to his leg.

He went for Time Bomb, but ended up collapsing with Desperado into the corner. They ended up going at it up top. They traded counters and Takahashi hit a modified leg sweep off the top. Both men sold their heads upon impact. They got to their knees and eventually got up to their feet. Takahashi missed a big kick and Desperado hit a series of sick elbows to Takahashi’s head. The fans fired up and Desperado went for a punch, but Takahashi ducked and hit a kick.

Takahashi hit a pumping bomber lariat and the fans fired up. Takahashi tried to lift up Desperado, but he turned into an Angle Slam. He then hit Pinche Loco and Takahashi kicked out at the last second! Desperado yelled and picked Takahashi up. He went for another Pinche Loco, but Takahashi got a pinning combination for a two count.

Desperado hit a big punch and a vertical Pinche Loco. He then hit a swinging Pinche Loco for the pin. WOW!

WINNER: El Desperado at 14:21 to become the new IWGP Jr. Hvt. Champion. (****¼)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was an excellent match. They wrestled at a great pace and told a good story from start to finish with Desperado working over Takahashi’s leg and arm during the match. Takahashi injured Desperado’s eye during the course of the match. They had some great nearfalls late and ultimately Takahashi couldn’t put Desperado away due to the damage to his leg.)

-David Finlay came out first for the IWGP Global Hvt. Championship match accompanied by “Bloody Hands” Gedo. Finlay was sporting black and white ring gear and entrance attire. The announcers noted his shillelagh is legal in this match.

Jon Moxley’s music played and he was shown wearing a black jacket with Mox written on the back in red. He wore a black and red mask that the announcers said was inspired by The Red Hood. Moxley walked through the crowd and down to the ring to a solid reaction from the fans.

Will Ospreay came out last to violin music. He carried the broken IWGP U.K. Championship with him and put it down on the entrance ramp. The violin music continued and then his regular theme played and Ospreay popped up from under the ring. The announcers said Ospreay’s gear was a collaboration between Ospreay and Assassin’s Creed. Ospreay got a big pop coming out for one of his last matches as a full-time member of the NJPW roster before heading to AEW.

The fans chanted for Ospreay as he pumped his fists once he got into the ring.

(8) WILL OSPREAY vs. JON MOXLEY vs. DAVID FINLAY (w/Bloody Hands Gedo) – IWGP Global Hvt. Championship/ Inaugural Champion Three-Way match

The bell rang and Ospreay and Moxley went after Finlay together. They took turns chopping him in the corner. Stewart said they shouldn’t have announced they were working together at the WK press conference. Finlay tried to bail to the floor, but Ospreay wiped him out right away. Moxley then dropped him crotch first over the guardrail before nailing him with a running clothesline.

Moxley and Ospreay worked together to wear out FInlay on the floor. They eventually hit a tandem powerbomb on Finlay through a table on the outside. Ospreay signaled to Moxley that it was time for them to go at it and they traded blows in the middle of the ring. Moxley blocked a back hand-spring and turned it into a German.

Ospreay went for a Spanish Fly, but Moxley turned it into an arm bar. They went to the apron and Moxley backdropped Ospreay to the floor. Finlay suddenly got to his feet and shoved Moxley into the ringpost. Finlay blocked a springboard and hit a neck breaker while using the shillelagh across his throat. Moxley came up bleeding and Finlay went after his cut.

Finlay and Moxley ended up on the floor and Ospreay wiped them out with a moonsault off the top. Moxley hit a Death Rider on Ospreay, but he managed to kick out. Ospreay got the bully choke on Ospreay. Finlay tried to run in while Moxley stood over Ospreay, but Moxley cut him off and hit a piledriver into Ospreay’s chest on Finlay.

Moxley went to the floor and grabbed some chairs. He nailed Finlay with a chair. He set up two chairs back to back, but Finlay drove him back first into the chair backs. He then hit a dominator on Moxley that sent him right into Ospreay’s chest. Moxldey hit a Death Rider, but Ospreay got right up and nailed him with a Hidden Blade. Finlay tossed Ospreay to the floor and covered Ospreay for a nearfall. WOW!

Ospreay hit a Hidden Blade on Finlay and he fell on Moxley for a nearfall. Moxley then turned him over and covered him for another nearfall that Ospreay had to break up. That was a nice spot. Finay tried to attack Ospreay and Moxley at the same time and that didn’t work out well for him as they no-sold his strikes. They then pummeled him to the mat. The War Dogs came down and attacked Ospreay and Moxley. Alex Coughlin choked Moxley with his shirt. Gabe Kidd set up two tables on the outside.

The fans booed and Moxley mounted a comeback. Ospreay then wiped out Coughlin with a super Os-Cutter. Moxley set up KIdd and Coughlin on the tables. Ospreay then went up top and hit a moonsault that didn’t break the tables all the way. Coghlin was shown slumped in the middle of the table.

FInlay snuck behind Moxley and hit a low blow for a nearfall. He got his shellaugh , but Moxley nailed him with two Death Riders. Ospreay ran into the ring and nailed him with a Hidden Blade. He kicked out at one, so Ospreay hit another Hidden Blade and a Stormbreaker.

Finlay came out of nowhere and hit Oblivion on Ospreay for a nearfall. WOW! Finlay hit a curb stomp on Ospreay and let out a yell. The fans booed and Finlay lifted up Ospreay and hit a knee to his gut for the pin.

WINNER: David Finlay at 22:17 to become the first IWGP Global Hvt. Champion. (****¼)

(Radican’s Analysis; This was a crowning moment for Finlay, as he went over two huge names in Ospreay and Moxley to solidify himself as the leader of Bullet Club. This was one heck of an action packed match from start to finish.

Moxley and Ospreay worked together throughout the match to keep Finlay out of the picture, but he kept sneaking into good situations for himself by cheating. The War Dogs escalated the heat further when they came out only to be put through a pair of tables by Ospreay.

This built up to Finlay stealing the pin in the end to get the win over Ospreay. This match was very well put together in terms of telling the story it needed to tell and getting Finlay over as a credible top heel in NJPW.)

Finlay jawed with Nic Nemeth, who was still sitting next to his brother Ryan at ringside, after the match. Nemeth got in Finlay’s face and he shoved him. They traded blows before being pulled apart.

-Kazuchika Okada came out first for the semi-main event dressed in white robe with gray accents. He stopped and a beam ran over both sides of his robe and it turned from all white to featuring gold and red and blue colors over the white background. That was crazy! Okada got a big pop once he got into the ring.

Bryan Danielson was out next sporting an eye patch with a white and scarlett entrance gear. He also got a good pop from the fans. The announcers noted this was the first time Danielson had gotten pyro for his entrance. The fans broke out in a yes chant.


The bell rang to start the match and the fans chanted for both men. The announcers pointed out Danielson was sporting an eye patch thanks to the damage inflicted on him by Okada during their recent tag match on Dynamite. Okada went after Danielson’s injured eye with an elbow strike.

Danielson turned the tide and began working over Okada’s arm, as he began to seek his revenge for Okada breaking his arm during their match at Forbidden Door last year. Danielson took a moment to celebrate and turned back right into a big boot to the face from Okada to halt his momentum right as the 10 minute mark came and went. They battled up top and Danielson hit a butterfly suplex before transitioning to the Yes Lock, but Okada got to the ropes.

They ended up going at it on the apron and Oakda caught Danielson and hit a tombstone piledriver! Both men ended up collapsing to the floor after impact. Okada set up Danielson in the corner and pushed his boot into Danielson’s injured eye using the ropes for leverage. He caught Danielson with a big dropkick in the middle of the ring a short time later.

Charlton mentioned that Okada had taken away three months of Danielson’s last full-time year of wrestling. Okada went up top and hit an elbow drop at the 15 minute mark. The fans cheered as Okada hit the Rainmaker pose. Okada went for the Rainmaker, but Danielson countered and hit a kick to Okada’s arm when he tried to block it and then a kick right to Okada’s head.

Danielson began nailing Okada with elbow after elbow to the head. Okada screamed and began no-selling the blows. Danielson continued to hit the elbows, but Okada lifted Danielson up on to his shoulders. Danielson ended up slipping out of Okada’s grasp and he hit a Busaiku Knee for a near fall. Danielson grabbed the Yes Lock again. Okada tried to grab the ropes, but Danielson turned it into a pinning combination. Okada kicked out and Danielson got a double arm submission and Okada screamed as he was back in the same submission he lost to at Forbidden Door.

The fans cheered as Okada tried to fight out of the submission. Okada struggled and eventually got his foot on the bottom rope. Danielson grabbed Okada’s arm and began stomping on Okada’s eye. He went for an arm submission, but Okada suddenly countered it into a Rainmaker before collapsing in pain while holding his arm! WOW!

A short time later, Danielson blocked a Rainmaker with a boot to Okada’s damaged arm. Danielson eventually hit a rolling elbow and a Busaiku Knee. Danielson set up in the corner and invited yes chants from the crowd. The crowd obliged Danielson and lit up the Tokyo Dome with yes chants. Okada blocked a Busaiku Knee attempt from Danielson, who had lost his eye patch. Okada hit Heavy Rain and went for a Rainmaker that didn’t connect. Okada hit another Heavy Rain and then a Rainmaker and it was good for the win. WOW!

WINNER: Kazuchika Okada at 23:42. (****1/2)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a great match, although it wasn’t as good as their classic at Forbidden Door last year. Okada’s invincibility at the Tokyo Dome took center stage in this match and it never felt like he was in danger of losing because of his prowess in this setting.

Danielson tried to get revenge on Okada for breaking his arm and orbital bone and that was a good story that played out during the match as was Okada going after Danielson’s injured eye throughout the match and wrestling with an edge. Okada did a heck of a job selling his arm throughout the match while using fighting spirit to use that very arm when he needed it to finish off Danielson.

The callback to Danileson getting Okada in the submission he lost too at Forbidden Door was well-done, but aside from that, it never really felt like the outcome was in doubt. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but the way the match was laid out lacked some suspense.)

Okada patted Danielson on the shoulder and bowed to him after the match. Danielson got on his knees and they bowed to each other showing one another the highest respect. The announcers set the stage for another match in the future saying Bryan was at a disadvantage with his eye injury heading into this match. The announcers didn’t address Okada’a pending free agency and asked if 2024 could be the year of Okada once again.

-A video package aired for the Sanada vs. Naito main event.

-Tetsuya Naito, the challenger, came out first. The Tokyo Dome erupted in cheers of “Naito, Naito.” Naito came out wearing a scarlet suit, mask, and carrying a bag with his right to challenge contract from winning G1. The mask looked like a devil with its tongue out and on the side was written “Destino,”

Sanada was out next and Charlton talked in the past about how Naito was accepted and Sanada was rejected and even as champion, that has been the case. Charlton called him selfless. Sanada came out with a red sparkling robe and matching trunks. Charlton said Sanada would be “the man” if he beats Sanada tonight.

(10) SANADA vs. TETSUYA NAITO – IWGP World Hvt. Championship match

The bell rang and the fans chanted for Naito. Some chants could be heard for Sanada, but it was a very small percentage of fans chanting his name. Charlton pointed out that Sanada had a joint record with Jay White having won 90.5% of his singles matches heading into a Tokyo Dome main event title defense. Naito caught Sanada with a hip toss over his knee during the early stages of the match.

Sanada fired back and hit a slingshot splash to the floor. He followed up with a slingshot dropkick. Sanada eventually got Skull End. Sanada continued to work over Sanada’s neck and head. They got back into the ring and Sanada countered a Tornado DDT and hit a Total Anarchy variation off the top rope. Sanada went for the Muta Moonsault, but Sanada managed to get his knees up. Naito hit Esperanza. Naito hit a running Destino. Charlton said he’s having flashbacks of being run out of the gym by Muta. Sanada went for Destno again, but Sanada held him up and eventually turned it into a TKO.

Sanada hit a Muta Moonsault to Naito’s back and then went right back up top and hit another Muta Moonsault across his chest for a nearfall. The fans fired up. Sanada hit a spinebuster and went for Destino. Sanada blocked it, so Naito his several elbows. Naito nearly got Destino, but Sanada countered it and nearly got a sick neck drop, but Naito got back to his feet. A short time later Naito hit a big Destino. Naito hit another Destino and the fans gasped. Naito sat on top of Sanada and pulled his leg up, but he kicked out at the last second.

Naito looked shocked and set up for Destino, but Sanada countered it into the Deathfall and both men were down! Sanada hit a Destino of his own and held onto Naito’s wrist. He went for another Deathfall, but Naito countered it into a DDT. Naito blocked a Deathfall attempt and hit one of his own! WOW! Naito followed up with Valentia and the fans fired up. Naito set up for another Destino and hit it. The fans cheered loudly and this time it was good for the win.

The fans erupted in Naito chants after the match ended. Naito came up bleeding from his eye.

WINNER: Tetsuya Naito in 25:42 to become the new IWGP World Hvt. Champion. (****¼)

(Radican’s Analysis: This felt like Sanada was going to get run out of the gym at times, but he held his own and withstood Naito’s onslaught and fought back valiantly to stay in the match. They had some great nearfalls late including both men hitting each other’s finishers and Sanada refusing to stay down from the Destino onslaught that Naito brought upon him.)

Naito was about to cut a promo, but he was jumped by Evil and Dick Togo. The fans booed loudly when Evil got on the mic. Evil said he won’t let him have his roll call. He said since you are so much against the IWGP World Hvt. Championship how about I take it from you? Sanada ran into the ring and nailed Evil with a shining wizard and sent Togo packing. Sanada signaled that he wanted another opportunity and then collapsed and rolled out of the ring.

The fans chanted for Sanada as he was helped to the back. Naito got on the mic and said although we have had different paths, he is holding the mic because of Sanada. The fans chanted as Sanada appeared to be weeping as he walked to the back. He thanked the fans for creating the best possible moment for him right now. He said LIJ fans would have an even better year in 2024.

He said he had been looking forward to the most tonight was something he wanted to have four years ago. He said all the fans came to the Tokyo Dome for this roll call. He asked the fans if they were ready for the biggest roll call of all-time. Sanada then did the roll call as the fans chanted along loudly.

Stewart said Sanada earned the one thing he had lacked after tonight and that was the respect of the fans. The announcers weren’t sure what Naito was going to do with the belt, but he grabbed it and dragged it up the ramp with him. Charlton said it looked like Naito was attached to it.

Naito was announced as the new NJPW World Hvt. Championship and pyro went off over the HUGE video board at the top of the entrance ramp. The announcers mentioned that New Year Dash would air free tomorrow.

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