NXT TV RESULTS (2/20): Wells’s live report on Lyra Valkyria vs. Shotzi taped before Shotzi’s injury, Oba Femi defending against Lexis King, more

by Kelly Wells, PWTorch Contributor


FEBRUARY 20, 2024

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Byron Saxton

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): Kelly Kincaid


-Earlier, Shotzi arrived in the parking lot. Lyra Valkyria did as well.

(1) OBA FEMI (c) vs. LEXIS KING – NXT North American Championship match

Femi has been leaning very slightly heel, so it’s hard to say whether they’re just trying things, or leaning into the man’s undeniable response from the fans. The crowd, now watching their second episode, were noticeably muted to open the show, which is never ideal. Femi dominated early and hit a big back body-drop. King landed as much on his side as his back. King got into it with some kicks but charged right into a choke. Femi powered King over the top rope and to the outside, then rolled him back in. King dropkicked Femi from the apron, then went out and put Femi’s arm into the post twice. Femi threw a vicious right ad put King back into the ring.

King worked a double wristlock back in the ring. The screen split, and we saw Von Wagner and Mr. Stone watching on a monitor. Stone said he was going out there. Wagner said it wasn’t worth it, but Stone went anyway. King kept working the wrist and elbow of Femi, who sold. King slipped from the ring and hit Stone with a lariat on the ramp the second he showed up. Back inside, Femi pressed King, then darted him onto the top turnbuckle. He bealed King and hit him with a pop-up powerbomb to finish in an unusually quick opener.

WINNER: Oba Femi at 4:00.

(Wells’s Analysis: At one point I thought King was being protected, but that’s definitely over with this definitive finish. Femi appears to be on another level as far as prioritization on this brand)

-Backstage, Thea Hail sadly told Jacy Jayne and another woman that Riley Osborne hasn’t been returning her texts for a week. Arianna Grace showed up to try to impart advice (or stir the pot), and the girls told her to back off unless they wanted Jacy to take care of her.

-The WolfDogs prepared to head to the ring. [c]

-Back by the lockers, Lyra Valkyria checked on Tatum Paxley after the beating she took last week. Valkyria tried to look after Paxley’s best interest, which touched Paxley. Valkyria said Paxley had to stay back when Valkyria went out for her main event, and if she did, she’d have a special surprise for Paxley. An excited Paxley said she could do that, but after Lyra left, she said it would be the hardest thing she’s ever done.

-The WolfDogs went to the ring holding mics. The Dusty Cup was in the ring and they wore their belts. They got a “You deserve it” chant. Breakker said nobody would’ve guessed this would happen a few months ago when they were on opposite sides. Corbin brought up the fact that he won their match at No Mercy. Breakker said they wouldn’t be there if he didn’t carry the team. Corbin said he set up the Spear with End of Days. Breakker put them together as “Spear of Days” to suck up to the crowd. Corbin put them over as the new tag team champions, and Chase University’s music played Andre Chase and Duke Hudson to the ramp.

Chase asked if they could spell out the champs’ first opponents. Hudson said they were back at full strength. There was a “Chase U Sucks” chant, but the second Andre Chase said “Teachable moment,” they got a pop. After they made their intentions knows, Axiom and Nathan Frazer showed up on the ramp and they said they were the team that was closest to beating the champs in the Dusty Cup. Hudson mocked them and asked them to grab a ticket and head to the back of the line, because they’re about to place the Chase U flag firmly where it belongs. Corbin said this sounds like a “you guys” problem, and not a championship problem. He told them to take it elsewhere.

Ava hit the ramp and said it was up to her. She said there would be a #1 contender’s match for the tag team championship, and that match would be tonight. Again this week, Ava showed a confidence that was completely lacking for months before she stepped up a few weeks ago.

-Kelly Kincaid interviewed Roxanne Perez, who talked about the spotlight being ripped away from her. She said opportunities she worked her whole life for were being handed to main roster superstars. She said she hoped Lyra and Shotzi were watching her match, because she’d be watching theirs.

-Roxy entered for the next match. [c]

-Graphic: “Men deny their truth…I will be a mirror to it.” (The Three Faces guy, I assume)


Roxanne took Wren to the ropes after a lockup. A shoving match ensued. It devolved quickly into a mat brawl, and then spilled outside, where Perez threw more rights. Back inside, Sinclair managed a backslide and another rollup, both times for two. Sinclair hit a big side slam for another two. Perez yanked Sinclair’s arm to put her on the mat. Sinclair bailed and Perez followed, and repeated the yank spot on the floor. Perez kept working that arm, battering it on the apron. She rolled Sinclair in and covered for one. Perez kept yanking the arm. The crowd chanted “Roxy.” Nice of them to finally show up for her again once she started going heel. Perez leaned on Sinclair for a two count. Perez worked a sleeper and tripped Sinclair to the mat as she tried to get to a vertical base. Sinclair finally escaped and then threw a few clotheslines, then took down Perez in the corner. Perez hit Pop Rox, then transitioned to a crossface to finish.

WINNER: Roxanne Perez at 4:21.

(Wells’s Analysis: Not all talents can seamlessly transition from heel to face, or vice versa, while changing their offense in a meaningful way, but Perez definitely has it down. I like the fact that she’s continuing to use Pop Rox but goes into a painful submission to finish instead of ending it with a crowd-pleasing impact move. Perfectly good formula match here.)

-Briggs vs. Jensen is up next. [c]

-Spot for the Elimination Chamber Press Event on Thursday.

-Meta-Four hung out in a room. Noam Dar wondered what they’d do about No Quarter Catch Crew. NQCC showed up and made some threats, and Dar said this was two weeks in a row that they’ve stunk up this lounge. They invoked the “Catch Clause” where Dar won’t know who his opponent is until their match next week. They took off, and Dar freaked out about the Catch Clause.


Jensen had new music, an 80s-inspired hype type of thing. Good for him. Rope run and a block by Briggs. Jensen hit the next block, but Briggs hit the third and covered for one. Briggs said “You asked for it.” Briggs put Jensen down with some clubbing blows. To a corner, Jensen hit some chops and a bulldog, then a dropkick. Briggs booted Jensen from the ring, and moved to follow, but Jensen threw a hard right. Jensen got in some more shots on the floor, and the match went back inside. Jensen hit a running neckbreaker and Briggs bailed. Jensen went after him and charged him to the barricade, then over it between the barricade and the second plate barricade in front of the fans. The match went to split-screen. [c]

Briggs was in control, but Jensen threw some shots to the midsection and then hitan enzuigiri. Backslide by Jensen for two. Briggs worked Jensen’s neck by trapping it between his feet, then beat on Jensen in a corner to boos. The announcers were talking about the “tough love” throughout, suggesting it might still be good after this. Briggs hit a side slam for two. Briggs said “I’m doing this for you. Show me you’re a man.” Jensen threw a right and Briggs winced, then smiled. Jensen fired up and hit a good number of shots. Lariat and a dropkick by Jensen. Missile dropkick by Jensen got two. Jensen threw some shots in the corner, then moved to strike, but Briggs followed and laid him out. Cokeslam by Briggs got a believable near-fall. The crowd, though gassed, was into this match to some degree and specifically were showing up for Jensen.

The two exchanged boots i the middle of the ring. Spinning heel kick got two by Jensen. The two got a “this is awesome” chant. Briggs kicked out of the next cover with a big right. Clothesline from Hell, and one more, and that was that. Briggs, bleeding hardway from the mouth, held Jensen to him briefly and said “I did this for you. I love you.”

WINNER: Josh Briggs at 10:58.

(Wells’s Analysis: I didn’t think these two would have much of a match together, but this was a reasonably good match that crossed into strong style quite often. Vic said sometimes you fight, but sometimes you also get back together. I’d think that was the plan, but Jensen has new music, which would suggest an actual clean break here, though that could be a red herring)

-Joe Gacy was in a straitjacket in a pre-taped cinematic segment. Dijak showed up and said he had many instruments with which to derail his train. Gacy blew a smiley face into the door separating them, then fell back and laughed. Luca Crusifino showed up and said what Dijak is doing is false imprisonment. Dijak said he can do what he damn well pleases. Gacy kept laughing and said this wasn’t over.

-Up next, Carmelo Hayes comes to us from the Chop Shop. [c]

-The Chop Shop. Carmelo Hayes said this is where it all started, over shots of the two of them hanging out as friends at the barber shop. Melo said he’s not the one who got too big for his own boots. He said because he was his boy, he wanted to lift him up with him, but this is how he repays him? He says Trick could’ve been #5, he could’ve been #3, and because he was his boy he even would’ve allowed him to be #2. But he tried to be #1.


Melo said he isn’t stupid, and he saw it coming. He said he was Trick’s biggest competition, so “I had to get you before you got me.” He told Trick wherever he was, he should stay there, because his 15 minutes are up. He told Ilja Dragunov to get prepared for him.

(4) JACY JAYNE (w/Thea Hail and Jazmyn Nyx) vs. ARIANNA GRACE

Vic said Byron Saxton used to judge beauty competitions, and asked him to rate Grace. He gave her an 11 out of 10.  “Jazmyn Nyx” will be very, very annoying to type if she really keeps that name. Grace got dumped early, right out on the side with Hail & Nyx, and Jayne wondered why they weren’t attacking Grace. Nyx is an unbearably bad over-actor. Action went back inside and Jayne worked a sleeper. Jayne missed in a corner and Grace hit a body slam, then dropped an elbow for two. Grace once again got dumped to the ramp side, where Jayne went after her and then went back inside. She distracted the ref and again asked for assistance. Hail again declined, but Nyx threw a few clubbing blows and sent Grace back inside to be finished off by Jayne.

WINNER: Jacy Jayne at 3:18.

(Wells’s Analysis: That would’ve hit a little harder with even just a little bit of backstory on Jazmyn Nyx)

-Adrianna Rizzo and Stacks sat down with Tony D’Angelo. Stacks said they’d be tag team champions again. D said they weren’t. He said it’s time they lead the family in a new direction, and if they don’t like it, too bad. He told them to inform the family that if anyone doesn’t like it, they’ll let him know. D said it was time for him to really be the Don of NXT.

-The three men of Chase U entered ahead of the tag team #1 contender’s match. [c]

-Sarah Schreiber sat down with Ridge Holland about last week’s actions. He said he can’t get the stench of misfortune off of him. He said Gallus smashed his chair and that’s fine, but when it’s in his hands, he gets judged. He said he’s going to try this once more, but this isn’t the forum to do it. He said next week, he’ll apologize for all of his actions, even if no one cares. He said the man with the chair wasn’t the man he is in everyday life. He left, and Schreiber said “I guess we’re done.”

-Shotzi sparred ahead of her main event match.

(5) AXIOM & NATHAN FRAZER vs. CHASE UNIVERSITY (Andre Chase & Duke Hudson) (w/Riley Osborne) – #1 contender’s match for tag team championship

Axiom and Chase opened. Mat stuff to start. The two exchanged head-scissors. Axiom briefly controlled until Chase escaped and worked Axiom’s arm. They continued their quick mat reversals, then went for a dropkick at the same time. Reset. Frazer tagged in and hit a DDT and a standing shooting star press for two. Rope run and Chase kicked Frazer’s face and tagged Hudson. Chase U hit tandem shots to the midsection and Hudson took Frazer down for two. Frazer went for a headlock, then ran the ropes until he could manage a single-leg dropkick. He charged again but Hudson flattened him with a block. Axiom made a blind tag and he and Frazer dominated, each hitting tope suicidas on opposite sides. They fired up and the match went to commercial. [c]

Chase was tweener-in-peril upon return. He managed a uranage and both guys sold on the mat. Axiom and Hudson tagged in. Hudson hit a running boot on Frazer, but Axiom nailed him with a superkick. Hudson hit him with a uranage, then leveled Frazer and hit a senton/gutbuster combo on the two opponents. He covered Axiom for two. Hudson wanted Razor’s Edge but Axiom used a headscissor to put him into the corner. Frazer tagged in and the two quick guys got in a bunch of licks. Axiom tagged right back in and hit a top rope Spanish Fly for two. Axiom and Frazer double-teamed with a lot of quick kicks. Chase tagged in and hit a high cross-body on Frazer, who rolled through for two. The two exchanged trap pins for two, and Chase hit a third for the win. Frazer reacted with shock that it was over so quickly.

WINNERS: Chase University at 11:28.

After the decision was rendered, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson showed up and decimated both teams. Magic Killer for Duke Hudson. Their graphics showed up on the tron. Lucky they were prepared for them to show up.

(Wells’s Analysis: Perfectly decent tag stuff here, though Chase U’s mixed reaction muddies things up a little. I can’t imagine the WolfDogs are primed for a long title run, but I also don’t think Chase U will be the ones to dethrone them.)

-Ilja Dragunov gave a sit-down promo in a pre-taped segment. He said Carmelo Hayes was the lowest form of life – a rodent underfoot. He said he’d face him at Roadblock under one condition: he meets him face-to-face in the ring next week. He said he’s coming for Melo’s soul.

-Meta-Four entered ahead of the next match. [c]

-In the locker, Fallon Henley was forlorn. “I don’t know what got into them. They’re supposed to be like brothers.” Just off camera, someone sighed. It was Thea Hail, also forlorn. She was talkative about her problems. “Valentine’s Day strikes again,” Fallon said. She said she would erase Valentine’s Day 2023 if she could. She asked Thea to take a walk. They headed off and Henley told her the story of Brooks Jensen & Kiana James.


Jordan struck early and often. Legend pressed her, but she escaped briefly. Jordan got a brief rollup and then another for a one-count. Rope run and a big boot by Legend into a flying Jordan. That looked like it had some impact. Legend blocked Jordan to the mat a couple of times. Backbreaker by Legend. Big splash by Legend got two. Legend cut off all of Jordan’s ideas with impact stuff, but then splashed onto Jordan’s waiting knees. Jordan got in a bunch of rights. Jordan went up and hit a huracanrana, then a shotgun dropkick. Legend kicked, but Jordan caught it and hit a spinning heel kick. Jordan went up but Jakara Jackson interfered just long enough for Legend to hit a chokeslam to win.

WINNER: Lash Legend at 4:23.

Kiana James and Izzi Dame showed up and attacked the fallen Kelani Jordan, who fought back just long enough to escape their attack and get to the ramp to freedom.

(Wells’s Analysis: Decent big vs. small affair here that kept Lash strong (enough) and continued Jordan’s ongoing story. Jordan seems to be a priority of sorts, but if that’s to continue, she’ll have to pick up some wins)

-Lyra Valkyria headed for the ring. [c]

-Kelly Kincaid caught up with Gallows & Anderson in the parking lot. Anderson said they’ll be in NXT as long as they want. They got all smarmy and cocky about separating the men from the boys in NXT. Gallows said Corbin went to NXT to become the world’s largest comedian. They made their intentions for the tag team championships clear.

(7) LYRA VALKYRIA (c) vs. SHOTZI – NXT Women’s Championship match

Shotzi entered on her tank. Such a bummer with the knowledge she has a torn ACL. She yelled “I’m home” and got a decent reaction. Valkyria got her typically strong reaction (again, taking the gassed crowd into consideration). Alicia Taylor handled formal intros in the ring.

A dueling chant was about 70% in favor of Lyra. The two grappled on the mat early. Shotzi kicked away a charging Valkyria and the two reset. Headlock takeover by Valkyria and she held on. The two exchanged rollups, mostly for no count. They hit a couple more for near-falls. Another reset and Shotzi hit a block and howled. She hit a headscissor takedown but Valkyria rolled through and did the howl back. Shotzi smirked. The two jockeyed for position until Shotzi hit a draping DDT to the outside and the match went to split-screen. During split-screen we saw the medical team checking on Shotzi, who wasvery clearly hurt. Valkyria was looking at her with sadness. Shotzi clearly wanted to try to walk on the leg but was strongly advised not to. She crumbled to the mat again and tears were streaming down her face as reality set in. She was helped to the back and Valkyria paced the ring. This was all still in split-screen. Valkyria looked pretty rattled by what happened, even though it was really nobody’s fault. It just happened as Shotzi landed on the outside afterward.

Upon the return to full-screen, Ava showed up and said the crowd was promised an open challenge, and this was an open challenge now. Lash Legend showed up, fresh off of her own win.


(7b) LYRA VALKYRIA (c) vs. LASH LEGEND – NXT Women’s Championship match

Legend dominated early with the story that Valkyria had no break before this. She leaned on Valkyria until Valkyria got in some quick body shots and a big boot in the corner. Valkyria launched off of the top and got caught for a backbreaker by Legend, who covered for two. The two shoved each other’s faces and Legend hit an elbow drop for two. Legend charged Valkyria to the corner and covered for two. Legend worked a submission over her own shoulder. We went to the back, where some unnamed women were watching the match. Roxanne Perez, freshly out of the shower, asked what was going on. One of the women said there was an open challenge due to the injury, and Lash took it. Perez threw the monitor to the floor.

Valkyria hit a high cross-body for two. Legend hit a pump kick and did a jackknife cover for two. Lash took Valkyria up in the corner. Valkyria shoved Legend to the mat and hit a big splash for a surprising three (no surprise she’d win, but kind of a weirdly flat ending).

WINNER: Lyra Valkyria at 5:50.

If there was an angle planned with Tatum Paxley, it was scrapped as the company had to scramble for something to do. Valkyria posed with her belt and that was that.

(Wells’s Analysis: They did what they could with no notice. Pretty cool that Legend, once a major project, was entrusted with a championship match with literally no notice. Here’s hoping for the speediest possible recovery for Shotzi)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Kind of hard to feel anything but down after that injury to Shotzi. It was strange to see it all, even in split screen, considering the show was taped, but it makes sense in that the crowd had to be able to contextualize the change to the main event. Elsewhere on the show, Briggs and Jensen had a very strong singles affair with the next step up in the air, and we have new lame-duck #1 contenders to the tag team championship before Gallows & Anderson get their shot. We’ll unpack a decent show on PWT Talks NXT in a few minutes. Join us tonight or stream tomorrow. Cheers.


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