AEW REVOLUTION PPV RESULTS (3/3): Keller’s report on Sting & Darby vs. Young Bucks, Samoa Joe vs. Hangman vs. Swerve, Danielson vs. Kingston, more

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

PHOTO CREDIT: AEW and Wrestling Inc.


MARCH 3, 2024

Commentators: Excalibur, Nigel McGuinness


(A) BILLY GUNN & AUSTIN GUNN & COLTEN GUNN & JAY WHITE & THE ACCLAIMED (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) vs. PRIVATE PARTY (Marc Quen & Isiah Kassidy) & JEFF JARRETT & SATNUM SINGH & JAY LETHAL & WILLIE MACK (w/Sonjay Dutt, Karen Jarrett)

The bell rang 9 minutes into the hour. Nigel said “Bang Bang Scissors Gang” is a weird name and “sound a bit like what Tony Schiavone would pay for on Only Friends.”

Bowens took an extended beating. Eventually he hot-tagged Billy who cleared the ring and then focused on Willie Mack. Singh tripped Billy as he ran the ropes. Mack caught Billy with a Stunner. Lethal then gave Billy a cutter. Kassidy then leaped off the top rope and landed a Swanton. Quen then landed a 450 splash. Mack made the cover. Billy kicked out. (WTF. Seriously? That’s just embarrassing.) Billy avoided a top rope splash by Mack and then hot-tagged in White. He set up a Blade Runner, but he had to fend off Kassidy. Colten and Austin then gave Mack their finisher. Bowens slammed Kassidy and then Caster landed his top rope elbow drop. Meanwhile, Jarrett and Bowens brawled at ringside.

White went face to face with Singh. Billy moved White aside and stood up against Singh, the image being he was taller than White. (White is the incredible shrinking potential top tier star in AEW.) Billy gave Singh a Fameasser with an assist from White. Mack super kicked Gunn. White then gave Mack the Blade Runner for the win.

WINNER: The Acclaimed & The Gunns.

(Keller’s Analysis: That match made me angry. The Jarrett group do a fine job with old school opening match circus silliness to get the crowd riled up, and if Tony Khan wants that in his formula, they’re good at it. But Billy Gunn shouldn’t be kicking out of a series of big moves from younger wrestlers like that, and he shouldn’t be pushing aside White to accentuate he’s taller than White so he should be the one facing Singh. White just isn’t coming across as a star in this storyline with the Bang Bang Scissors Gang.)

-White did some mic work mid-ring after the match. He said Greensboro a few times to play to the crowd acted like the M.C. as he talked about upcoming matches. When he asked who is going to walk out as champion, there were some “Joe” chants and “Swerve’s House” chants. He said it’s a big night. He then said they’re the greatest faction in pro wrestling. (Nobody believes that and it’s not really even their schtick to try to come across that way.) He said on any given day, at any moment, he can remind everyone what made him the catalyst of pro wrestling and remind everyone what it’s like “to breathe with the Switchblade.” He said in ten days in Boston, maybe he’ll handle some big business of his own.

(Keller’s Analysis: White can talk himself back to relevance, so it’s good he got to at least sound like a leader here afterward despite coming across as an appendage in this match, for the most part.)

-The AEW doctor assured Lexi Hair that Orange Cassidy is cleared, but again indicated he’s really beat up. Cassidy said tonight before, during, and after the match, he wants his friends to stay in the back. He said he’s sick of his friends getting hurt because of him, so he’s doing it on his own. Chuck Taylor assured Cassidy that he, Trent Beretta, and Rocky Romero that they’d abide by his wishes.

-Renee Paquette and R.J. City stood on the ramp and ran down the PPV line-up and talked about how to order it.

-A vignette aired on the pending return of Pac. “You’ll never get rid of me, Tony Khan.” He compared himself to a cockroach. He said he’ll drive AEW into a new age.

-Renee and R.J. reacted. R.J. said the dynamic in the arena just changed.

-Tony Schiavone stood at ringside and interviewed David Crockett. Schiavone said they spent quite a few Thanksgivings there. Crockett said The Young Bucks have bitten off more than they can chew. He said Sting will do whatever he can to destroy them. They showed fans with Sting face paint in the crowd.


Stokley Hathaway was on commentary. Deep into the match, Willow landed a Death Valley Driver on Julia for a near fall. Statlander tagged in against Julia a minute later. Julia landed a moonsault press on Statlander. Willow “broke up the pin” by leaping over them, yet Julia remained on Statlander and Statlander made no effort to raise a shoulder, so there was no reason for the ref to stop the count. Just needlessly poorly executed.

Statlander landed a double-lariat on both heels a minute later and then tagged Willow back in. Willow gave Blue a Pounce. She followed with a sit-out powerbomb for the win. Hathaway was thrilled and ran to the ring to celebrate with them.

WINNERS: Willow & Statlander.

-Renee and R.J. then talked about Sting’s career. R.J. ran down Sting’s appearances in movies and TV shows. He said Jim Ross will be on the call for Sting’s match later. The crowd cheered.

-A video package aired on Sting to conclude the pre-show.


Commentators: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz, Nigel McGuiness


WINNER: Christian Cage in 17:00 to retain the TNT Title

(Keller’s Analysis: I didn’t get to see this match because the Bleacher Report app wouldn’t load on two of my Roku devices and took 30 minutes to accept my order on the app before it connected my payment to the event. It started streaming finally after over 30 minutes. I’ll go back and watch this later, but check out Brandon LeClair’s detailed match report here at PWTorch for details.)

(2) EDDIE KINGSTON vs. BRYAN DANIELSON – Continental Crown Title match

Deep into the match, Danielson landed a Busaiku Knee for a near fall. The crowd went bonkers a couple minutes later when Kingston made a comeback and overhead suplexed Danielson. Both were slow to get up. Fans chanted “This is awesome!” Schiavone and Excalibur touted the 16,000+ sellout crowd. Danielson charged at Kingston after signaling for anotehr Busaiku knee, but Kingston blocked him and powerbombed Danielson and then went into a high stack pin for the clean three count.

WINNER: Kingston in 20:00.

-Afterward, Kingston stood looked down at a kneeling Danielson waiting for the handshake. Danielson paused and seemed like he wasn’t, but finally he did shake his hand graciously and raised his arm. He left so Kingston could celebrate to his music.

(Keller’s Analysis: Really good match (although I joined it in progress after the Bleacher Report App technical issues) and totally what you’d expect from these two in a match that meant a lot to both of them. The crowd was into it, especially the closing minutes, reacting how you want for a babyface comeback. Danielson’s character is all over the place in a bad way, though. Fans want to like him, but he likes playing a heel. I hope this can be a point where he transitions back to a lead babyface role in his final months as a full time wrestler in AEW.)

(3) LANCE ARCHER (w/Jake Roberts) vs. MAGNUS vs. HOOK vs. POWERHOUSE HOBBS vs. “THE MACHINE” BRIAN CAGE vs. WARDLOW (w/Adam Cole, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett) vs. DANTE MARTIN vs. CHRIS JERICHO – All-Star Scramble

Nigel had been on commentary until this match, where Taz replaced him. Hook was the first out. Wardlow and Jericho were the last two to enter. The bell rang 56 minutes into the hour. Archer, Cage, Wardlow, and Hobbs stood in the ring after the rest fought at ringside and were down and out, so basically Meat Maddness. They stood around and flexed their muscles before finally fighting. Fans chanted “Meat!” when they began colliding with each other. Excalibur quipped that he thought they were saying “Neat!” Wardlow knocked Hobbs over the top rope with a clothesline. Wardlow and Archer exchanged strikes as fans yelled “Meat!” with each strike. Archer walked the top rope while holding Wardlow’s arm and then leaped off and slammed Wardlow to the mat. Hobbs  entered, and Archer immediately went for a top rope walk. Hobbs yanked him down and landed a spinebuster. Cage entered and gave Hobbs a Death Valley Driver. Wardlow and Cage battled next. Wardlow took him down witn a flying headscissors. Jericho popped back into the ring and hit a Code Breaker for a two count. Hook broke up the cobver. Magnus and Dante joined in the fight.

The smaller wrestlers went on a flurry of dives and flying highspots. Dante caught his boot diving to ringside, but recovered nicely. Magnus gave Dante a cutter for a two count when the dust cleared. Archer returned to the ring and tried to suplex Magnus and Jericho, but they suplexed him. They hit stereo Lionsaults. Jericho got a two count. Hobbs returned and went after Archer including landing a running powerslam. Archer rolled to the floor. Dante entered, but Hobbs powerslammed him for a two count. Cage then went after Hobbs, who rolled to ringside.

Hook entered and faced off with Cage. Hook tried a T-Bone, but Cage blocked it and took Hook down with a short-arm lariat. Hook and Jericho eventually battled for a minute. Hook scored a two count with a German suplex into a bridge. Hobbs intervened. Hobbs went down when Jericho knocked a fog machine into him. Cage beat up Hook in the ring until Wardlow entered. Wardlow and Cage battled. Wardlow gave him a powerbomb, but Dante immediately rolled up Wardlow for a two count. Dante slammed Magnus, but Archer hit Dante with a lariat. He followed with a double-springboard moonsault press for a near fall on Archer.

Wardlow knocked Dante out of mid-air. Hook leaped onto Wardlow’s back and applied Red Rum, but Wardlow yanked Hook’s hair and broke his attempt to lock it on. Wardlow then powerbombed Dante for a three count. Excalibur said Wardlow has moved into top contendership for the AEW World Title.

WINNER: Wardlow in 16:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: This was what you’d expect with this many wrestlers and the mix of styles. Much of it wasn’t crisp or smooth, but the action was non-stop and the crowd was into it. The finish wasn’t surprising at all.)

(4) ORANGE CASSIDY vs. RODERICK STRONG – AEW International Title match

A video package aired previewing the match where Strong talked about this being the work horse title and noting how beat up Cassidy is. Cassidy took off his t-shirt and revealed heavily taped ribs. The bell rang 17 minutes into the second hour. Strong dominated early and Cassidy appeared to be physically compromised. The announcers said lately Cassidy seems to be running on fumes. Cassidy fought back at 4:00 and rammed Strong’s head into the turnbuckle over and over. Strong dropped Cassidy onto the top turnbuckle with a gut-wrench. Cassidy landed wildly and rolled to the floor, selling the move.

Cassidy eventually made a comeback, but gingerly. He leaped off the second rope and gave Strong a Panama Sunrise for a near fall at 11:00. Strong countered with a leaping back stabber for a clean win. The announcers talked up Cassidy’s toughness.

WINNER: Strong in 13:00 to capture the AEW International Title.

-Afterward, Kyle O’Reilly with long hair entered the ring and stalked Strong from behind, but then he smiled and they hugged. Taven and Bennett gave him an Undisputed Kingdom t-shirt. He eyed the shirt, but gave it back to Strong and said something into Strong’s ear, and then left the ring. The announcers said O’Reilly seemed conflicted. Fans chanted, “Welcome back!”

(Keller’s Analysis: For the sake of trying to give the Undisputed Kingdom some juice as a faction, having Strong win a singles title is good. They continued the story in this match that Cassidy was barely medically cleared, making Strong’s win less of a surprise. The angle with O’Reilly was a nice surprise with the twist that he’s friendly with Strong, but not ready to join their faction. He has been out of action two-and-a-half years after having neck surgery, and apparently he didn’t get a haircut the entire time. The look suits him well and feels more distinct now.)

(5) JON MOXLEY & CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI vs. FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood)

Mox and Claudio came out with LOD-style spiked shoulder pads. Taz compared FTR to Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard. Fans chanted for FTR at the start. The bell rang 36 minutes into the second hour. A dueling chant broke out of “FTR! / BCC!” FTR beat on Claudio for a while. Claudio tagged in Mox eventually and they controlled Cash for a while. The crowd was into the match, but also seemed to be preparing for a long match.

Dax tagged in at 14:00 for a brief flurry of offense, but Mox tossed him into the steps. Claudio soon took over against Cash again. The camera cut to Dax at ringside bleeding from his forehead. Dax resurfaced and tagged in, but Claudio received Dax off the ropes and powerslammed him for a two count.

FTR set up a double-team move off the top rope on Claudio, but Mox intervened. Mox lifted Dax and then Claudio landed a springboard uppercut. Cash broke up the cover. All four were down and slow to get up. Dax knocked Mox over the top rope. TR set up a Shatter Machine, but Claudio countered and then gave Dax a Giant Swing, Mox kicked him and scored a near fall at 20:00.

Mox elbowed at Dax in the corner and then bit at his forehead. Dax battled back and they gave Mox the Shatter Machine for a near fall, with Claudio yanking Dax off of him by his legs. Mox and Dax battled and leveraged for holds and near falls. Mox applied a sleeper. Claudio then put Cash in a sleeper to prevent him from interfering. The ref deemed Dax had passed out and called for the bell. Taz called it a classic match. “I loved it,” he said.

WINNERS: Moxley & Claudio in 23:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Very good tag match. A bit of a surprise in a general sense that FTR lost in North Carolina.)

(6) TONI STORM (w/Luther, Mariah May) vs. DONNA PURRAZZO – AEW Women’s Title match

Mariah May came out to Storm’s previous theme and dressed up as her before her personality changed. The match began 6 minutes into the third hour. Taz said Toni confuses him including her turning black and white often. Schiavone and Excalibur talked about how Purrazzo says Storm has changed so much from when they knew each other initially.

A few minutes in, Purrazzo slidekicked Storm at ringside. Storm fought back in the ring. Storm trapped the ref in the corner and then mule kicked Purrazzo. Taz asked if that works (on a woman). Schiavone said based on Purrazzo’s reaction, it worked. Taz said he can’t speak on the specifics. Storm applied an upper body chinlock mid-ring. Storm put he boot on Purrazzo’s head. Purrazzo tried to fight back, but Storm knocked her to her knees. Purrazzo then hit a flurry of strikes which got a little rise out of a largely quiet crowd. Purrazzo hit a casual clothesline and kneelift and then applied a Fujiwara armbar.

Storm made a comeback and landed a hip attack and a DDT for a near fall at 10:00. Purrazzo knocked Storm to ringside, but Luther caught her. Purrazzo leaped off the top rope onto both of them. Purrazzo applied a submission. Luther distracted the ref and didn’t see Storm tapout. Purrazzo released the hold and knocked May off the ring apron. Storm then finished Purrazzo and got the win.

WINNER: Storm in 12:00 to retain the AEW Women’s Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: Not anywhere near the quality of the previous matches and the crowd wasn’t all that into it most of the time.)


Don Callis joined in on commentary, not unexpectedly. The bell rang 24 minutes into the third hour. Ospreay controlled early. At 2:00 Takeshita landed a superplex for a one count. Takeshita landed a senton splash off the ropes for another one count. Callis said after a big move when a wrestler kicks out at one, they’re “putting it right back in your face.”

Takeshita rallied at 7:00 and landed a running flip dive onto Ospreay. Callis said it was like Omega, but better. Takeshita avoided a top rope move by Ospreay and then took him down with a German suplex into a high bridge. The pace picked up as they hit big spots and counter moves. The crowd woke up and stood and applauded.

The ref checked on Takeshita after a spinning elbow to the side of the head dropped him. His hands and arms were contorted, but he pushed the ref away and continue. He stood and hit Ospreay with an elbow to the head. Ospreay fired up but ate another elbow. He no-sold that and rammed his head into the turnbuckle. Callis said he’s so proud of them. Takeshita then took Ospreay down to cut off his momentum. They continued to battle back and forth with hard-hitting exchanges. Ospreay played to the crowd and springboarded toward Takeshita, but Takeshita caught him mid-air and landed a sitout powerbomb for a near fall. Fans applauded. Callis said they’re standing because they’re witnessing history. They chanted, “Fight forever.” AEW went to a wide shot of the sold out venue.

Takeshita blocked the Oscutter, but he tried again and connected and scored a two count. Takeshita countered and scored a near fall on Ospreay. Both were down and slow to get up at 16:00. Ospreay went for a huracanrana out of the corner, but Takeshita blocked it. Takeshita went for a turnbuckle brainbuster, but ended up suplexing him onto the top turnbuckle. Ospreay took a wild bump. Ospreay had a contusion on his back. Takeshita kicked Ospreay and scored a near fall. They had a camera view from the entrance stage approach the ring and show the sold out arena, similar to what WWE has been doing lately at their sold out shows.

Ospreay and Takeshita battled back and forth. Schiavone said it’s amazing Ospreay can stand. Ospreay landed a poison rana. Takeshita fired back with two moves, but Ospreay charged at him and took him down hard. He made the cover, and Takeshita kicked out at one. Callis said if you live another 100 years, you’ll never see another match like this. “This is incredible!” he said. Fans chanted, “AEW!” Ospreay took a 360 bump from a Takeshita clotehsline next. Ospreay caught him seconds later and delivered a Styles Clash for a two count. Ospreay delivered a Tiger Driver ’91 and then landed a Hidden Blade for the clean win.

WINNER: Ospreay in 22:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: They delivered what everyone was expecting and the crowd ate it up. For me, it was too many big spots late where the wrestlers recovered like nothing had happened 10-15 seconds earlier. It just numbs you to the moves having any effect. But no denying that it was a statement performance overall for both and the AEW fanbase is going to want to see a lot more matches like that from not just Ospreay but Takeshita too.)

-As Ospreay celebrated, Kyle Fletcher walked out. Excalibur talked about the history between Fletcher and Ospreay in Japan. Excalibur said he was just informed that Ospreay and Fletcher would wrestle Wednesday on Dynamite. Schiavone said that’s can’t miss TV. Fletcher whispered in Ospreays ear and smiled. Then they left the ring together.

(8) SAMOA JOE vs. “HANGMAN” ADAM PAGE vs. SWERVE STRICKLAND (w/Prince Nana) – AEW World Hvt. Title match

Jim Ross joined in on commentary. He said he had his walking cane with him. Swerve came out first, Hangman second, and then Joe. Excalibur said Joe has been offended by Swerve and Hangman being preoccupied with each other and he wants to remind them why he’s champion. Ross talked about Hangman’s change in personality. During introductions, Swerve was cheered, Hangman was booed, and Joe got mostly cheers and a “Joe! Joe!” chant. The bell rang 56 minutes into the third hour.

As Hangman and Swerve had a staredown at the bell, Joe rammed their heads together. Joe avoided an uppercut by Swerve and then leaped through the ropes and landed a flying forearm to Swerve. Hangman went for a dive through the ropes, but Joe round kicked him out of mid-air.

With Joe down at ringside, Hangman and Swerve battled. Schiavone said that’s not a good place for Joe to be. Ross said he doesn’t trust Nana. Schiavone said no one does. Excalibur said Swerve does. Swerve leaped off the ropes and hit Joe in the back of his head at ringside. He then dropkicked Hangman in the ring and scored a two count. Hangman came back with a belly-t0-belly for a two count. Joe re-entered and kicked away at Hangman in the corner at 5:00. Joe put Hangman in an STF mid-ring.

They continued back and forth action. Eventually Joe was down and out on the edge of the ring. Hangman and Swerve battled. Hangman landed a Dead Eye a few minutes later on Swerve. Joe broke up the cover. A minute later, Joe broke up a Swerve cover on Hangman. Ross said it was so good to be there and he appreciated it. He said Schiavone helped him put his socks on this morning.

Joe gave Hangman Muscle buster at 12:00. Swerve gave Joe the Swerve Stomp immediately afterward. Swerve then hit Joe with the House Call kick. Swerve eyed a kneeling Hangman instead of Joe. Excalibur said Swerve wants to be Hangman to become champion. Swerve hit a House Call on Hangman and scored a near fall. Not a big reaction to the kickout, surprisingly. Meanwhile, Joe recovered and began kicking away at Swerve. He went for a Coquina Clutch. Swerve blocked it.

Swerve took over against Joe and leaped off the top rope and landed a 450 splash onto Joe’s back. He climbed to the top and leaped off with a Swerve Stomp on Joe. Hangman yanked the ref bu his boot out of the ring to break the count. Hangman grabbed the AEW Title belt and brought it into the ring. He bashed Swerve in the skull with the belt. When Swerve stood, Hangman hit him again and knocked him off the ring apron to the floor. Joe, meanwhile, recovered enough to stand. Hangman landed a Buckshot Lariat and then a Buckshot forearm. He covered Joe, but the ref was late to the ring. When the ref arrived, he got a two count before Joe kicked out. Hangman was enraged.

Swerve landed a Skytwister on Hangman and Joe in the ring to break up Joe’s sleeper. All three were down and slow to get up. Fans chanted, “Swerve’s house!” Nana handed Swerve his crown, but Swerve threw it aside and said he didn’t need it. Joe put Swerve in a sleeper. Swerve escaped. Hangman attacked the ref and threw him out of the ring. Swerve beat up Hangman against the ropes. Excalibur said there’d be fines and suspensions as a result.

Hangman clotheslined Swerve, but Joe hit Hangman with a sudden lariat. Joe then set up a Musclebuster in the corner on Swerve. Swerve blocked it. Hangman hit Joe with a Buckshot. Swerve then gave Hangman a Buckshot followed bya JML Driver. Joe intervened and suplexed Sweve onto his head. Joe then put Hangman in a sleeper and Hangman tapped out. Excalibur asked if Hangman tapped out to cost Swerve his chance at the title.

WINNER: Joe in 18:00 to retain the AEW World Hvt. Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: Really good three-way match. They played with the fans emotions. Everyone had big moments in the match that fit their personalities and the storylines going into the match. Swerve turning down help from Nana was another step in his journey to a full-fledged babyface. I like the ambiguity of whether Hangman tapped just to spite Swerve.)

-A video announced AEW’s next PPV on Apr. 21 in St. Louis, Mo. It’s called AEW Dynasty.

(9) STING & DARBY ALLIN vs. THE YOUNG BUCKS (Matthew & Nicholas Jackson) – AEW Tag Team Title match

Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat made their way to the ring. The Young Bucks came out in boxing robes. They were lifted on Cody’s old stage elevator. Darby then came out to his music. The lights went dark and then a video package aired with a piano score showing a theater saying “The Final Showtime.” Then curtain opened and Sting’s scorpion logo was on the screen. The screen showed Sting on the cover of Pro Wrestling Illustrated and photos of him with Ric Flair, Lex Luger, Rick Rude, and others. It also showed New Japan footage of him. Then it moved to AEW clips including cutaways to Sting reacting in the empty theater, including wincing at a big bump he took. It included footage of Darby & Sting winning the tag titles and then the Young Bucks attacking him. The curtain then closed and the camera showed Sting in the old theater, alone and looking around. Then he said, in a contemplative tone, “It’s showtime. Showtime for the last time.” He looked at the camera and leaned in and intensely said, “Let’s do this.”

Back live in the arena, the lights went dark and then Sting’s theme played and he made his way out. Sting’s sons came out dressed in two different era’s ring gear. Justin Roberts introduced “Stinggggg!” for the final time. Darby greeted Sting in the aisle. Darby leaped onto the Bucks at ringside. The ref called for the bell as Darby threw them back into the ring.

The bell rang 32 minutes into the fourth hour. Schiavone talked about seeing so many Sting matches over the years and he didn’t expect to be present for the last one. Sting’s sons each hit Stinger Splashes on the Bucks in the corner. Sting then landed one. His sons flexed and yelled. The fans politely applauded, but they didn’t come to see Sting’s sons. Sting then put the Bucks in a double Scorpion Death Lock. The wriggled themselves free of Sting’s grip. Fans chanted “Thank you, Sting!”

The Bucks rolled to ringside. Sting went after Matt and brawled with him at ringside for a minute. Darby leaped off the top rope onto Matthew. Sting looked for something under the ring and came out with a pane of glass. He very gingerly leaned it against the ring and then pulled another pane of glass out. Darby directed Sting’s sons to place the pane over two rows of three chairs. Sting swung his bat at Nicholas, but Nick moved and the bat hit the ringside steps. He swung at Matt near a pane of glass, but Matt moved. The bat missed the glass, so Sting just bashed the pane with the bat after Matt scurried away and the pane shattered.

They brawled up onto the stage at 6:00. Matt gave Darby a Falcon Arrow of the stage through two tables below. Matt tried to throw Sting off the stage, but Sting resisted. Sting set up a Scorpion Death Drop, but Matt blocked it and then he suplexed Sting off the stage onto two tables with some equipment on it. The crowd chanted, “F— the Young Bucks!”

Back in the ring, the Bucks tossed Darby back-first into a ladder leaning in the corner. Darby made a spirited comeback and hit Matt with a Code Red. Darby leaped off a tall ladder in the ring aimed toward Nick on the glass panes, but Matt pulled Nick out of the way and then Darby crashed through the panes of glass. Darby was bleeding from dozens of places on his back. Ross said doctors were standing by. Schiavone said, “He could bleed out here.” Ross said this has turned into a more grave situation than he anticipated earlier in the day.

Sting returned to the ring, but the Bucks double-teamed him. The Bucks tried to suplex Sting onto a table in the ring, but Sting fought back. Matt let out a Sting yell to mock him. Nick kicked Matt in the head by mistake. Sting clotheslined Nick. Sting rammed Matt’s head into the mat over and over. Sting put Matt on the table and then climbed the tall ladder. Matt got up and pulled Sting down a few rungs. Nick set up a pane of glass in the corner as Matt slammed Sting off the ladder and through the table. Sting no-sold it and popped up. He punched away at Matt and Nick, but they fought back and threw Sting into the pane of glass in the corner. Matt gave Sting a low-blow and a Scorpion Death Drop and scored a two count at 14:00. A “Let’s Go, Sting!”chant rang out.

Nick picked up a belt at ringside. Steamboat yanked it away from him. Matt jabbed Steamboat with the chair. Flair entered the ring to checjk on Sting. Matt was going to hit Flair with the belt, but he paused. Flair covered Sting and yelled, “No! No! F— off!” Matt backed off. The Bucks then stereo superkicked Flair. Steamboat leaped onto the ring apron. The Bucks superkicked him off the ring apron. Matt then hit Sting with the belt and scored a believable near fall.

The Bucks stood in the ring and waited for Sting to stand. Darby was still out at ringside. They stereo superkicked Sting, but he bent backwards and let out a yell and pounded his chest. He clotheslined both of them and delivered a Scorpion Death Drop on Matt. Nick broke up the cover at two. Sting set up another Scorpion Death Drop, but Matt blocked it. The Bucks hit the EVP trigger for a near fall. Ross said the tag titles are at stake.

The Bucks shook Sting’s hand and Matt said it’s been a pleasure doing business with him. They hit another EVP Trigger. Sting kicked out at one and laughed. Schiavone said they’re not going to keep him down tonight. They kicked Sting again. Matt lifted Sting and Nick set up the TK Driver. Darby shoved Nick to the floor. Sting then countered Matt into a Scorpion Death Drop for a believable near fall. Darby back was bleeding heavily as he climbed to the top rope and hit a Coffin Drop as Sting held Matt’s legs. Sting then applied the Scorpion Deathlock while egging on the fans to cheer. Matt tapped out. Schiavone said he was so happy to be there with both Excalibur and Ross.

WINNERS: Sting & Darby in 21:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was wild and satisfying. The finishing sequence built really well. Some chances were taken, including involving Flair and Steamboat as they did. Sting did enough without seeming to go too far to prove some point. Sting no-selling the big moves from the Bucks totally worked here in this circumstance. Darby was a great partner and the Bucks turned out to be great heel foes.)

-Darby said they have three minutes left in the PPV, so show some love for the Stinger. Fans stood and cheered. Sting said, “Thank you, Greensboro.” He said he’s been thanking them all since March of 1988 when he wrestled Flair to a 45 minute draw. He thanked Flair. He said Greensboro was incredible in 1988 and beyond. He said he wanted this to be a night fans would never forget and be etched in their minds for years to come. Sting said he’ll never forget this night. They showed fans crying and teared up. “Thank you, Sting!” rang out. He thanked Darby and called him the greatest partner he’s ever had. Darby said he vowed he’d die for him in his last match, but he’s still breathing. Sting said he’s still a risk-taker himself. Fans chanted, “You still got it!” Darby whispered something to Sting and then Sting laughed and said he has to wait because he’s getting cues. The PPV feed then ended. Fans in the arena are getting some exclusive content to post on social media later.

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