NXT TV RESULTS (2/27): Hazelwood’s live report on Dragunov-Hayes face-to-face, Good Brothers vs. Enofe & Blade, Perez vs. Jackson, Dar defends, more



FEBRUARY 27, 2024

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): Kelly Kincaid



-The show began with Ilja Dragunov’s music hitting as the Men’s NXT Champion kicked off the show. This was originally booked as a face-to-face as early as today on NXT social media, but just that he would “kick off the show” in the final commercial break of SVU prior to NXT beginning.


Dragunov called out Carmelo Hayes and a “vile, disgusting rat of a human.” He said this is Stand & Deliver season, but said they’re not talking about the championship even though he then tapped the title and said what he wants is right there. Hayes’ music hit so we are getting the face-to-face. Hayes was in all white with black accents. He said Dragunov is the champion “for now,” but the superstar that makes the brand go is him, not Dragunov. There were a line of security between them with Hayes standing at the entrance. He said Dragunov is still pissed that he used him in his thing against Trick Williams and that Dragunov “makes him sick.” The crowd chanted “shut the hell up.” Dragunov said Hayes is damn right that he’s spiteful. Hayes said he’s not stepping into the ring until he sees a contract and Ava makes it official. He said losing the title is Dragunov’s biggest fear and not the type to take him out before the match, so he said to get everything in order and then they can talk business; he said until the end of the night. Dragunov then knocked off some security from the apron and stared down Hayes, who was surrounded by the security crew.

-An earlier today video played of Ava walking in the pack as an off-camera guy asked her about tonight. Gigi Dolin approached and asked about what’s next for her. As Ava walked into her office, Jaida Parker was already in there. Parker also wanted to discuss her future. Dolin told her to wait in line and Parker said she don’t wait in no line, especially behind her. World Star was dropped. Ava stopped them and said they’re facing each other and they can leave one-by-one, starting with Parker.

-Kelani Jordan made her entrance. Vic Joseph welcomed Booker T back and I really, really wish I could do these recaps on mute. Kiana James was next, accompanied by Izzi Dame who I kept typing as Izzy Dame for the longest time.

(1) KELANI JORDAN vs. KIANA JAMES (w/Izzi Dame) – Singles match

Booker T always says names like he’s asking a question just to make sure he has them right. Jordan quickly thwarted James and then the two traded positions on arm wrenches. Jordan used the top rope to spring off and arm drag James. She hit a head scissor counter out of the corner, but then was stopped by Dame from a tope. Instead, she hit the apron and hit an Asai moonsault, landing on her feet. [c]

The two woman hit simultaneous cross bodies as they returned. They then traded strikes from their knees and then their feet. Jordan went for a suplex, but Jordan slipped out and hit a few running attacks and a cartwheel back elbow. She kipped up and roared. She hit a Jeff Hardy-like step-over kick for a two-count. She went for some kind of handspring, was thwarted, then came back and hit that handspring into a flatliner. She went for the Playmaker, but James slipped out and sent Jordan to the apron. Jordan flipped in, but ran right into a big spinebuster and matchbook cover for a two-count. Jordan was able to fight off Jordan, but as Jordan went for a springboard, Dame grabbed her leg and wickedly slammed her to the apron behind the ref’s back. James then hit what Joseph called “Dealbreaker,” which is basically Protect Ya Neck.

WINNER: Kiana James at 8:15 (Dealbreaker)

-Joseph and Booker T kicked to a recap of last week’s main event where Shotzi was injured and Lash Legend answered the open challenge against Lyra Valkyria. Valkyria retained after a good impromptu match. They also showed Roxanne Perez, angry and frustrated, yelling in the locker room, being approached by Jakara Jackson and mocking Perez. Perez said Legend was in the right place at the right time, that’s all. They then went at it, which led to tonight’s match.

-The Good Brothers made their entrance to a big pop for some reason. Alicia Taylor introduced them as The O.C. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Look, you’re just not going to get a bad match when you pair those two together. James has become a stalwart heel ring general and Dame is a great enforcer for her. Jordan is going to be a MASSIVE babyface and I wouldn’t be surprised if she basically becomes Hugger Bayley, a pure babyface that the fans are incredibly behind that NXT really hasn’t had in the women’s division in years, possibly since Bayley. James and Jordan are going to be just fine and I have no issues with the outcome of the match.)

-They returned with the official theme for Stand & Deliver, “Year of the Vulture” by The Wonder Years. Sure.

-Enofe and Blade were already in the ring.

(2) THE GOOD BROTHERS (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) vs. EDRIS ENOFE & MALIK BLADE – Tag team match

Blade and Anderson started the match and Anderson quickly went at the Blade. Blade was able to counter Anderson and tag in Enofe. They used double team offense to take it to Anderson and thwart Gallows. Anderson was able to hit a big uppercut counter, but ate a rana from Enofe. After a chop, Blade tagged back in and they hit a double shoulder tackle and some assisted offense to hit a splash and senton. Gallows distracted Blade, allowing Anderson to tag in Gallows and cutoff Blade from his partner. Gallows pounded away at Blade in the corner and then hung Blade on the top rope for a big boot. Big LG posed and then hit a big uppercut before slowing it down with a rear chin lock. A headbutt stopped a Blade comeback and then Gallows hit his body shot combo in the corner. Anderson tagged in and cinched in his own rear chin lock, this one with more emphasis and leverage. Blade slipped a suplex, hit a sunset flip, and then tagged in Enofe. He came in and took out Gallows from the apron, then hit a reverse sling blade to Anderson. Enofe hit a jackhammer, not the prettiest, but then Gallows threw Blade into the steps. Enofe kicked away Gallows and climbed for a 450. He rolled through, but ran right into Anderson’s just absolutely beautiful spinebuster (former G1 finalist!). Gallows tagged in and they hit the Magic Killer.

WINNER: The Good Brothers at 5:24 (Magic Killer)

-Andre Chase and Duke Hudson came from the crowd and told them that karma’s a bitch and that they deserve an Andre Chase University-sized as- Nathan Frazer and Axiom interrupted. Frazer reiterated that they’re next and at least a team like LWO confronts you face-to-face. As he said that, LWO attacked The Good Brothers from behind and it became a melee. Welp, we said triple threat last week, it’s now going to be a damn fatal four-way. I really hope I’m not doing the Roadblock or whatever report. The Wolf Dogs were looking on and smiled.

-Ava was on the phone and Oba Femi knocked, coming in. She hung up and he asked for his next victim. She said she’s still figuring it out. He turned around as Dragunov glared at him. Femi glared down, then looked at the Men’s NXT Championship, laughed, and walked off. Dragunov turned to Ava and asked, “You wanted to talk?”

-Perez made her entrance. She smiled, but then put on a more serious face. She DID receive a face pop tonight, though, and fans were clapping for her. [c]

-They returned with Jackson on the apron for her intro with Lash Legend cheering her on.

(3) ROXANNE PEREZ vs. JAKARA JACKSON (w/Lash Legend) – Singles match

Perez hit an immediate Thesz Press and then Jackson rolled outside. Perez was going for a lope, but Legend moved her friend away. Perez went outside and Legend stood in the way. Jackson used that to strike Perez. Back in the ring, Jackson hit a running dropkick and some body shots in the corner. Perez came back and threw Jackson into the corner. She hit a running uppercut and a few chest slaps. She hit a double springboard moonsault, mostly missing, but her knees landed across the body. Perez had Jackson in a front face lock and then Legend held onto Jackson’s arm to prevent Pop Rox. The ref kicked her out. Jackson came at Perez and hit a slam, then took out her leg. From the outside, she hit a haymaker to Perez and then looked for maybe a tiger suplex, but instead turned it into a sub, even grabbing the hair for leverage. Perez rolled into a pin to break it up, but Jackson came right back and stayed on Perez. Perez slapped Jackson, who slapped back. Perez exploded with offense and then a big right hand and shogun dropkick. Perez hit some strikes and then a side Russian leg sweep right into the crossface. Perez again held on after the bell, but she received cheers.

WINNER: Roxanne Perez at 4:09 by submission (crossface)

-Jacy Jayne, Jazmyn Nyx, and Thea Hail were in the back. Hail was still sad and said Riley Osborne told her that the girl he thought he knew wasn’t the girl at the date so they should just be friends. Jayne said that’s the old Hail, a total loser. Hail brought up Fallon Henley and Jayne ran her down. Hail asked about Chase and Hudson and Jayne said they’re all losers, saying if it wasn’t for her Chase U wouldn’t even exist. James and Dame approached and complimented her on the calendars. James said Henley is the last person they should listen to for advice. They walked away as Hail just sulked. “A loser, seriously?”

-Dijak made his entrance for his match with Luca Crusifino after the events of last week. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Not the smoothest of matches, but we’re finally starting to see Jackson in singles matches. There wasn’t too much to her offense tonight outside of basic things, but I think there is some potential with her. Hey, remember when we were lamenting that Legend was on TV and now she’s to the point where she’s trusted to run an impromptu title match. Maybe Jackson follows a similar path. Perez is in a weird situation as she’s clearly working heel and yet, tonight she was received as a face even after holding onto the sub. I raved about her heel turn on last week’s PWT Talks NXT, and I really just hope the anomalous reaction tonight doesn’t change their plan.)

-They returned with The Wolf Dogs coming out of an elevator in the back and approached by The Good Brothers. Anderson called him “Comedian Corbin” as Baron Corbin said NXT reinvigorated his career. Anderson said they might have their jokes, but the Magic Killer ignited a flame within The Good Brothers that hadn’t been there for a long time. Corbin said he was called a comedian so what he found funny was the sound Anderson’s face made when A.J. Styles slapped him. Bron Breakker then stepped between and said when the bell rings, they destroy everyone. Gallows said The Good Brothers will be waiting.

-They showed all four members of the No Quarter Catch Crew warming up for the main event.

-Crusifino made his entrance. His music is terrible.

(4) DIJAK vs. LUCA CRUSIFINO – Singles match

Crusifino was in pinstriped slacks and dress shoes. He also had his hands up like he was in MMA. He was able to knocked Dijak over the top and then a running baseball slide that sent Dijak over the announce desk, just avoiding Joseph (should have aimed, Dijak!). Dijak ate a corner cannonball from the surprising Crusifino (Booker T forgot his name). Dijak was able to hit a big forearm and then a kick to slow it down and regain some of his composure. He worked Crusifino in the corner with big strikes and then a thunderous slap across the chest. He followed with four and then he and Crusifino had a slap fest. Dijak ended that with a thrust kick. The two then countered suplexes before Dijak hit a big lariat to Crusifino. Crusifino blocked a chokeslam, hit four clotheslines, and then finally a belly-to-back to drop Dijak. He hit a running lariat in the corner, but the second one resulted in running into Dijak’s discus boot. Feast Your Eyes followed.

WINNER: Dijak at 3:27 (Feast Your Eyes)

-Joe Gacy’s music hit as he finally escaped the straitjacket. The distraction allowed Crusifino to hit Dijak in the back with a tire iron he hid by the steel steps and Gacy took over from there. They showed The Family in the back and Tony D’Angelo asked if they saw that. He told Stacks and “The Rizz” to “get him.”

-Lyra Valkyria made her way. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: That was the fastest 3:27 in NXT in some time. Crusifino showed a lot of potential and high impact offense, but my concern with him will be pacing. Maybe he just saw they only had 3:30 and wanted to get as much in there as possible, but if not, then pacing will be an issue as it usually is for inexperienced and younger wrestlers. Still, it looks like he’s set for more now with The Family. Dijak sold a good bit for Crusifnio’s offense as well.)

-Noam Dar and Oro Mensah were in the back. As he took a drink, Kelly Kincaid approached and caused Dar to choke. She apologized and then asked who he would like to face. Dar said they’re ready for anything. He put over Jackson and Legend and then moved to the “Catch Clause.” He had nicknames for each of them and then threw back to Joseph to the affront of Kincaid.


-Valkyria made her entrance for an in-ring promo. She said first things first, she wished Shotzi a speedy recovery and that she would grant a title shot to Shotzi (is she still going to be champ in nine months?). She then complimented Legend, but reminded that she promised she would still be standing there Women’s NXT Championship. She said she made Tatum Paxley a promise and while she was as surprised as anyone that Paxley held up her end, she owes Paxley a present. She called Paxley to the ring. She came out from the ringside barricade and crawled up like a doting fan. She had the raven feather. Paxley said last week was so hard and criticized Ava for the open challenge. Valkyria said Paxley did what she asked her to do. Paxley said she would do anything for her and she has proven her devotion for- Valkyria motioned to bring it down and Paxley said she’s a woman of her word. Paxley held out her hand for the surprise. Valkyria said it’s not that kind of surprise: she called Ava and they’re teaming together next week when they take on the Kabuki Warriors for the Women’s Tag Team Championship. Paxley was almost breathless. Suddenly Ridge Holland’s music hit for some odd reason. He basically told them off so he could have the ring. The two women exited.

Holland thanked them and said he’s a man of action more than he’s a man of words, but his actions of late have him in this predicament. He said when he retaliates against someone, he takes it too far. He said he’s out here to apologize for those actions. He said he was defending himself and his family, no malice or intent at all. The arena went black and the fans cheered. “Truth will ultimately prevail, but there is pain bringing it to light” was shown on the boards. The “Man with Three Faces” attacked Holland with a chair from behind in the spotlight and it was Tye f*****g Dillinger/Shawn Spears. Sigh.

-Femi was leaving and Brooks Jensen approached saying he’s the next opponent. He aggressively challenged Femi and Femi said he won’t be able to walk away once he’s done with him.

-Lexis King made his entrance for his match with Von Wagner. [c]

-Kincaid was outside of Hayes’ protected locker room when they returned. He let her in and said he wants Ava and Dragunov out there with a contract. “No contract, no Melo.”

(5) LEXIS KING vs. VON WAGNER (w/Mr. Stone) – Singles match

Joseph, because of all of the crowd chants being muted, reiterated that the name is “Shawn Spears” for the former Perfect 10. Wagner took it to Wagner early with power offense and a big back body drop, King selling the pain on his face. A delayed vertical suplex followed, about 10 seconds before the slam. Wagner missed a running knee in the corner and that opened up a spot for King as he kept attacking the left leg. He even hit a knee breaker and dragon screw. He slammed the leg over the apron and across the ring post, then made a cover for a two-count. Joseph called King a “greasy, greasy individual.” He lifted and slammed the leg into the mat twice, then looked for some kind of knee bar, but Wagner kicked him off. Wagner came back and hit some offense without selling the left leg. He no sold a kick and hit a big boot, then clotheslined King over the top and outside. King forced Wagner into Stone into the barricade. Wagner went to check on Stone, but King was able to come back with a chop block in the ring. He then hit a running lariat to the back of the neck of a seated Wagner. He turned to Stone and that distraction allowed Wagner to get the leverage schoolboy. King attacked after the bell. Stone tried to help, but King took it to him and hit Coronation on Stone in front of the hobbled Wagner.

WINNER: Von Wagner at 4:10 (leverage schoolboy)

-A Kabuki Warriors vignette played to hype their appearance on next week’s Roadblock, which thankfully Kelly will be covering. It had highlights of both Asuka and Kairi Sane from their time in NXT, both former Women’s NXT Champions and multiple-time Women’s Tag Team Champion.

-Valkyria and Paxley were watching in the locker room with other women. Paxley said Valkyria would be a double champion if they won next week. Parker interrupted and said they’re going to get embarrassed by Asuka and Sane. Arianna Grace came in and said they’re supposed to be sophisticated. Parker said she’d rather have a championship than a dumb crown. Valkyria said this is NXT and fighting is their normal. Grace, after they left, said it’s only normal until they change it.

-Dolin entered. [c]

-They returned with WWE World at WrestleMania ad for April 4-8 in Philadelphia.

-They showed Dijak arguing with Ava from behind a hidden camera thing until they approached the two and it was actually Gacy. He attacked Dijak right in front of the GM. She was yelling, “You can’t keep doing this!”

-Parker made her entrance to the O.T.M. music and with O.T.M. They actually went to the back.

(6) GIGI DOLIN vs. JAIDA PARKER  – Singles match

They locked up and Parker took the back, slamming Dolin to the mat and slapping her head. Dolin countered an attack with a schoolgirl, but Parker pushed her into the ropes and slapped her hard. Dolin countered a back elbow with an arm drag and then a running hip attack. She hit a shotgun dropkick to Parker, seated against the bottom rope. Parker kicked out the left knee and then worked Dolin in the corner. Dolin hit some forearms, but Parker forced her back in the corner with strikes. She laid her against the second ropes and hit a rope-assisted leaping seated senton onto the draped Dolin. Parker went for a vertical, but Dolin rolled her up. Parker then hit a running blockbuster, a quick one, for a two-count. Dolin hit a kick to counter a running attack, then another, then hit a flurry of forearms. Suddenly, Grace came to the ring and asked them to stop fighting. Dolin hit a clothesline and a roundhouse kick. Parker was able to hit her own strikes, but Dolin got the better. Dolin kicked out the knee and hit some Kawada kicks. Grace hit the apron and grabbed Dolin’s arm on a swing. She asked her to please stop. This allowed Parker to nail Dolin and and hit her running forearm for the victory. Grace tried telling Dolin that they need to come together.

WINNER: Jaida Parker at 4:42 (running forearm)

-NQCC was making their way, all in their ring gear. Who will it be? Dar and Mensah made their way for the main event as well. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: The days of a babyface push for Dolin are long gone. Those vignettes about her childhood seem like they were so long ago now. Parker has a LOT of potential and the best thing working for her is the confidence with which she carries herself. Just being able to sell that is so much in pro wrestling and she has no shortage of that.)

-They returned with a vignette. A drone shot showed a beach and then written into the sand “SEE YOU SOON.” Roadblock’s logo appeared. Sol Ruca perhaps?

-Joseph said Dijak vs. Gacy is next week in an asylum match.

-NQCC made their entrance with I think new music. Dar and “Main Man” Mensah entered next. Taylor gave formal ring introductions. Three stepped back to reveal Charlie Dempsey as the challenger.

(7) NOAM DAR (c) (w/Oro Mensah) vs. CHARLIE DEMPSEY (w/No Quarter Catch Crew) – Heritage Cup Championship match

Round 1 began with the two circling and then Dar going after the left arm. Dempsey and Dar traded who had the left, Dar taking it to the mat, but Dempsey coming right back and forcing a break. Dempsey called Dar to the center of the ring. Dar hit a few kicks, but Dempsey got him in a cravate. Dar kneed out of it, escaped the corner, and countered Dempsey’s attacks with speed and quickness. The pace was quick and then Dempsey hit a backslide and somehow bridged his body over for the pin. Wow, that was nice. Damon Kemp hit Dar with a forearm to the back of the head before the ref could intervene.

Charlie Dempsey up 1-0

Round 2 began with Dempsey immediately attacking Dar. [c]

I normally use my TV for these reports, but I also have the streaming player on my laptop and just noticed that the laptop had the split-screen, but not my TV. Weird and oops. The round had ten seconds whey they returned, the two just throwing blows at each other.

Round 3 began with both men already looking red from the physicality of the first two rounds. They just swung away at each other with European uppercuts. Dempsey went for the backslide again, but Dar slid out for a rear naked choke. Dempsey countered into an armbar, but Dar got out, hit a few slaps to the back, and went for the triangle armbar, then chained to a kneebar attempt, but Dempsey countered with an ankle lock. Dar kicked him out and went for a leverage pin of his own, but Dempsey kicked out. Dempsey went for and hit a bridging butterfly and then rolled through into a butterfly submission, then into a Fujiwara armbar. He rolled over for some elbows to the head, and then Dar countered with a pin attempt. He then went for a German and chained into an armbar. Dempsey reached the bottom rope in front of Mensah. Dar set and hit some precision strikes, but Dempsey hit a deadlift German suplex. Dar sprung up to hit a spinning back elbow as the bell rung. Dallas Irvin checked on the KO.

Round 4 began with Dar immediately hitting a running attack. Dar hit a question mark kick and the Nova Roller.

Tied at 1-1

Round 5 began with Dar landing an attack and a second rope elbow to the back of the head. Dar hit some knees to the gut. Myles Bourne hit the apron, but Mensah took him down. Bourne then ran Mensah into the post. Dar then took out Kemp. He went for Dempsey, but Gulak pushed him out of the way. Dempsey landed a dragon suplex pin to become the new Heritage Cup Champion. NQCC celebrated with Dempsey as Dar and Mensah looked forlorn.

WINNER: Charlie Dempsey at 11:12 elapsed (dragon suplex) to become NEW NXT Heritage Cup Champion

-Dragunov made his way, as did Hayes and his detail, and now we get the face-to-face I was confused about in the beginning. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: That was a fun, hard-hitting match. It’s very apropos that Dar would finally lose the Heritage Cup in a match where they were finally outnumbered. The only issue with that here is that it means Heritage Cup matches will most likely continue to have a lot of interference. This at least gives some credibility to NQCC, a quartet that hadn’t had much success before now. Dempsey makes the most sense to be the Heritage Cup holder considering his pedigree, training, and connection to the tournament as Joseph mentioned tonight. What this means for Meta-Four now is the big question as so much of their identity as built around Dar and the HC.)

-They returned with Spears exiting the arena. He was asked why he attacked Holland. He said he likes Holland, but Holland has been lying to himself for too long. He said see you next week at Roadblock. Perez angrily left after and said no to any questions.

-Joseph went over next week: Wolf Dogs vs. Chase U for the title and Kabuki Warriors vs. Valkyria and Paxley for the title.


Dragunov was already in the ring, pacing, and then Hayes’ music hit as he sauntered out with his detail.


Ava sat between them at a table in the ring for the contract signing. Hayes said this is more like it, the contract and the boss being here, “Now we’re speaking the same language.” Hayes said the security is there for his protection. He said it’s also been too long since he’s had “my” championship. Dragunov said Hayes’ willingness to discard anyone or anything for the title is just who he is and Hayes countered that it’s rich coming from a guy who said he was going to take his soul. D’Angelo’s music hit for some reason as The Family interrupted. D’Angelo told them to stay back and he made his way into the ring. Hayes told his detail to watch D’Angelo. D’Angelo walked over to Dragunov’s side and said he needs to be included in the conversation. Hayes said if D’Angelo says one more word he’ll have the detail take him out.

D’Angelo said there’s only one Don and the security left the ring, indicating he paid them off or they were working for him. Hayes snarled at D’Angelo as D’Angelo took Ava’s seat (she stood with the contract). He said the title picture has been dominated by the Hayes-Dragunov-Trick Williams saga for eight months. Hayes tried to interrupt and D’Angelo yelled, “Do NOT speak when I’m talking.” D’Angelo said he’s heard it all and who cares. He turned to Dragunov and said he dresses like a champ and is intense, “a little too dramatic for me,” but he knows Dragunov can take the critique. He said he’s the one who will take the title from Dragunov, not Hayes. He said anyone who’s ever crossed him as earned everything they had coming to him. D’Angelo said while Hayes is demanding a match, he will instead earn a match at Stand & Deliver.

Dragunov said his interest is piqued. D’Angelo said if Ava agrees, next week it’s him and Hayes for the #1 contender’s spot. Ava said D’Angelo did talk to her about it earlier and she does have a contract for the singles match, but it’s up to her. Dragunov said D’Angelo has his match and to please, “Whoop that Melo.” Hayes angrily went at Ava and asked if she was going to stand behind this. “Yes Melo, I am.” He turned to D’Angelo and said D’Angelo can’t beat him. He ran down D’Angelo and called himself “The Don.” D’Angelo went at Hayes and when he went to swing, Hayes pushed D’Angelo into Dragunov, then slammed D’Angelo through the table. Hayes signed the contract and tossed the title onto Dragunov, posing to end the show.

(Hazelwood’s Take: I think I need time to digest this. When was the last time D’Angelo even participated in a singles match, let alone garnered a victory? My initial thoughts are trying to reconcile how they came at this decision. I guess using D’Angelo’s “influence” was an in, but was it the right person to make an in for in this situation? I’m not sure. I originally thought Hayes would beat Dragunov at Roadblock and then get attacked by a returning Williams, but now I’m thinking that Williams costs Hayes the match and we get Dragunov vs. D’Angelo for the title and the Hayes vs. Williams feud ender at Stand & Deliver. Huh, now that is definitely not what I saw coming.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Overall, a good episode of NXT. Not all of the matches were barnburners, but a lot of stories were built and extended tonight in the Roadblock go-home show. The biggest news coming out of matches tonight was Dempsey becoming the new Heritage Cup Champion followed by The Good Brothers’ return match and a furious showing from Crusifino. Outside of the final segment, the biggest news has to be the return of Spears, ditching his former NXT name of Tye Dillinger, and setting his eyes on Holland. I’ll have more to say about tonight’s show and preview next week’s show with Kelly Wells on PWT Talks NXT.


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