AEW FEUD TRACKER: Assessing and grading Joe vs. Hangman vs. Swerve, Sting & Darby vs. Young Bucks, Storm vs. Purrazzo, CMLL vs. AEW, Danielson vs. Kingston, more

By Zach Barber, PWTorch contributor


What surreal week this is going to be. After a legendary 30-plus year career, Sting will be retiring on his terms Sunday. As a lifelong Lil’ Stinger, I’m not ready. Sting is the closest thing to a superhero wrestling has and, after Sunday, wrestling won’t have him. Tonight’s Dynamite will be bittersweet. It’s not just the go-home show for Revolution, it’s also Sting’s final Dynamite. Just typing those words was weird. I expect a great show and hot angle to go off the air. In the words of the man called Sting, “It’s showtime!”

Samoa Joe vs. Hangman Page vs. Swerve Strickland

A feud that’s been on the highest end of triple threats is suddenly in a weird spot. “Hangman” Page appeared to have possibly hurt his ankle in the trios match last week. It turned out the injury was a work to cover up for a potential “personal issue” that could keep him off the show on Sunday. Hangman is set to address this situation tonight. I don’t think his participation effects the outcome of the match, but would certainly alter the focus. It’s also unfortunate that the match could potentially change in the final week of build. If Hangman is out, Swerve needs to cut a really strong promo to the get the crowd excited to see him win on Sunday.

Grade: A

Official Prediction: Swerve Strickland wins the AEW World Title (65%-70% if it’s a triple threat, 95% if it’s a singles)

Sting & Darby Allin vs. The Young Bucks

This is it. One last match and wrestling’s greatest superhero hangs his bat up for good. The Bucks have really turned up their obnoxiousness and their viciousness in this feud. They attacked Sting, Darby, and Sting’s boys. They attacked Tony Schiavone. Last week Sting revealed that he lost his father recently. Not only is The Icon motivated to have one last great match, he’s looking for revenge for his sons, and he’s honoring his late father. The wildcard here is Ric Flair who appears to have decided to side with The Bucks. Ultimately, I think Flair turns the tables on the EVPs and sides with his long time frenemy.

Grade: A+

Official Prediction: Sting & Darby retain the AEW Tag Team Titles and Sting retires on top as champion.

Toni Storm vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Last week was not the best week this feud’s had but the basic premise of one-upmanship worked fine. Toni putting Deonna in the Break a Leg submission puts sympathy on Deonna as we cruise into this go-home week. There’s nothing specific advertised so I suspect we get the video package treatment which is perfectly as we’ve seen these two interact consistently every week.

Grade: B+

Official Prediction: Deonna Purrazzo defeats Toni Storm to win the AEW Women’s title.

Daniel Garcia vs. Christian Cage

With one perfectly executed segment the crowd firmly wants to see Daniel Garcia get his hands on Christian Cage. Christian once again targeted an opponent’s dead father and did so in such fashion that my non-wrestling fan mother was aghast. Garcia has been getting slowly rebuilt through and since the C2. Sunday will be final exam of sorts for this project. I also think it’s like we see a Rated R return from a Torontonian turned North Carolinian.

Grade: A+

Official Prediction: Daniel Garcia defeats Christian Cage to win the TNT title

Eddie Kingston vs. Bryan Danielson

These two guys really don’t like each other that much is clear. They want to beat each other up and I’m more than willing to watch. I think they’ve kept this story simple with Eddie finally having enough of Bryan after he felt like Bryan disrespected Bryan Keith. Things got even more heated last Saturday on Collision when Bryan disrespected Kingston’s hero Jun Akiyama with a low blow. Tonight they’ll be on opposite sides of a trios match which should be a whole lot of fun. One thing I will say though is that the Continental Crown Title needs some refinement and I think only one of these guys can do that.

Grade: B+

Official Prediction: Bryan Danielson defeats Eddie Kingston to win the Continental Crown and refines the criteria needed to challenge for the title.

Orange Cassidy vs. Roderick Strong

This feud hasn’t been knocking anyone’s socks off. At least the Undisputed Kingdom have looked more dastardly and threatening the last few weeks. Hopefully the outcome of the match gives them a shot in the arm because they need it.

Grade: C+

Official Prediction: Roddy Strong defeats Orange Cassidy to win the AEW International Title.

FTR vs. Blackpool Combat Club

These two had a really good, really physical match on Dynamite last week. The match ended in a time limit draw. I didn’t mind it. At least the bell rang just as FTR went for the Shatter Machine instead of mid-pin. Nonetheless there was a better way to get this match at Revolution that would’ve avoided a second draw in three weeks. Still, the rematch is going to be a tag team classic in the home region of some the greatest tag teams of all team.

Grade: A-

Official Prediction: FTR are playing a home game in Greensboro so I see them defeating BCC probably with an homage to the Minnesota Wrecking Crew in memory of Ole Anderson who died on Monday.

Ruby Soho vs. Saraya

Bullet dodged! Ruby and Angelo went on their date and there was no weird footage of Saraya and Harley Cameron interrupting. Unfortunately, Ruby invited cameras on this week’s date and I’m a little concerned about how stagey the whole thing could come off. Saraya revealed her motivation for manipulating her former bestie. Her brother Zac Knight is All Elite and she wanted to set Ruby up with him. Given this revelation and new addition to the story, I see a mixed tag match incoming.

Grade: B

Official Prediction: Ruby Soho & “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker defeat Saraya & Zac Knight

Will Osperay vs. Konosuke Takeshita

Will Osperay will make his first appearance as a full-time AEW roster member tonight on Dynamite. What a monumental occasion. The best wrestler in the world has arrived. His first order of business, an exhibition match of sorts with his fellow Don Callis Family member, Takeshita. There’s no doubt this match will be incredible. I also think it’s a vehicle to get Osperay out of the Family which is the right move.

Grade: N/A

Official Prediction: Will Osperay defeats Takeshita leading to his thumbs down moment from Don Callis.

Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale vs. Julia Hart & Skye Blue

In a pre-taped video package Skye Blue raged at Stokely Hathaway for cheating her out of a win. Julia promised that they would dig three graves and asked who Skye wanted to start with. She answered whoever wanted to step up first. The next night, Statlander took her up on her offer, challenging her to a rubber match (they’re 1-1 thus far) and the match was made. I kind of think Skye Blue might take this one to keep this strange feud going.

Grade: B+


A new front is being opened up in the interpromotional conflict between AEW and CMLL. This time it’s Chris Jericho representing AEW. He will take on Atlantis Jr. There’s an interesting backstory here. Twenty-five years ago, Jericho teamed with Atlantis Jr.’s father Atlantis during his run in Mexico. This is something of a full-circle moment. Atlantis Sr. will be there at ringside. Given the history, it feels like there’s a distinct possibility that a CMLL Luchador finally scores a big win on an AEW OG. I’m glad to see this interpromotional feud expand beyond the Blackpool Combat Club. I’m also glad to see Jericho involved in something productive.

Grade: A-

Mark Briscoe vs. House of Black

This feud resumed on Saturday when Mark Briscoe attempted to get revenge on Malakai Black following Malakai ‘s victory over Bryan Keith. He pulled the “lights out” trick on Malakai and then attempted to jab him a spike similar to the one used on him. He missed and wound up being jumped by the entire House of Black. Mark’s really gonna have to find some backup if he doesn’t want to keep getting overwhelmed 3-on-1.

Grade: A

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