1/17 AEW DYNAMITE RESULTS (1/17): Amin’s alt-perspective report with analysis of Samoa Joe vs. Hook, Young Bucks new personas, Christian vs. Dustin, Jay Briscoe tribute

By Amin Ajani, PWTorch contributor


JANUARY 17, 2024

Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Tony Schiavone

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts


—The show opened with a highlight package hyping up the AEW World Title match between Samoa Joe and Hook.

—AEW World Champion Samoa Joe and Hook were shown arriving at the arena.

(1) CHRISTIAN CAGE (w/Killswitch & Nick Wayne) vs. DUSTIN RHODES – TNT Title match

There was Suicide Squad sponsor logos around the barricade and ring skirt. Cage and Rhodes began with an aggressive lock up. Cage took control rocking Rhodes with strikes. Rhodes responded by catching Cage with a snap powerslam for a near fall. Cage rolled to the floor. Rhodes ran Cage into the ring post. Rhodes rocked Cage with corner strikes. Cage responded by slamming Rhodes onto the turnbuckle. Cage connected with a flying crossbody onto Dustin on the floor. [c]

Cage went for a flying head butt but Rhodes rolled out of the way as they returned from break. Cage and Rhodes exchanged strikes. Rhodes battled back, planting Cage with a running bulldog for two. Rhodes catapulted Cage into the turnbuckle. The crowd cheered as Rhodes called for Shattered Dreams but Cage blocked. Rhodes caught Cage with a Code Red for a close two count. Rhodes went for a dive but Cage rocked him with a right hand. Cage connected with a frog splash to Rhodes for two. Cage grabbed the TNT Title but was stopped by Aubrey Edwards. Rhodes caught Cage with an inside cradle. Edwards was distracted with the title. Wayne shifted the leverage for Cage who got a two count.

Rhodes responded by catching Cage against the ropes. Edwards was distracted with Wayne at ringside. This gave Rhodes the opening to nail Cage with the Shattered Dreams. Rhodes planted Cage with a suplex. Rhodes maintained control delivering a Cross Rhodes which got a big reaction. Rhodes covered Cage for a close two count. Wayne grabbed hold onto Rhodes leg. Rhodes gave Kill Switch a low blow. Wayne went for Wayne’s World. Rhodes gave Wayne a Canadian Destroyer on the floor. Cage used Rhodes’ momentum sending him into the turnbuckle. Cage connected with a spear. Cage followed with a Kill Switch but Rhodes kicked out at two. Cage told Rhodes to stay down. The crowd chanted for Rhodes who gave Cage the finger. Cage delivered a second Kill Switch for the win.

WINNER: Christian Cage in 15:30 to retain the TNT Title

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a pretty good back-and-forth match. A strong showing from Rhodes as he looked very good. Rhodes wasn’t going to win the title. Rhodes has earned so much respect from the crowd that they were bitting on the near falls wanting to see him win. Another great showing from Cage as he knows how to work a good match. I liked how they laid out the finish for the match. Rhodes got a chance to stop both Killswitch and Wayne. They gave Cage the clean win to keep as a strong champion.)

—Renee Paquette interviewed “Swerve” backstage. Renee asked Strickland if he got his eyes on the AEW World Title match? Strickland said he got his eyes everywhere. He said he’d be foolish to not be paying attention to the main event. He said it doesn’t matter who wins the main event. He said he’s been focused on the world title. He spoke about being preoccupied with the Continental Classic. He said he didn’t win the Continental Classic. He mentioned everyone’s been talking about him the most from the tournament. He spoke about being the most dangerous man going after the AEW World Title. Renee brought up how “Hangman” Adam Page is also focused on the AEW World Title. He said Hangman was an impeccable performer and champion. He mentioned all of Hangman’s wins. He mentioned he beat Hangman twice. He said he wouldn’t mind beating Hangman again. He asked “Who’s House?” The crowd screamed “Swerve’s House!” [c]

(Amin’s Thoughts: A really good promo from Strickland hitting all the right notes. This was good as Strickland brought going after the AEW World Title but kept the program with Hangman open as well. It seems like we are getting Joe vs. Hangman vs. Strickland at Revolution for the AEW World Title.)

—They showed highlights of Ricky Starks and Big Bill defeating Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara last Saturday at AEW Battle of the Belts IX to retain the AEW World Tag Team Titles.

—Renee interviewed Chris Jericho backstage. Renee asked Jericho where do he and Guevara go from here? He said the AEW Tag Team Titles were ripped from their hands by the Don Callis Family. He blamed Konosuke Takeshita and Powerhouse Hobbs for the loss. He mentioned Guevara was injured in the match. He mentioned Takeshita attacking him with a kendo stick while led to Hobbs powerbombing through a table. He wondered what weapon he should use to attack Takeshita like a barbed wire baseball bat or a pizza cutter. He said his win over Takeshita in Japan doesn’t mean as much anymore. He said he was going to beat Takeshita’s ass.

Matt Sydal just randomly walked in and said Jericho was losing it. He said he knows Jericho better than that. He said Jericho needs to get back into the ring with someone who beat him before like him. Jericho said he respects Sydal as a wrestler. He said maybe Sydal is right that he might need a match. He challenged Sydal to a match at Rampage. The crowd cheered as Jericho mentioned the city’s name. This was eyebrow raising as the crowd was pretty much quiet with everything Jericho said before. He told Sydal he will see him on Friday.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was another Jericho promo which aired backstage to possibly control the crowd noise. The match between Jericho and Sydal is taking place on Rampage, a taped show. That’s another way for AEW to edit the crowd noise for Jericho’s match. The stuff with Jericho is just strange. The match with Sydal feels completely random and not any bit interesting at all.)

(2) ORANGE CASSIDY & TRENT BERETTA (w/Chuck Taylor) vs. PENTA EL ZERO MIEDO & KOMANDER (w/Rey Fenix & Alex Abrahentes)

There was a split reaction with the crowd chanting both Orange and Penta’s catchphrases. Orange and Penta began with a nice counter exchange. Penta nailed Orange with a superkick. Penta went for a dive but Beretta stopped him. Komander rocked Beretta with a charging forearm. Komander connected with a tope to Orange on the floor. Beretta stopped Komander planting him with an overhead suplex. Beretta rolled Orange into the ring who covered Komander for a two count. [c]

Komander caught Beretta with a head scissors as they returned from break. Penta ran wild catching Orange with a pair of sling blades. Komander connected with a tope con hilo to Beretta on the floor. Penta hit Made in Japan on Orange for a two count. Orange responded by catching Penta with a satellite DDT. Beretta rocked Komander with a series of forearm smashes. Komander responded by catching Beretta with a pair of rollups for a near fall. Penta leaped off Komander hitting a Canadian Destroyer onto Beretta. Komander followed by delivering a rocket launcher but Orange made the save. Komander went for a Phoenix splash but Beretta moved. Beretta rocked Komander with a running knee strike. Orange caught Penta with Beach Break. Orange rocked Komander with an Orange Punch. Beretta gave Komander the Strong Zero for the win.

WINNERS: Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta in 10:19

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a fun action packed tag team match with everyone getting a chance to shine. I liked the pairing with Orange who’s a great wrestler but brings out the comedy with the hands in pockets and lazy kicks. Meanwhile, Beretta played the more serious role showing some more aggression which showed in his facial reactions after getting the win.)

—Beretta had a serious look showing some frustration after the win. Orange placed his sunglasses on after the match. Orange stood in the middle of the ring. Beretta and Taylor went to hug Orange. They were stopped as The Undisputed Kingdom’s music played. Roderick Strong, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett came out. Both teams went face to face. Strong said he already told the people. He said he wanted to tell Orange to his face. He told Orange to take off his sunglasses. Orange refused to take his glasses off. Strong yelled Orange’s name. He spoke about Orange being a fighting champion. He wondered why Orange was in a tag team match. He wondered why Orange didn’t defend the AEW International Title on the show. He wondered if Orange had anything left in the tank? He wondered if the AEW International Title belonged to him.

Orange tried to grab the mic but Strong stopped him. Strong said he’s here to take the title. The crowd was giving Strong the “What” treatment. The crowd then chanted “Shut The F— Up!” Strong screamed in a comedic way telling the crowd to shut up. Orange challenged Strong to a match right now. Strong said he doesn’t want the match now. He said Orange is going to have to wait till Revolution. The crowd chanted “A**hole!” Strong again screamed telling the crowd to shut up. He wants Orange to know he’s keeping the International Title warm for him.

(Amin’s Thoughts: There were some ups and downs. The ups were they want the Revolution PPV to feel big so they are saving all the title matches for that show. The down was Strong’s promo as he once again went back to his screaming gimmick. Strong is now part of the top heel faction. Strong was positioned as the mid-card as someone who can play both the serious and comedy role in the group.)

—Renee interviewed “Hangman” Adam Page backstage. Renee asked Hangman what’s with the change about going after the AEW World Title? He said nobody cared about the AEW World Title than him in the last five years. He realized that he wanted to win the championship. He said in 2024, not only will he win the championship but will put his name on it. He said he will keep the title for as long as he can. Renee spoke about Strickland also having his eyes set on the AEW World Title. Renee noted Strickland said Hangman can’t beat him. He said he doesn’t think of Strickland at all. He said it doesn’t matter that he can’t beat Strickland. He said Joe is the world champion. He said he will be watching the main event. He said God be with Hook if he wins the title.

(Amin’s Thoughts: I liked the differences between the Hangman and Strickland promos. Strickland was focused on the AEW World Title but was also willing to face Hangman again. Meanwhile, Hangman played a subtle heel just blowing off his losses to Strickland. The crowds want to cheer for Strickland as a babyface. It’s possible we could see a double turn with Hangman going heel and Strickland going babyface from the complete differences in promos.)

—Mark Briscoe received a big reaction. Briscoe pointed to the sky. He asked the crowd what’s good? He said he came here representing the baddest tag team on the planet. The Briscoe Brothers. The crowd chanted “Dem Boyz!” His voice started to break as he spoke about his brother Jay Briscoe passing on one year ago due to a car accident. He said his niece was in the truck of the car accident. He said the doctors mentioned his niece would not walk again. The crowd cheered as the Briscoe family came out. He said God is on the throne, as they won’t stop because they can’t stop. He said he thanks and loves everyone. He said God Bless You All. Briscoe hugged his family.

—They aired an amazing Jay Briscoe tribute package. [c]

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was absolutely incredible and the best part of the show. Briscoe was incredible just speaking from the heart. Briscoe’s family was such a wonderful moment. Jay Briscoe tribute package was incredibly heartwarming and sad to watch at the same time. I had tears rolling down my cheeks watching the tribute package.)

—Renee interviewed The Young Bucks backstage (with their new moustaches). Nick cut Renee off and told her to show some more respect by calling them by their God given names. Nicholas Jackson and Matthew Jackson. He said they are Executive Vice Presidents around here and it’s time to take this job more seriously. Renee spoke about the public meltdowns, the temper tantrums. Matthew cut Renee off when she mentioned rumours. He said he knows which rumours Renee was talking about. He wondered if Renee believed the rumours of what people write and talk about them. He said all of them are fake. He said let’s say hypothetically some of the rumours were true. He asked Renee what she would do to protect her work and her baby? He said he knew what he would do. He called the rumours all hypotheticals again. He said would you be willing to lose your relationship with co-workers and friends? He asked would you do it again if there would be a sustainable wrestling company? He said he would do it again.

Renee asked them about returning to Dynamite last week to confront Sting? Matthew said Renee wasn’t there from the beginning. He said we used to say “Change The World” He said they were disrupters and rebels. He said they lost their way somewhere along the way. He said the “culture shifted” and toxicity creeped into the locker room. He said the company was different. He said it was because they began to lean on “yesterday’s self-serving superficial cancerous superstars.” He called Sting a role model employee and hopes everyone talks about them one day like they talk about Sting. He said it’s what Sting represents. He said he’s going to say goodbye to Sting after his last match. He hoped The Bucks would get the same treatment for their last match from everyone like how Sting got. Renee asked if they are challenging Sting at Revolution for his final match. Nicholas checked his phone. He said, “As EVPs” they will pull some strings.” They stood up and left.

(Amin’s Thoughts: The Young Bucks on-screen characters have been a really stale act for a really long time. I’m wondering if they are going to now go by the names of Matthew & Nicholaus Jackson? I’m thinking they are actually going to be playing their EVP roles on TV. I could see Matthew and Nicholas using their EVP roles to place themselves into an AEW Tag Team Title match before the Revolution PPV. That way Sting could maybe win the AEW Tag Team Titles with Darby Allin in his last match at the Revolution PPV. Overall, the segment didn’t really do much to get me anymore excited to see the Revolution match with Sting and Young Bucks. I’m curious to see how things play out if Matthew and Nicholas are actually going to play EVPs on TV. That could be the reason for the new look with the coats and moustaches?)

(3) BRIAN CAGE & GATES OF AGONY (Toa Liona & Bishop Kaun) (w/Price Nana) vs. BULLET CLUB GOLD (JAY WHITE, AUSTIN & COLTEN GUNN) – ROH Six-Man Tag Team Title match

White delivered strikes but couldn’t get Liona off his feet. Liona took control rocking White with a huge chop. White responded by catching Kaun with a dragon screw. Austin went for a splash but Kaun moved. Cage rocked Austin with a superkick. Cage sent Austin flying with a German suplex. The crowd cheered as Prince Nana did his signature dance. Kaun and Liona delivered a back cracker/running elbow drop combo to Austin for a two count. [c]

Austin got Colten a hot tag as they returned from break. Colten ran wild planting Kaun with a pump handle slam for two. Liona stopped Colten sending him flying with a pounce. Kaun planted Colten with an air raid crash but Austin and White made the save. The action moved the floor as Austin moved as Liona went flying over the timekeeper’s area. White ran wild planting Kaur with a uranage slam. Cage rocked White with a discus lariat. The Gunns hit 3:10 To Yuma on Cage. Prince Nana yanked White to the mat. Kaun delivered a gut buster to White for two. Anthony Bowens ran down, stopping Prince Nana from using the title. White caught Kaun with Blade Runner to win the titles which got a big reaction.

WINNERS: Jay White, Austin & Colten Gunn in 9:30 to win the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Titles

—The Acclaimed stood on the entrance ramp. Bowens did the scissors sign. White and The Gunns had a stare down with The Acclaimed.

(Amin’s Thoughts: I just want to mention something. I don’t mind NXT titles being defended on Raw or SmackDown because wrestling fans know NXT is the third brand and part of WWE. We just saw Samoa Joe vacant the ROH World TV which he held for over a year on Dynamite a few months back. They made the ROH World TV Title feel like nothing on AEW TV. We also saw the former ROH World Tag Team Champion MJF never defend the tag titles even once on ROH TV. I don’t like seeing ROH titles being defended on AEW TV. The ROH Titles are meaningless. I thought the match itself was good as everyone got a chance to shine. I enjoyed seeing White and The Gunns play babyface in the match. White and The Gunns possibly going babyface could be fun.)

—Adam Cole and Wardlow were backstage. Cole said Wardlow hasn’t scratched the surface of what he’s capable of. He said Wardlow will be unstoppable. He said Wardlow will run over opponents until he reaches the AEW World Title. He said the AEW World Title will be the property of the Undisputed Kingdom. He asked Wardlow if that’s right? Wardlow said, “Boom!” [c]

—The screen turned black and white. AEW Women’s World Champion “Timeless” Toni Storm came out with Luther and Mariah May.


Jay and Purrazzo exchanged rollups for near falls. Purrazzo took early control, stomping on Jay’s arm for a near fall. Jay responded by catching Purrazzo with a neck breaker against the ropes for a near fall. [c]

Purrazzo rocked Jay with a series of running clotheslines as they returned from break. Purrazzo rocked Jay with a pump kick for two. Storm complimented Riccobani on his looks on commentary. Jay responded by catching Purrazzo with a back cracker for two. Jay called for Queen Slayer. Purrazzo countered into an arm bar. Jay placed her foot on the ropes. Purazzo caught Jay with Venus De Milo for the submission win.

WINNER: Deonna Purrazzo in 6:40

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was just a basic match. A nice showcase for Purrazzo building her up as Storm’s next challenge for the AEW Women’s’ World Title. Meanwhile, this is now two straight losses for Jay after her big win on Homecoming last Wednesday on Dynamite. The first match she lost was Saturday on the Battle of the Belts shows. The match you might be wondering about? Jay lost to Julia Hart a TBS Title which had a three day build for a championship match. I’m wondering if Tony Khan still can’t figure out why people don’t care and don’t have interest in the AEW Women’s division?)

—Renee interviewed Purrazzo after the match. Renee said Toni Storm would like to meet with her. Purrazzo wasn’t sure what got into Storm. She said she knew Storm for a really long time. She said they used to be like sisters. She said Storm has changed since she arrived in AEW. She said she’s changed as well. She said Storm might have been friends with Deonna Purrazzo. She said Storm hasn’t met the greatest technical wrestler in the world.

The screen turned black and white. Storm couldn’t believe Purrazzo called herself technical. Luther carried Storm on her shoulders. She said technically Purrazzo was an artificial tanned hack. She said her past was none of Purrazzo’s concern. She said she should step in the ring and suck you right in that box. She said we must go to a commercial. She said, Chin Up. Tits Out. Watch for the shoe. May tossed a shoe at Purrazzo’s direction. Purrazzo tossed the shoe back in May’s direction. Luther carried Storm to the back. [c]

(Amin’s Thoughts: A solid promo from Purrazzo as she does well knowing how to present herself like a top talent. It’s really amazing how Storm was just part of The Outcast last year. The Outcast which gave off similar go-away heat vibes like the House of Torture in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Storm leaving The Outcast had done wonders for her. Storm is doing some of her finest work in this new on-screen character. Storm has become one of my favourite characters to watch on Dynamite.)

(5) PRIVATE PARTY (Marc Quen & Isiah Kassidy) vs. TOP FLIGHT (Dante & Darius Martin)

Kassidy and Darius began with a fun counter exchange. There was a standoff between both teams. Dante and Quen did some nice mat wrestling. Quen went after Dante’s ankle. Kassidy caught Dante with a springboard crossbody. [c]

Darius planted Kassidy in a wrist lock as they returned from break. Quen ran wild catching Darius with a tope con hilo. Quen followed with a corkscrew hilo to Dante on the floor. Quen connected with a 450 splash to Dante for two. Dante responded nailing Quen with a rising knee strike. Darius painted Quen with a slingshot flatliner but Kassidy made the save. Quen caught Darius with a popup dropkick. Dante rocked Quen with a popup knee strike. Kassidy ran into a boot from Dante. The crowd cheered as Kassidy and Quen caught Dante with Gin ’N’ Juice. Quen caught Darius in a reverse rollup. Quen grabbed hold onto the ropes for leverage to get the win.

WINNERS: Marc Quen & Isiah Kassidy in 10:20

(Amin’s Thoughts: This started slow but the action really picked up and turned into a fun action packed match. Private Party needed the win as they just returned to action. The finish was interesting with Private Party leaning heel by how they won the match.)

—They aired a Darby Allin and Sting vignette. Darby spoke about him and Sting accomplishing so much as a team. Sting said Darby was the best partner he had. Darby said this run will end with him and Sting as AEW World Tag Team Champions. Sting was driving. Sting said “It’s Showtime!”

(6) SAMOA JOE vs, HOOK – AEW World Title match

Hook received a great reaction from the crowd. Taz on commentary noted the pressure was on Joe not Hook. The fans for Samoa Joe as he got a huge reaction. Excalibur noted the main event is commercial free. Justin Roberts did the ring introductions. Hook wasted no time rocking Joe with strikes right away. The action moved the floor. Hook rocked Joe with a flying forearm off the barricade. Joe caught Hook charging with a back elbow. The crowd chanted “Joe! Joe! Joe!” Joe rocked Hook with a back elbow/enzuigiri combo. Joe connected with an elbow drop for a near fall.

Hook responded by taking Joe to the mat. Hook battled back rocking Joe with a flying forearm from the ring apron to the floor. Hook went for a T-Bone suplex but Joe blocked. Joe grabbed Hook and planted him with a uranage slam onto the announcer’s table. The crowd chanted “Holy S*it!” Joe marched around the ring. Hook gave Joe the finger. Taz on commentary told Hook to not do that. Joe grabbed Hook and planted him with a powerbomb onto the ring apron which looked nuts. Taz said he was going to take off his headset. Dr. Michael Sampson checked on Hook at ringside.

Taz placed his headset back on. Taz said Hook wasn’t going to quit. Hook made it back into the ring. Joe planted Hook with a powerslam for two. Joe planted Hook with a Death Valley Driver for two. Joe delivered the Muscle Buster. The crowd went nuts as Hook kicked out at one. Hook made a comeback rocking Joe with clotheslines. Hook planted Joe with a T-Bone suplex to a big reaction. Hook called for Redrum but Joe blocked. Joe countered by catching Hook in the Coquina Clutch. Hook passed out. Joe retained the title.

WINNER: Samoa Joe in 8:40 to retain the AEW World Title

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a really good, hard-hitting, action-packed match. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are people who aren’t going to like seeing Hook kick out of Joe’s Muscle Buster at one. This was a great showing from Hook as he took some nasty bumps but kept going showing he can still fight. Joe looked awesome playing the badass champion in his first title defense. I want to give Joe some more praise. Joe is the absolute professional. Joe came into the match and did everything he could to make Hook into a star. Hook came off as a bigger star after the match.)

-Hook asked Joe, is that all you got? Joe entered the ring and gave Hook a low blow. Joe gave Hook a second Muscle Buster. The crowd booed. Hook refused to stay down. Joe entered the ring. The crowd cheered as “Hangman” Adam Page ran down. Joe left the ring. “Swerve” Strickland was with Prince Nana watching from the crowd. The crowd chanted “ Who’s House? Swerve’s House!” Hangman walked around the ring. Strickland held up two fingers and walked away. Hangman checked on Hook. Hook walked away to the back. The show ended.

(Amin’s Thoughts: I really liked the post-match angle. Hook came off great not backing down and wanting to keep challenging Joe. It looks like Joe vs. Hangman vs. Strickland seems like the AEW World Title match for the Revolution PPV. The crowd chanting Swerve’s House was pretty interesting. A double turn with Hangman and Strickland looks like the move to make.)

OVERALL THOUGHTS: The main event was great and accomplished what it needed to do. Joe retained his championship to likely set up a three way match with Hangman and Strickland for Revolution. Hook came off like a bigger star after the match. The rest of the matches on the show were good. It looks like the AEW Tag Team Titles will likely be added for Sting’s final match at the Revolution PPV. Overall, this was a good episode of Dynamite. Mark Briscoe’s heartwarming tribute speech for his brother Jay Briscoe was incredible and the highlight of the show.


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