AEW DYNAMITE RESULTS (2/28): Sting’s final Dynamite before his retirement match, final Revolution PPV build, FTR vs. BCC, Will Ospreay appears

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


FEBRUARY 28, 2024

Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Tony Schiavone

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

Attendance: WrestleTix reported Tuesday night that 2,610 tickets had been distributed; arena was set up for 2,994.



-The Dynamite opening theme aired.

-Excalibur introduced the show as pyro blasted on the stage. They cut to a shot of the crowd around the ring and opposite the hard camera. The camera panned the arena, which had a darkened upper duck, but spotlights shining on the fans in the lower bowl around half of the arena bowl.

-“Hangman” Adam Page made his ring entrance, limping and walking with the assist of a crutch. They replayed Hangman favoring his ankle after a hard landing after he flipped out of Samoa Joe’s grip last week. He entered the ring as the announcers discussed the ramifications if he’s too injured to wrestle on Sunday. Fans chanted “Cowboy Shit!”

Hangman said: “This probably doesn’t look like a promising start to the speech.” He said when AEW started, it was a new endeavor for his friends, but for him it was an opportunity to rise to people’s expectations and make the most of the world that was laid in front of him. He talked about winning the AEW World Title in 2021. He said that’s why it hurts so much to be standing in front of them “like this,” on a crutch.

He said he’s not going to apologize to Joe or Swerve Strickland, but he won’t be able to wrestle at Revolution. Tony Schiavone said, “That sucks.” Swerve’s music then played. Swerve came out with Prince Nana.

Swerve entered the ring and told Hangman they’ve gone to war the last few months, “and I might’ve crossed a line a couple times, maybe.” Fans chuckled. He said he targeted him because of everything he accomplished in AEW. He said he’d be lying if he didn’t respect Hangman’s accomplishments. Swerve said his destiny still awaits him on Sunday when he becomes AEW World Champion. Joe’s music then played.

Joe marched to the ring as fans chanted “Joe! Joe! Joe!” Joe said they’re out there talking about destiny. He said disdainfully the he sees two enemies trying to hug it out. He said he’s going to “gift the audience a few truths.” He called Hangman “hop-along.” He said people say they are young, hungry contenders, but that’s ridiculous. He said they are hungry and accomplished, battle-tested wrestlers. He said they’re hungry because he’s “starving their asses.” Joe picked up the intensity and said whether it’s one of them or both of them, he’ll whip their asses. He dropped the mic and turned to leave.

Swerve told Joe to stop because he has something to say. He said he went from unemployed to headlining PPVs and going from a cruiserweight to challenging for a World Title. He said he broke into a wrestling school and left “an 18 year child” lying in a bloody heap and trespassed in another man’s home and threatened his infant child. “I will do whatever it takes to become World Champion.” He said he’s not just a career-maker, he is a career-changer. He said after he takes the title from him, Joe won’t know what to do. He said maybe he can go back to commentary wearing a poncho again. Schiavone said, “That’s stiff.” Joe’s eyed bugged out. Swerve said he’s on the verge of making history. He vowed to win the title on Sunday. “Who’s house?” he asked.

Hangman attacked Swerve from behind with the crutch. He showed no sign of an injured ankle. Joe smiled as Hangman knocked Swerve out with the crutch. Excalibur said he was lying the whole time. Excalibur said it’ll be a three-way match after all.

(Keller’s Analysis: If you were unplugged from the speculation and reporting all week, this was an angle that would solidify Hangman as a heel, even if just last week he was positioned in a six-man tag as a babyface in terms of whom he teamed with. AEW assumed most people are on social media and listening to podcasts and reading websites. and to them, their guard was up, although a red herring circulated that even if Hangman wasn’t hurt, maybe he had a personal issue to tend to. Either way, this locks in Hangman as a full-fledged heel going into Sunday. While Joe was the star here on the mic here, Swerve was really good too – although I don’t think he should be talking about being a cruiserweight given that being a stigma that defines wrestlers down from top tier status.)

-They cut to The Young Bucks arriving at the arena parking lot. They exited their SUV and entered the arena. Renee Paquette was waiting to interview them in the backstage area. She asked about their business meeting with Ric Flair. Nicholas Jackson said the meeting went great and that’s all he’ll say. Matthew Jackson asked if she’s seen Sting so far. She said she hadn’t. Matt said they want to see him and thank him in person for all of his contributions to the company. “Most importantly, we really want to conduct his, uh, exit interview.” Nick and Matt had baseball bats. They went looking for him, calling out “Stinger!” and “Sting, where you at?”

(Keller’s Analysis: The Bucks are already growing into these roles. That was their best performance yet with this incarnation of their personalities.) [c]

-The announcers narrated highlights of the Bryan Danielson vs. Jun Akiyama match including Danielson shaking hands with Akiyama, but then turning and giving the middle finger to Eddie Kingston at ringside. Akiyama then slapped Danielson, and Danielson pretended to apologize, but then kicked him in the crotch, which led to FTR running out to help Kingston fight back against Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli.

(1) BLACKPOOL COMBAT CLUB (Jon Moxley & Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli) vs. FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) & EDDIE KINGSTON

The announcers commented on BCC having an advantage because FTR and Kingston hadn’t teamed before. They talked about how Kingston and FTR don’t travel in the same circles. The bell rang 22 minutes into the hour. Kingston started against Danielson as fans chanted “Let’s go, Eddie!” but before they touched, Danielson tagged out to Claudio. At 3:00 everyone entered the ring and brawled. They cut to a double-box break. [c/db]

Back from the break, Mox tagged Danielson who had Cash on the mat and set up a surfboard. Mox punched a vulnerable Cash and then scored a two count. With Claudio in control against Dax, they cut to another break at 11:00. [c/db]

Mack from the break, Dax began fighting back against Claudio. Mox tagged in and landed a Hart Attack clothesline. Mox and Claudio held Dax down and then Danielson leaped off the top rope with a diving headbutt. Mox scored a near fall. Kingston tagged in 15:00. After a flurry by Kingston, the heels took over. Claudio swung Kingston around. Danielson dropkicked him. Mox then then kicked his head and delivered a piledriver. Danielson made the cover, but Dax broke up the cover. Fans chanted, “This is awesome!”

FTR cleared the ring of Mox and Claudio. Kingston surprised Danielson with a spinning backfist. Cash lifted Danielson to his shoulders and then Dax landed a top rope bulldog. Kingston made the cover, but Mox broke up the cover. All six paired off in the ring as the ref stood by haplessly waving his arms. Claudio, Danielson, and Mox put all three opponents in sleepers. The ref focused on Kingston’s alertness. All three babyfaces backed the heels hard into corners to break the holds. The faces battered the heels with rapid-fire chops.

FTR gave Claudio a Shatter Machine. Claudio rolled out of the ring. Danielson caught Dax wtih a running high knee. Danielson ducked a Kingston spinning backfist. He then landed a charging double-knee to Kingston as he kneeled on the mat. He then grabbed his arms and stomped away at him. Danielson wrapped up Kingston’s head in a triangle sleeper. The ref called for the bell when Kingston’s arms went limp. Danielson held onto the triangle sleeper for a few seconds after the bell as his music played. Danielson yelled into a camera that on Sunday, he’s going to choke out Kingston.

WINNERS: Danielson & Claudio & Mox in 22:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: A really good, lengthy six-man that sets the bar high for the two matches at the PPV with these wrestlers. The heels winning here tends to indicate the babyfaces will get the win(s) back on Sunday.)

-Excalibur commented over footage of Atlantis Sr. and Chris Jericho teaming together early in his Jericho’s in Mexico 30 years ago. He said he’ll face his son tonight.

-Renee interviewed Jericho backstage. She asked what he expected. Jericho said 30 years ago when he first started wrestling in Mexico, he got thrown into the deep end. He said Paco Alonzo wanted him to become a big time player fast. He listed big names he faced back then. He said Atlantis Sr. was a friend. He said when AEW began to work with CMLL, he wanted to face his son to teach him how things work in AEW. He said he’ll repay the favor and give him a few lessons in violence. He said he’ll show him what he can do. He mixed in some Spanish and smiled. [c]

-Tony Schiavone stood mid-ring and talked about what a big week it is for everyone in AEW. He said there are great wrestlers all around the world and many are coming to AEW. He said none is bigger or better or more exciting than Will Ospreay. As Ospreay made his entrance, Excalibur talked about him facing Konosuke Takeshita on Sunday on PPV. Ospreay moved in for a hug from Schiavone and had a huge smile on his face.

Schiavone said it’s great to have him in AEW. He thanked the fans for his reception. He said his obligations with New Japan are done. He said he spent 10 days with his wife in Barbados and it was great. He said he flew to the United States, the airlines lost his bags, and he’s doing okay though. He said he’s looking like Kermit the Frog in his green sweat suit. He said he’s ready for full time work.

Ospreay said on his first PPV match in AEW, he beat Orange Cassidy, and then he went to Canada and beat Kenny Omega in his home country, and then he pinned the first-ever AEW World Champion Jericho at Wembley Stadium. He said he’s been rolling with the Don Callis Family and it’s all going smoothly and he’s ready to pick up where he left off. Callis’s music (noise) played. Callis walked to the ring with Powerhouse Hobbs and Takeshita. They all hugged. Excalibur said they have a chance to steal the show on Sunday.

Callis said there’s nothing he likes more than a Don Callis Family reunion. Fans booed. He said when he thinks about the talent, it’s an embarrassment of riches. Callis said he enjoyed Ospreay “talking about all those things you and I accomplished together.” Ospreay sorta rolled his eyes at Callis taking co-credit. Boos continued as he spoke. Callis said they’re going to top what they did by having a Match of the Year or even a Match of the Decade on Sunday.

Callis said Takeshita vs. Ospreay is like when Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen would go hard at each other in practice and then win championships together. He said the winner of their match will be the Don Callis Family. He told them to shake hands. They stared each other down. Ospreay then extended his hand. Takeshita looked closely at it, then shook his hand. They smiled and nodded. Takeshita held on as Ospreay walked away. Ospreay returned the gesture. Things got more intense. Callis said, ‘This is great, guys!” Fans chanted, “Ospreay!” The spotlights moved around the lower bowl and the parts of the upper decks with fans as Ospreay’s music played. Ospreay stayed in the ring as Callis, Hobbs, and Takeshita left. Ospreay shook hands with fans in the front row.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good segment. Ospreay seemed likable and carried himself in an unassuming way, but the crowd reaction conveyed to anyone unfamiliar with him that he’s an international star. It was good for him to mention his past big wins in AEW, but also really make it clear he’s done with New Japan and now in AEW full time. Too many big names stop by briefly with AEW and then disappear. AEW wants fans invested in Ospreay. They telegraphed here that Ospreay isn’t going to be aligned with Callis for long, including his reaction to Callis taking co-credit for those prior AEW wins. Ospreay didn’t overdo it with the reaction, but made it clear he thought Callis was, well, being Callis and giving himself a big pat on the back that might be undeserved or overplayed.)

-Renee interviewed Kingston about facing “this version of Danielson on Sunday.” The Bucks walked in with their bats and asked if they’ve seen Sting. Nick Jackson threatened Kingston with a fine if he talked crap again. Matt told Nick to relax. Matt told Kingston to work on his presentation. He asked Nick if they need to implement a dress code. They wandered away and called out for Sting. Taz said he’s been around dress codes and it’s not fun.


(2) ORANGE CASSIDY vs. NICK WAYNE – International Championship match

As Cassidy made his entrance, Schiavone spoke about Ole Anderson’s death and said he was one of the wrestlers who caused him to get into pro wrestling. He mentioned “Soultrain” Mike Jones, a/k/a Virgil, who also died. “We lost two greats,” he said. The bell rang 3 minutes into the match. Nick went after Cassidy at ringside at 2:00 and knocked him into the ringside steps. He followed with a backflip off the middle rope onto Cassidy at ringside.

Back in the ring, Cassidy casually rolled out of the ring to thwart Wayne’s plans to dive onto him. Wayne landed a running flip dive onto him at ringside, though. He followed with a top rope leap, but Cassidy moved and then connected with a boot to the face. Wayne set up a superplex. Excalibur said if Wayne won, he’d become the youngest AEW Champion in history. Cassidy knocked Wayne down. Christian knocked Cassidy off balance. The ref kicked Christian to the back. Christian threw a fit, as did Nick Wayne’s mom and Killswitch. They cut to a double-box break at 4:00. [c/db]

Cassidy countered Wayne and landed a tornado DDT at 8:00. Wayne landed a fisherman’s suplex into a bridge for a near fall. Wayne mocked Cassidy with some slo-mo kicks. Cassidy stood and kicked him in the chin. Wayne went down. Cassidy then delivered slo-mo kicks, which got increasingly intense. Cassidy landed a running penalty kick and then went for an Orange Punch, but Wayne ducked. Cassidy came right back with a Beach Break for a believable near fall. Cassidy looked at ringside where Matt Taven and Mike Bennett arrived. Wayne gave Cassidy a Dragon suplex for a near fall at 10:00. Rocky Romero showed up at ringside and went after Taven and Bennett. Wayne yanked a turnbuckle pad off the corner. Daniel Garcia showed up and wagged his finger at him. Cassidy then surprised Wayne with an Orange Punch for the win.

WINNER: Cassidy in 11:00.

-Strong attacked Cassidy after the match. Trent Beretta showed up to help clear the ring of the heels.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good match. Wayne is so good already. Everything is just crisp and right-place-right-time. He exudes that punk heel persona the way The Lighting Kid did 30 years ago in the Global Wrestling Federation.)

-Renee interviewed the Bang Bang Scissors Gang. Jay White said he wasn’t sure about them, but after Saturday, he’s on board. They gave each other a friendly hard time. They agreed on a match with The Acclaimed & Austin Gunn for a match on Collision on Saturday.

(3) KRIS STATLANDER (w/Willow Nightingale, Stokely Hathaway) vs. SKYE BLUE (w/Julia Hart)

Schiavone said Stokely is a sketchy character. The bell rang 21 minutes into the hour. They cut to a double-box break at 2:00. [c/db]

Statlander gave Skye a German suplex onto the ring apron. Julia checked on her. She turned and eyed Statlander. Willow stepped up to her. Statlander charged at Julia, but Julia sent her into the steps with drop toe hold.

Back in the ring, Skye landed a Canadian Destroyer, a side kick, and a small package for a two count. They battled back and forth. After a near fall, Statlander showed frustration with not being able to finish of Skye. When Stokely offered Statlander a chain to use as a weapon, Statlander wasn’t interested. Willow told her not to use it. With the ref’s attention on Stokely, Julia hit Statlander in the face with the belt. Skye then landed Code Blue for the win. Willow looked at Stokely with her hands on her hips, sending the signal that he messed up.

WINNER: Skye Blue in 9:00.

-They cut backstage to The Young Bucks inviting the camera to follow them to Sting’s locker room door. Matt asked Nick if Sting seemed a little out of his mind crazy last week. He said with Sting, nothing is for sure, so be mindful. They barged in, but the room was full of hanging baseball bats and no Sting. The Bucks were frustrated by what appeared to be intentional mind games by Sting. [c]

(4) CHRIS JERICHO vs. ATLANTIS JR. (w/Atlantis Sr.)

Jericho came out to different entrance music. Taz said it was old school. The graphics on the stage screens said “Lionheart.” The bell rang 38 minutes into the hour. Atlantis Sr. choked Jericho with a towel from ringside. As Jericho took issue, Atlantis Jr. dove over the top rope and tackled him. He threw him into the ringside steps and catapulted him into the ringpost. When Jr. set up a move, Jericho countered and sent Jr. into the steps with a head scissors. They cut to a double-box break. [c/db]

Jericho and Jr. stood on the top rope. Jericho leaped and drove Jr.’s head into the mat. Excalibur said Jericho used that move in the vintage clips from Mexico they aired earlier. Jr. came back with a snap powerslam for a two count at 9:00. The announcers hyped that on the Countdown show on Friday night, they’d have never-before-seen footage of Sting in New Japan. Jr. flipped over the top rope onto Jericho at ringside. Both were down and slow to get up.

They fought back and forth for a couple more minutes. Jericho put Jr. in a Walls of Jericho, so Sr. threw in the towel. The ref called for the bell.

WINNER: Jericho in 12:00.

-Jericho checked on Jr. afterward. Jericho and Sr. helped Jr. stand, but he dropped to a knee right away. Jericho and Sr. faced off and it seemed to get intense, but then they hugged. Sr. raised Jericho’s arm.

-Excalibur hyped Jericho vs. Hobbs vs. Lance Archer vs. Wardlow vs. Hook vs. Brian Cage in an eight-man scramble. Rampage will feature Magnus vs. Matt Sydal and Collision will feature Dante Martin vs. Penta vs. Bryan Keith in two matches to earn the final two spots in the Scramble at Revolution. Excalibur then hyped the PPV line-up.

-The Young Bucks made their ring entrance. They got in the face of some fans in the front row in Sting masks. One of them as Darby, and he went after Matthew. Nicholas then kicked Darby. They double-teamed Darby in the ring with a bat. They hit Darby with the EVP Trigger. Matt jabbed Darby with a bat to the gut. Ric Flair’s music played and he walked out, smiling as if proud of what The Bucks were doling. Schiavone said he’s known Flair his entire career and said he has a massive ego. Matthew handed a bat to Flair. He wound up, but then poked Nick in the eyes and punched Matt. He threw some chops, but Nicholas gave Flair a low-blow from behind. Flair collapsed. They stomped away at Flair until Sting’s music played.

The Bucks walked up the ramp with bats in hand, ready for him. Instead, Sting was lowered from the rafters in the Crow Sting outfit. He helped Darby up. The Bucks turned around and looked unnerved. Sting blocked their bat swings with his black bat. He bashed them with the bat. “Holy shit!” chanted the crowd. Darby leaped off the ropes with a Coffin Drop onto the Bucks. Sting then delivered a Scorpion Death Drop on Nick, who rolled out of the ring. Excalibur plugged their match at Revolution on PPV. Flair stood and shook Sting’s hand as Excalibur hyped Sting’s final wrestling match and then hyped Rampage, the Countdown show, and Collision as the show ended.


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