NXT TV RESULTS (1/9): Hazelwood’s live report on tag team heavy night with start of Dusty Classic & Men’s Tag Team Championship match, more



JANUARY 9, 2024

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): Kelly Kincaid

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-The show began with a recap of last week’s New Year’s Evil themed show, a PLE-lite.

-They cut to inside the arena as Vic Joseph welcomed viewers and hyped the Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic to begin later. He and Booker T then showed Nikkita Lyons arriving “moments ago” in the parking lot and then getting into a brawl with Blair Davenport. They cut to ringside where the brawl ensued.


The ref called for the bell in the ring and Lyons hit a kick to the chest and a bodyslam. She went for and hit a slightly delayed vertical suplex. She ran and hit a punch in the corner, but Davenport fought out and went for hir double stomp. She missed and Lyons hit a spin kick to the chest for a two-count. After an Irish whip into the corner, Lyons went for a vertical suplex for some reason and then was sent hard into the ring post. She rolled outside and this time ate the double stomp to the back from the apron. Davenport rolled her back inside, climbed the top rope, and hit the double stomp from the top rope. Davenport applied a front face lock, then rolled back over and kept the hold on. Lyons rolled her over for better positioning, but Davenport maintained leverage. They hyped Tiffany Stratton being Fallon Henley’s ranch hand.

Lyons finally powered up and turned the face lock into a vertical suplex. Both women sold the damage of the match and were slow to rise. They began the common trading of blows in the middle of the ring. Lyons cut it off with a big kick to the chest, then another, then some weak body shots. She went for another vertical suplex and it was so bad it almost looked like a DDT. She then went for and hit a German where Davenport was barely lifted off of the ground. She hit a running attack in the corner and then a Samoan drop. Davenport fought back with a big shotgun dropkick. She set for the kamigoye, but Lyons kicked out of it and went for a bodyslam> Davenport slid out, but was then sent outside. Lyons kicked her against the post and went for a spin kick, but missed and hit the post. Joseph said it was the previously injured knee. As she tried to reenter, Davenport hit a chop block and then the kamigoye.

WINNER: Blair Davenport at 5:25 (kamigoye)

-They played a Dusty Classic video narrated by Cody Rhodes that highlighted the eight teams in the classic and showing the past winners of both the Men’s and Women’s tournaments. They said eight teams, but I think they only showed six. Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin vs. Gallus is next. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Kelly Wells was incredibly fearful they’d put Lyons over as we’re pretty sure this was her fist loss in a singles match. She’s just been injured so much you’re forgiven if you forgot. It was a decent match, but the biggest issues were Lyons’ impact moves as they did not look good. Now, if this is just a one-off with Davenport, great, Davenport probably works her way back to a title match. If this was just another chapter in their feud, then it’s likely Lyons gets the feud victory at Vengeance Day.)

-They returned with Carmelo Hayes in the locker room just getting off of the phone as Trick Williams walked in. Hayes said he had good news and Williams said he might say one thing and do another. Hayes admitted he came out last week when he was asked not to, but he also said Williams got it done anyway. Hayes said they have no idea how long Ilja Dragunov is out, so Hayes pulled some strings and he got them the last spot in the Dusty Classic. Williams was unenthused and said he needed to stay focused. Hayes said staying in the ring will keep him focused. Williams said he doesn’t know and Hayes said he does know. He said he getting the Triple Crown and Williams will be “Two Title Trick.” I guess they showed seven teams then.

-Gallus made their entrance.  The makeshift team of Breakker and Corbin made their entrances separate of each other. Breakker’s music cut off Corbin’s, and Corbin just smiled in a knowing way. It looks like the bracket is set for the Breakker and Corbin vs. Hayes and Williams in the final.

(2) BRON BREAKKER & BARON CORBIN vs. GALLUS (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang w/Joe Coffey) – Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic first round match

Breakker and Coffey began the match. Coffey quickly hit an arm drag and mocked Breakker. Breakker then hit a big shoulder tackle to drop Coffey. He held onto a side head lock, but then Wolfgang made a sneaky tag and took one of his own. Breakker came off of a rope run, catching and slamming a leaping Wolfgang. Breakker tagged in Corbin and held Wolfgang in the corner for Corbin to hit a running lariat. Wolfgang came back and tagged in Coffey as they attacked the left shoulder. Corbin ran right into a leaping uppercut, flooring him. He came back with a stiff palm strike, but another sneak tag saw him take a stun gun across the top rope. Breakker tried running in, but ate some of the tag team action. Joe Coffey clapped at them as the two, well, heels(?) regrouped outside. [c]

Corbin was beating on Coffey in the corner as they returned, but missed a running attack. He then came back with a second rope leaping lariat for a two-count that was broken up by Wolfgang. He dodged Breakker and hit a Wasteland, but then Corbin hit him with a spinebuster. Coffey then ate a a big Deep Six from Corbin and all four men were laid out. The four men rose after all looking at the trophy (camera shot included). They beat on each other and Corbin and Coffey ended up in the ring, still the legal men. The crowd chanted “assholes” for Corbin and Breakker after Corbin’s speech to get them tagging. Corbin hit a big slam and set for something, but Gallus pulled out Coffey. Corbin went out and Wolfgang dodged a punch, Corbin hitting the post (two post shots in two matches). Coffey then worked the hand on the announce table and apron. He brought Corbin inside the ring and cinched in a siting modified cobra clutch, yanking on the right hand at the same time.

Wolfgang tagged in and sent Corbin hard into a corner, then hit a running splash and snapmare before tagging in Coffey. They cut off the ring and worked Corbin, but he dodged and attack, then another, and tagged in Breakker. Breakker hit some shoulder tackles, a punch, and leaping gutbuster. He then hit some kind of German stunner or something, and then a double rope run lariat. The crow rose to their feet and started barking; I guess they’re faces. He then put Coffey in Wolfgang’s arms and hit a German on Wolfgang so he hit a fall away slam on his partner. Breakker set for the spear, but Corbin tagged in. The crowd chanted “Spear of Days.” Corbin pushed aside Corbin and hit Wolfgang with a spear to prevent an attack as Corbin hit End of Days. Gallus, a multi-time champion, has had an ignominious fall the past few months dating back to their feud with The Family.

WINNER: Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin at 10:53 (End of Days) to advance in the Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

-Joseph and Breakker then shifted to the ranch hand video from earlier today. Henley was tending to her horses and asked her other hands if Stratton showed up. She was late “as expected.” She showed up in all pink stuff, nothing you would actually wear on a ranch, but what you would wear if you were trying to be a sexy ranch hand for Halloween. Stratton said she at least has to look good in this “disgusting situation.” Stratton nearly sprained her ankles walking in the heels on the flooring. She said she doesn’t speak “ranch,” and Henley discussed what they’ll be cleaning – including “horse dumpings, droppings, poop, yeah, horse s**t, if you see it pick it up.” More to come later…

-They showed Lyra Valkyria walking toward the ring. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: They’re doing a LOT of character work between Breakker and Corbin as a team – on the way to the ring, during the match, after the match – as it’s clear they’re set to hit the final. The other path is for each to get on each other’s nerves so much with the constant one-upping that they implode during the finals against presumably Hayes and Williams. It’s just that none of the other teams seem like a viable option unless they’re looking to revamp the division and go with a surprise winner to add some shock to the system.)

-They returned with the headlines about Money in the Bank being in Toronto, including Heatwave.


Valkyria was in the ring and she said her and Davenport kicked the crap out of each other last week. She said despite being the deepest women’s division in the company, she’s confident she’ll end 2024 as the champion. She did say she knows Davenport isn’t going anywhere, but who’s next in four weeks? She said we’ll find out next week because she spoke to Ava and they’ll have a 20-woman battle royal with a twist: the final four will turn into a four-way match who will then become #1 contender.

Lola Vice (with Elektra Lopez) interrupted her. They walked to the ring as Vice said Tatum Paxley saved Valkyria’s ass last week and she still has the contract. Valkyria said she gets it, but what happened with her background and hype yet all she sees Vice doing is talk about what she will do. Valkyria said she’s not here to see Vice shake her ass on Instagram, but she’s here to fight the cage fighter. She said some of these people don’t like Vice, a lot of them do, but all of them want to see the match happen. Vice said something in Spanish and said everyone loves her, she can’t help it since they’re like sheep. She can’t blame them since they love her Latina Heat. Valkyria said where is because the only Latina Heat she sees is coming from Lopez, the person who held Legado del Fantasma together. She stirred the spot and asked if Vice has told Lopez she isn’t going to cash that contract for a Tag Team Championship match. Valkyria called for a ref, but before a ref could enter the ring, Lopez hit her and the beatdown began. Paxley suddenly entered the ring and they fought off the heels. Valkyria still looked spooked at her unique ally.

-They showed an earlier today video of Meta-Four watching the final moments of Henley, Josh Briggs, and Brooks Jensen. They celebrated, but Briggs came into the room. Briggs said they didn’t break up because of Meta-Four and they didn’t believe him. He said they all had different goals and broke up because of that and would be one without “Captain Sidekick” Oro Mensah. They argued some more and that match is next. [c]

-Luca Crusifino was showing pictures of his loss with his foot under the rope, but Ava dismissed him as they returned from break. Dragon Lee approached and said his visa issues are done and he’s ready to go. Lexis King interrupted and said the open challenges are back on the table, right? Lee said he’s always ready. King said he’s always ready and even has the contract written up. Lee signed. Lee said, “See you tonight, cabron.” Well damn.

-Meta-Four made their entrance. The now stable-free Briggs was already in the ring.

(3) ORO MENSAH (w/Meta-Four) vs. JOSH BRIGGS – Singles match

Mensah’s waist band literally just had “WAISTBAND” on it and I’m howling. Briggs took control early. He went for a bodyslam, but Mensah slipped out only to eat a huge shoulder tackle. He then ate a corner avalanche, but then fishhooked the mouth behind the ref’s back. Mensah slipped outside and Lash Legend distracted the ref long enough for Noam Dar to grab the foot and allow Mensah to hit a stiff kick to the face. He then beat on Briggs until he fell to the mat for a two-count. Briggs missed a kick and fell to a leg sweep for a two-count. Mensah stayed on top of Briggs with constant strikes and holds. He chopped Briggs, but this just fired him up. Briggs then put Mensah on the apron, but Mensah continually rammed Briggs’ head into the turnbuckle and hit a leaping kick from the top rope for a two-count. Mensah hit about six stiff kicks to the back and a head slap, all of which Briggs no-sold and hit one of the highest, thunderous Ron Simmons spinebusters I’ve seen in some time. He set in the corner and Jakara Jackson distracted the ref. Dar grabbed Briggs’ foot, but Briggs fought out and was able to cleanly hit Mensah with Clothesline from Hell.

WINNER: Josh Briggs at 3:26 (Clothesline from Hell)

-They showed The Family and OTM making their way for the title match. [c]


-They returned with a hype video for the Royal Rumble.

-Part Two of Stratton the ranch hand showed her struggling with everything, spilling water, not wanting to get dirty, even frightening the good doggies. She asked if she could sit down, but it was only task number one. Another ranch hand came up smiling, saying a horse did that thing again. She said that’s on you Buttercup, and Stratton said not to call her that; Henley said that’s the horse’s name. They cut to Stratton, with hay all up in her clothes and hair, getting ready to clean Buttercup, droppings all over the place. Stratton looked miserable and threw down the sponge. Stratton said she’s done and needs a shower, new clothes, and to be disinfected. Henley said you can’t put a clean horse in a dirty stall. Stratton said they’re dirty animals. Henley gave Stratton a pink rake and told her to get to mucking. There were piles of horse droppings. To be continued…

-OTM made their entrance. The Family was next. Alicia Taylor gave formal ringside introductions.

(4) THE FAMILY (c) (Tony D’Angelo & Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo w/Adriana Rizzo) vs. OTM (Lucien Price & Bronco Nima w/Scrypts) – Men’s Tag Team Championship match

Stacks and Nima started. Stacks showed no fear, but couldn’t overpower the bigger man. He tried his quickness instead, but ran right into a shoulder. Stacks hit a few strikes, then D’Angelo made a tag and the two hit shoulders, D’Angelo almost falling. Stacks tagged back in and a double team is what took Nima down. Price tagged in and then just lifted and ran Stacks into a corner. However, Stacks hit a good dropkick and tagged in his partner. D’Angelo and Stacks worked Price in their corner, including D’Angelo hip tossing Stacks into a seated Price. Stacks tagged back in and after a slingshot elbow from D’Angelo, he military press slammed Stacks onto Price. Nima made a sneaky tag and kicked Stacks in the back. Stacks took him out, sent Price to the apron, but then got hoisted on Nima’s shoulder and Nima went too early on what was to be an electric chair-bulldog to the floor. [c]

Nima was beating on Stacks as they returned, then cheap shotted D’Angelo. Nima’s top was ripped and D’Angelo came in only to be rushed back by the ref. Nima sent Stacks into their corner, but Stacks fought back. Price made the tag and they were able to keep Stacks in their corner. Stacks pushed Nima out of the ring in an act of defiance, but was slid right onto his shoulders. He then escaped and shoved Nima into the post and was able to flee Price to tag in D’Angelo. D’Angelo used his amateur background to hit a few overhead belly-to-belly suplexes to Price. He then did some kind of sloppy tilt-a-whirl on Nima to lock him up with gut punches and then a big spinebuster. He went for a fisherman’s on Price, but Price thwarted it only for Stacks to tag in to hit one double team, but the second was broken up by Nima. Nima then tagged in and they went for a double team, a double Samoan drop on D’Angelo, but he just kicked out. Price tagged in and they hit an assisted powerslam, but D’Angelo still kicked out even with Stacks being kept away.

Nima tagged in and they went for one more double team, but D’Angelo fought them off. Stacks exploded with a Cactus clothesline on Nima. D’Angelo then sent Price outside and called for Stacks. Stacks ran and was hip tossed over and out onto both men. Back in the ring, They went for Bada Bing, Bada Boom which Joseph called the reverse of only for Nima to rush Stacks into the pin to break it up. The four men then went at it in the ring. Scrypts went for leaping splash while the ref was dealing with Nima, but I guess Rizzo pushed him off right onto Price. Stacks then took out Nima and D’Angelo hit his fisherman’s.

WINNER: The Family at 11:47 (fisherman’s) to retain the Men’s NXT Tag Team Championship

-They showed an NXT_Anonymous video just somehow, right next to the Chase U women students behind a door, discussing Jacy Jayne’s plan. She told them to follow her plan.

-Kelly Kincaid asked Oba Femi when he was going to use the contract. Femi said the contract means he can use it whenever he wants to become a champion and everyone will crumble beneath his feet. King interrupted and said if it wasn’t for Trey Bearhill, well, who knows. King said Femi earned his title shot and King has his, showing his contract, and said he’s looking at the next champ in Femi and next North American Champion in the “King of Tuesday Nights.” Femi just deadpan asked, “That match is the main event tonight?”

-Cora Jade made her entrance. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: OTM’s best match to date and a great tag team match overall – if you can look past all of the WWE booking stuff and the interference at the end. Hey, at least the interference hurt the heels instead of the faces this time. OTM wasn’t ready to be champion, but this match will definitely go a long way in establishing their credibility should they become champion while in NXT. The Family is more entertaining with Rizzo, but will that translate enough to the ring to keep me invested in a title reign that thus far I have not been invested? I guess time will tell.)

-They returned with Gallus upset in the back. Joe Coffey was upset with someone walking by and it was Ridge Holland. Coffey mocked him about pouring his heart out last week. Coffey said he’s got no fear and said Holland should be afraid of what he could to do him. Holland said there’s no fear in his eyes. Coffey needled Holland for being a Brawling Brute and now back in NXT.

-Gigi Dolin made her entrance. Jade looked nonplussed at her opponent.

(5) CORA JADE vs. GIGI DOLIN – Singles match

They locked up to begin the match, but then Dolin hit a big arm wrench. Jade came back with a forearm and went for her double arm DDT, but Dolin slipped out and hit a few kicks for a two-count. She hit some Kawada kicks and then set for her running dropkick, but Jade moved and hit a double stomp to the back. Jade hit a few shoulder thrusts in the corner and then some kicks and a boot choke in another corner. Dolin fought back, but was immediately slammed to the mat. Jade hit a clothesline after an Irish whip, but the last few sequences have looked fluid. Jade was able to hit a running elbow to Dolin against the ropes, then a high running knee in the corner for a two-count. She applied a rear chin lock and flung Dolin back to the mat when she tried to escape. Jade missed another running knee in the corer, and Dolin responded with a kick combo and then a big STO clothesline. This time, she hit her running dropkick to a seated Jade along the bottom rope. She went for the Gigi Driver, but Jade held onto the official and then hit Jaded, her double arm DDT (this is how you know Jade Cargill is not going to be on NXT).

WINNER: Cora Jade at 4:05 (Jaded) [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: A bit clunky at times, specifically the points you could see Jade calling things in the match to Dolin, but a serviceable match for both women. I think any hope people may have had of Dolin getting a babyface push are all but quashed at this point. Jade is going to slot in nicely – I can’t believe I’m saying that – as a nice mid- to upper-card heel in the division, almost like a Corbin.)

-They returned with a Backlash France graphic.

-OTM were in the parking lot saying they got played. Scrypts said he has everything under control. Jaida Parker was waiting at their car. “Whew, Miss Parker, Miss Parker.” She said they could see that from a mile away and they fell from that? She said about “Rizz,” she can apply pressure where they can’t. They went to talk business. I really, really like this.

-Hank & Tank were already in the ring. Nathan Frazer and Axiom entered next to a mix of their music and entrances, including the slow motion.

(6) AXIOM & NATHAN FRAZER vs. HANK WALKER & TANK LEDGER – Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic first round match

Hank Walker immediately threw down Axiom, but Axiom went straight back at him. Walker tossed him and Axiom landed on his feet, but Walker landed a big boot that showed a lot of light. Axiom then hit a dropkick with no light. Frazer made a sneaky tag, but was sandwiched in the corner as Tank Ledger tagged in and they rammed Frazer. Frazer hit a Seth Rollins enziguri and tagged in Axiom. They hit a series of quick attacks for a two-count. Axiom hit a stiff kick to Ledger, then a slap, but was slapped out of the air and caught by Walker, who used a sneaky tag, and is really making his offense all about just chucking people in the ring. He hit a big bodyslam and Ledger tagged in, hitting a slingshot splash. Ledger went for a gut wrench, but Axiom slipped out, took out Walker, and tagged in Frazer. Frazer used his speed to land on Ledger, then evade Ledger, then hit a springboard shotgun dropkick. Walker ate a big thurst kick as he interfered, but Ledger then hit a Bubba Bomb on Frazer. They hit an assisted belly-to-back as Walker tagged in for a two-count as Frazer just kicked out. Frazer evaded Walker, who landed outside, and tagged in Axiom. They hit topes to both men on either side, then a second. Axiom climbed to the top and rolled through an evasion, but was flipped by a Walker lariat. Frazer tagged in and Axiom hit the Golden Ratio, then took out Ledger. Frazer then just barely hit a phoenix splash.

WINNER: Axiom & Nathan Frazer at 4:44 (phoenix splash) to advance in the Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

-Part three showed Stratton trying to talk herself through cleaning up the stall as Henley and everyone else just watched and laughed. Henley did admit Stratton lasted longer than she expected. They joked about her more as Stratton gave herself a pep talk only to be cut off by the stench. Henley taunted Stratton. Stratton said it wasn’t real work, but hell and the worst day of her life because for one day, she felt what it was like to be Henley. She said she pitied Henley because she “loves this crap, literally.” Henley tried to say something, but Stratton cut her off. She stepped in poo and then tripped into a basin of water. She threw a tantrum as they just laughed and walked away.

-Dragon Lee made his entrance for this “open challenge” that really isn’t one so he should have entered second. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: That was about the fasted 4:44 of tag team action you’ll see in NXT. My goodness.)

-They returned with Edris Enofe and Malik Blade in that back kitchen area as they hyped themselves up about the Dusty Classic. Enofe said everyone just talks about Hayes and Williams, but next week, they’re going to be talking about them. They said they been friends just as long as Hayes and Williams. Suddenly Brinley Reece (I think that’s her last name?) appeared and aggressively tried to get them to stretch. They showed her their six packs to thwart her talk of a training program.

-Joseph hyped next week including the other two Dusty Classic matches and the women’s battle royal.

-King made his entrance. Alicia Taylor gave formal in-ring introductions.

(7) DRAGON LEE (c) vs. LEXIS KING – North American Championship match

Both were in black and gold/black and yellow. The graphic for the title match was in Spanish, a nice touch. They grappled into the ropes and Lee gave a clean break. They wrestled into a corner and King broke off to mock Lee only to be taken down with a side head lock. On their feet, King went after the arm and wrenched it over his shoulder. He then hooked the mask, but Lee was able to pick the leg. King rolled him over with is legs into a pinning predicament as this has had a very grapple-heavy start to the match, drawing boos from this bloodthirsty crowd. After a few rope runs and counters, Lee hit a dropkick to send King into a corner. Lee ran at King, but was sat on the top and ate a dropkick to send him outside. King went for a running attack to the outside, but caught himself. It looked clunky, but it was meant to as they showed Bearhill trying to interfere and being held back by a gaggle of refs. This allowed Lee to hit a running tope of his own to King on the outside. [c]

King had Lee in a single crab as they returned, dragging him away from the ropes only to be rolled up for a two-count. King then laid out Lee with a clothesline. King acted like he was going for a running dropkick in the corner, but stopped and slapped Lee instead.


Lee was furious and fired off on King. Lee hit the apron, but sent King into the apron and kicked his head, then hit a head scissor into the corner. He kicked, tripped, and slingshot kicked King. He then hit a running dropkick into the corner for a two-count. He hit a PK to the back. King tried to fire up and called for a chest shot. He and Lee traded chest slaps. They traded some more blows, but Lee hit a big thrust kick. King came back and hit basically a cradle shock driver for a two-count, and held on for another single leg crab; Lee grabbed the rope. Lee suddenly came out of the corner with Operation Dragon.

WINNER: Dragon Lee at 8:46 (Operation Dragon) to retain the NXT North American Championship

-Femi’s music hit as he ran to the ring with a ref. He cashed in his contract, but Lee hit a tope before the bell.

(8) DRAGON LEE (c) vs. OBA FEMI – North American Championship match

In the ring, Femi used his power to thwart Lee. He literally just lifted and tossed Lee like a sandbag. He set in the corner for a big rushing attack, but ran into a thrust kick. Lee went for a tornado DDT and hit, using the top rope for assistance, but only a two-count. Lee went for Operation Dragon, but Femi caught him and turned it into a big, big powerbomb. He stared at the title in his hand, a look of awe on his face.

WINNER: Oba Femi at 1:15 (powerbomb) to become NEW NXT North American Champion

(Hazelwood’s Take: As far as the first match goes, it was a solid match, nothing spectacular, but I do think King looked his best here than in his other matches to date. Lee is Lee, great at what he does, and the question was always if this would be a short-term reign for him considering he was on Raw for a bit. Now, Femi immediately makes a double impact by first winning the Men’s Breakout Tournament and a few weeks later, becoming the new North American Champion. That man just oozes charisma and his power offense is damn impressive. I’m ready for Femi to dominate in 2024.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Overall, this seemed like one of the better non-themed episodes of NXT in a bit. The in-ring work was good, every segment worked to build something (the Henley-Stratton bits a nice break of levity from what was otherwise booked as a more serious show in terms of the stakes), and the Dusty Classic is there to be an anchor for the show heading into Vengeance Day. The added wrinkle to Hayes’ and Williams’ story is a nice layer after receiving a question last week about it basically jumping the shark at this point. I’m not a fan of battle royals, but at least they had Valkyria give a nod to both Davenport and (forced) to Vice, and this way you can have someone win that you can then have put Valkyria over in a TV title defense (Kelani Jordan? Kiana James? Izzy Dame?).

We’ll discuss more of tonight’s show and take callers/emails on PWT Talks NXT!

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