WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS (2/23): McDonald’s “alt perspective” report on Knight vs. McIntyre, Street Profits vs. A.O.P., Breakker debuts, Morgan vs. Stratton

By Alex McDonald, PWTorch Contributor


FEBRUARY 23, 2024

Announcers: Corey Graves, Wade Barrett



-L.A. Knight arrived in the arena, as did Drew McIntyre. Corey Graves previewed their match for later in the show. Liv Morgan and Tiffany Stratton were then shown arriving and Wade Barrett promoted their upcoming match.

-The camera panned the crowd and Graves introduced the show.

-Bianca Belair made her entrance.

-They cut to a video of Perth, Australia and previewed the Women’s Elimination Chamber match. The video had short messages from each woman in the match and showed clips of the women brawling. The video ended with a shot of the Elimination Chamber.

-Liv Morgan made her entrance.

-Tiffany Stratton made her entrance.


The bell rang six minutes into the first hour. Stratton blocked a kick but Morgan landed a right and Stratton went to the outside. Stratton walked up the ramp and the crowd booed. Morgan chased Stratton down and threw her down on the ramp. Morgan tossed Stratton into the ring steps. Morgan threw Stratton into the ring and covered her for a two count. Stratton recovered and took Morgan down with a discus clothesline. Stratton made the cover for a two count. Stratton stayed on the attack and slammed Morgan’s head into the top turnbuckle. Stratton went for a back suplex but Morgan landed on her feet and delivered a Backstabber. Morgan made the cover for a two count. Morgan sent Stratton to the corner and charged but Stratton took her down with a boot. Stratton flipped onto Morgan and made the cover for a two count. Stratton tossed Morgan across the ring and then clotheslined her in the corner. Stratton came off the ropes but Morgan landed a crucifix and covered Stratton for a two count. Stratton bailed to the outside of the ring and tried to regroup as the show cut to break. [c]

Back from break, Stratton was in control. Stratton put Morgan in a headlock on the mat. Morgan fought to her feet as the crowd cheered her on. Stratton cut Morgan off and threw her back down. Stratton taunted Morgan and landed a punch. Stratton pulled Morgan to her feet and Morgan landed strikes. Stratton drove a knee into the gut of Morgan. Morgan came off the ropes and took Stratton down with a shoulder tackle. Morgan took Stratton down again and kipped up. Morgan hit a knee in the corner then went to the second rope. Morgan came off with double knees and made the cover for a two count. Morgan charged and Stratton delivered a spinebuster. Stratton made the cover for a two count. Stratton positioned Morgan and climbed to the top rope. Stratton went for the moonsault but Morgan moved and Stratton landed on her feet. Morgan took Stratton down and then hit a modified slam. Morgan made the cover for a two count. Stratton hit a jawbreaker followed by an Alabama Slam. Stratton made another cover for a two count. Belair looked on from ringside. Stratton positioned Morgan again and climbed to the top. Morgan cut Stratton off and hit a springboard powerbomb. Morgan made the cover but Stratton escaped to the outside. Morgan went after Stratton and Stratton pulled Morgan into the announce table. Stratton slapped Belair. Stratton sent Morgan back into the ring. Belair jumped on the apron. Morgan went for a roll up but Stratton kicked Morgan into Belair. Stratton rolled up Morgan for the win.

WINNER: Tiffany Stratton in 14:00

(McDonald’s Analysis: Match was pretty solid until the awkward corner powerbomb spot. Morgan took forever to get there and Stratton had to awkwardly wait for her. Morgan finally arrived and delivered the move in slow motion. Probably too ambitious of a spot. Beyond that, match was fine and despite the finish involving a distraction for no real reason, the right woman won. Stratton has a lot of potential, but I think they need to change her entrance music. That, or add something to the beginning of it. She’s not getting the crowd response when she makes her entrance yet, but that should come with time. She does a really good job at getting her character across during her matches. Hopefully, it will catch on. I’m interested in seeing how everyone performs in the Chamber tomorrow. Unfortunately, the outcome is all but assured.)

-Drew McIntyre was in the back with Kayla Braxton. McIntyre said that every moment in his career has led to this match. He said the title needs him as much as he needs it. McIntyre said if he loses, his career is as useless as CM Punk’s return to WWE. Bobby Lashley appeared. He said he’s been laughing at all of McIntyre’s joke about Punk. Lashley said it was almost as funny as when Lashley beat McIntyre at Wrestlemania 37. Lashley walked off and McIntyre stared after him. [c]

(McDonald’s Analysis: McIntyre came off great here and put over how important this match is to him. He even managed to sneak in another dig at Punk. That feud is going to be really solid once Punk gets back. Anyone think it’s possible Punk isn’t as hurt as we’ve been led to believe? You know, maybe Punk costs McIntyre the match tomorrow and this match actually happens at Wrestlemania? Probably not, but it’s an interesting thought.)

-There was a video package with Ashante the Adonis and Cedric Alexander. Alexander tried on clothes as Adonis critiqued. Adonis said they need to look good if they are going to be a tag team. The video fast forwarded to hours later and they were still arguing. Alexander finally found an outfit that Adonis liked. It was leather pants and a tactical looking vest.

(McDonald’s Analysis: What was that? I’m not looking forward to whatever they do with these two. Too cute by half.)

-Graves through to a video recap of Raw this past Monday and the Bloodline’s involvement in the show as they cost both Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes.

-The Bloodline was in the back. Jimmy Uso bragged to Roman Reigns as Solo Sikoa stood in the background. Reigns asked Jimmy who sent him to Raw. Jimmy threw Heyman under the bus and said Heyman told him to. Reigns laughed and asked if Jimmy was stooging Heyman. Reigns said he called that play and Jimmy ran it to perfection. Heyman showed up and told Reigns that Grayson Waller is in the building. Reigns asked Heyman to bring Waller to him. Heyman said he would and walked off. Reigns said this should be good.

-Bron Breakker was shown warming up in the back. Graves said his Smackdown debut will be after the break. [c]

-Barrett ran down the air times for Elimination Chamber. They then showed Superstars arriving in Perth. Barrett narrated the video as Superstars were shown doing activities in Perth, as well as shots of the city.

-They showed a graphic for McIntyre against Knight. Barrett hyped the match for later in the show.

-Bron Breakker made his entrance. An NXT wrestler was already in the ring.


Chen landed a dropkick but Breakker absorbed it and took him down. Breakker ran the ropes and took Chen down with a clothesline. Graves touted the speed of Breakker. Breakker grabbed Chen on the apron and Chen hung up Breakker on the top rope. Chen landed a kick and then went for a springboard splash. Breakker caught Chen and slammed him. Breakker delivered the spear and made the cover for the win.

WINNER: Bron Breakker in 1:30

(McDonald’s Analysis: Good use of Breakker. They should do this for a while. I actually thought they almost gave Chen a little too much. Anyway, my only real issue with Breakker is his finish. Too many guys do spears and it hurts his ability to stand out. I get the idea behind it, but how many guys can have the same finish?)

-Breakker celebrated. Graves mentioned that Breakker is still one half of the NXT Tag Team Champions. Barrett said that Breakker barely got out of first gear.

-Kayla Braxton was in the back with Judgment Day. Kayla asked about their Tag Team Championship match at Elimination Chamber. Finn Balor said that Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate don’t have a chance. Damien Priest said after Bate and Dunne lose to Dominik Mysterio and JD McDonagh tonight, all they will have to do is pick the bones.

-Judgment Day made their entrance.

-They showed a graphic for Dominik and McDonagh against Bate and Dunne. Graves promoted the match for after the break. [c]

-Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro were in the back. They said they need to take care of Legado del Fantasma. Elektra Lopez appeared and said the L.W.O. was dead. She asked where Rey Mysterio was and where his leadership has gotten them. Lopez said they should have been loyal and maybe they will be more loyal the next time. Angel and Humberto attacked Wilde and Del Toro from behind. Santos Escobar appeared and said they will pay for what they did.

-Judgment Day was in the ring.

-Bate and Dunne made their entrance. Graves mentioned that Bate got Dunne back on track.

-They showed a graphic for the Tag Team title match with Bate and Dunne challenging Balor and Priest.

(3) JUDGMENT DAY (Dominik Mysterio & JD McDonagh) vs. TYLER BATE & PETE DUNNE

McDonagh started against Bate. McDonagh went to the arm and Bate flipped out of it. They locked up again and Bate grabbed a headlock. McDonagh reversed and put on his own headlock. Bate shot McDonagh off the ropes and McDonagh took Bate down. Bate kipped up. They went for a test of strength but Bate took the advantage and used a headscissors to send McDonagh to the outside. Bate delivered a monkey flip and Bunne tagged in. They hit a double back drop as Dominik looked on. Dunne stomped on McDonagh and tagged in Bate. Bate landed a splash and made the cover for a two count. Bate landed an elbow and then knocked Dominik off the apron. Bate lifted McDonagh to the apron and McDonagh pulled Bate down. Dominik tagged in and hit a leg drop. Dominik made the cover for a one count. McDonagh tagged back in and landed a kick as Dominik held Bate in place. Dominik tagged back in. Bate reversed a whip and sent McDonagh into the corner and over the top rope to the floor. Bate landed a kick to Dominik and Dunne tagged in. Dunne landed a clothesline and then worked on the arm and fingers of Dominik. Dominik yelled in agony as Dunne pulled at his fingers. Dunne slammed Dominik’s knee into the mat and then turned his ankle. Bate tagged back in. They hit a double stomp to the arms of Dominik. Bate ran the ropes but McDonagh pulled the top rope down and Bate fell to the floor. Dominik knocked Dunne to the outside. McDonagh landed a kick that took Bate down. Dominik and McDonagh celebrated as the show cut to break. [c]

McDonagh slammed Bate and made the cover for a two count. The crowd cheered Bate on as he fought back. McDonagh landed double knees and tagged in Dominik. Dominik stomped on Bate in the corner. Dominik taunted Dunne. Dominik landed a suplex and followed up with a second. Bate blocked the third and reversed into a stalling suplex of his own. Both men were down in the ring. They both made tags and Dunne hit a kick on McDonagh and then Dominik. Dunne kicked McDonagh in the corner and then hit a German suplex. Dunne stomped on McDonagh’s fingers and then kicked him in the head. Dunne landed a slam and then covered McDonagh for a two count. Dunne chopped McDonagh and then tagged in Bate. They went for a double suplex but Dominik grabbed McDonagh and saved him. Bate and Dunne beat on Dominik and kicked away at him in the corner. McDonagh tried to make the save but Bate tossed him into the corner as well. Bate gave Dominik the airplane spin and then dumped him to the outside. McDonagh rolled up Bate for a two count. Bate then used the airplane spin on him. Dunne tagged in. They landed a double kick in the corner followed by a kick into a suplex. Dunne made the cover but Dominik broke the count.


Dominik knocked Bate to the outside and then Dunne dumped Dominik. Dunne rolled up McDonagh for a two count. They traded shots before McDonagh hit a standing Spanish Fly for a two count. McDonagh went for a moonsault but Dunne got his knees up. McDonagh distracted the ref and Dominik hit a 619. McDonagh missed a knee in the corner and then Dunne snapped his fingers. Bate tagged in and they hit a double powerbomb on McDonagh. Bate made the cover for the win.

WINNER: Tyler Bate & Pete Dunne in 13:00

-Priest and Balor appeared and went after Bate and Dunne. Bate and Dunne fought back and Priest and Balor started to retreat. Priest and Balor hit the ring and Bate and Dunne exited to go after Dominik on their way up the ramp.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Good match. They worked really well together. I haven’t seen a ton of McDonagh and this was a good showing for him. If we go by the tried and true concept of letting the challengers get the win and walk tall the night before they lose, then we know the outcome for tomorrow. I really hope at some point, Paul Levesque breaks from that trope just to show it’s not a given.)

-Graves and Barrett sat ringside. Graves threw to a video package on the Men’s Elimination Chamber match tomorrow. They showed highlights of each wrestler with voiceovers to accompany them. The video ended with a shot of the Elimination Chamber.

-They showed a graphic for McIntyre against Knight. Graves promoted the match.

-Grayson Waller, Austin Theory and Logan Paul were in the back. They repeated “look at us” and marveled at each other. Kevin Owens appeared and cracked on them. Owens said he hopes that Paul brings his brass knuckles so he can punch him with them. Owens walked off. Paul asked why they didn’t just jump Owens. Heyman appeared. Heyman asked if it was Owens and said he never liked him. Heyman told Waller that Reigns wanted to talk to him. They walked off. Paul and Theory said they wanted to talk to the Tribal Chief and then talked about how good they both looked.

(McDonald’s Analysis: That is what Waller and Theory should have been doing with each other this entire time. They need to lean into the “bro-ness” of their characters. With that said, they both should be doing so much more than they are right now. I wish they were just friends instead of being a team. They could both add to the mid-card, but they’re just completely on the back burner right now.)

-The Street Profits made their entrance with Bobby Lashley and B-Fabb.

-They showed a graphic for the Profits against the Authors of Pain. Graves hyped the match for after the break. [c]

-Nick Aldis and an official helped Dakota Kai in the back. She was injured and they brought her into the trainer’s room. Barrett said they didn’t know what happened but will keep us updated.

-The Authors of Pain made their entrance with Karrion Kross, Scarlett, and Paul Ellering.

(4) STREET PROFITS (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) (w/ Bobby Lashley & B-Fabb) vs. AUTHORS OF PAIN (Akam & Rezar) (w/ Karrion Kross, Scarlett, & Paul Ellering)

Ford started against Akam. Ford came out with a dropkick and then hit Rezar on the apron. They double teamed him in the corner and then Rezar tagged in and landed a shot to the back of Ford. Dawkins tagged in and they took the advantage with a double team. Dawkins made the cover for a one count. A.O.P. took back over and overpowered Dawkins. Dawkins landed a kick and then sent Akam to the outside. Rezar charged and Dawkins side stepped and then clotheslined Rezar to the floor. Dawkins came off the ropes and hit a dive on A.O.P. on the outside. Dawkins and Ford celebrated as the show cut to break. [c]

Akam and Rezar took the advantage on Ford. Rezar pulled at Ford’s head with a neck vice. Ford got to his feet but Rezar clubbed him and tagged in Akam. Akam took Ford down and made the cover for a two count. Akam choked Ford with the middle rope. Rezar tagged back in. Rezar landed a kick to the gut of Ford and Ford went to the apron. Rezar knocked Ford down and Ford rolled back into the ring. Rezar slammed Ford down. Lashley and B-Fabb looked on from ringside. Ford fought to his feet and landed a kick followed by a big right hand. Ford went for a kick but Rezar moved. Rezar picked Ford up but Ford countered and sent Rezar into the ring post. Akam tagged in and so did Dawkins. Dawkins took Akam down but Akam cut him off with a kick to the gut. Dawkins recovered and hit a spinning back elbow. Dawkins hit a modified neckbreaker and made the cover for a two count. Dawkins lifted Akam to his feet and then lifted him to his shoulders. Akam got free. Dawkins charged Akam in the corner but Akam moved and then hit a big boot. Rezar tagged in and they hit a double team. Rezar made the cover but Ford broke the count. Rezar tossed Ford to the outside. Akam tagged in. They went for a powerbomb but Dawkins escaped with a kick. Ford tagged in. They hit a super Blockbuster and Ford made the cover but Rezar made the save. Dawkins clotheslined himself and Rezar to the floor. Akam and Ford were in the ring. Ford went for a kick but Akam blocked. Akam went for a slam but Ford got free and landed a kick. Ford climbed to the top rope. Scarlett distracted the ref and Kross shoved Ford off the top rope. B-Fabb attacked Scarlett and Lashley went after Ford. Kross turned the tables on Lashley and hit him with a chair. In the ring, Akam took down Ford and then tagged in Rezar. They hit double team and Rezar made the cover for the win.

WINNER: Authors of Pain in 12:00

-The Authors of Pain celebrated with Kross and Scarlett. Lashley sold his arm after the chair shot.

(McDonald’s Analysis: About time we finally get a real match between these teams. Akam and Rezar were booked to look super strong here and basically dominated the match outside a few hope spots. Solid action all the way through. The angle with Kross and Lashley is interesting and gives Lashley a bit of an out in the Chamber tomorrow. I actually expected them to do something similar to what they did with Lashley a couple of years ago where he got injured in the pod. I thought for sure they would go back to that with Kross and A.O.P. This works basically the same way, but they’re going to have to sell the injury with Lashley being wrapped up or in a cast or something.)

-Dakota Kai was in the back with the trainers. Bayley appeared and asked the trainers for a minute. Bayley asked Kai what happened. Kai said that she was attacked by Damage Ctrl. Bayley said it was her fault and she should have been there for Kai. Kai said she meant what she said and has Bayley’s back. Kai said she will earn Bayley’s trust back if she has to. She said they will make Damage Ctrl pay.

(McDonald’s Analysis: I’m calling swerve on this one. Kai is faking the injury so she can betray Bayley again. I really hope Bayley figures it out and doesn’t fall for it. She can’t be a dumb babyface.)

-They showed a graphic for McIntyre against Knight. Barrett hyped the match as tonight’s main event. [c]

-They showed video from the Elimination Chamber Press Conference earlier today in Perth. Rhea Ripley was shown as the star of the show.

-The Bloodline was in the back. Heyman appeared and introduced Waller to Reigns. Reigns told Jimmy to move and Waller to sit down. Waller sat on the couch next to Jimmy. Reigns said he needed to tell Waller something, but it’s only for him.

-They showed a graphic for the Grayson Waller Effect with Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins at Elimination Chamber. Graves and Barrett then ran down the rest of the card for tomorrow’s Elimination Chamber PLE.

-L.A. Knight made his entrance.

-They showed another graphic for McIntyre against Knight. Graves hyped their match for after the break. [c]

-They showed a graphic for the Kabuki Warriors against Bayley and Kai. Graves promoted the match for next week. Barrett then previewed Carlito against Escobar with an accompanying graphic.

-Lashley was being worked on by the trainers. McIntyre appeared and said he would pray for Lashley.

-Knight was in the ring.

-Drew McIntyre made his entrance. Knight and McIntyre stood face to face in the ring.

-Logan Paul made his entrance and joined commentary.


The bell rang forty-three minutes into the hour. They locked up and Knight backed McIntyre into the corner. The crowd chanted “Logan sucks”. In the ring, McIntyre chopped Knight and whipped him into the corner hard. McIntyre charged and Knight got a boot up. Knight came off the second rope and took McIntyre down with a shoulder tackle. Knight took McIntyre down again in the corner and stomped away at him. Knight charged and landed a knee. McIntyre recovered and went for a slam but Knight got free and rolled McIntyre up for a two count. McIntyre hit a Glasgow’s Kiss and was in control. McIntyre looked at Paul and Knight backdropped him over the top rope to the floor. Knight followed McIntyre out and took him out with a shoulder tackle. McIntyre reversed a whip and hit a belly to belly suplex on Knight on the outside. Kevin Owens appeared and pulled up a chair next to the announce desk. Graves got him a headset. In the match, McIntyre slingshotted Knight into the steel under the ring. Knight sold the move as McIntyre looked on as the show cut to break. [c]

McIntyre worked the arm of Knight as the crowd cheered Knight on. Knight got to his feet and landed punches. Knight went to the corner and tried to leap over McIntyre but McIntyre landed a kick. McIntyre made the cover for a two count. McIntyre looked up at the Wrestlemania sign. McIntyre took Knight to the corner and landed a chop. Knight fought back with chops of his own but McIntyre took him down with a kick. McIntyre landed another chop and then slammed Knight. McIntyre slammed Knight’s head into the mat and followed up with a stomp. McIntyre lifted Knight to his feet and propped him in the corner. McIntyre landed a couple of chops and then whipped Knight to the opposite corner. McIntyre charged and Knight got a boot up. Knight landed a punch and followed up with more as the crowd cheered him on. Knight hit an inverted atomic drop. Knight came off the ropes and took McIntyre down with a clothesline followed by a DDT. Knight made the cover for a two count. Owens and Paul bickered on commentary. Knight went for a BFT but McIntyre shoved him off. McIntyre took Knight down. McIntyre leapt over the top rope and then climbed to the top. Knight ran up and hit McIntyre with a superplex. Knight made the cover for a two count. Both men were down in the ring. They got to their feet and McIntyre countered a suplex into a Future Shock DDT. McIntyre measured Knight and counted down. McIntyre went for a Claymore but Knight moved. Knight pulled McIntyre to the outside and slammed McIntyre into the announce table. Knight rolled into the ring and celebrated. Knight got in the face of Paul. McIntyre took Knight down off the distraction. McIntyre tossed Knight into Owens. McIntyre tossed Knight into the ring. Owens attacked McIntyre from behind and the ref called for the bell.

WINNER: No Contest in 14:00

-McIntyre tossed Owens into Paul. All four men brawled into the ring. Knight hit McIntyre with a BFT. Lashley hit the ring and took out Knight. Owens hit the Stunner on Paul. Lashley took out Owens with a spear. Lashley celebrated and his music played. McIntyre took out Lashley with a Claymore. McIntyre stood tall and it appeared the show was about to go off the air when Randy Orton appeared behind McIntyre and delivered an RKO. Orton posed as the show went off the air.

(McDonald’s Analysis: I thought for a second there that McIntyre would stand tall at the end of the show and then win tomorrow, but nope. Back to the old trope. Orton has basically zero chance of winning, so it makes sense for him to reign supreme the night before. It’s a match that has a lot of star power and guys that have history together, but we won’t really get a breakout performance from anyone and the outcome is all but assured. Good episode of Smackdown and a good match before the lame finish. I could have done without Owens and Paul on commentary. It was like listening to Elementary School students bicker at a lunch table. Just not necessary and took away from what was an entertaining match.)


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